I'm losing control.
Game Theory: No More Games
ThatGuyJosé 20 時間 前
MatPatt. I´m doing a research on the benefits that gaming has on the psyche and personality and I tried to cite your study as a font but as it is not an academic paper it is not valid. Could I have a look at the references you used? Is for a good cause. plz
Wise Crow
Wise Crow 20 時間 前
hero the binary is hero
Avery Lee
Avery Lee 20 時間 前
He should do a brawl stars theory
Paradraw Zombie
Paradraw Zombie 20 時間 前
I'm still curious of what the slender video would have looked like
Theo O’flynn
Theo O’flynn 20 時間 前
What if dr Norberg is bad bad he controls these monsters because there is something he done that our character knows and tries to stop him from actually remembering what happened
Pocor 20 時間 前
Yeah French team!
Epic Explosions
Epic Explosions 20 時間 前
Heh I'm rewatching for the 2nd or 3rd time in total in 2020
GoatKidAsrielDreemur 20 時間 前
Tom is not a racoon, he is a tanuski or something like it
I’m Xandas
I’m Xandas 20 時間 前
5:21 definitely nightmarionne
Nicholas Fantauzzo
Nicholas Fantauzzo 20 時間 前
This is old but why was the news paper there before Henry got there ?
raul miranda
raul miranda 20 時間 前
Fnaf new book make a video of it plz
Caleb Ruiz
Caleb Ruiz 20 時間 前
Wtf..... still like it😏
FlamingBunBun 20 時間 前
I could be wrong, but what if, since VR has kind of reboot the series, the short horror stories reset the books. This is the ACTUAL incident that inspired the entire original fnaf story, what faze are entertainment was using Scott Cawthon to cover up
Super Nerd
Super Nerd 20 時間 前
Short answer: no. Long answer: If anything, it's a releiver of violent tendencies.
Gaurav Negi
Gaurav Negi 20 時間 前
No, the darkrai is the one she is quoting that he is telling her to stop searching for the lunar wing and stay with her
Michael.J 20 時間 前
Bro mat pat needs to stoped, imagine if this man became a murderer. This mans would make history
Jamesners 20 時間 前
Help wanted on switch says one of the animatronics is “The Mangle.” So do you think there could be more mangles that William tested on?
Anyone watching this in 2021
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 20 時間 前
23 four sided figures?
Enderemy 2002
Enderemy 2002 20 時間 前
I actually showed your grinch video to my teacher and he showed it in cladd
mercury YT
mercury YT 20 時間 前
What if crying child isn’t Michael it’s still his brother and we play as him in fnaf 4 because he feels guilt about the bite
joku jätkä suomesta SUOMI
joku jätkä suomesta SUOMI 20 時間 前
Pyro voice actor is same voice actor that spy haves
Koda Bowman
Koda Bowman 20 時間 前
matpat we need you for the true ending of piggy if you read this we need your help the mystery is unknown help us discover this mystey kodybegaming over and out
FNS 20 時間 前
Dear mat pat, In your Minecraft theory series can you pls explain the multiple ender dragon heads in the ender city, was there another ender dragon? Who killed the ender dragon? Pls I would love to see theory explaining this puzzling mystery. Sincerely FNS.
A N T Ø N 20 時間 前
Will there ever be a new Video about Petscop ?
ThePlushBro 20 時間 前
yo you gotta do a video on piggy true ending
ayy you said coryxkinshin. ill like, and subscribe now that you mentioned him.
your the best
Simon Bodega
Simon Bodega 20 時間 前
Bruh that puppet sounds like Morgana.
i am a boy and my favorite character is daisy
Neon Was Here
Neon Was Here 20 時間 前
Wait but doesn't Suisie say that she was almost consumed by the ink too?
PAOfficial Studios
PAOfficial Studios 20 時間 前
Awesome8762 20 時間 前
Minecraft is flat
Web X Channel
Web X Channel 20 時間 前
Make a skin with gloves idk
Sargent Stannard
Sargent Stannard 21 時間 前
bodki malone
bodki malone 21 時間 前
As a British person I'd like to ask....why put milk in tea first....also there's no difference in taste between using milk before or after...
Alpha Podcast and Gacha
Alpha Podcast and Gacha 21 時間 前
Kellen Cortright
Kellen Cortright 21 時間 前
I had a tooth pulled at school and now I’m at the point at crying when ever I go to the dentist to even get my teeth cleaned.. So I feel you Matt..
Murron Janzen
Murron Janzen 21 時間 前
And where is flappy bird?
Emma Drinkwine
Emma Drinkwine 21 時間 前
When I play the jump scare me and my 5 year bro just laugh at it 🤣☺️
Chlo Diid
Chlo Diid 21 時間 前
My question is, why would they not mention the fact that the 5 bodies had no insides ?
Christian Miguel Ruiz Barrios
Christian Miguel Ruiz Barrios 21 時間 前
Maybe bowser transform fongus un bricks for self defender because they don't whant the zombie fongus infect is kingdom
Allgold skull
Allgold skull 21 時間 前
Hello I'm a time traveler from 2020 we have confirmed aliens as of may 25 2020
i like fortnite
ZozonoArt'n'Games 21 時間 前
They never did finish this series in 2019. Now in limbo, and probably doomed to fade away into oblivion.
Naxure Earth
Naxure Earth 21 時間 前
I would love to have to have a wallet in this GameTheory color pattern, but sadly this wallet still does not have enough places for all my cards and Licenses XD and it has no designated place for the tonns of coin-money i get everywere.... I don`t know if this is some kind of european thing or just me, but especially the last thing is a "no-go" for me...sadly Also i wonder, do get a special Ending if you make a Playthrouh with every single Puppet?
Ahmed Sulieman
Ahmed Sulieman 21 時間 前
Mohammad Abubakr
Mohammad Abubakr 21 時間 前
Or Mario is just short
Snowyiu 21 時間 前
They totally didn't take into account like the resistance of ionized air, which is what electricity flows through. If there's enough voltage to bridge a gap in air, it means that the entire path between the points where the electricity travels is ionized. Building up a shitload of voltage while jumping could do that and if jumped over an opponent, the discharge would seek out the enemy pokemon, similar to a normal lightning strike. These strikes in pokemon at 100k Volt are typically portrayed to last more than a second, which means that the current definitely flows long enough to fry someone. Also shocking itself seems stupid. You'd expect that the entire pokemon is charged. Only the spots on the faces happen to be the discharge point, maybe because the skin of the pokemon is extremely isolating and depending on Pikachus mood, it can reduce the resistance of its cheeks to let electricity flow through. A person can also easily charge itself to 5000 volts by walking on carpet and stuff, but that electrostatic charge discharges in like 5nanoseconds, so there's never enough electricity flowing to harm anything.
Walty walter Fun
Walty walter Fun 21 時間 前
Me being a family friendly channel: no no no no.............. NO!!!!!!!
Thomas Spear
Thomas Spear 21 時間 前
Here is proof that they don’t cause violence EVER HEARD OF WW1 WW2 THE VIETNAM AND THE DARK AGES
〰Jayden〰 Da cowboy Official
〰Jayden〰 Da cowboy Official 21 時間 前
thefartmaa 21 時間 前
Dang, I used to have one of the lonely Freddy plushies like one that I bought from the store. know I have no idea if I'm hypnotized or not.
supernovasuper Plays
supernovasuper Plays 21 時間 前
Maybe he didn't want fnaf because it takes long or we have seen it so much... *WELL PEOPLE IT'S JUST A THEORY. A dumb theory*
Drake Dooley
Drake Dooley 21 時間 前
The main antagonist my have been camping in to many corner to end up like this it or just played Fortnite
Ava G Varrette
Ava G Varrette 21 時間 前
“The final petscop theory” *Laughs in we know you too well*
My Hero Academia Fan Girl Gacha
My Hero Academia Fan Girl Gacha 21 時間 前
the bite victim is named chris the person wearing the foxy mask is micheal, i searched the whole internet for this proof. do not try to prove me wrong, i will make a video series about this.
Ilana Scher
Ilana Scher 21 時間 前
the true title: the story of a depressed, exiled dad who doesn’t want you to grow up
Singh Sekhon
Singh Sekhon 21 時間 前
Mr beast : gives me 100000 dollers Me : how much money will it take to rent disneyland for a month ?
Shycu The prayer
Shycu The prayer 21 時間 前
what if you kept playing until there is no more puppets to play with?
Magnani_ Productions
Magnani_ Productions 21 時間 前
What would happen if you played through again and again till there are no more puppets to use?
Lilla Katalin
Lilla Katalin 21 時間 前
Eevee is cute
Lace Vids
Lace Vids 21 時間 前
Mat pat is such an amazing person
Gravity Games
Gravity Games 21 時間 前
The British don't put their milk in before the water homie
e e
e e 21 時間 前
But that's just a theory...
Paprotniczek v2
Paprotniczek v2 21 時間 前
I love matpat
C.M. Engelberg
C.M. Engelberg 21 時間 前
Hamish Paget
Hamish Paget 21 時間 前
What’s the bet that he will be the first one to figure out how to use the force
Squidward Tentacles
Squidward Tentacles 21 時間 前
ur merch is over-priced
Rose Queen
Rose Queen 21 時間 前
Mat you need to the pigg theory on roblox how to get the true ending
Dominykas Malmiga
Dominykas Malmiga 21 時間 前
jpchat.info/show/bideo/iqCqj7vXlNVlgKA.html #StopBillyMitchell
Paradorable Activity!!
Paradorable Activity!! 21 時間 前
hey Mattpat, i think Helpy is a Lonely Freddy
Aravis Královská
Aravis Královská 21 時間 前
Dear JPchat, I’ve already seen this video. You’re right, I am going to watch it again. But please stop recommending it to me. Thanks.
korean_penguin_of_POTATOS Person
korean_penguin_of_POTATOS Person 21 時間 前
What happens when you play through all the puppets then?
Røchi Cano
Røchi Cano 21 時間 前
Alguien que me tradusca porfa...
Meme Man
Meme Man 21 時間 前
Theory wrong typed this with my pinkey
TOOT Toot 21 時間 前
Matt: Sarah, a fourteen year old girl...” me: wait- Wait, that’s me?! Same name and age.
Alexia Miller
Alexia Miller 21 時間 前
Jersey City
Jersey City 21 時間 前
Hot wings sorry for the wait
Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants 21 時間 前
Why are there eyes of ender *already in* the end portal. That supports the previous end theory Maybe the eyes broke over time and that’s why there are still some there
Benton Wong
Benton Wong 21 時間 前
Matthias Herrmann
Matthias Herrmann 21 時間 前
Is it just me or does anyone else think that the puppet he chose Sounds a Lot like jaiden animation when it talks😅
Ender Bot
Ender Bot 21 時間 前
Hippity skippity hoppity ho. Now that you've found me, *_How much can I pay for you to go?_*
King luigi and tails / KLAT
King luigi and tails / KLAT 21 時間 前
I like this but MORE PETSCOP
Heidi Wilson
Heidi Wilson 21 時間 前
I think mats theory is actually right. Because if you think about it Henry is the one who built the animatronics, so it makes sense that the sister location is under his house. He really wanted to have his daughter soooooo he just made a animatronic daughter. If it makes sense then like my comment and comment to me about it.
The Cool Kid
The Cool Kid 21 時間 前
Doot Apprentice
Doot Apprentice 21 時間 前
Hey matpat, could you do a theory on how little mac from smash bros sprints? Like how fast he has to be moving to stay at the angle he runs at?
Vince Omega
Vince Omega 21 時間 前
10:50 Wow, Blizzard fucked up there.
Mighty Lion511
Mighty Lion511 21 時間 前
So, About the theory wear, Is there a type of shirt that’s micro-fiber for people who have glasses?
Stampixel 21 時間 前
GTA 5 is free on epic games store right now
ItzSuki XD
ItzSuki XD 21 時間 前
Seriously tho jokes aside, I just finished 1:35am and waiting for that bootiful theory so ehmm... take your time *insert creepy smile*
jj playz
jj playz 21 時間 前
What if Arthur Ford is David's dad
Tammie Wadeson
Tammie Wadeson 21 時間 前
Adds baby golden Bonnie the bad one Missing children ha ha ha
Caroline Carder
Caroline Carder 21 時間 前
Wait, why are there animatronic foot prints by the window if you exit the house and go to the smashed window
MadMiner 21 時間 前
I think it’s a possibility that Millie ends up possessing Bon-Bon, the clues are definitely there. Bon-Bon is voiced by a female, and seeing the size of the FunTimes it’s not to hard to believe that a part of Mille could’ve been trapped inside Bon-Bon, making Millie possess this little, blue, Bunny Puppet
Peanut butter and Jellyfish
Peanut butter and Jellyfish 21 時間 前
I’m kinda sad y’all couldn’t do fnaf proper, still a great episode tho!
Alen Sabanovic
Alen Sabanovic 21 時間 前
f off dude, Doom is 3D
Dell Conagher
Dell Conagher 21 時間 前
Minecraft has some wild lore, I’m discovering something new about it every day.
TiltedFries 21 時間 前
U need to do a video on piggy