I'm Coming Out.
4 日 前
We need to talk about...
alexis casanova
alexis casanova 47 分 前
Yass girl. Come thru, we love you no matter what ! ♡
Diversity94 47 分 前
Nothing has changed. You're a beautiful woman and those disgusting beings will nicely sit on your middle finger. You'll be loved and respected.
the confused unicorn
the confused unicorn 47 分 前
Girl! I love you! That’s amazing! Im shocked... but not because you are trans but because you do not have one self doubt about who YOU are! You are amazing I cannot begin to describe how I feel but all I know is that its happiness for you! Im sad you couldn’t take your time to build up to this glorious day but please know that you have so many people who love and support you when others won’t. May I recommend that one day if YOU feel comfortable with sharing this journey of yours to PLEASE right a book!!! I will be the first one to preorder it because you have my back 1000% of the way!
lindita Sylaj
lindita Sylaj 47 分 前
Fik jouuu,😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠
Marla Beth Cortese
Marla Beth Cortese 47 分 前
I love you and your videos, no matter your gender or sexual orientation!!
Mila Roumen
Mila Roumen 47 分 前
Guro Sirevåg
Guro Sirevåg 47 分 前
Norway has Christmas eve (24. December) and 1st and 2nd Christmas day
Beatriz Acevedo
Beatriz Acevedo 47 分 前
I love all videos will you make 😍😍😍 im multifandom but my favourite group girl of Kpop is Blackpink 😍😍😍.love you nikkie hugs from Argentinian 😍😍😍
skye sunshines
skye sunshines 47 分 前
I knew it!
Gab Pimentel
Gab Pimentel 47 分 前
Christine Campion
Christine Campion 48 分 前
Only Nikki’s Tutorials. An wear a foundation three shade top dark and still look snatched
Lainey Carden
Lainey Carden 49 分 前
well now we know she was a male in this
rica lawr
rica lawr 49 分 前
Love you Nickkie
Snow Crystal
Snow Crystal 50 分 前
You'll always be my favorite, nothing will change, or maybe the fact that I know you're such a brave person and I look up at you even more. ♡
I'm surprised by this
JuanMM182 50 分 前
Niqqa ur g4y
Christine Campion
Christine Campion 51 分 前
If I did a full face with just my moms make up I would have mascara and lipstick on.
User 123
User 123 51 分 前
Proud of you ☺️☺️❤️
John Smith
John Smith 51 分 前
You think you are coming out, but everyone with more than 2 brain cells to rub together already knew. Get a clue!
Felice 52 分 前
Much love for you no matter what
Stella Přikrylová
Stella Přikrylová 52 分 前
Love you so much! ❤️ i am so proud of you! ❤️
G r a c e
G r a c e 52 分 前
Kim is so tiny so cute seeing you two 🥰
SKY KPOP 53 分 前
will the huda one is little bit more better i guess i see on your face like that
Felice 53 分 前
Be happy Nikkie! I’ll support u❤️
Lucy 53 分 前
Psst can i have your number 😂
Felice 53 分 前
Its hard to be a public person:( people always looking for our past to make us down:( it was so mean:(
Nina Grey
Nina Grey 53 分 前
Someone here after her coming out? 🏳️‍🌈❤️
browneyes89 53 分 前
I completely support her!
Ava's crazy world
Ava's crazy world 54 分 前
c h l o e w h i t e s e l l
c h l o e w h i t e s e l l 54 分 前
JPchat’s algorithm is really shitting with us now
Iwan De jong
Iwan De jong 54 分 前
Door dat je heel veel Engels spreek praat je heel raar
Laís Brito
Laís Brito 54 分 前
Quero legenda em português pelo amor de Deus, tô entendendo nada senhora, mas te adoro ❤️
Talin Roro
Talin Roro 54 分 前
Nothing changed . still love you the same
Candice Spann
Candice Spann 55 分 前
Hey Nikkie! 🙋🏾‍♀️ I don’t see you in different after watching this.
Nelviana Kenny
Nelviana Kenny 55 分 前
Im amazed that Nikkie doesn't look like what she told us. I'm always gonna support her no matter what
Dafne Sarıpınarlı
Dafne Sarıpınarlı 55 分 前
I love you girl!😘
Jasmine Parson
Jasmine Parson 56 分 前
Im trans └( ^ω^)」ftm ┌|o^▽^o|┘♪ I woke up this morning with so much disphoria which sucked I get made fun of so much for my blue hair and being trans i felt so alone
F Schou
F Schou 56 分 前
Damn girl you are 💪 strong.. and this is such a powerful message from you to everyone out here in the world❤️I still see you the same way. GO NIKKIE
killingnovacaine 56 分 前
Alisha Andriotis
Alisha Andriotis 56 分 前
Claudia Prieto
Claudia Prieto 56 分 前
quEEN !!!!!!!!!❤️😍
Pintago Guitars
Pintago Guitars 56 分 前
It’s quite obvious it’s a dude tho
Shannon's Wild World
Shannon's Wild World 56 分 前
This took so much courage Nikkie! I am so proud of you! ❤👏🏻 vrouw power!
591NicksonOfficial 56 分 前
Omg, I can't, This is so sweet!
lionel du jardin
lionel du jardin 57 分 前
Qs-ii 57 分 前
Wow, it’s almost like trans woman can act, sound, behave, and literally be indistinguishable from any other woman out there, apart from one tiny thing you can only see in a laboratory. It’s up to you to discover who you are, not people or society to choose it for you. Even if you’re not trans ( to other commenters, not you Nikkie.) you still get put into positions that are unnatural for you, you don’t have to be a stereotype, you can exist happily as who you are without being what everyone wants you to be. Nikkie, you’re an icon for this world. You prove among a sea of self glorifying individuals, that trans women don’t have to be a walking stereotype or “just men in dresses”. Though I personally don’t care for makeup and won’t subscribe because of it, I do want to say how proud I am of you stepping out and telling your story. As a woman who isn’t naturally traditional in many ways, trans people have always made me feel like what I always felt was completely normal. I might not be trans but I would’ve never learned to be myself if it wasn’t for people like you. You’re helping the world become a better place by example alone. Keep up that great work and the beautiful art 💛
ShrekGoSickoMode 52 分 前
Mathew Flores
Mathew Flores 57 分 前
I knew that was a dude! My radar in point.
_Yan Myiu_
_Yan Myiu_ 58 分 前
I thought u were gonna follow the game with the same products 😔
Spicyfruits 58 分 前
Didn’t know telling the world you are trans gives you a couple thousand bucks, gotta try it sometime.
Boaz Robinson
Boaz Robinson 58 分 前
You say be you but you change your gender idiot shut you disgust me you say love yourself when you literally hated being a boy so turned girl shut up and leave
Sanya T
Sanya T 58 分 前
You are so strong and wise. I just wish there were more people with your spirit in this world💕
Alisha Andriotis
Alisha Andriotis 58 分 前
This was one of the best videos♥️
RonsEmotionalRange 59 分 前
I thought you were going to do “röntgenfoto” as the word hahahahahaha
yvonne 59 分 前
"we shell sea"
me me
me me 59 分 前
love u babe <3
Nelviana Kenny
Nelviana Kenny 59 分 前
Back to when JPchat doesn't have copyright music
ch3rry 59 分 前
We love you.
Gabriella Landgraf-Neuhaus
Gabriella Landgraf-Neuhaus 59 分 前
Gorgeous back then too! Don’t beat yourself up!
Kookie Monette
Kookie Monette 59 分 前
(0:32) Nikkie: You guys know, that I'm all about that.. My Brain: BASS
O.o Wtf
O.o Wtf 59 分 前
Can you make a video on how you got blackmailed
Joyce Zegers
Joyce Zegers 59 分 前
Heeyy meid ben trots op je❤️❤️
cute crafting
cute crafting 時間 前
Simply Mariah Reneé
Simply Mariah Reneé 時間 前
chogiwhy 時間 前
Miriam 時間 前
So proud of you, Nikkie💕
Тайхон .о.
Тайхон .о. 時間 前
malak jouni
malak jouni 時間 前
Watching this after her "coming out" vid 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ omg !!!! Its not the same anymore 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Vasco Mosselman
Vasco Mosselman 時間 前
Ik hoop dat de druk nu van je schouders is
Syed Danyal Ali Azhar
Syed Danyal Ali Azhar 時間 前
Prachtig. From pakistan, would love to win this palette nikkie. Thankyou.
Julie De Leon
Julie De Leon 時間 前
Nikkie, honey I am so so proud of you! Thank you for being such an inspiration to others around the world who needed to hear this. You are beautiful, and I love you for being so strong and coming out showing the real you ❤️😘. Love you nikkie!
Olya Agapova
Olya Agapova 時間 前
Thanosb 13
Thanosb 13 時間 前
Hey man nice vid it’s ok to be traveli
kendra payne
kendra payne 時間 前
That shirt on you Nikkie.... LOVE ❤️
Dominique Basquin
Dominique Basquin 時間 前
@NikkieTutorials What kind of pigmented gloss did you use for the lips?? It is so beautiful😍😍😍
Larisa Cobzari
Larisa Cobzari 時間 前
Хочу просто сказать что МЫ РУСКИЕ С НАМИ БОГ БЛЯТЬ
Foreign Kayla
Foreign Kayla 時間 前
Nikkie you are so beautiful, brave, and inspiring‼️ Don’t let those bullies steal your shine you really showed them whose boss and that’s why your still shining bright😍🤩💛‼️
maysa khemiri
maysa khemiri 時間 前
Go Nikki don't Feel Wrong your yourself and I'm happy ik make me Cry and I think you're a beautiful person from the Inside and Outside please keep going
Damis Marcano
Damis Marcano 時間 前
Yesss i love you more now ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
chloe topp
chloe topp 時間 前
I'm homeafobic to a extent but I can except it, and I understand that others have different perspectives and beliefs to me. I hope no one gets offended by me and if I did I'm really sorry. And Nikki, I still think of you the same, you go girl. 👍
Okie.Dokie Taty.2
Okie.Dokie Taty.2 時間 前
chloe topp homophobic* I’m so glad there’s someone out there’s who’s not accepting but still able to live with it and not bashing others for it 😔✊
Caca Futi
Caca Futi 時間 前
Omg this make up was amazing
Rogie Mcarthur
Rogie Mcarthur 時間 前
Your a boss 💗💗💗
Beautiful couple
not gee
not gee 時間 前
I don't know her , I'm here just because I watch every coming out video. Everyone here saying they though she was bi or lesbian, I was sure she was trans since the first second
Δημητρα Δελεγκου
Δημητρα Δελεγκου 時間 前
Don’t care for some hate comments ❤️💕
Sola Scriptura
Sola Scriptura 時間 前
So much delusion. So much narcissism. So much postmodernism.
Okie.Dokie Taty.2
Okie.Dokie Taty.2 時間 前
Sola Scriptura ok then 🙃
Wissem Bellara
Wissem Bellara 時間 前
Men dominating makeup channels lol
Sis said mom is with dad in the Back of the car
Sis said mom is with dad in the Back of the car 時間 前
Stop with the Me: and. Nobody: And actually say something about the video for God's sake
gameplay youri
gameplay youri 時間 前
blueshoe708 時間 前
Ashley graham has to be one of the most beautiful people on earth
AtrumEisDramae 時間 前
All the love to you schat! You had an amazing journey, you are still (and more) wonderful everyday. I'm a fan of you whoever you are and I have to admit since I live in NL I'm secretly always looking to see you on the street. Hugs and kisses and all the success now and ever. :* Lekker vrouw! PS: hopefully one day you can teach me how to do power of makeup on myself xD
Christina Charles
Christina Charles 時間 前
Thanks for being brave and I hope we can move on from this, it’s who you are, not some big revelation.
Alayna gnoix
Alayna gnoix 時間 前
Why is this recommended to me? I don’t even watch Nikkie
Sirina Pretty
Sirina Pretty 時間 前
هااه ربي هااه . جاد وهبي و جماعتو 😄
SendHelpSnuggy 時間 前
She trans?? Whaaaaaat!
Yessenia Yara
Yessenia Yara 時間 前
Taufik Akbar
Taufik Akbar 時間 前
You said that you are in wrong body? So you blame GOD wrong and you are right? How can you said like that. Go to hell LGBT. I CAN'T RESPECT TO LGBT.
Okie.Dokie Taty.2
Okie.Dokie Taty.2 時間 前
Taufik Akbar pft ok then 🙃🙃
Anj Quilinderino
Anj Quilinderino 時間 前
That makeup artist really knows what shes doing! Applause 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Niki Magic
Niki Magic 時間 前
Edit 時間 前
Mosay Boi
Mosay Boi 時間 前