I got her pregnant...
Try Not To SINK - Challenge
Narxe 27 秒 前
Have blaze hop on your new song!!!!!😂❤️
Ryandean1 51 秒 前
Not bad bruh.....not bad
Cesar Perez
Cesar Perez 52 秒 前
For the boys !! 🤟🏽
bai7er 分 前
Faze offset 100 P
Content Bois
Content Bois 分 前
Hello 🍂
Rafael Fernandes
Rafael Fernandes 分 前
Mad song bro🔥🔥🔥
Uzimakes 3 分 前
@ricegum is ED not gon cap
united 3 分 前
Your song is not on Spotify
Jose Lara
Jose Lara 4 分 前
love the lambo your new one
Saudi Karting
Saudi Karting 4 分 前
Hearing it all day every day my man keep it up!!!❤️❤️
maxsimi 4 分 前
I dont wanna watch the video cause i feel like im cringing too hard
Lorenzo Lorenzo
Lorenzo Lorenzo 4 分 前
You CAN'T rap. Nobody loves it. The people who do are probably like kids and that's it lmao
Joseph Chuck
Joseph Chuck 4 分 前
And there is me still thinking how can I close my school credits...!!
Esmeralda Gonzalez
Esmeralda Gonzalez 4 分 前
No one: Rice Gum: yOu kNoW whAt I'm saYiNg
huseini ismail
huseini ismail 4 分 前
😍😍😍 with Noah it kills it
Joziah Pennington
Joziah Pennington 5 分 前
rice gum feat
kasel 5 分 前
this nigga so happy he made a song. love to see it 😂
Erika Jaena
Erika Jaena 6 分 前
Yes sir ☁️
Christine Torrefiel
Christine Torrefiel 6 分 前
Daming ads pota
Sameer Bicha
Sameer Bicha 7 分 前
Ricegum should have a verse
Manlike_ Robzz11
Manlike_ Robzz11 7 分 前
People who say that faze rug can’t sing or rate their song lower than 7 like keemstar they are dic*heads
ammar ashiq
ammar ashiq 8 分 前
Do another one with Lil yatchy
Izn Abbas
Izn Abbas 8 分 前
Rug make a music video
Ramla Al-ghaithi
Ramla Al-ghaithi 8 分 前
Crysjel Limpag
Crysjel Limpag 8 分 前
new subscriber 🙂🙂
Bobby Jr Limon
Bobby Jr Limon 8 分 前
Logan and highsky1
Cinthiarxox _
Cinthiarxox _ 9 分 前
That was actually sick but the auto tune could go down a bit but after all everything else is sick
ItzFaTaL 9 分 前
They hyping him up tooo much ong
Jonpier Pulgarin
Jonpier Pulgarin 9 分 前
This is exactly good lol
Cləw Henry
Cləw Henry 9 分 前
Fckinh keemstar being so cocky lol
its bartek
its bartek 9 分 前
Get ricegum on this song
Ahmed Elgamal
Ahmed Elgamal 9 分 前
offset bro...that will be CRAZY
cole ̉
cole ̉ 10 分 前
I hope you get cancer
Me Me
Me Me 11 分 前
Please JPchat add a block button I can’t stand this trash showing up in my feed
Aram Night wolves-
Aram Night wolves- 11 分 前
I f love u lil rug
osoRowdy 12 分 前
He gives out Lamborghinis and BMWs but gives his camera man a cheap ass car wtf
Carter Kittle
Carter Kittle 12 分 前
7:32 black rug? 7:30
Beatriz Antunes
Beatriz Antunes 12 分 前
Young_Kloud YT
Young_Kloud YT 12 分 前
Collab with lil loaded
NOTsoulblex GH9
NOTsoulblex GH9 13 分 前
U should make a song every year
Shay Jones
Shay Jones 13 分 前
Ksi should feature
H.Y.R.S. 14 分 前
Every white person: "oh this sh*t is fire🔥" *dancing* Every black person:....WTF is this Sh*t...*looking uncomfortable*
Jacob Merlino
Jacob Merlino 14 分 前
next is a music video
K Benjamin
K Benjamin 14 分 前
Better than fLight reacts .
Abaan Mansoor
Abaan Mansoor 15 分 前
Like if Sommer ray should be on the 2nd verse🔥🔥
Uncle Rob
Uncle Rob 15 分 前
Quadeca as a feature
Michael A
Michael A 17 分 前
you should put tory lanez as a ft
Aleem b
Aleem b 17 分 前
U should get blaze on a verse and rice gum on another verse that will be 🔥 lit
Hilal Muhammad
Hilal Muhammad 17 分 前
Hevar Gamer
Hevar Gamer 18 分 前
Good song
mohammed hayat
mohammed hayat 18 分 前
Offset maybe🤔🤔🤔
Jamielee Kellar
Jamielee Kellar 18 分 前
Faze rug is going to win
Rekha Panchal
Rekha Panchal 18 分 前
Buy Mike a house
MEHRDAD M 19 分 前
Really .......! It's a song!!!!!!!!😳😖😖😖😳 This is Not a good song or Art
freezerburnonmymeat 19 分 前
saltbomb 2007
saltbomb 2007 19 分 前
6:30 is what you came for
Arex 21 分 前
Arex 21 分 前
Arex 21 分 前
Arex 21 分 前
Next migos Blaze, rug, ricegum
Arex 21 分 前
re ef
Game master
Game master 21 分 前
Zayverse 23 分 前
he never told anyone he had a ghost writer 👀
Adhamofsky 23 分 前
Alright honestly its a bit good cuz of autotune but u are not good at singing sorry
Jet 23 分 前
Wait so he sang it. What else did he do?
Hafie Sorie
Hafie Sorie 24 分 前
Who should he put on the song (DDG)
shafith raazim
shafith raazim 24 分 前
Bro nice sexy song bro..love you mannnnn dammmmm sexy song
tonny soprano
tonny soprano 24 分 前
the collab u should do is with quedeca ,jallow, ksi
Ashley Naranjo
Ashley Naranjo 25 分 前
Sooo cute he said "rugggyy"
SwyperX Gaming
SwyperX Gaming 25 分 前
You really don't have respect for ur parents... Bullshit
ThePajama Koala
ThePajama Koala 26 分 前
I am the opposite of a rug fan and the song ain’t great but it’s double decent for sure
momoster69 26 分 前
this channel went downhill. wheres grandmarug
Kateleine Bustamante
Kateleine Bustamante 26 分 前
Okay Rug okay!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
RainbowHD 27 分 前
Real life bro put blaze on the song !!! Hella slap on it
Sparta Lee
Sparta Lee 27 分 前
Your accent doesn't sound right. It's like his trying hard to sound cool with a slang. The auto tune saved him here😪
nael kabir
nael kabir 27 分 前
i am aribic
Muhammad Amirul Md Zin
Muhammad Amirul Md Zin 28 分 前
FAZERUG i am your fans from MALAYSIA.honestly i love that song i love that beat and one more thing in this song u give like advice anyways i fucking love that song this song is lit
Yes like the God sent angel for giving gifts to people!! Like the Santa or something but God bless this guy..!!
Reck less
Reck less 28 分 前
AbusiveWays 28 分 前
So cringy
Marsella Gorges
Marsella Gorges 29 分 前
I think you should feature blaze btw your song is really good I have been listening it when it came out I also subscribed to mama rug and papa rug first 500k yay I love u guys so much mama rug papa rug faze rug and brawadis sherman the verman bosley and every body else love u favorite youtuber
Maz Yt
Maz Yt 29 分 前
Favourite song
lets craft and play
lets craft and play 29 分 前
10:51 girl justed screaming and who is watching this at 2019?
Bruh T
Bruh T 29 分 前
Damn I never even knew you had one
Benny Gee
Benny Gee 29 分 前
I’d smash on that track 👌🏻
Tiktok king
Tiktok king 29 分 前
You are better than real professional rapper
Tia Williams
Tia Williams 29 分 前
You need ty dollar $ing on this, this beat would fit him
Jayantilal Satra
Jayantilal Satra 30 分 前
You killed it
Joselyn Gonzalez
Joselyn Gonzalez 30 分 前
I like it!
Eveline Burciaga
Eveline Burciaga 30 分 前
To be honest, I'm not afraid of Brian realising music, I'm afraid that he would want to go on tour and make concerts because he can't sing and literally all this song is pure auto tune and well, that live doesn't hear good