SHendrixx 6 秒 前
Stop cooning for your friends Richard
David 8 秒 前
As a Suns fan, watching Ricky Rubio pal around and smile with his old Jazz teammates after a loss was pretty tough. I wonder how that played in the locker room.
BigManChris TheTank
BigManChris TheTank 29 秒 前
Dude I'm fucking 220lbs and I ran the 40 in 4.5😂 I'm a running back btw.
bennett 分 前
Jamal Murray and Gary Harris are so average and people tried to act like they have star potential.
PhantomMatrix 分 前
Knicks got nothing! They had a chance to keep KP but decided to trade him because of his injuries.
Eirik Rødberg
Eirik Rødberg 分 前
I have loved ovie as a fan for 14 years. Following him game by game. Not missing a beat. Great to see him devoted to playing many more years, because he is going for more cup(s) which means he will re-sign after NeXT season. Hope he signs a longterm deal. Something that gets him at least to 40. If so he will score 900 goals and 1000 is actually a possibility. 5 years ago 900 was impossible, now everyone admits he actually has a shot at it. 1000 is like, forget it, bt if he scores the 50 he is on pace for and gets 40+ NeXT year followed by a longer term contract...you never know. If he wins another cup and scores 900 he will forever be a legend of the highest degree for the rest of his life and Beyond.
Slovenia Slime
Slovenia Slime 分 前
D Heath
D Heath 2 分 前
Sonned him forever
Please Don't Do This.
Please Don't Do This. 3 分 前
Nobody gonna comment on Bucks fans chanting "It's Giannis's Birthday!" Then he starts dancing, this team is something special, happy for the fans.
Jake Equality
Jake Equality 3 分 前
This is why the NBA is dying....the games are not competitive because there is no defense being played and the games are like a Globetrotters game
Mannie Supa Sport
Mannie Supa Sport 3 分 前
Them Harden highlights against the Nets looks like color and black and white video editing lol
Coob Chris
Coob Chris 4 分 前
They should've just gotten Floyd Mayweather to read...
易坤 4 分 前
de Review Wechat-www2yt
Ed Neverwifeer
Ed Neverwifeer 4 分 前
He could give canelo a good fight frfr hope it happens soon
Animeprofilepictures Are retarded
Animeprofilepictures Are retarded 5 分 前
“I run New York C”
Bidness100 5 分 前
Canelo Is All Hype
adingdingdiiing 5 分 前
Mike Miller aged significantly since retiring.
Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx 5 分 前
Cap. Lebron MVp
Mrkpkilla 5 分 前
Why they dragged Steven A out his bed
black mamba
black mamba 5 分 前
Larry bird with better handles. I like luka
Mektek19 6 分 前
When Embiid isn't there Simmons is more aggressive and thus dominant. He needs to find that balance with Embiid.
Addicted To Boxing
Addicted To Boxing 6 分 前
What a major cherry pick . A major mismatch fighting a super light hitting 154 fighter with no power at 160, stubby arms and no reach! Watching the fight it was truly a big man fighting a much smaller man. Charlo so proud knocking out a smaller fighter with no power at all. Charlo had every conceivable advantage!
Kentuckyfan7 6 分 前
When you join lebron you making lebron look good. Not yourself!! I dont know why players decide to play with him. Your not getting any credit for playing with him! your just feeding his legacy dumbass dudes. When will this players understand
Goku Son
Goku Son 7 分 前
You came for 1:51
Mohammed Wasi
Mohammed Wasi 7 分 前
Liked the subtle changes today
black mamba
black mamba 8 分 前
Really 20 5 5 stat. Foh
leanne16195 8 分 前
Doesnt matter weather your irsh, American,french,English,spanish,Mexican, or russian. If your a truly a conor fan you will always back your man, we all go through periods were we make mistake. But when you make the climb its makes the victory more satisfying. Congrats to cerrone the guy deserves this, but conor i always new you never lost passion for the sport
David 8 分 前
Dude was a flash in the pan. It happens
Bogme 8 分 前
Interim* Seriously, ESPN? C'mon..."interm"? College has become worthless.
black mamba
black mamba 8 分 前
Good luck this organization is trash. They need to give a 50% discount on tickets because you only have one real team at every game. The opponent
Employee Transfer
Employee Transfer 9 分 前
Stephen A bout jump through that screen to level Molly
YNW M4Li 9 分 前
GGG would wash him and Canelo would also wash him too
Robert Reyes
Robert Reyes 9 分 前
Put him in front of canelo
808craig 10 分 前
Guess what... Ramona Shelburne > Rachel Nichols
Budz Light
Budz Light 10 分 前
A true legend
Deer in Headlights
Deer in Headlights 10 分 前
😳 they scored 77 in a half Hope Simmons keeps getting those reps in to feel more comfortable shooting those 3s. Glad to see him make his 2nd!
Jakendrick Williams
Jakendrick Williams 11 分 前
I am not the biggest Stephen A Smith fan but when he trolls the cowboys he is great.
Lucius Sulla
Lucius Sulla 12 分 前
His jump shots are looking filthy. I know he can be better than Giannis. Someone needs to tell him that he can be best in the league. Luka and Giannis want to win no matter what. He needs to be a little more selfish and forget about embid and harris
goofy anarchy
goofy anarchy 12 分 前
I don't see him beating carnelo in any way shape or form
Mburu Edward
Mburu Edward 12 分 前
This reporter is trying to boil him up.
Nurse4A Lifetime
Nurse4A Lifetime 12 分 前
This is so beautiful you never gave up. All my trials and tribulations don’t add up to this; if this not empowering I don’t know what is 😭. Just a blessing. Thank you 🙏🏾 RIP lil sister
Curry Chicken
Curry Chicken 12 分 前
Mike's just doing his job. Real Knicks fans know the bs goin on
John N
John N 13 分 前
Against cleveland... hahaha
Tarrance Sutton
Tarrance Sutton 14 分 前
Nope jason will be the Lakers head coach.
P H 14 分 前
Morton Downey Jr was ALSO the mouth of the south...AND Paul Finebaum is as full of bullshit as he was.
Alex 14 分 前
by the 3rd oh no you didn't my head started hurting
MDC30 Music
MDC30 Music 15 分 前
Imagine he gets drug tested 😂
PhantomMatrix 16 分 前
If LeBron and Anthony teamed up they would be fighting over the ball every single day! I imagine seeing a tug of war with a basketball. lol
Larrypint 16 分 前
lol now golovkin is 38, he is calling him out...and GGG would still be the favorite. Canelo is in prime and beats him easy
Grover1459 16 分 前
Did Blake just give Giannis a little push... WITH HIS CROTCH??? ummm, gay? 0:51
Convisis 16 分 前
If Ben could consistently play like this Luka would actually have someone to look over his shoulder at.
leanne16195 17 分 前
He is back that is all i want
TheJbeatz90 18 分 前
I like this moderator
David Perry
David Perry 18 分 前
He now has 1 more than Dwight Howard this year
Nam c
Nam c 18 分 前
🍒🍒picking clown
Adam Lingwini
Adam Lingwini 18 分 前
Isn’t calling a group of people marginalized people inherently racist? This shits mad dumb.
Mystery Man
Mystery Man 19 分 前
You are so COWBOY! SAS"
Mina Eldiwany
Mina Eldiwany 20 分 前
I have the Raiders beating the Titans at home.
truth hurts
truth hurts 20 分 前
Mahomes is goat in the making.
Kenneth John
Kenneth John 20 分 前
No way he’s 6’ 2” bruh 🤣🤣🤣
Adam Lingwini
Adam Lingwini 20 分 前
It’s more uniform and tempo mixed with skin color. But why can’t people look at it as a positive? It’s like when people wanted a tall Qb to see over the line. If it’s a tactical advantage to have an African American Qb I don’t see how that should hurt anyone. Maybe white qbs wearing white should try to hide the ball with their arm at the exchange point.
Internet Tough Guy
Internet Tough Guy 21 分 前
Guess they caught Bitchard Sherman in 1 of those 2 minutes a day where a broken clock is right.
Tiffany A
Tiffany A 21 分 前
“WhAts ThE BiG deAl?” X1000
1rustyboy1 21 分 前
No way. Tony has always been too pass happy.
Mina Eldiwany
Mina Eldiwany 21 分 前
I have the Buccaneers beating the Colts at home.
pinw pikompelo
pinw pikompelo 22 分 前
out of the top 8 nba's teams 5 of them are in the east so stop all that EaStIsWeAk bullshit
Tax-bitchass biyatch
Tax-bitchass biyatch 22 分 前
This dude says he would be in better shape...showed up heavier and blaming his weight...shut up Andy...take the money and chill
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm 22 分 前
Then Lebron would have lost 3 of the Finals he won 😂
Martin Vera
Martin Vera 22 分 前
Powerful man
The Piper Report
The Piper Report 23 分 前
Ah yes, more SJW woke culture being inseminated into sports
Mina Eldiwany
Mina Eldiwany 23 分 前
I have the Chargers beating the Jaguars on the road.
Pzezus 23 分 前
He doesn't want it enough, he's still fat for some reason.
Greenest Dreamer
Greenest Dreamer 4 分 前
Pzezus clueless
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson 23 分 前
Glad Ruiz listened to Teddy about not cutting weight....
Mikey King
Mikey King 23 分 前
defense been gettin smoked all year smh
Mina Eldiwany
Mina Eldiwany 23 分 前
I have the Patriots beating the Chiefs at home because I think the Patriots are going to feel angry after losing to my Texans last week on the road.
Turbo Jones
Turbo Jones 23 分 前
Shut up all of you
NightWatch R3
NightWatch R3 24 分 前
This aged well
Manny C
Manny C 25 分 前
Marcus is right. Molly and Max should shut up. They’re Giants fans. Miami and the Redskins has more wins than the bottom feeder Giants lol First Take needs Cain to make the troll more sweeter. Shannon trolling Skip is so much more entertaining. And I would tread carefully for Dallas haters as Cowboys will most likely host a home playoff game which sucks since that whole division stinks
jessica brown
jessica brown 25 分 前
Out of all the draft classes since 2012 when AD was chosen first, he is the only player to have a successful career in 3 years of basketball. Everyone speaks about mitchell, tatum, Luka, Trae, etc. Yet none of them have the same resume as BEN, entered the league to change his entire team to a 50 plus winning team. 2/2 in playoffs, rookie of the year, all-star second year. And putting up these stats on a very high usage starting 5. Having to deal with change in rosters. And now the best defense player in the league currently. The most underrated player in the league by a country mile. There is NO ONE like him, we should start speaking about players lack of defense or ball handling skills or selfishness, or volume shooting, because lets be honest luka is a ball hog with zero defense. Trae has zero defense. Mitchell is a ball hog brick thrower with average defense and no handle and is slower than simmons at his height. Tatum is an average defense a volume shooter that thinks he is Kobe. They are all miles behind Simmons, this is just fact, he is the most rounded young player in the game, appreciate the greatness haters!
luda nac
luda nac 25 分 前
2/2, 100%
Mina Eldiwany
Mina Eldiwany 25 分 前
I have my Texans beating the Broncos at home because they are going to feel more motivated than the Broncos.
He legit predicted the part 2 Anthony and Ruiz fight
George Klipola
George Klipola 26 分 前
Well....send him to Dallas!
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm 26 分 前
The ghost of assistant coach Tim Duncan blocked that shot
M G 1
M G 1 26 分 前
Raf 26 分 前
He saw Dwight make one and didnt want to be tied with him :(
Syzyfowe Prace
Syzyfowe Prace 27 分 前
ESPN sucks. P5 OCC games have to be .500 They have the games at 30-25. You could at least have a high school intern look at your graphics before putting them up.
Custom Shade
Custom Shade 27 分 前
Cheer up New York! Brian Cashman is driving the Brink's truck up to Scott Boras' estate at this very moment!
CollinsK85 27 分 前
Big Night for Ben and Philadelphia GO SIXERS!!! 🏀👍
Jay Silcox
Jay Silcox 28 分 前
When some says MJ the goat: Ok Boomer
SSXS Rubicon
SSXS Rubicon 28 分 前
What a beautiful family.... lucky woman...love her
Cedrick Carson
Cedrick Carson 28 分 前
Jordan Clarkson, Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love need to play on some contenders. Contribute to a winning cause. They better than this.
Julius Ulit
Julius Ulit 28 分 前
NOBODY wants to play for Dolan. He treats ex-Knicks like garbage
Roy123 M
Roy123 M 28 分 前
Why on 3rd down!! Because the idiots always start on 1st n 20!!
Riley o'shea
Riley o'shea 28 分 前
His comments weren't intended to be racist at all? Ppl really that sensitive?
Cedrick Carson
Cedrick Carson 29 分 前
Its so mind-blowing seeing a team that went from going to multiple NBA finals to Powerball team all in a span of two years....🤦🏾‍♂️
mrblackbird1254 分 前
Cedrick Carson makes what Lebron did all the more impressive. They didn’t have a good squad after Kyrie left. Lebron basically 100% carried a bottom feeder roster to the finals.
jater 10
jater 10 29 分 前
The only reason why clicked is because I saw Stephen A and the Knicks on the title.
Friedrich Levinas
Friedrich Levinas 30 分 前
Jeff Horn you know what, time will come that you will tell your son or daughter how you defeated pacman the legend, you are very proud to tell the the story however when they search the fight I dont know if they will be proud of seeing many negative comments about you. Goodluck.
Killa Frank
Killa Frank 30 分 前
Ben is 2 for 2 on actual three pointers this year. 40% if you count the half court shots
Anew Property Preservation
Anew Property Preservation 30 分 前
Jerry Jones better stop BSING or he might NEVER!! see a "SB CHAMPION" DALLAS COWBOYS. That old AS gettin double old by the minute.