Living on my Own
Fame is Lame
3 ヶ月 前
Just Be Yourself
9 ヶ月 前
VidCon Was Fun
Camping Unprepared
I Was A Weird Kid
Rip Offs
2 年 前
Music Is Awesome
The Bagel Guy Card
I Just Wanted Food
Stupid Things I Do
I suck at chess
2 年 前
Peer Pressure
2 年 前
3 年 前
Xyun Gacha TR
Xyun Gacha TR 13 秒 前
MARKIPLIER??! (the intro sounds like him)
Jadiel Feliciano
Jadiel Feliciano 分 前
I agree with everything you are saying but also your real self can be a person who like to shoot up schools or something and I think that is the problem with just be you because what if the real you is a bad you By the way I’m saying that in general not directly to you
R K 分 前
Wow XD
VIVIAN Marquez
VIVIAN Marquez 分 前
Hey some thing else yt I printed you
Exotic Gaming
Exotic Gaming 7 分 前
The place is called changs mongolian grill, i have one like 3 blocks from my house
ᑕᗩᑎᗪƳ ᗰᎥ丅丅ᗴᑎ
ᑕᗩᑎᗪƳ ᗰᎥ丅丅ᗴᑎ 8 分 前
Wait they brought security guards for a Kid?
Wui Tran
Wui Tran 10 分 前
Adam:like that smash button He little confused but he got the spirt
Cooper Shugart
Cooper Shugart 11 分 前
damn adam's animations are looking really good. this looks great.
Cassie Dewberry
Cassie Dewberry 13 分 前
I have ADHD to😎
Curly Q
Curly Q 15 分 前
I have to say, Adam does have a nice butt.
Marc-Gabriel Bute
Marc-Gabriel Bute 16 分 前
I watched jaiden than skipped over here exactly like this
spacegirl draws
spacegirl draws 16 分 前
Someone told me to do drugs and i said no, and when asked why scince i was educated i was able to explain why drugs are bad and how they negatively afect curent and futer functions of your brain, and that led to the down side of vapes cigarettes and alcohal, thanks to being secratary of my schools group of the prention of underage drugs and alcohol in schools, so i will tell you if you want, how you can die, i think i scated that person into going sober after telling them the painfull slow killing diseases that you can get
Ameer Sayied
Ameer Sayied 17 分 前
1:56 it's elmo
Klo Vill
Klo Vill 19 分 前
0:36 he's so tiny
Random Gamer125
Random Gamer125 19 分 前
The best cooking show ever.
qt DB FiveXxpumpXx
qt DB FiveXxpumpXx 20 分 前
Short stop motion man
Short stop motion man 21 分 前
You don't need to put so much Vegemite in your mouth Americans Australia for life🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Jerome Hill
Jerome Hill 23 分 前
Her is my 5 year old imagination, I would be half dead of boredom so I pretend I’m laying on a bad of nails, I get up then there’s this long-armed girl In front of me and her name was Doreen the animal she was Half wolf half cat so I’m like "what u doin’ here?" Then she screams and my parents hear me and they knock on my door and they wonder what’s going on and I’m like oh oh am fine but I can’t explain the rest in complicated
God 26 分 前
Robertaae Gaming
Robertaae Gaming 28 分 前
OK ADAM BE 11 AND DO AN OBATACLE COURSE 1000000000 FEET IN THE AIR(Exaggerated :/) With the thinnest rope on earth
snakey boi
snakey boi 29 分 前
7:00 oh my god it’s markiplier why did I not know this sooner
Rebekah Silver
Rebekah Silver 30 分 前
everytime you said Chocky milk you reminded me to drink bc I am thirsty
Audrey Button
Audrey Button 32 分 前
The Green Goat
The Green Goat 35 分 前
Did you know that if humans were dogs, we would all be the same breed?
Faze Dozier
Faze Dozier 35 分 前
Sabrina Jansta
Sabrina Jansta 35 分 前
Nice Bakugou poster 2:59
Nay Schwartz
Nay Schwartz 37 分 前
I have bad memories of hide and seek in the dark
Galaxy Gacha Edits!
Galaxy Gacha Edits! 38 分 前
I remember when I was little, I was watching a video, then I got a rlly bad headache, so I told my dad and he said *maybe stop watching your phone then* And then I told him I was fine
gacha boi32
gacha boi32 41 分 前
Idk mom. you found my GOD DARN CHOCY MILK YET -Adam 2019 (Spelled something wrong I think)
O Santiago
O Santiago 43 分 前
Audrey Button
Audrey Button 50 分 前
i was just watching some shadow the hedgehog memes and animations before watching this... was not expecting all i love shadow
Christine Nazarian
Christine Nazarian 50 分 前
When you showed those wings I thought it was charizard.
Missing 52 分 前
6:26 The knock really scared me xd
Floppy Singspiel
Floppy Singspiel 52 分 前
I was just wondering if I could help on the next one. Please like so he see. Thanks
Psaia Curtis
Psaia Curtis 55 分 前
I also have ADHD, I get bored and am REALLY annoying... According to my parents. I'm only a seventh grader
Joel Kolleh
Joel Kolleh 55 分 前
Bro the part where he talks about math is EXACTLY what happens to me.all math teachers do it
Draegan Childress
Draegan Childress 56 分 前
u went like AHHH im so- over then im like wait what did you sayyy
Santiago Tejeda Castillo
Santiago Tejeda Castillo 56 分 前
I totally connect to this music video and the video that he talked about because I am Mexican and some people make jokes about my race and I was strong and kept going on with my life.
Cleetus 5 分 前
Sorry man
Boris Wolf
Boris Wolf 57 分 前
If thanos had the soul stone he can destroy half the universe butter if he has Adam he can destroy all the universe
Idiot Online
Idiot Online 時間 前
yo maybe next time try a roommate thing, lots of people rent rooms in their house for a decent price, and have furniture. Also, try looking up foods you like to eat, stir fry, soup, all that, itll give you a good idea as to what you need on your grocery list. Love your animations! :D
Gettymi 時間 前
When adam said hey google can you beatbox my google literally started beatboxing
tinypuppygaming 時間 前
Liked the last part
Porshe Muriel
Porshe Muriel 時間 前
Gustavo 時間 前
Cool :D
Rozanne Adanto
Rozanne Adanto 時間 前
What kind of tablet do you use and how’s your dayyyyyyyyyyy
Desmanimates All
Desmanimates All 時間 前
Plot twist: It was the guy who put white paint on your car
Matías  Concha Aguilera
Matías Concha Aguilera 時間 前
I loved the game "Mario & Luigi story in bowser inside history
Megan Mauriello
Megan Mauriello 時間 前
thats not a dog, thats a hyena!
Qinth 時間 前
He’s stuck in a studio constantly making songs. That’s why he made this song. I don’t know, kind of controversy.
Galixy_Wolfy 1771
Galixy_Wolfy 1771 時間 前
If you don’t give me enough work I’m gonna poop on you” me: please don’t ;-; I like to work alone ;-; I do all work
That_Random_Dude _Boi
That_Random_Dude _Boi 時間 前
James: ITS 4:20! *camera falls* James: NOO-
Qinth 時間 前
I got in trouble for pulling down someone’s underwear lmao
yesimharry 666
yesimharry 666 時間 前
Orcas have only be known to attack people if held in captivity, whatcha Blackfish
yerdley orozco
yerdley orozco 時間 前
Bro you good
Jeremy Blanco
Jeremy Blanco 時間 前
Nice song
Fuby With A Crown
Fuby With A Crown 時間 前
Rip Adam’s coffee table XD
a kid's life in Vegas
a kid's life in Vegas 時間 前
lol you sed oscker instead of huscker
Wolfe Chuu
Wolfe Chuu 時間 前
me: eh raps are ok. adam:makes dis me: I REGRET WHAT I SAID RAPS ARE GREAT!
Ashtay2599 __________________
Ashtay2599 __________________ 時間 前
He went all sparky sparky boom boom boy (bakugo) there
Tornado Bear
Tornado Bear 時間 前
Didn't he make a video all about rip offs and how they annoy him. B R U H
Jabarti Husen Warsame:gaboobe Warsame
Jabarti Husen Warsame:gaboobe Warsame 時間 前
You got BARS!
Branden Ramirez
Branden Ramirez 時間 前
Oh my god it’s my tag 3:02
Leah Lesiuk
Leah Lesiuk 時間 前
grapes, probably pop, a burger, and... A BANANER
Bergish Diccers
Bergish Diccers 時間 前
I enjoy nightmares. Especially the ones that make me wake up crying out of fear. No joke.
Todo Ducki
Todo Ducki 時間 前
go suck a fricken egg karen
Donnie Eckert
Donnie Eckert 時間 前
6:27my face when my mum makes me spaghetti bolanase
Alycal G
Alycal G 時間 前
I love how he is planning his revenge. VENGEANCE WILL BE MINE!!!!!!!!!
Itz_Nicøle Gacha
Itz_Nicøle Gacha 時間 前
“Cheating whores-“ “Cheerios” Me:hmmmm........ *Cheetos.........*
Amanda Renee Vigil
Amanda Renee Vigil 時間 前
pubg fan
pubg fan 時間 前
At first I thought it picked a Markiplier video
Omg not kool 😭
•pumkin spice fox•
•pumkin spice fox• 時間 前
Adam how do you make these? What animation apps do you use?
CandidBrake6272 H
CandidBrake6272 H 時間 前
Why is there a random face at 0:14
Nigel Jackson
Nigel Jackson 時間 前
super cool I wish I could meet him he is a legend
mx studios
mx studios 時間 前
When i was a baby i was very quiet and mischievous . and i would always rub poop on the walls. GIGGIDY
Joshua Hellman
Joshua Hellman 時間 前
Adam: "Your face looks poopy!" Billy: "Okay." This is an avengers level threat...
TakenFuzzball 22
TakenFuzzball 22 時間 前
The funny part is I'm actually on the toilet rn
Ivan Mancillas
Ivan Mancillas 時間 前
That intro tho
Death 時間 前
0:40 I was laughing so hard i woke up my parents
Dem Ultimate
Dem Ultimate 時間 前
Fire dawg!
leticia chan
leticia chan 時間 前
0:30 the face that I make when I'm in church when my dad is getting out of the bench My dad to other people: excuse me excuse me please I'm sorry 😊😊 Then to me: move 😐 Me: I'm used to it 🤣
Benjamin Mora
Benjamin Mora 時間 前
I hate you for that I scarred
Mason Poeppel
Mason Poeppel 時間 前
I play magic of the gathering
Max2016 時間 前
random person stares at guy Guy:O_O creep:.................
Samatha Price
Samatha Price 2 時間 前
At the end he was just hornet from hollow knight
King red memes a lot
King red memes a lot 2 時間 前
it was black panther in the comics
Mason Poeppel
Mason Poeppel 2 時間 前
You were drunk
Eva Jackson
Eva Jackson 2 時間 前
I- I’m laughing so hard I just 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jonny Kelley
Jonny Kelley 2 時間 前
trash can.T.V.
trash can.T.V. 2 時間 前
Lol me
Steph Mcclanahan
Steph Mcclanahan 2 時間 前
Never related to someone more :,) I love this message and I love your content
M o c h 1
M o c h 1 2 時間 前
"Why is the banana Amazing? Well I’ll tell you- PATASIUM! Pat- - - - -" *scribbles * * MORE SCRIBBLES *
Hydro Crow
Hydro Crow 2 時間 前
you bleeped out f**king at the wrong time 2:27
Reggie Tyler-Andersons
Reggie Tyler-Andersons 2 時間 前
Mr42watson 2 時間 前
Lol he crawled into the front seat
Angelina Pace
Angelina Pace 2 時間 前
Bro, is this about kids bulling you...? I get it man. I’m 11 and bullies are everywhere. But you know what? I’m something else too. Whenever I get back at a bully, this song plays in my head.
Kourosh D.
Kourosh D. 2 時間 前
Your friend is a douchebag.
Clean Floors
Clean Floors 2 時間 前
Cant scare me boi