rahuLNEGI345 2 時間 前
Spoiler: he lives
Alpha Reno
Alpha Reno 3 時間 前
My God it's Billie!!!!
Eoin Whitehead
Eoin Whitehead 3 時間 前
I wanna see this when it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice guy Jimbo
Nice guy Jimbo 3 時間 前
Looks pretty rad
jay love
jay love 3 時間 前
The academy is and have always been full of shit. I refuse to capitalize the word academy. The people in the comments have more taste than those stuck up "but I'm special" nuts on the board.
MikDan 88
MikDan 88 4 時間 前
Is that... a howling fox?
zuleika mari
zuleika mari 5 時間 前
It appears that a lot of people don’t know the story of sir gawain and the green knight?
Tim Parker
Tim Parker 5 時間 前
Bad story, bad script, bad editing, bad acting.
Kelly N
Kelly N 5 時間 前
Ya'll forgot the A Cure For Wellness movies. fkn weird
henry garcia
henry garcia 5 時間 前
I remember seeing that Billboard in hollywood. I was like wtf is the room? I thought it was a Bar lol
apricot pay
apricot pay 5 時間 前
The only hot thing here is Timothee Chalamet
El Michetto
El Michetto 6 時間 前
Let's call Anthony Kiedis
netmoney 6 時間 前
Better go check my beans
Clive Lynch
Clive Lynch 6 時間 前
Can't wait to see how this turns out. This looks very interesting!
zayand Costa
zayand Costa 7 時間 前
E essa seita suicida não foi sucumbida no filme. Talvez se fizerem a continuação. A cena de sexo foi de rir no fim
Jay Scram
Jay Scram 7 時間 前
i was on the set as part of my film class. this was filmed in my town
P. Rabbit
P. Rabbit 7 時間 前
Please be good, please be good, please be good...!
Pontiac Soviro
Pontiac Soviro 8 時間 前
I mourn my old New York City. Homogeneous and Boring today.Happy I Left.
Takya Ne’Cole
Takya Ne’Cole 8 時間 前
Awesome movie , very similar to my own life story!! Very touching
klukcomilujehudbu 8 時間 前
Best movie of my life. yet.
Cookie Woo
Cookie Woo 9 時間 前
Just saw this movie..WOWWWW..powerful it brought out deep emotions In me....🌷luv this movie.....
Sarah Vandermeer
Sarah Vandermeer 9 時間 前
But why an Indian actor to play a British knight? Is this because of Price of Persia??? XD
MrNumberFour 10 時間 前
always so hype to watch a24
Ciaran McDaid
Ciaran McDaid 10 時間 前
That woman has a nice ass 1:56
Arianna Evans
Arianna Evans 10 時間 前
Oh my goodness this gives me human centipede vibes-
Alper Topuz
Alper Topuz 10 時間 前
Is it movie or tv series?
RWM Mendez
RWM Mendez 10 時間 前
This movie was so moving and beautiful by the end I was fully in tears! One of my favorite films of all time hands down!
hizzy 10 時間 前
Pointless movie. 2 thumbs down
Andre 10 時間 前
The sound at the beginning sounds similar to David Lynch Rabbits.
Andrea Fagerheim
Andrea Fagerheim 10 時間 前
I am only gonna watch it because of Dev Patel 😍😍
mikefire98 11 時間 前
God this looks so good.
Connor James
Connor James 11 時間 前
The King and now this? God damn love this new artistic historical drama hype!
Jon Spell
Jon Spell 12 時間 前
The rotating picture gave me a Midsommar flashback.
Umer Farooq
Umer Farooq 12 時間 前
I am surprised that no one here has noticed that this movie is totally inspired from the "Wicker Man". Same scenario same no return policy and same cult membera luring new folks for weird reproductive and sacrificial rrasons
Tim Parker
Tim Parker 5 時間 前
It's the first thing I noticed when they arrived at the commune. It's awful art house schlock like The Wicker Man. They made a lot of bad films of this genre in the late 60s - early 70s.
Christian Moldes
Christian Moldes 12 時間 前
i've seen this trailer at least 3x a day since it's release. Can't wait.
Adephx 12 時間 前
My brother and sister are Swedish, so I went to visit them during Midsommar (unknowingly). I'm not gonna lie, I definitely had a couple of, "I'm going to get sacrificed" moments. I guess it would be the same if they experienced the burial of winter with Kurents (google Kurents).
Valensky 12 時間 前
You know its something special when you cant tell if it's comedy, thriller or horror.
Mare Nostrum
Mare Nostrum 12 時間 前
Shit vitamin c i heard I wanna watch it now
Quocviet Doan
Quocviet Doan 13 時間 前
The original story is pretty wholesome overall, I wonder if this one is too.
lxuise 14 時間 前
I think we’re seeing Elio’s mental breakdown after Oliver left
Grumpy Historian
Grumpy Historian 14 時間 前
Just hoping that SOME people will actually read the original Medieval England version of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and not base their knowledge of the story on this. Its like that hideous version of Beowulf with Gerard Butler's Glasgow accent. .....and please, Americans, spare yourself the embarrassment. Do NOT say that the ancient inhabitants of Sweden all sounded like modern Scots. You once tried to say that about King Arthur, when he most likely spoke Welsh..
pp oo
pp oo 14 時間 前
she said i liked the bleakness
Heidi Zetzsche
Heidi Zetzsche 14 時間 前
I have to be honest, I kind of came here expecting a real life adaptation of "The Emperor’s New Groove"! I can't be the only one who thinks he looks like Kuzco. :D
Kuldeep Panwar
Kuldeep Panwar 14 時間 前
Wrost movie i have ever seen
The King In Yellow
The King In Yellow 14 時間 前
....alright, i'll bite. This trailer was interesting.
Chris Corley
Chris Corley 15 時間 前
Excellent film. A+ grade / 5 stars. 🏆
Ebba 16 時間 前
midsommar in this movie: wild midsommar in reality: just a good ol’ bbq, in a good ol’ friend’s backyard, playing some good ol’ kubb
Dr. Frank
Dr. Frank 16 時間 前
Allowing a non-white actor to portray a legendary character from medieval literature who should be white? I am sure very soon we shall see Daniel Kaluuya portray William Shakespeare in some movie. British culture is doomed.
Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas 13 時間 前
what race was the Green Knight? Its never mentioned that he was anything, even human. Dumbass reactionary who has never read anything
Pinionated Minion
Pinionated Minion 16 時間 前
Oh man my favorite Arthurian tale told in my favorite style of film. I can't wait to buy this and force it upon my friends.
i eat frogs
i eat frogs 16 時間 前
0:46 You guys get paid?
Shan Ryder
Shan Ryder 16 時間 前
1:01 why did that fox howl like a wolf?
Kanade Ito
Kanade Ito 17 時間 前
Just reading this comments makes me scared and makes me not to watch it.
Bred Sheeran
Bred Sheeran 17 時間 前
The singing makes me uncomfortable And i love it
Gabe K
Gabe K 17 時間 前
A24 opens the door to movies I don’t think would happen anywhere else. Never thought I’d get a dark retelling of the green knight.
Utkarsh Gupta
Utkarsh Gupta 18 時間 前
i thought it was the last air bender trailer when he lit up
Ayyo Zilla
Ayyo Zilla 18 時間 前
The people in here hating on this movie are the morons trying to make our marvel heroes gay. Forcing diversity in DC and marvel and cried about sonic and say endgame is overrated and want to boycott deadpool. These motherfuckers can't be satisfied and think it makes them better than everyone else when they hate something someone else enjoys and wants it to change to how THEY want it. Its getting pathetic
03 AI
03 AI 18 時間 前
The funny thing about this movie is that most of the world was destroyed and the survivors were almost white people.
A24 is responsible for almost every well written, suspenseful, weird af movies made in recent years
Dundo Maroje
Dundo Maroje 19 時間 前
Why is actor with indian roots acting in a movie about european folkore and fantasy?
Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas 13 時間 前
what race was the Green Knight, good sir?
La Avaler
La Avaler 16 時間 前
Because he can.
Zoen Victo
Zoen Victo 19 時間 前
is that KG?
Knugen av Swärje
Knugen av Swärje 19 時間 前
No one: Trailer: btw this character dies lol
LeviJean_1021 20 時間 前
Plot twist.... This is the real Adam Sandler,his just been acting all this time
Martin Geers
Martin Geers 21 時間 前
Reign over me was always my favorite Sandler movie and tonight i feel i might find another one!
Kay Kad
Kay Kad 21 時間 前
When I first saw the trailer I was like "oh cool" then I looked at the comments and now I'm having second thoughts... I don't trust hyperbolic reviews with hypeness from fanboys and girls. Especially if they're the only one groups of people praising it...... But I love movies and I try to never miss out on a good experience so I always watch films without any initial bias. Gonna check this movie out now and will update you on my thoughts.
Kay Kad
Kay Kad 19 時間 前
Ok Yea. The movie is dumb. Hunk of cow manure. The "intensity" I got from the trailer is nowhere to be found in the film. Usually when I'm watching a movie all I need is 15 minutes to I know whether or not it's going to be great, alright or completely crap. It's not like me to waste my time with bad movies but this looked kinda unconventional(and the dancing took so long) I painfully extended my viewership to about an hour AND THAT WAS WAY TOO GENEROUS! I never waste my time with bad movies but I just wanted to be fair and give this movie time to get to its point, and in the end that got me absolutely nowhere. My 15 minutes rule HAS NEVER FAILED ME and I feel very BITTER about not following it this time URGH! Even with slow paced movies I can already tell whether or not it's gonna be good in the beginning. I just wasted an hour of my LIFE for no reason, I'm sorry I'm mad and I need to rant. That 1 hour could have been better spent watching a well made film and that's ultimately why I am overwhelming with rage right now. Complete waste of my 1AM. REVIEW: Just gonna say I'm not gonna be to too explicit with the review cause this movie did not care about itself so me too I don't care. Overall, the film had nothing great going for it. The dialogue is useless. The ""cinematography"" (yalls favorite word) is meh, nothing spectacular that hasn't been done before. THE WORST PART IS THEY WERE TRYING WAY TOO HARD TO BE ARTSY WITH SOME OF THE SHOTS AND IT DIDN'T EVEN WORK WITH THE SCENE UGH SO DUMB! The dance choreography is also bleh, the typical moves that your average pop singer would make. You would think an "artsy" film about dancers would try to incorporate the dance moves with the story or something but yea no. Adding the choreography to the film did nothing for the story and it was pointless and a waste of 20 minutes. Music also wasn't that great. Acting is tragic. I don't think the "actors" were actor, they were probably dancers who got told to act. There were only like two convincing performances in an ensemble of like 15 people, yikes. Dialogue is really bad yall, I can't stress this enough, it was just as useless as the choreography. Maybe it's cause the actors are bad? That's why the dialogue had no life? Did not feel panic-y or anxious at any point in time (except about the lil boy), film was dull so I was uninterest it was going on with the characters (wasn't even believable). And to top it all off, the movie was racist. THIS 2 MINUTE TRAILER WAS A WAY BETTER MOVIE THAN THIS SHIT LMAOO! Very lazy film: 0.5/5 stars.
Big Mans
Big Mans 22 時間 前
*in the pitch* David: so it’s a psychological medieval fantasy A24: ok... but does someone get decapitated? David: yes A24: OK WE’RE IN BUISNESS!!
RexForceRiquiqui 22 時間 前
I keep coming back to watch this trailer and I'm just so excited to see this movie when it comes out
RunForestRun 22 時間 前
I really love the way how they use the singing. It really make this trailer something else
David Brizuela
David Brizuela 22 時間 前
This movie felt like a dream in the movie theater... I wasn’t sure if I was awake.... good cinema tho
- Ghost -
- Ghost - 23 時間 前
Is there a fox howling like a wolf at 1:02? Do foxes howl?
H.R. Deutsch
H.R. Deutsch 23 時間 前
Sydney Carroll
Sydney Carroll 23 時間 前
i beg anyone who sees this comment to not watch this movie
Ansar Zargoonshaa
Ansar Zargoonshaa 日 前
Disgustingly beautiful, the score is unsettling, you will definitely leave the film with funny feels in your stomach. It's not a bad film, it's just over average, people who dont like this film are people who expected to see something frightening, this film isnt all about that, it's about making you FEEL frightened and very uncomfortable. Yes there are a few issues with the film such as not doing much when you should kinda know things aren't right, people going missing etc. Above all else this a film which you cannot unsee. It's better to watch it alone or with someone who takes films serious but be warned... this will make you uncomfortable in ways similar to black mirror but much more intense. Its something you deffinatly cant unsee ans it will deffinatly give you fears and trust issues when it comes to white people dressed in white with no technology 😂
1omri1 日 前
Gary K
Gary K 日 前
I find it hilarious some people are complaining about the race of the main character. Who cares. It's their take on it. If you're that offended, there are plenty of white-centric films you can watch.
Maniac1766 16 時間 前
There won't be any whites left in a couple of centuries or so. Then these parts will have to be played by people of colour.
beyondcinema 日 前
This looks veeery good. The music and cinematography and design is just incredible from the few shots shown.
Francis Vincent Ong
Francis Vincent Ong 日 前
That cow is most certainly going to be stolen, shot and butchered.
Martin Mauk
Martin Mauk 日 前
punks not dead
punks not dead 日 前
Joe S
Joe S 日 前
I literally almost stepped out of the theater because of how stressful this movie is, I felt like I was gunna puke. But holy cow this movie is awesome.
E S 日 前
Wow. my first book report comes back to haunt me. hell yeah.
aNGeTRoX -Angelo BdN-
aNGeTRoX -Angelo BdN- 日 前
4K Veersion
Matthew Sanchez
Matthew Sanchez 日 前
He is so handsome. I love every role he plays! So excited!
Bruno Sol
Bruno Sol 日 前
Any other production company: probably a piece of crap movie. A24: certainly a masterpiece!
James Wayne
James Wayne 日 前
What’s with the dislikes? Movie was great and so is this trailer
Nicklass Mmbaga
Nicklass Mmbaga 日 前
Free advice::: don't watch this movie when you're high
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 日 前
On my to definitely watch list.
sebastian alegria
sebastian alegria 日 前
this Adam Sandler's new movie looks fuckin' unbelievable, and like they say in the comments, for first time Adam Sandler doesn't play himself, which is a good thing to watch this film.
Suzie Blue
Suzie Blue 日 前
Chaotic! But I get it. Well done A24.
the drunken ramblings north east UK
the drunken ramblings north east UK 日 前
why do I always tear up when I see something which looks like visionary genius? Like I know my huge pipe (lol) dream is to be the director of a cult - possible sundance festival award winner - type ass film, but I always get so intensely emotional when I see film trailers like this because I WANT TO MAKE ONE WITH A SIMILAR VISION <3
Johny Gonzalez
Johny Gonzalez 日 前
Guys he got killed at the end you’re welcome
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 日 前
I was waiting for the Green Knight to say: "I am GROOT!!!"
White Wolf
White Wolf 日 前
this looks nothing like the source material but im intrigued since its my favorite story
Rosalia kookie
Rosalia kookie 日 前
He kinda looks like Charlie puth haha
Erikleen Is real
Erikleen Is real 日 前
so many great actors and actress in this movie
Rio Rogers
Rio Rogers 日 前
Anyone know if this is an original or an adaptation?
MariChatIsRealBro 日 前
after watching call me by your name i literally expected him to end up with the drug dealer 😭
Damn A24!! Literally every good piece of cinema I have seen in the past 4 years is you guys. Thank you.
MariChatIsRealBro 日 前
istg i think im obsessed with him because the last 3 movies ive watched all had him in them 😂
Stewie Doses
Stewie Doses 日 前
Trailer 5.0, the level of this trailer is to great
MidnightMaverick 13 時間 前
@gtoss chddy Dev Patel was born right outside London, you cry baby twat. Stop being such a snowflake crying about scary brown people being in movies. It's a retelling of a made up story. Get over yourself
Stewie Doses
Stewie Doses 日 前
@gtoss chddy human, we do stupid things so meh go with it
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 日 前
Another example of a our characters being replaced by non European actors. If you do this to Japanese, or African folklore.,.,well you wouldn’t because a woke mob would