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Dogs Gone Wild
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Dog Days of Summer
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Slip Up
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Copy Cat Kids
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For Your Amusement
Mini-Me, Myself, and I
The Alpha MANifesto
The Alpha MANifesto 22 秒 前
This was a Great segment!! Content Rich!! thx!!
safiya rashid
safiya rashid 分 前
2019 anyone
senior Kamal
senior Kamal 3 分 前
But what was the feud about?
Karen Spangler
Karen Spangler 3 分 前
I'm so happy for you! 💕 Just keep being you!
Nadege Martinez
Nadege Martinez 4 分 前
I will remember this day forever
Sibulele Tyesi
Sibulele Tyesi 6 分 前
I love the fact the he does just rap, but performs and fills the stage... This is definitely my favourite song right now❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏼💯🤞
ItzYoGyalCuTiE 6 分 前
My idol, Sarah Hyland!💖🌺🌴🌊
marc flaherty
marc flaherty 6 分 前
who else found her when she released pretty girl?
grey eyes
grey eyes 6 分 前
Humble Psy😎.. and Rude Simon🙄
Jey Noelle
Jey Noelle 6 分 前
Were you known as a singer before this? Ummm did you not see Chicago?
star blue
star blue 11 分 前
she plays 3 chords the whole time. she doesn’t do anything but use downstrokes and predictable melodies and everyone goes WILD...
Nγ๏x 12
Nγ๏x 12 11 分 前
0:20 V is just like "Uh----Hi I'm V"
Abigail 12 分 前
Might be just me, but if you have to ask for a ring it's not special anymore.
Prajjwal khati music
Prajjwal khati music 12 分 前
Million times better than Billie
Wisdomseeker06 13 分 前
the dude got sloth, long arms
fatemeh nafari
fatemeh nafari 13 分 前
They’re not child, they are Monsters!😳
RiccarGaming 14 分 前
Steve Carell had the same thing in mind as George Clooney if Ellen would have scared him
Aureiller 14 分 前
I got all the questions correct, if only I was there, but tbh, I do believe that this wasn't to do with intelligence, but more so general knowledge...
Geetha Subramanian
Geetha Subramanian 15 分 前
The way he says dada dada is so cute 😍😍
Suie D
Suie D 15 分 前
if you dont have a tiny crush on Betty theres something wrong with you shes my nana crush
Mara Feierbach-Christian
Mara Feierbach-Christian 17 分 前
When ur name is Mara. I feel so attacked right now
Hanna Salvador
Hanna Salvador 17 分 前
Dax’s gestures look so gayish..
Melissa Bowers
Melissa Bowers 19 分 前
She will be one satisfied lady if he can last 4 times in one night.....lucky lady.
Irondogart 20 分 前
She’s just so cute!
Normal Whiteguy
Normal Whiteguy 20 分 前
They didn't do her justice with the music being louder than her voice
JR T 20 分 前
LEGION 4wermany
LEGION 4wermany 21 分 前
I noticed a strange tension between Ellen and Millie. Could it be Millie wasn't intimidated by Ellen, and Ellen sensed that.
Miranda 21 分 前
I love Sarah!
Kaylene Jantjes
Kaylene Jantjes 22 分 前
A clip in a clip in a clip.
I don’t want Subscribers
I don’t want Subscribers 22 分 前
So humble
FiredForFighting 23 分 前
I havent watched modern family in forever but I cant see her as an adult in my head...she seems so young to me still to the point where her makeup looks out of place on her 😂
casey chima
casey chima 24 分 前
Sarah looks like adult baby,
jennifer wand
jennifer wand 24 分 前
Lisbethx.214 24 分 前
Ellen: How many babies do you have Travis: Placenta Travis: FACTS
Ayahni Mc Mahon
Ayahni Mc Mahon 24 分 前
we need Justin back
serbia love
serbia love 25 分 前
Kendall & Milo
Kendall & Milo 26 分 前
Katy seems so happy, it made me happy ☺️
Yana And Raven ☺️
Yana And Raven ☺️ 26 分 前
Jolie Chau
Jolie Chau 26 分 前
if i went there i would be scared at first but then be nice and start a convo with them
Ed Gar
Ed Gar 27 分 前
My first time to hear Bill Gates speak.
Briana Douglas
Briana Douglas 27 分 前
Lol so funny!
Kori Lane
Kori Lane 27 分 前
Woops, sorry DAX lol
Katherine 28 分 前
so where IS Ellen?
XJVD3NX 28 分 前
Am I the only way one who thought it was Scott Evans in the thumbnail?
Kori Lane
Kori Lane 28 分 前
I didn't know who Fax was until today, omg, He's funny, hot, love Fax, thanks for introducing him Ellen, great job Dax
amelia !
amelia ! 29 分 前
i want her trousers
Maritza Gonzalez
Maritza Gonzalez 29 分 前
“My girl “ 😫😫
Eva Mekonnen
Eva Mekonnen 30 分 前
This girl is a character 😂😂😂
Everyday Happenings
Everyday Happenings 30 分 前
She looks a little like Zendaya in that pic of her and boo with the red
Antisocial Potato
Antisocial Potato 30 分 前
"Ahhhh, shiii" *a rat.*
RandomObed 31 分 前
marijuana cigarette
Sally Smith
Sally Smith 31 分 前
Judge Judy works 47 days a year and makes about $900,000 a day
Kalia chr.
Kalia chr. 32 分 前
She is bringing the light wherever she goes ♥️
WonderWoman 33 分 前
“You guys are getting excited for no reason” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ry 33 分 前
madalena gomes
madalena gomes 34 分 前
Kevin slayed this fr
DudeThatsEffedUp 34 分 前
Improve special education, They really messed up my adult life.
Stephen Fermoyle
Stephen Fermoyle 35 分 前
good for Rennee she deserves it so much she sang in CHICAGO please dont forget that and danced she was awesome..... she had me at hello!!
Aichata Keita
Aichata Keita 35 分 前
Hallo.🏩 😁😁😁🌷😁💝
Bel Matone
Bel Matone 37 分 前
Bel Matone
Bel Matone 37 分 前
Bel Matone
Bel Matone 37 分 前
Michelle Krummey
Michelle Krummey 38 分 前
What a good soul ❤
Gabrielle Davis
Gabrielle Davis 38 分 前
" Im pretty sure that's a guy in a costume" Barney: Am i a joke to you???
Danessa Faye
Danessa Faye 38 分 前
Hi ELLEN that funny
Dhanes Soegondo
Dhanes Soegondo 39 分 前
Out of the 731 dislikes on the video, one of it must be Tom
Heavynne De Loera
Heavynne De Loera 40 分 前
Her voice makes me 💥✨⚡️
Travel icy Corbin
Travel icy Corbin 40 分 前
Nothing special here. Musicians now days are just low low
Binky Boo
Binky Boo 41 分 前
The girl when she's sing🤣😑
Sam Kirksey
Sam Kirksey 42 分 前
Who's the guest host this week
Sergio Nolasco
Sergio Nolasco 42 分 前
Javier Sanabria
Javier Sanabria 42 分 前
Doesnt surprise me Trump's a clown.
DUH 42 分 前
I thought it was Riley reid 😆
Allison Bailey
Allison Bailey 43 分 前
The Queen of comedy lady ellen
Goldn Haze
Goldn Haze 44 分 前
I love being able to see them grow since I've been following them for sooo many years now. Such a great band.
Thisis Fun
Thisis Fun 44 分 前
Celebrity feuds = your average day in middle school.
mimi미미 45 分 前
Im crying
bunny fufu
bunny fufu 45 分 前
Love Ellens laugh
Ilhan Tele
Ilhan Tele 46 分 前
He sounds like owen Wilson
Bel Matone
Bel Matone 47 分 前
Social Butterfly
Social Butterfly 47 分 前
Question for the guys: Do you mind getting help picking the ring?
Morelia Salas Cisneros
Morelia Salas Cisneros 48 分 前
Andy should go to the haunted house with Kevin hart Like if u agree:)
Russell Reddy
Russell Reddy 48 分 前
It would be kook if they had bill dressed as pennywise and have him jump out
Macarena Lagoria
Macarena Lagoria 48 分 前
Cool cool cool cool
Johnny Godfuckme
Johnny Godfuckme 49 分 前
So it's just okay, if your a famous women, to sexually assault other people???
aprc1977a 49 分 前
straight from the gutter. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Amanda Nicole
Amanda Nicole 50 分 前
I appreciate that he even opened the shoe box for her. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but chivalry is all in the details.
abby c
abby c 50 分 前
i’m so proud of her aww 🥺 love her so much lil baby clairooo 💛
Daniel Kumevor
Daniel Kumevor 51 分 前
Apparently he's a very smart kid...
Just Horology
Just Horology 52 分 前
Someone please tell me where to get that sweatshirt he's wearing!
Eloisa Melo
Eloisa Melo 53 分 前
I did the same. But still no ring yet 🤷🏻‍♀️
Justin Alvarado
Justin Alvarado 53 分 前
Lame song. So many better singers out there.
Cuba 54 分 前
Wait what did Tae and Hobi say in Korean when hobi got back onto the couch???????
kitten_lover-12345 ??!!
kitten_lover-12345 ??!! 54 分 前
* me dying through the whole vid *
Gabrielle Davis
Gabrielle Davis 54 分 前
*A P P A R E N T L Y*
mac334 54 分 前
They are all disgustingly good looking
john connolly
john connolly 55 分 前
Nice body,Ellen looks like a dude.
Lauren 57 分 前
She looks so pretty wow
Queen H
Queen H 58 分 前
I still don't understand how Sarah Hyland didn't married Dominic sherwood
Lauren 58 分 前