Puppy Picks My Makeup!
Doing Kesha's Makeup!
Rapping My Makeup Routine
Adopting A Puppy!! 🐶
I Bleached My Hair...
Beauty Guru Plays Minecraft
Hi Sisters
9 ヶ月 前
No More Lies
10 ヶ月 前
My Morning Routine
My House Tour!
Mina Ashido The Phantom Theif
Mina Ashido The Phantom Theif 16 時間 前
His eyeliner is on-fleek
Kellie Cousin
Kellie Cousin 16 時間 前
James Charles is awesome stop hating 😂😂😂
Aubree Dejongh
Aubree Dejongh 16 時間 前
Hiw many times will he say lik
CakedupIceis 16 時間 前
Do anybody know what is the outro song?
harley tyler
harley tyler 16 時間 前
Isabel Salt
Isabel Salt 16 時間 前
Anyone from England smiled when he said Birmingham ❤️😊
Dynamo Gaming
Dynamo Gaming 16 時間 前
Ibirounke Odufale
Ibirounke Odufale 16 時間 前
Highlight of quarantine 😍
Hallie Wixom
Hallie Wixom 16 時間 前
i literally didn’t know i needed this video
Aaliyah Sabel
Aaliyah Sabel 17 時間 前
yesss you shoul
Han Man
Han Man 17 時間 前
I think the 2nd last is the best
Girl Slayyy
Girl Slayyy 17 時間 前
Can someone explain to me why does this squad does not exists anymore?:/
Hmm Yes
Hmm Yes 17 時間 前
James constantly talks about how he can't match his foundation, so he doesn't need you guys talking about it. 🙄 Yeah, it's very orange, but he knows!
Zivah Roberts
Zivah Roberts 17 時間 前
I love you the way you are
Jayda Walker
Jayda Walker 17 時間 前
Hello sister
Juan David Gómez Avilés
Juan David Gómez Avilés 17 時間 前
para cuando la 2da parte ??
Ella Trails
Ella Trails 17 時間 前
It's so sad that know matter what every JPchatr get hate...Anyway,I'm sorry James don't listen to them!
maria escamilla
maria escamilla 17 時間 前
James chance Is my Favorite youtuber ever.
KK AR 17 時間 前
For the buttermilk it’s vinegar and milk
JAMES! soy de Colombia he visto estadounidenses hablando español y a comparacion de elllos eres INCREIBLE!
Star Rodriguez
Star Rodriguez 17 時間 前
This. Is. Fucking. Lit. ❤️
LittelTwinsGaming LittelTwins
LittelTwinsGaming LittelTwins 17 時間 前
Addison reminds me of Julie from Friday Night Lights😂 idk y tho lol
Songs Lyrics
Songs Lyrics 17 時間 前
Kostas Sirogiannoulis
Kostas Sirogiannoulis 17 時間 前
Beth Peel
Beth Peel 17 時間 前
why has the video got so many dislikes?! THE VIDEO IS SO CUTE!
Sarai Nugget
Sarai Nugget 17 時間 前
I LOVE THIS I want this on Netflix
Alaina haha
Alaina haha 17 時間 前
yessss! This is such an awesome look, gave me some ideas for myself. You guys should definitely do more videos in the future.
Gabriella Workman
Gabriella Workman 17 時間 前
I love you
Azana Gee-Karim
Azana Gee-Karim 17 時間 前
the strawberry is better than anything I could draw
Belle Searcy
Belle Searcy 17 時間 前
Ello James! I was at the mall with you I had so much fun I really hope I can get a picture with you next time !
KK AR 17 時間 前
Cooking with James ;)
Leah Hassan
Leah Hassan 17 時間 前
U r my favourite makeup artist
Angelie Lara
Angelie Lara 17 時間 前
I’m also a sister some people may hate him but I can’t I love him even more with his singing talent <3
Luciana Zamora Montilla
Luciana Zamora Montilla 17 時間 前
2020 anyone???????????
KING XX7 17 時間 前
I'm.from the past
Evil Chicken
Evil Chicken 17 時間 前
I don’t know why she gets so much hate, she’s polite, pretty and such a kind person xx
B Geary
B Geary 17 時間 前
rosas a man...?😂
Aaron Hallas
Aaron Hallas 17 時間 前
why do you dress in makeup your a boy
Ruby D-k
Ruby D-k 17 時間 前
Just realised we have the same birthday
Ava Leslie
Ava Leslie 17 時間 前
OMG!!!! I literally love your eyes!!!! Your so talented!!!
Sophia Cocozza
Sophia Cocozza 17 時間 前
janiyah davis
janiyah davis 17 時間 前
Jon Murtha
Jon Murtha 17 時間 前
I'm getting Lego masters vibes
Jana Weigandt
Jana Weigandt 17 時間 前
dont listen to hate comments, they make your face PINK
James Charles is the best 💙💙💙💙
hailey 17 時間 前
two queens in one video?! 🤩🤩
no.Duhitsmeh oop-
no.Duhitsmeh oop- 17 時間 前
not tryna be mean but why did old james seem sped
Chewy Nation
Chewy Nation 17 時間 前
Love how they both get so carried away
Edie Roblox
Edie Roblox 17 時間 前
Love your makeup 💕 sisters
Azana Gee-Karim
Azana Gee-Karim 17 時間 前
his nails are so cool 💅🏻🍓
Sugarxx_ Coffee
Sugarxx_ Coffee 17 時間 前
Oh my lord when this Comes out quarantine just got a whole lot better
Alyx Boast
Alyx Boast 17 時間 前
Found a lot with your hands
nea :D
nea :D 17 時間 前
who’s watching in 2020? anyone no? ok just me :)
Deaniqua Freeman
Deaniqua Freeman 17 時間 前
i'm a fan
Haylee Herndon
Haylee Herndon 17 時間 前
she is so sweettttt I love it
johannes Mbatha
johannes Mbatha 17 時間 前
James dont think about the harters sorry james Love you sister
Nookina Carroll
Nookina Carroll 17 時間 前
The vibe is so different from Charli's video🤣
Braelynn Rodriguez
Braelynn Rodriguez 17 時間 前
oni bustos
oni bustos 17 時間 前
No entiendo nada,pero quiero ver como la maquilla😂
Zayd and Nery Tv
Zayd and Nery Tv 17 時間 前
charlie is is reciving hate. girl still strong
tik tok channel
tik tok channel 17 時間 前
I love your vids
Cait Thrift
Cait Thrift 17 時間 前
I can see this becoming an actual talkshow
Mina Ashido The Phantom Theif
Mina Ashido The Phantom Theif 17 時間 前
Has anyone noticed how on-fleek his nails are
miguel martinez
miguel martinez 17 時間 前
No one: James : yea sometimes im like soo stressed so i just cry myself to sleep Me: hey i do that every night
pop tarts
pop tarts 17 時間 前
*_I have a yellow undertone._*
Courtney Becker107
Courtney Becker107 17 時間 前
Love youuu
megan blanchet
megan blanchet 17 時間 前
he was annoying then and still is , oh sorry.......he is even more annoying. yeeeeeekkk
zoHal girl
zoHal girl 17 時間 前
James must have called his haters 'stepsisters'
Rayaana Grulich
Rayaana Grulich 17 時間 前
And im scared to spend $6.50 on earrings....
bella Bradley Browning
bella Bradley Browning 17 時間 前
buttermilk is milk with lemon or vinegar not actual butter😂😭
Hajer Ibrahem
Hajer Ibrahem 17 時間 前
Floren Howells
Floren Howells 17 時間 前
In case u r wondering the reason he has two different eye colours I t his video is because he used to wear blue contacts and he is splitting his face in half and the blue side is the old makeup side
VīX 17 時間 前
2020 sucks
skull trooper609
skull trooper609 17 時間 前
People who hate james so much should be called brothers
Student Antonia Zhao
Student Antonia Zhao 17 時間 前
Omg I love the way he is so calm about the hate comments and honestly.....he really exaggerated the thing but meh I love the way he exaggerates!
Faith Williams
Faith Williams 17 時間 前
A little mess up... he used the setting spray when he did the eyeshadow 💀
Violet Swenson
Violet Swenson 17 時間 前
❤️❤️❤️ Julia, honey whyyyy The sarcasm meter is through the roof i this video, and I absolutely love it slay sis
Alissa George
Alissa George 17 時間 前
honestly this is really weird but im craving shrimp while watching this isn't that so weird?!?! By the the way I LOVE YOU JAMES!!!
Callie Irwin
Callie Irwin 17 時間 前
it does not matter what those haters mean it's just haters let the hatters be hatters
Violette Federico
Violette Federico 17 時間 前
My Grandmother died and James Charles and Charli D'Amelio you too made my day!
Breanna Hall
Breanna Hall 17 時間 前
I love that you take hate and make it positive.!!!
Nicole Aspiros
Nicole Aspiros 17 時間 前
Me encantaaaaa ❤❤
Solveig Garpestad
Solveig Garpestad 17 時間 前
Carantene ( I know I wrote that wrong ) brought me here
AJ Toole
AJ Toole 17 時間 前
Can you follow me on tiktok aubreyt2
D.L. Barnes
D.L. Barnes 17 時間 前
I Think the pink is a good look dont you think!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂 I wanna do this now!!!!
sunna anderson
sunna anderson 17 時間 前
why so many dislikes? It's because of Kylie?
Hanna Szyc
Hanna Szyc 17 時間 前
Ari’s Channel
Ari’s Channel 17 時間 前
At 3:32 his tongue came out
Lauren Durrin
Lauren Durrin 17 時間 前
when i pressed the i its was ur video that said what really happened in 2019
Kelly Maruska Vlogs
Kelly Maruska Vlogs 17 時間 前
You could call him luke
Bexibear 17 時間 前
i literally think its gonna be fentyyyyyyyy
Kaitlyn Swank
Kaitlyn Swank 17 時間 前
I loved when he said Olive will sister stab you.😘
Elizabeth Badgett
Elizabeth Badgett 17 時間 前
I like how James at the beginning said that he hated cane sauce, and at the end he continuously keeps it in lol
Pancakes Life
Pancakes Life 17 時間 前
James don’t listen to the haters they’re not worth it you’re amazing so please don’t listen to them even though u posted this a year ago
Ramon Rios
Ramon Rios 17 時間 前
Enseñale a Charli D'amelio a hablar español porfa
Karen Davis
Karen Davis 17 時間 前
Ya I agree Haha 😏
sydney loeper
sydney loeper 17 時間 前
dogsovercats 24_7
dogsovercats 24_7 17 時間 前
Youngest kid: huuu! James Charles Oldest kid: bitch that is not James Charles( only telling her that to keep her inner excitement)😂😂😂
Ruby loft
Ruby loft 17 時間 前
And also I would love to meet you guys but I cant because I live in Austaila bye
Laura Marquina
Laura Marquina 17 時間 前
I love you James Charles ❤️💕
Laura Marquina
Laura Marquina 17 時間 前
How can people be so rude of James Charles James Charles perfect why would people hate himhe's so nice James Charles annoying those people be yourself