Last Generation
Last Generation 27 秒 前
6ix9ine telling judge get in my shoes I was afraid they would hurt I swear judge I was eating my happy meal when they shot them 😂😂 i was scare I was next I pee my pants judge 😂😂
Relly Sunshine
Relly Sunshine 39 秒 前
Here go Charla with the gay shit. The man has always maintained he was and is straight.
MiMi Jamż
MiMi Jamż 44 秒 前
Great Interview 👏🏾👏🏾
Jacqui TheGreat
Jacqui TheGreat 58 秒 前
How can you not love Fantasia?!?!? I love her spirit!!!
mikobanks1 分 前
Yes, she was speaking some TRUTH!!!! Love her! ❤️
Joel Baez
Joel Baez 分 前
8:12 if you have the caption on they put those parties with white boys instead of those parties in Hawaii
Jose Santana
Jose Santana 分 前
Sammy The Bull Gravano, 6ix9ine New York full of 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀
Armonti 分 前
That didn’t sound like no damn opera😂
Shomari Monroe
Shomari Monroe 分 前
Funny video
Bret X TV
Bret X TV 分 前
£2.49 in England.
Marty Mar 215
Marty Mar 215 分 前
If you a OG... you don't have to say it.. cause niggas know what's real... He literally had clown colored hair..
Tris Matu
Tris Matu 分 前
Smh this breakfast club niggas love fingers up their booty. Fruity pebbles
JL Carter
JL Carter 2 分 前
"Where the breakfast at" gave it up lol
Tony Bracamontes
Tony Bracamontes 2 分 前
Money isn’t everything
Abdul-Rahman Washington
Abdul-Rahman Washington 2 分 前
Talk about kick a man when he’s down
Shamar Marquis
Shamar Marquis 2 分 前
R n B album... humming on These Niggaz 😂🤣😂
Drip Torn
Drip Torn 2 分 前
"Left Pistol for the Inglewood Car Jackers"😂😂😂😂
Issiah Thompson
Issiah Thompson 2 分 前
This dude was gonna end up getting shot up
Cullen Bass
Cullen Bass 3 分 前
he went from Test My Wanksta to Test My Booty Hole LOL ( SOAP DROP RAINBOW )
David Mychajlyszyn
David Mychajlyszyn 3 分 前
He looks like a walking, LBQFRUIT flag. Fucking queer
_BKay 3 分 前
i love hearing joe stories. and appreciate his contributions.
Emerald Green Blueberry Koolaid
Emerald Green Blueberry Koolaid 3 分 前
He reminds me of a friendly and cool but extremely emotional zombie. 🧟‍♂️ One that didn't quite transform 😵correctly after becoming infected if that makes any sense. A zombie that still has some of his human functions and skills. 🗣️🧠💬👃👂👀👄 Like one that is low-key craving brains😋 but doesn't necessarily want to eat your brain because its somehow smart enough to know that humans need their brain in order to comprehend everything it wants to say. Feel me? 🤔 A zombie that just needs someone to listen to its sad stories because it has so much to get off its chest. Disclaimer: 2/3 hours after it's done venting and confiding in you, a chemical balance of relief will take place and the viral antigens in its body will be unblocked 🤕and allowed to travel freely through the bloodstream and do their thing.🤯 In other words, he will become a full blown zombie shortly after talking to you so be on high alert.🧟‍♂️ 🤺
Loco Lopez
Loco Lopez 3 分 前
Because the gay comments
Phil Good
Phil Good 4 分 前
Dennis G-checked CtgaGod because he was getting to familiar with them gay jokes. That's why he was asked his name.
Yves Mey
Yves Mey 4 分 前
People like to talk about MJ as the GOAT, but Dennis Rodman was the man in this Bulls team between 96 and 98. People like to forget about how dominant Shaquille O'Neal was with Orlando; how dominant Karl Malone was with Utah, or Shawn Kemp was the year Seattle played the finals. Dennis Rodman stopped them all. Big respect to this man. Pippen was good too, but Rodman was the guy who was used to shut down the best player of all 3 teams the Bulls play between 96 and 98 in the NBA finals. He used to be my fav Bulls player.
darealphantom 4 分 前
I wonder why nobody ask him about GTA V he fucked up by going to jail
Tricia Parker
Tricia Parker 4 分 前
As a 90's kid i remember the "weirdness" he displayed. As an adult i love and admire him being himself and care free. Dennis is a legend of NBA! I would like to see a movie made about him.
Sparks Armstrong
Sparks Armstrong 4 分 前
Test my gangsta.
Kevin Burton
Kevin Burton 5 分 前
They should have known he was going to fold just by how nervous he got in front of the pastor lmmfao. He changed his whole style of talking for that brief moment lollllllllllll
Last Generation
Last Generation 5 分 前
6ix9ine: I ain’t no snitch I’m a rat There’s a difference lmfao😂
Queen J
Queen J 5 分 前
Legend 💪🏾💯💯
Karl Lillian K.
Karl Lillian K. 5 分 前
His fingers made it impossible for me to watch the entire video.
Jon Narcisso
Jon Narcisso 5 分 前
Yo - Yee shut up lol
Maat Ras
Maat Ras 5 分 前
Keep on eating Popeyes chicken, MC Donald and all other gmo laced foods then wonder why we are producing misfits for children. These misfits don't even know what to call themselves. Here we have a bunch of expert misfit looking for an identity. When an African join the church they outpope the pope the outislam the imams and they outgay the gay. It's a shame when ppl don't know themselves.
Cullen Bass
Cullen Bass 5 分 前
Ratkashi 6nitch9ine Tellway
jamonte manley
jamonte manley 5 分 前
The story at 28:15 will have the toughest guy ready to shed a tear, smh sad bruh
kelly felder
kelly felder 5 分 前
Damn he looks terrible...
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez 5 分 前
This fool really thinks trump would let his dumbass sit at the same table for dinner. I hate talking shit like this but this guy is a prime example of a houseboy.
MrBeatboxmasta 6 分 前
20 Mil to get someone pregnant? I would have moved in and made it my life's mission!
Tashana Redmon
Tashana Redmon 6 分 前
I wonder if he likes the attention he’s getting now
Joseph Bishara
Joseph Bishara 6 分 前
10:25 - Dennis Rodman was really hurt when Charlamagne tha God thought that he wrote only one book.
Jake spaceman
Jake spaceman 6 分 前
Hipster Bubba Sparxx
Max Pierre
Max Pierre 6 分 前
Wooow...I kinda under stand Dennis Rodman A little more now
Cleo Malone
Cleo Malone 6 分 前
Well, he's fucked. And he deserves what's coming for him. Perhaps....more is needed than 47 years of prison.
Evil Head
Evil Head 6 分 前
Did this nigga said banana boat watch ur mouth dude
Evil Head
Evil Head 6 分 前
Did this nigga said banana boat watch ur mouth dude
Don Che
Don Che 7 分 前
#BlackWomenSubmit to our Kings
YoungLG2K 7 分 前
25:30 Envy actually made a funny joke I genuinely laughed
SauceSensei MasterDripLord
SauceSensei MasterDripLord 7 分 前
43:18 you folded like a lawn chair......you silly rat
Tashana Redmon
Tashana Redmon 7 分 前
He thought he was In my chief keef voice🤣🤣🤣🤣🤷🏽‍♀️👎🏾
Koogan H
Koogan H 7 分 前
Um ....niggas been eating MC griddles for years SMH.... everything been bad nothing new
Big Brother 1984
Big Brother 1984 7 分 前
Uncle Ruckus had me rolling when he says he has revitiligo. Uncle Ruckus is probably even funnier than Richard Pryor and Don Rickles put together..😂
Jfrench_ Gutta
Jfrench_ Gutta 7 分 前
He snitched like a fucking pro WTF if he was a Crip or Folk snitching like that he would've been n a body bag fast ASF
nobody 8 分 前
Lexi Grundner
Lexi Grundner 9 分 前
Am I the only one who thought someone farted at 5:31 💀
Jimmy Young
Jimmy Young 9 分 前
He's from Dumas Arkansas
xSolbreazy Co
xSolbreazy Co 9 分 前
Idk why poor people would go to kfc... that shit ain’t cheap
MrBeatboxmasta 9 分 前
This guy literally stopped everything, flew five hours, just to have sex. That's dedication!
Magic Johnson never had HIV it was public humiliation just like the rest of these Illuminati Freemason people . Just like when Bruce Jenner turn into a female that was a sacrifice public humiliation
Jfrench_ Gutta
Jfrench_ Gutta 10 分 前
Never had to go thru annitiation SMH
Savage Trill
Savage Trill 10 分 前
Rodman Is Hilarious
Mr L wiseman
Mr L wiseman 10 分 前
Dennis is real dude, from the first time he won the defensive player of the year. The painted nails though
wiilwaal 10 分 前
Dennis is a good dude
Marques Smith
Marques Smith 10 分 前
Aint gone lie, that "gotti" joint go hard, i still listen to it
JT 11 分 前
GTAV and Black Jesus🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Lamar ugly ass!
MrBeatboxmasta 11 分 前
Players that had entities backing them simply have good agents. If Rodman felt he had to do it all himself, he should blame himself for not hiring a better agent or for not listening to his agent.
pedro leal
pedro leal 11 分 前
Charlemagne a fuckin bigmouth that mf needs to sit tf down and listen more than he speaks fr.
courtney q jones
courtney q jones 11 分 前
We appreciate the support for black wealth building. I can be reached at [email protected]
Verlena Sutton
Verlena Sutton 11 分 前
Fat Joe, since you drive a Bentley, would it be possible for you to send an older Bentley hood ornament? I’m disabled and I call my walker ‘my Bentley.’ I have a ton of fun calling my walker, ‘my Bentley.’ I watched you on the Breakfast Club, and I didn’t know you were so comical. Thank you, Kate, laMariposableu🦋💕🌈.
Afrika Dit M
Afrika Dit M 12 分 前
charlemagne just makes this super funny and legit plus he gotreal comments
SOUND 12 分 前
Man, top 10 human
coacoapoetry 12 分 前
Man he'd make a killing if he was doing something with the league again!!
Young Jámin
Young Jámin 12 分 前
Lol, what type of shit is Envy on at the end? Talking about Slink smokes too much. 🤨
David McCall
David McCall 12 分 前
Why is is muted around 28:50
Dopeness LIGHT
Dopeness LIGHT 13 分 前
Good ABBA around 28:00 tears just cascaded down my face in the painful silence of this awesome man's memory/experience. I have a much greater respect for Dennis Rodman. May you continue to be surrounded by Angels loved one 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Michael White
Michael White 13 分 前
Population control
Tiana McCoy
Tiana McCoy 13 分 前
Angela got that rick james hair going
Stream Gawd
Stream Gawd 13 分 前
Phucin clown... then the ppl around him co sign the bs. But 69 is hard headed. STUPID
Courney Hallcy
Courney Hallcy 14 分 前
Is it time now to say that CTG was right? Because y’all were killlllling CTG for that first interview
Polestar Wes
Polestar Wes 14 分 前
If you and your man are equal than your a man too. Yee is a cat women in waiting
Rodman looks crazy but very cool and intelligent smart guy never been in no trouble salute to da worm
plain jane
plain jane 15 分 前
Tony Boi
Tony Boi 15 分 前
Black American man.com 💯💯 great interview his an amazing person wow thanks guys💯
Bruh Moments
Bruh Moments 15 分 前
She a whole dumass I can’t trust women with guns ever
Valerie Campbell-Jones
Valerie Campbell-Jones 15 分 前
That man looks so delicious...love him...😍😍😍
Arethar Leggett
Arethar Leggett 15 分 前
“Shoot yo self on top of the head buddy buddy”😂😂😂
Dario Davis
Dario Davis 16 分 前
Rodman trying to hit Charlemagne 🤷🏾‍♂️
Don Maka
Don Maka 16 分 前
Mad respect for Rodman, man! ✊🏽✊🏽 authentic soul
Malik Williams
Malik Williams 16 分 前
Crazy to see this interview now and him saying “imagine if I got locked up before this interview...” then gets locked up days after this interview @56 minutes
Shan Shan229
Shan Shan229 16 分 前
Martiza Rodriguez
Martiza Rodriguez 16 分 前
Wait everyone! This girl feels Caucasian, so what? Bruce Jenner feels a woman, and he wasn’t that criticized, on the contrary, he was considered “brave” DOUBLE STANDARD PEOPLE, not cool
Chaasad Ahyah Marie
Chaasad Ahyah Marie 16 分 前
Retro Oldhead gaming
Retro Oldhead gaming 16 分 前
Who else came after he snitch put the thumbs up please
Breakfast scrubs didn't want dis interview til espn did da 30 for 30 it was good
December1014 17 分 前
This interview trash because key parts are inaudible because this nigga couldn’t stay in front of the mic.
Mack Moran
Mack Moran 17 分 前
Prosecutor: *opens mouth to speak* 69: I cheated on a math test in 9th grade. My mom ripped that tag off a mattress and our cable bill is in my lil brothers name etc.
Kamar Williams
Kamar Williams 17 分 前
150.000 bail That's racist
Bashar740 17 分 前
sounded like he wanted $. what was Jussie’s reason again?
BDiaz 17 分 前
People with HIV aren’t “dirty”. Ignorant comment from an ignorant ass closet case.
WhodatNation twan._com
WhodatNation twan._com 18 分 前
how you gonna take his gum out his mouth just rude! he trying to make sure his breath don't stink for yall dang lol