Paul Correia
Paul Correia 4 時間 前
Another great episode. Keep it up
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 4 時間 前
Would love to see jack from hp logic come on vin wiki and tell some stories
KolarLiam 5 時間 前
Who thinks the music in the intro sounds like if it was from fm7
Mario 5 時間 前
If the car originally was supposed to have 520 HP at the crank, then with 25% loss it would be 390HP at the wheels. You guys potentially calculated the HP loss wrong :)
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 4 時間 前
Lmao that sticker on the dyno is sick, "Literally out here." haha. Hoovie has my favourite car of the bunch. That Ferrari keeps growing on me more and more 😍
Silva Jay
Silva Jay 5 時間 前
LS is the non vtec motor.
MikeyMcNasty 6 時間 前
this show IS good, but it would be better if they didnt try to be like the top gear fellas. yall aint comedians, and its cringeworthy when you try.
Mark Wright
Mark Wright 6 時間 前
It’s a massive Top Gear rip off but I like it.
Jon Robinson
Jon Robinson 6 時間 前
Definitely make this a permanent series. The world hasn't been this good since OG Top Gear left us too soon
Steven Corbo
Steven Corbo 6 時間 前
Sounds like his thermostat went
Lexx1976 7 時間 前
Would be nice, if they'd mentioned the sponsor of the series.
michael fox
michael fox 7 時間 前
But for 1 minute of fame peole played off like they had the car of a lifetime! Instead of saying the truth!
Jaden Ram
Jaden Ram 7 時間 前
Just for some baldy reason the door of the car is sounding like coughfin box opening and closing 😂😂😂 when you open the door death awaits you when you close it you are done😱😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵😵😈😈😈😈
Austin Butler
Austin Butler 7 時間 前
I love how Tavarish's car has a confederate flag on it
DomHiPSI 7 時間 前
Haggard did the hack job better
LIVING IN ALASKA TySang907 7 時間 前
JPchat of Top Gear... nice!
Jonas Andersson
Jonas Andersson 8 時間 前
Buy the Volvo P1800 As Long as its not too rust eaten, it's a sweet little car. Easy to work on and the parts are cheap
Aaron Truth TV
Aaron Truth TV 8 時間 前
The moment you add duct tape to a Ferrari and cardboard to a Lamborghini you are now driving a hooptie. Throw in some neon lights.
Cabbage Master
Cabbage Master 8 時間 前
I want the yellow one
Aaron Truth TV
Aaron Truth TV 8 時間 前
"It's a bit of an understatement don't you think?" -Tavarish 😂😂😂😂
Johan Roca
Johan Roca 8 時間 前
22:15 look in the background lol
Aaron Truth TV
Aaron Truth TV 8 時間 前
I waited and waited to even watch the new show. .. Now I realize ...I was missing out. 😭😭
Luke Wood
Luke Wood 8 時間 前
Yep, you were robbed... But the cars look very cool lmao
Borislav Sashov
Borislav Sashov 9 時間 前
Watching with autogenerated subtitles be like:Hello ,my name is Dolores.
Vaibhav Shetty
Vaibhav Shetty 9 時間 前
Who the hell buried the 🏎
Nathanjohn Reacts
Nathanjohn Reacts 9 時間 前
Gimme that car instead...
Chris Carr
Chris Carr 9 時間 前
I'm Sorry, This Guy Is Just Unbearable To Watch! "Very Comedy, And Not Funny.
James Whitman
James Whitman 9 時間 前
That engine belongs in the back of a CRX..... With good life insurance and LSD that thing will do 8's
shawnerz98 10 時間 前
Impressive wiring skills! Did you work at the factory? :)
Dejan Tunjic
Dejan Tunjic 10 時間 前
Please do this, I did realize I am 3 years late!
Sujay Soman
Sujay Soman 10 時間 前
This is the American Top Gear we wanted and never got. Thank you!
DM Detail
DM Detail 10 時間 前
Nothing can slow Ed down, he’s a man in a Lambo
M is for Max
M is for Max 10 時間 前
here in 2020 crona
Its me again!
Its me again! 11 時間 前
you should build a supra with Jared and gift it to him. Dudes awesome
Neji 11 時間 前
that aston martin looks clean af
Ashley Johansson
Ashley Johansson 11 時間 前
Funny thing is that each and every one of these cars are far more luxurious and better than any corvette.
Josue Rolon
Josue Rolon 11 時間 前
4:00 EPIC 😂
RedemptionSoS 11 時間 前
Over edited to the point of annoyance
Jackson Rohrbach
Jackson Rohrbach 11 時間 前
G g
G g 12 時間 前
good episode been watching them all. I tried out auto tempest it's actually good
Brett B
Brett B 12 時間 前
Took my 05 jag Xkr coupe with 25k miles there. Green with fawn interior. Damn near pristine condition to them. Wanted to give 9 grand . Clean title. Car retails 18 to 25k. Um no. Low ball. They make their money selling to palm beach crowd new jags astons etc. They did some service work and price was fair and friendly staff. Give them 4 stars there. Selling car to dealer is loser. They were on worth ave. 2 blocks from beach. Upper end , tourist and college folks. Trumps Mar a lago is 10 minutes away. Used to belong to post cereal owners. Grounds are super nice.
Joe Payne
Joe Payne 12 時間 前
Ed is good in very small doses! He's grade on your nerves quickly!
Christopher D. Connelly
Christopher D. Connelly 12 時間 前
Where did you buy the MIRT?
Dabb. PRø FIST
Dabb. PRø FIST 12 時間 前
How the hell did it get down there anyway
The DOG 12 時間 前
these 3 are trying so hard to be like top gear its actually annoying me
dogger_vlogger 12 時間 前
g7x mkIII?
Jim AmericanMan
Jim AmericanMan 13 時間 前
This is a better crossover than infinity war
Patrick Morrissey
Patrick Morrissey 13 時間 前
Okay, Seriously, It's gonna be very very sad to see this series end.... You guys are great together, and it's been a great ride....
Ormel 13 時間 前
Oe = ö in german Oil = öl
frederic rike
frederic rike 13 時間 前
You've set a decent bar guys; what is next? When the TP sold out, I bought more popcorn! Need I say it, there are probably the odd scad or two hoping for more scenery, different cars, "hitch hikers', restaurant reviews, with special mention for great valets!
Rome Brown
Rome Brown 13 時間 前
Cannonball is a stupid game
Sean B
Sean B 13 時間 前
I have a buddy with a Porsche 923 its an 80's model the body is in good shape it needs a new paint job it also has a blown head I think and power issues he might sell it for the right price.
niftertube 13 時間 前
Ed's face hair got much grayer when he had to go slow...I thought it was getting life threatening.
jr996turbo 13 時間 前
Carrera GT has a carbon fiber tub.
Napat Prasertrungraung
Napat Prasertrungraung 13 時間 前
It needs an LSD, Freddy!
Ryan Budge
Ryan Budge 13 時間 前
The aston martin guy is annoying enough for me to block this entire channel. Thanks!
Max S.
Max S. 13 時間 前
"Does it go away the faster you go?" "It does." "Then go faster." VinWiki 2021: "Why I moved to Germany."
M H Phones
M H Phones 13 時間 前
I want top gear! We have top gear at home !
Dave Gee
Dave Gee 13 時間 前
I went from having a stroke seeing all the things that are wrong to saying...this should be interesting.
Payton Kennedy
Payton Kennedy 14 時間 前
Could you do a giveaway for the broken carbon parts?
Savio Reveredo
Savio Reveredo 14 時間 前
You have a stupid coward frd...such a waste
Eghal Gaming Channel
Eghal Gaming Channel 14 時間 前
I thought Tavarish had the "in car review" in the pocket! Well I guess I was wrong! :D
Jay Jones
Jay Jones 14 時間 前
Hey Tavarish, I have had many 87-89 Chrysler Conquests. Have you ever thought about doing a Conquest TSI build? Thanks, and keep up the good work. Thanks, Jay
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 14 時間 前
But you didn't make it to Amelia Island the Beach Ear shouting is Huguenot Park in Jacksonville Florida and the fairy you crossed is from Mayport Beach Florida to Jacksonville on Heckscher Drive
theplourde 14 時間 前
I love watching car videos on JPchat and I feel like I can’t because I don’t know how to drive stick.
kristyan gonzalez
kristyan gonzalez 14 時間 前
I know where that gas station is :3 stoped there all the time when I would go down to work in Florida
red or dead
red or dead 14 時間 前
I suppose it is hard to find ideas Jeremy Clarkson's top gear hasn't knocked out of the park already.
sidefx996 14 時間 前
That's PALM beach Hoovie. WEST palm beach is a shithole. There's a big difference.
Jason Lear
Jason Lear 14 時間 前
That clip at 7:42 is right by my hometown, Rolla Missouri
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 15 時間 前
I love that 360 id take that over a c8 all day, infact id take all 3 of these...
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 15 時間 前
Over that stupid Corvette
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 15 時間 前
What year jeep srt is those calipers from
millsbuckss 15 時間 前
Another Top gear UK ripoff no number plates indicates vehicles were never purchased probably borrowed
Akokada 15 時間 前
21:17 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ευάγγελος Λύγδας
Ευάγγελος Λύγδας 15 時間 前
Spoiler from the future :CarTrek
qxANGELxp 15 時間 前
in 2020, Tavarish becomes Michelin Man's distant cousin, Dark-Skinned Michelin Man. (With his third Aston Martin.)
Jay Bosslingo
Jay Bosslingo 15 時間 前
What an amazing series, we’re gonna need a part 2 💯
Nolan Miller
Nolan Miller 15 時間 前
Please keep this up.👍🏻
jamal roberson
jamal roberson 15 時間 前
Make cannonball racing a real thing again
Patrick Morrissey
Patrick Morrissey 15 時間 前
Very educational... We've all learned to just go buy a C8 Corvette... Or a Lexus RC-F... Or SOMETHING, besides a used exotic.....
steven king King
steven king King 16 時間 前
Well done guys. Love it. What a great show
Shawn Czarniak
Shawn Czarniak 16 時間 前
Jeremy Clarkson and the crew couldn't a done any better. This series was excellent and not just "for a first timer" but genuinely excellent but I may be being a little biased because most of it was filmed in the county I grew up in and I've been to all the places you guys went to when you were in Palm Beach. So thank you for the excellent content as always I look forward too much more of it.
Asher Kahan
Asher Kahan 16 時間 前
You mean ricer by “questionable taste”
Chris Walker
Chris Walker 16 時間 前
Why isn’t the BBC suing? 100 percent copy write
Ian Agopsowicz
Ian Agopsowicz 16 時間 前
6:50 I love how the engine shakes so much
Ryan Budge
Ryan Budge 16 時間 前
First time watching. Pretty good, except that aston martin guy, so overbearingly arrogant and annoying (just like Rutledge from TGUSA, whom I also hated), this will likely be the last I watch.
Gunar9000 16 時間 前
Better than „new“ Top Gear 😂
Og Mudchode
Og Mudchode 16 時間 前
My dream engine 😭
Ely Martinez
Ely Martinez 16 時間 前
There was an obvious and apparent hole in the chassis, near the center. Looks similar to penetration from a bullet, in how metal would be pealed back. I saw it in your videos several times. And it had rust on it. Did you patch it and reinforce the chassis?
dudelamboZAC man guy
dudelamboZAC man guy 16 時間 前
hes so ovi not a truck guy its like watching a guy that bolted a wing on his 2 door camry and calls himself a gear head i love it
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade 16 時間 前
Love the run of videos
Μάριος Μι
Μάριος Μι 17 時間 前
Where the hell is the supra?!
Anthony Chieteto
Anthony Chieteto 17 時間 前
Tyler messing with tavarish at the beginning with the dip stick to the ear he got him so many times classic tylet was cracking up too LOL
Ramzi M
Ramzi M 17 時間 前
1 year later....
Christopher Reveriano
Christopher Reveriano 17 時間 前
Copy if Top Gear
Prometheus 18562
Prometheus 18562 17 時間 前
He could have had the vents not blow in his face
Mr. Blah Blah
Mr. Blah Blah 17 時間 前
it looked good before barring it
Prometheus 18562
Prometheus 18562 17 時間 前
15:10 so I would have left as soon as he pulled into the lot
KinkyBillyMays 17 時間 前
They should be the host of top gear America.
David Hyland
David Hyland 17 時間 前
The 3 musketeers on tour, been a great mini series. The future top gear presenters right there.