Game Theory: No More Games
The $1.7 Million Lie
They stole $1.7 million
GrumpyCarlinn 6 秒 前
idk y but when it said "for a real surprise than visit page 61" for some reason when i saw it i thought it said "for a real surprise than visit page 6!".
W.D Sans
W.D Sans 14 秒 前
You are doing the 1 like = one child saved from cancer
Champagne TNT
Champagne TNT 分 前
I was at my school we were going to listen to a book on JPchat and I saw this video live but we didn’t Watch it xd
Goon Tunes
Goon Tunes 3 分 前
Sees thumbnail Sees title Finally
default dance
default dance 4 分 前
acctualy in the mad therrorists fight your kid popped up
Rockems 4 分 前
Saw a 9 hour video on trending where you were the face of the thumbnail.
Twake 5 分 前
I was watching this video, and when he plugged the new merch, I realized, dang, it’s been more than 3 years since I started watching this channel. I’ve changed a ton, but the one constant has been Game Theory. Thank you MatPat, and happy holidays!
Lmao 6 分 前
COPPA: sAvE tHe CHILdreN Children: i dont wanna be saved
Rockems 6 分 前
Animations don't qualify. How bout your channel?
Dante Animations
Dante Animations 6 分 前
i really don't agree with coppa
yo yo yo my name is joe
yo yo yo my name is joe 6 分 前
matt: Team Salvato has a new game coming in 2018 *25 days until 2020* me: laughs in code
Sky fox
Sky fox 6 分 前
If this keeps going on tic toc will be the new youtube.(tic tube?)
Mr Waffle 164
Mr Waffle 164 7 分 前
JPchat: bans all our favorite channels * Also youtube: Why do i hear boss music?
aaron phelan
aaron phelan 7 分 前
Yeah. Five nights at Freddy's movie was cancelled. Made a different movie called the banana split movie direct to DVD
CrunchyRamen 7 分 前
sad that youtube rewind was finished before this
Bendy The Ink Demon
Bendy The Ink Demon 8 分 前
Funny, Scott gave more detail about how the Puppet came to be and What happened to Ennard.... Coincidence? He🏒🏒 Naw
Yaoi_Trash 8 分 前
Ok guys Ddlc didn’t predict the feature, gravity falls did
Coosa Rider
Coosa Rider 9 分 前
I’ve just got here, missed the livestream, but I’m here
yracema rivera
yracema rivera 9 分 前
Thank you for helping my mom
Akio Gaming
Akio Gaming 10 分 前
Is the augmented reality game out yet? I hadn't heard anything about it
Amaya D
Amaya D 10 分 前
Ok so my video said i'm on 21:17 and the video say it has 18:18 just how :/
Walter Watson
Walter Watson 12 分 前
Please tell me mr.gibbs is going to live
KINGJK 4000 13 分 前
I’m scared of 7 beceause 789 😎😎😎😎
lushen lu
lushen lu 13 分 前
And wow this video talked nothing about the drowned.
Rockems 13 分 前
Wait ccp is about protection of minors info, what monetarily has to do with this other than shitters using their platform to use minors? If your implying they don't I recommended any well established totalbiscuiut video regarding people that did this. Or you could stop using children as your platform.
Mega Ankylos
Mega Ankylos 13 分 前
What about me? My index finger is longer than my ring finger, no joke
Ryker Productions
Ryker Productions 13 分 前
Napstablook And sans
Napstablook And sans 14 分 前
What is COPPA? No joke I’m too scared to search it up
Manga Horse
Manga Horse 14 分 前
Showing my big brain energy 🤓 So there are several things in the cell apart from what you mentioned Cytoplasm, Cytoskeleton, Plasma membrane and the Ribosomes...And I’m guessing I’m forgetting some as well 😅 Love your vids mat, they always really inspire me, and as fellow science lover I use biology, physics and genetics to explain certain phenomenons on the Attack on titan universe and other Animes on my new youtube channel Keep up being awesome, and hope we’ll survive COPPA together 🤞😊🤞
Billie Bunter
Billie Bunter 14 分 前
Flam go?
Epic Boy Knight
Epic Boy Knight 15 分 前
You never even said flamingo just the other ones WHY!! MY BABY IS DEAD NOW AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
April M
April M 16 分 前
And a new platform has to come out to replace youtube. This is why never rely on a platform for suitable income. There's an old fable that says put all your eggs in one basket your bound to loose it. Content creators need to think of new innovative ideas to keep them afloat outside of the youtube grounds and migrate to other streaming platforms that were around before youtube and combine paetron with it. There are new streaming services coming up where COPPA is not an issue. JPchat has changed from the platform it was back in 2008. It's time to search for greener grounds because once youtube is gone, it's gone.
Lemmon Boy
Lemmon Boy 16 分 前
We canceled cancer, let’s cancel JPchat rewind Do your service by disliking the new Rewind
Mystiqueird 17 分 前
Just some time stamps for stuff I want to watch in the stream :P 5:53:00 (Adam and James) up to: 3:34:50 (Nate and Jirard) up to: 3:39:45 6:35:30 (FNaF) (watched )
Batman's Greatest Failure
Batman's Greatest Failure 17 分 前
2:11:40 I always used Don't Kick People Called Out For Genie Smelling It's dumb but it works
Gacha Maya
Gacha Maya 18 分 前
Me, the only left handed person in my family watching in my hand: 😏
kooks 128
kooks 128 18 分 前
I missed it X(
Ricky Munns
Ricky Munns 18 分 前
I just love how when Mark was finally on he just was entertaining, being the lovable sass master of the day 😂
triz guy
triz guy 19 分 前
Can you make a theory about Luigi mansion 3
The Joker
The Joker 19 分 前
3:25 WTF
spiderboy amazing
spiderboy amazing 19 分 前
What about armer lock
C Musselman
C Musselman 20 分 前
idk why i watched this video
Valerie Sison
Valerie Sison 20 分 前
This my made my day!
Clasp 20 分 前
"I predicted that like a year ago."
The taunting Bee
The taunting Bee 22 分 前
here comes a hurricane called hurricane - monetization has come to drown all JPchatrs
Gabby Summo
Gabby Summo 22 分 前
Joseph Ragheb
Joseph Ragheb 23 分 前
I think this is just a little harsh from the FTC i feel so bad I just hope very bad happens I think Susan and the FTC could at least talk about it
SadisticSaturnGamez 23 分 前
They forgot funtime Freddy
Patato Pat
Patato Pat 23 分 前
lushen lu
lushen lu 23 分 前
When is the Villager theory!
Mrdarkblackknight666 23 分 前
Onthegales!? The legend himself! He dontated a lot to Mini Ladd!
Harry Potter Mega fan 1
Harry Potter Mega fan 1 24 分 前
Adventure mode is fun I should know I played adventure mode
vickie wolfgirl12
vickie wolfgirl12 25 分 前
yo tengo
The Fandom Chicken
The Fandom Chicken 27 分 前
7:32 How did I never notice the Looking For Alaska reference!!
Madeline Ronau
Madeline Ronau 27 分 前
P4T0 98
P4T0 98 28 分 前
Funnily enough, in my recommended videos I have a lot of nursery rhymes and unboxing toy videos... And I don't even watch that nor have any kids. Matpat, I'm sorry, but for JPchat this is children content worthy
Japanese Urban Legends Fan ONE
Japanese Urban Legends Fan ONE 28 分 前
Nuuuuu Albert and mah other fav youtubers :( why kids can't go on JPchat kids
Wait What
Wait What 28 分 前
6:14 if you drop a cow....
PiercedBitxh Aila
PiercedBitxh Aila 29 分 前
I’m so incredibly upset that no one has used “the FTC won’t let me be...” with an Eminem reference.
witch fizz
witch fizz 30 分 前
mat 2014; fnaf 1 is the scariest game of all creation mat 2019: getting freaked out by fnaf vr
AK Plyer
AK Plyer 30 分 前
i think darkpat is taking control of channel (hah)
Kevin Musial
Kevin Musial 30 分 前
This truly was one of the most touching videos I have seen I have no one in my family that has cancer and I am thankful for that but this really makes me feel good that these kids even though they are going through treatments they have stuff to keep the kids happy
ItssZeno 30 分 前
You should do one of these for team trees cause it has severely slowed down and at this rate we won't hit 20,000,000 by 2020
Domenic Roth
Domenic Roth 31 分 前
The purple guy in this game actually used count dooko' s light saber
Gabija Princese
Gabija Princese 31 分 前
[email protected] $¦k€ right now
2019 S.S.B.U and still not "The WAH"
Erin Reis
Erin Reis 33 分 前
Mahogany Tarpley
Mahogany Tarpley 34 分 前
i dont want flamingo aka albert to leave youtube i want him to stay
Super MatBG
Super MatBG 34 分 前
I learned English through video games and films and because of them I am less stressed because I destroy every NPC in every game in every way
OMEGA Gaming
OMEGA Gaming 35 分 前
You forgot about the part about the exos
BriBri_Playz 37 分 前
Albert will never die
Eryk Steele
Eryk Steele 39 分 前
Guys this is the best christmas gift ever.
DIAMONDdude5430 39 分 前
“It’s no dream” *3 years later* “It’s all a dream!”
Totally not Clickbait 555666789
Totally not Clickbait 555666789 39 分 前
So dolphins can also live on land in Minecraft btw I am not tryna disprove the theory or anything just pointing it out
Marissa Strong
Marissa Strong 40 分 前
Can you do a theory on Ghasts too? If you have time I mean
Eryk Steele
Eryk Steele 42 分 前
Half a million jesus- ;-;
Kyle Crawford
Kyle Crawford 42 分 前
Just wait till he finds out the portal gun reached to the moon.
Hoi I’m a temmie
Hoi I’m a temmie 42 分 前
I’m super late, but this inspired me for a paper I had to write in half an hour and a whole project, both in 4th grade :)
Kuroo 42 分 前
I feel like FNAF World is that one sibling that everyone ignores.
Atheists Anonymous
Atheists Anonymous 42 分 前
If you think 7 inches is enormous you got bigger problems than finding out their sizes.
Brooke Kieffer
Brooke Kieffer 43 分 前
It's William Afton
Bröther Loaf
Bröther Loaf 44 分 前
So that first 7 minutes was an intro? Oh boy
Nukcatt the cat
Nukcatt the cat 44 分 前
Liam cally
Liam cally 44 分 前
Thank you so much for the funraiser for cancer because my grandma has cancer thank you for being aware of that
Noble Crusader
Noble Crusader 45 分 前
Sponsored by EA I needed to pay $12.00 for every second of this game
Insencel 46 分 前
This moment when you want to donate but don't have a credit card and they don't offer PayPal. feelsbadman Edit: nvm I did it over their website
Eryk Steele
Eryk Steele 46 分 前
Oh my god, guys, hahaha this is amazing!!! You guys are so wonderful.
Keith Barkefelt
Keith Barkefelt 46 分 前
Ok. I agree with everything you said except force slow. If I slow a stormtrooper everybody else is at full speed still
Twilight TJK
Twilight TJK 48 分 前
Wtf , if this was posted in me years now (2019) bruh this wouldn’t be up for five seconds
David Simpson Jr
David Simpson Jr 48 分 前
So the worry is that the FTC will decide what the intended audience for your video is? Well you could......put a disclaimer message in your videos like TV channels have been doing for decades. "The following is intended for mature audiences only. Viewer discretion is advised!" Never heard of that?
Nur Setyowati
Nur Setyowati 49 分 前
Yeet there my religion
Captain Larue
Captain Larue 49 分 前
Matpat: Pokemon EXTINCTION Me, present time in 2019: *Looks at Masuda* *MaTPaT wAS RIGHT*
Jaime Tavarez
Jaime Tavarez 49 分 前
Can you live stream Thursday's pls because I haven't seen a live stream live
Flame Fwend
Flame Fwend 49 分 前
If everyone hates cancer enough it will get canceled
X Faceless
X Faceless 49 分 前
James is so awkward I love it😂
leo thomas
leo thomas 50 分 前
cassidy charlie gabrial fritz suzie jeramy
TheGachaAlpha 50 分 前
Thank you guys so much for doing this! I really appreciate it due to my grandma dying of cancer. It sucks
Deane Lamb
Deane Lamb 50 分 前
The frist one is from the maliem
Ceres Sidra
Ceres Sidra 50 分 前
Is matpat gonna notice that each side of the block is the perfect shape of a nether portal?