I bleached my hair
How to Crash a Wedding
Oops I'm in New York
I went to prom
4 ヶ月 前
Let's talk about school
Come with me to a swim meet
Meanwhile, in Canada
Dear Mom, give me a dog
It is exam season.
7 ヶ月 前
The History of John Cena
8 ヶ月 前
I painted the Mona Lisa
Playing A Horror Game
URGENT: Hair Tutorial
A very productive weekend
I DIY'd my own wedding dress
年 前
Chris Espino
Chris Espino 分 前
Nice video just subbed and what size was the canvas on this ?
Arianny Pontes
Arianny Pontes 4 分 前
WE ARE SOO ALIKE!!!!! I love ❤️ 💜 you and your vids! I am from 2019 and bored out of my mind, so I am watching old vids from my favorite JPchatr❤️💜
Jazmine Reyna
Jazmine Reyna 9 分 前
What's your favorite Harry Potter book? Mine is book 6.
张诺 10 分 前
Do not understand, do not understand, do not understand.la la la la la🤭🤭
vspnillie 14 分 前
i’m gonna sue her just so i can meet her
Secondary DMZ Poisonz
Secondary DMZ Poisonz 15 分 前
yo this one cute girl
Jake Watson
Jake Watson 16 分 前
The iPhone 6s gets the new updates, and it has a headphone jack, something to consider. Also I love ur videos
Andrea Araniva
Andrea Araniva 16 分 前
Ok I’ll buy ... the stuff
David Lee
David Lee 23 分 前
How did you know ?
Sam M
Sam M 25 分 前
This is the type of JPchatr I wouldn’t skip an ad for.. ❤️
Doogle Non
Doogle Non 26 分 前
I bet this chick goes wild in bed.
K 27 分 前
Watching this as you get even closer to 3 million 😎
Hot Pocket
Hot Pocket 27 分 前
The title scared me
LukeGamer 28 分 前
Andrea Araniva
Andrea Araniva 30 分 前
Du u have siblings
Smooth 34 分 前
When I clicked on this video I was hoping for one of those skit videos...but now I'm not even sure what this video is LOL, my first time ever seeing a video like this, just random babbling about whatever.
Andrea Araniva
Andrea Araniva 35 分 前
Ooooooo bad word
Treva Shortt
Treva Shortt 37 分 前
I had to wear braces and now I have to wrear a retainer
Treva Shortt
Treva Shortt 37 分 前
Vivian 37 分 前
do muffins for 3 mil
Julia Gentry
Julia Gentry 42 分 前
I have sophomoreitis 😳
TexanGirl Girl
TexanGirl Girl 43 分 前
Off brand Emma chamberlain
steve barber
steve barber 46 分 前
You stole chris ray guns chair wheel intro F
RachelBitBot 48 分 前
thanks to your channel ive discovered spaghetti squash and avocado ,thanks its made my top 10 foods to eat !
Ghh Fvnhb
Ghh Fvnhb 48 分 前
e.e monterroso
e.e monterroso 49 分 前
Uhhh I am 12
Judith Grow
Judith Grow 53 分 前
OMG!!! You are sooo close to 3 mil! Good luck Joanna! :) Love you <3
i Rchl
i Rchl 55 分 前
In PJO, the connection of the Lotus Casino will be revealed when Nico and Bianca's storyline is revealed :) *spoiler alert!* It's actually where they hid so that Zeus couldn't strike them down, being children of Hades, and breaking the big three's pact that they shouldn't have kids. I can't english- And you see, the Lotus Casino slows down time inside it. While everything is going the normal way it is outside, you're inside that casino, playing all day all night. But a lot of time actually passed. And when Bianca and Nico stayed there, they actually lived already for so long, they're like- 50+years old.
cry bxby
cry bxby 55 分 前
*Joana tapes her tiny microphone to her water bottle* Me:*shows my friends* Them:SHE HAS MY RESPECT (Btw congratulations on going to University Joana)
Ko_Toriii 55 分 前
Madilyn Geister
Madilyn Geister 59 分 前
*cough Cough* jHoN cEnA wHaT dO yOu lIkE tHe mOst? A: VSCO girls. B: E-girls. C:The Baddies?
Peter Meyer
Peter Meyer 59 分 前
Honestly you’re a perfect person and I want to be nearer to you
Fred Batista
Fred Batista 時間 前
You need to make a video about your *parentssssss*
Hannah Banana123
Hannah Banana123 時間 前
What are you doing up at this UnGoDly hOuR JONE Cedia WITH ONE D
rad kid
rad kid 時間 前
the title of this video made me nervous
maria sadqi
maria sadqi 時間 前
Also what are your thoughts on AirPods 😂
@TYLR 時間 前
Hahahaha just got recommended this and this betch is hilarious. Thank you!
Proto X
Proto X 時間 前
1:16 there's only one reason I came here to this terrible channel and it was to watch this disappear. It didn't. Leaving now. o/
Elliot Isak
Elliot Isak 時間 前
I just want to say, I used to be in a really deep hole not so long ago and since I started watching your videos not only did I start to find joy and smile and laugh but also get healthy again, I swim like five days a week and work out and eat better, and it’s pretty much thanks to you and I wanna say thank you for making my life a lot better John cena
maria sadqi
maria sadqi 時間 前
Joana if you read this I love your videos and you are my idol because you just are not over dramatic and funny 😂
Rocafella Plaza82
Rocafella Plaza82 時間 前
Question: Will you make out with me? P.S. I love your tiny boobs too
Freida Brielle
Freida Brielle 時間 前
Is your bootleg Mac and cheese just carbonara just weirdly made?
Antoine Lubidineuse
Antoine Lubidineuse 時間 前
"Social Media truly is a toilet, and you have to know how to use it correctly or else you will sit on that thing for hours." THIS IS THE WHOLE TRUTH
Freida Brielle
Freida Brielle 時間 前
My brain just connected the fact that she's 18 and the elections are this year. So, Jone, who are you coming for?
I steal yo piggy bank >:3
sissyunicorn gal24
sissyunicorn gal24 時間 前
"I lost my sanity in the third grade, so if you find it, please mail it to me," -John Cena
JaynaDoll24 時間 前
Could you do a book recommendation video?! I love reading and I’m interested in what you’ve read
Ackerman Yuki
Ackerman Yuki 時間 前
bruh i want her boobs :(
Tavi Your Neighborhood Artist
Tavi Your Neighborhood Artist 時間 前
I'm sorry but Carl was an awful character to me lol
Lo 時間 前
i will never go above an iphone 6
Doodle Grrl
Doodle Grrl 時間 前
3 million cookies mrbeast style
Michael Woehr
Michael Woehr 時間 前
Wait a second... Both joana and morgz only friends are their parents 😳
Marcela Lindoso
Marcela Lindoso 時間 前
The way she said tana mongeau gives me life
Mia_ Pinkunicorn
Mia_ Pinkunicorn 時間 前
everyone is getting sick its crazy
carolina alves
carolina alves 時間 前
caraca se eu vou na casa do pão de queijo e compro uma vasilha desse tamanho saio de lá 100000x mais pobre
sarah cisco
sarah cisco 時間 前
Calpurnia !!!!
im in love
Ella Luepann
Ella Luepann 2 時間 前
lmao i need to wear those $10 chokers for dance comps
Nina 2 時間 前
U could be an astrobioligist physics studying space time etc
Ruwiku draws
Ruwiku draws 2 時間 前
Y did she kinda look like a McDonald's logo😂😂
romel ron
romel ron 2 時間 前
After a long time I watched a video without skipping any part of it😀 You are too good😂
romel ron
romel ron 2 時間 前
I totally agree with you why they removed headphone port??😠
JamlessCrack •
JamlessCrack • 2 時間 前
You’re sick? I’m sick My friends are sick My mother is sick My inner upper toe is sick The human population is gonna go extinct by 2005
Salvador Hurtado
Salvador Hurtado 2 時間 前
Holy shit. She is so hot 🔥 when she took those glasses off it was like POISON me DADDY
Stan Szeto
Stan Szeto 2 時間 前
If you like physics consider engineering. A 4-year in physics is kind of useless. Along with what you like to do after university consider what you can *tolerate* doing as a career that makes a *reliable* income.
Ihaveno Money
Ihaveno Money 2 時間 前
Martha dumbtruck in the flesh HeAr CoMEs tHe CoOtIe sqUaD
sten pro's
sten pro's 2 時間 前
i never knewed that people were talking trash about you? i mean like why would they do that ? like it´s almost impossible to make me laugh and you´re one of the youtubers that doesn´t do too much of that i really love your video´s
Yeetus The fetus
Yeetus The fetus 2 時間 前
Joana: are family is very concerned with nutrition Also joana :chugs maple syrup
romel ron
romel ron 2 時間 前
Finally found something good on trending :3
gacha vs Roblox
gacha vs Roblox 2 時間 前
That looks good!!!!
Danielle 2 時間 前
To elaborate for anyone else who was wondering about Canadian universities: tuition per semester, on average, is 4-7k CAD depending on where you go. That's not including dorm and meal plan costs, which can add on basically another 5-10k CAD. Like Joana said, we don't have "Ivy League" schools here so you're pretty much only required to graduate high school with a minimum GPA for your major. That could mean needing a graduating average of 80% or 60%, all depends on what you want to go to university for. You can't apply for a major if you don't meet all of the requirements (well, you can, but you'll be denied acceptance). Also, we don't have SATs here. That's not a thing for us so as long as we complete our necessary credits and volunteer hours (plus maintain good grades) we're good to go
Jagged Xtreme
Jagged Xtreme 2 時間 前
Is she trans? Can’t tell
Nicole Cherniavsky
Nicole Cherniavsky 2 時間 前
You just spoiled the walking dead for me and I am not happy about it
jazzy_ gatcha!
jazzy_ gatcha! 2 時間 前
Lol my little sister came into my room and said "What's that man doing to his beard?"
Puppet lover
Puppet lover 2 時間 前
Wow this lady knows my problem before i even get to know
sten pro's
sten pro's 2 時間 前
i always have fun when i look at your videos
Danielle 2 時間 前
I'm two weeks into my semester at the university and i already have a midterm. someone come yeet me across the country pls thanks
Kira MEH
Kira MEH 2 時間 前
I saw this on TikTok
Delozo games
Delozo games 2 時間 前
Puppet lover
Puppet lover 2 時間 前
I agree that Charlie's Angels just wasn't good. 3 icons, but that song just isn't it. Ty for your opinion 💘
LilFran 2 時間 前
i can't even draw a circle...
Daniel Cenachi
Daniel Cenachi 2 時間 前
eu adoro seus vídeos. me dão muita energia!
Rosaline 2 時間 前
Me: Sees title. Also me: Getting in trouble my Joana Ceddia?! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!
Ass 2 時間 前
fuck you
xyza cajocson
xyza cajocson 2 時間 前
bob ross who? i only know *rob boss*
Damion High
Damion High 2 時間 前
Wait, they killed Carl?
Viet Dinh
Viet Dinh 2 時間 前
"I just slap some paint on a canvas and see what happens" Me, doing the same thing: creates vomit
Keyre Daimane
Keyre Daimane 2 時間 前
Did she just pass beside my school 👀👀
Ariana Gomez
Ariana Gomez 2 時間 前
“I don’t really deal well with people, you probably realized that already I have like two friends both of which are my parents” ME😆
Marie.with.an.e M
Marie.with.an.e M 3 時間 前
take a moment to realize how pretty joana is
Ellekis Mian
Ellekis Mian 3 時間 前
But do you think about the new album of Lana Del Ray?
Susana Vicente
Susana Vicente 3 時間 前
pErCY JacKsoN FOr LIfe!!!!!!!😹😹
IsabelleDoodles 3 時間 前
I think we have the same glasses... Do yours say 'retro 376' on the side?
Ava_ Playz
Ava_ Playz 3 時間 前
I’m sick aswell :(
sudhanshu sharma
sudhanshu sharma 3 時間 前
Try jee exam , I bet you would feel your life is better than mine , try attempting all sections
Hồng Gấu
Hồng Gấu 3 時間 前
You're so interesting haha
Mariana C.
Mariana C. 3 時間 前
LMFAO the shave off my head joke😂😭
Grace Bondurant
Grace Bondurant 3 時間 前
I saw a 65 year old woman with a hydro flask. So let's not stereotype 😂
Anna Beatriz S2
Anna Beatriz S2 3 時間 前
Alguém BR?
Typisch Melina
Typisch Melina 3 時間 前
Wo sind meine geilen Kartoffeln?
Karen Lloyd
Karen Lloyd 3 時間 前
U look completely different with ur hair like dat and ur makeup... Mother goose needs to have at channel..