Android Q hands-on
6 ヶ月 前
ivanserix 40 秒 前
I dont agree with Verge. How can the best smartwatch in the world as per you lack sleep tracking? I would vote watch active 2 or galaxy watch as the best smartwatch. The rotating bezel is just freaking too damn good.
GoForPro Joe
GoForPro Joe 4 分 前
The iPhone 11 Pro telephoto lens has a f/2.0 aperture as to the iPhone XS has f/2.4 telephoto lens. I think they did that in order to compensate for the third lens with the ultra wide angle lens. For me that was like the iPhone Pro... 11R.
Zachary Ippolito
Zachary Ippolito 5 分 前
Sponsored by apple
Queen Zee
Queen Zee 6 分 前
I'm planning on getting it on Saturday !
Arvind Hasti
Arvind Hasti 13 分 前
This video just repeats all known information, no analysis or report that are worth knowing
Lisset. 13_
Lisset. 13_ 23 分 前
Can you still connect it do your iPhone and answer calls txt messages even if it’s just Apple Watch 5 with GPS?
x o k a y l i e e e
x o k a y l i e e e 24 分 前
*get a version ad* _oh well isn’t that such a coincidence :)_
AdamekOnTour 27 分 前
Why do you hvbe 5G on 12:37Min. ? I thought that is not supported.....
Pankaj Kumar
Pankaj Kumar 31 分 前
Camera to beat!? They are barely catching up with last year models. Wait till Oct 15 and then iPhone will be back where it belongs.
Dymo 37 分 前
Zen watch is pretty good not gonna lie. I feel the apple watch offers way to much than you want. I tried it for a week, and what I really used was: seeing notifications, tracking steps, workout, time, little stuff like weather and date. Everything else? like sure... but only because it was so nice. I stopped using everything else near the end of the week. I came to a conclusion that you can get many cheaper smartwatches that give me everything I actually use. But yes apple watch best watch. The real question is would you really need all of it? like who tf trying to load a webpage. xD
Jad Yassine
Jad Yassine 51 分 前
My wig was SNATCHED with that intro shot
Aussie MGTOW
Aussie MGTOW 52 分 前
It looks real cheap and I can see the slide cover getting ripped off real quick.
Nick Freyermuth
Nick Freyermuth 54 分 前
Great review is the i11pro have the better glass or LCD! Thanks
ADRNGZA 59 分 前
I have iphone 6 working fine
lores996 時間 前
This video is a fu*king advertisement 👎
Erarecaa S
Erarecaa S 時間 前
I can’t be the only one who dislikes the XR.. thinking about the 11 🤔
Nomad314 時間 前
Why is it £250 more expensive in the UK than the US?!! 😭😭😭
WhosThat Shaqz
WhosThat Shaqz 時間 前
Who else has an 8 and isn’t upgrading
zohaib khan
zohaib khan 時間 前
Which usb c to hdmi hub is best for samsung dex
yoyo467 時間 前
how much did apple pay you dude? might as well have this as their advert. This is in no way a substantial update from XS Max
I'm Tyler :3
I'm Tyler :3 時間 前
I used to say I'd rather have the extra detail when I realize everyone views pictures on a phone and no one zooms in to see the extra detail
Ceejay C
Ceejay C 時間 前
You will buy an 11, before you know it Iphone 12 will be here
Joseph 時間 前
Apple Watch gets Screen Time tracking now!
Hunter -777
Hunter -777 時間 前
So they aren’t perfect but they have the basics that a smart watch has
Mars Chapel
Mars Chapel 時間 前
Soooo they still haven’t added a headphone Jack? Wtf come on
Extra Bass
Extra Bass 時間 前
I feel ear pain already I think this video has hypnotic effects. And her vice is very close to my ear.
Namsrai Nagi
Namsrai Nagi 時間 前
now i phone 11pro camera is the best. but google pixel 4 is coming. and also huawei mate 30 phone's camera is extremely good.
Chris Ayres
Chris Ayres 2 時間 前
No 5g = obsolete
gurpreet singh
gurpreet singh 2 時間 前
U just fccknh giving review of camera or all the speci?
David B
David B 2 時間 前
I’m upgrading from the iPhone 6s. Whew. It’s about time.
Tech soul
Tech soul 2 時間 前
Before you do photo test.... TURN OFF BEAUTY MODE on the Note.... I wish people could see the pictures I've taken..... Details
Prathik Ravel
Prathik Ravel 2 時間 前
The production quality of these videos consistently blows me away
Tech soul
Tech soul 2 時間 前
The Note 10 + is best camera I've seen so far but the Mate 30 and Pixel 4 are coming... As far as well rounded phone though that will go to the Note hands down outside of the Camera ....
Plegian Scum
Plegian Scum 2 時間 前
If only the apple watch wasn't square.
DJ Bombba
DJ Bombba 2 時間 前
“The train I am riding everyday is too dam loud”😆 Yea Bart is so loud......hope the newer version has less noise.....
unB4nned_D13p1c 2 時間 前
My preference is the iPhone XR
SgtKenzo 2 時間 前
John Doe
John Doe 2 時間 前
Im getting the Series 5, but i want it to be always on on the bright setting and have the option to turn off the dimming all together. Technically its “always on” , but to be more transparent they should of said “always on with bright and dim modes permanently on”. Give me the option in the settings to turn off the dimming and then it be the best. I mean i dont care if it eats the battery life. I wont use any features like the health stuff or gps or the compass. I am getting this ONLY to tell the time and dont care about anything else it does. And i really should not get this watch untill they let it be on bright setting only and turn off dim setting. But i have no patience. If it wasnt for “always on” i would not even waste my money on this thing. So i give props to apple. But make an update so i can turn off the auto dimming. So i can have in my opinion “truly always on” . ✌️ PS: i will turn off all the complications. I just need the time on the screen only.
Jake Stone
Jake Stone 2 時間 前
There’s going to be great pictures on the Internet of area 51 with these phones
Nasim Hussain
Nasim Hussain 2 時間 前
Dilemma: which one should I get: iPhone 11 pro or Samsung Note 10 plus?
Got memes?
Got memes? 2 時間 前
I which they just made a more traditional round design, it still looks too geeky to me.
Kannan K
Kannan K 3 時間 前
Great Video ~ With a great quality. Did apple pay you for presenting the iPhone in this way ?
Jayy Type21
Jayy Type21 3 時間 前
No home button ? No thanks lol
Anish Adheen
Anish Adheen 3 時間 前
When do we get the new face watch for series 4?
Σταύρος Δράκος
Σταύρος Δράκος 3 時間 前
Its all about aerodynamics. If you are redirecting the wind instead of taking the full force head on even weak materials can survive.The only problem with weak materials like wood is flying debris
Jonathan Lau
Jonathan Lau 3 時間 前
just sold my iphone x for $600. so essentially these phones will cost me $100 or $400. idk which one to get. iphone 11 or pro?!
Jonathan Lau
Jonathan Lau 2 時間 前
Kleropunt YEET YEET 😂
Kleropunt YEET
Kleropunt YEET 2 時間 前
@Jonathan Lau but I'm skipper😐 😂
Jonathan Lau
Jonathan Lau 2 時間 前
Kleropunt YEET thank you pingu
Kleropunt YEET
Kleropunt YEET 2 時間 前
If you want a better screen and better camera *experience:* iPhone 11 Pro - screen on 11 Pro has an amoled screen which means black pixels are BLACK... And it can go up to 1200 knits(!) - The camera (quality) is not better (what you may think?) but the experience is much better with an extra camera But it's like the iPhone 11 Pro is just a little better with screen (smaller corners) and camera, worse battery life (?) and that's about it... other things are literally the same! So if you want an 11 you have 300 dollars to spent on other things...
Pius Smetacek
Pius Smetacek 3 時間 前
Apple :- Yeah, now you can record in 4K .. But you can't watch it in 4K . no, not even 1080p...That's apple !
Isabel GF
Isabel GF 3 時間 前
This guy reminds me of Tony from 13 reasons why
MrAmad3us 3 時間 前
See that FaceTime thing you guys doin ? Yeah, don’t do that
MrAmad3us 3 時間 前
Most people would actually benefit more from a XR. No way the improvements in the 11 are worth 100 bucks.
Pewdeadpie 3 時間 前
Apple Marketing team😑
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 3 時間 前
I want an iPhone 9
Anaya 3 時間 前
Upgrading from an iPhone 6, 😬 can’t wait to get my iPhone 11 pro
David Park
David Park 4 時間 前
Brown paper napkin will scratch anything.
enregistreur 4 時間 前
Ah Palm... these were fun times.
maria maria
maria maria 4 時間 前
These ear buds can be connected on note 8?
Jaffray Williams
Jaffray Williams 4 時間 前
Huawei Mate 30 Pro : Pssst. Hold my beer. :_D
Emma Bellows
Emma Bellows 4 時間 前
I’m upgrading from series 1! So excited for all the new features!
Pubg Gang
Pubg Gang 4 時間 前
Why only aluminium models are available for pre-order. I want stainless steel version of it😓
Odyssey Films
Odyssey Films 4 時間 前
I Think I will switch to iphone+airpods+watch when everything becomes USB C. Right now I have a 1+7 pro and I really like it, but it misses the ecosystem that apple is providing with its accessories. I use a MBP 13 too, since I edit on FCPX, so all things apple just complete the setup I guess, but all this only if I am able to save up for the 2020 apple prices ;-)
Jack Yarrow
Jack Yarrow 4 時間 前
The Verge and MKBHD just taking their cinematography to the next god damn level!
Ida 4 時間 前
Idk if i should get the 11 or XS Max ..
Kleropunt YEET
Kleropunt YEET 2 時間 前
I think you should get the Nokia 3310
Nawfal Kharbach
Nawfal Kharbach 4 時間 前
You seem to praise this Apple watch a Apple paying to promote their watch ?
Bryson Williams
Bryson Williams 4 時間 前
When is this officially releasing?
Jugal 1
Jugal 1 4 時間 前
The Galaxy watch is DEFINITELY better. Even my gear sport from 2017 has AOD. Bruh.
CYPHER_0_ 4 時間 前
Currently Using a iphone 7 been with apple since the beginning but with the minuscule upgrades im seriously looking at the ASUS ROG PHONE 2 ! I dont care much about the camera but i want a fast snappy high refresh rate 1080p display! And the battery on the 2 is 6000mah lol
Angelica Lin
Angelica Lin 4 時間 前
the best cameras on a phone......until today, not anymore.
sami meazi
sami meazi 4 時間 前
So almost series 4=5 ?
TV Tech
TV Tech 4 時間 前
The phone is a £1000 and it doesn't even have 5g
LuHDZocker 4 時間 前
so long pressing for deleting apps isnt existing anylonger?
Shaludeen S
Shaludeen S 4 時間 前
And there comes the mate 30 pro...
hyperspace36 5 時間 前
sleeptracking wont happen yet simply because of battery life. it cant track all night after a full day, plus if you do with the rest of your battery it needs a 1h charge right in the morning, just before your day starts which defeats the purpose cause it causes extra stress... also the silliest thing ever is the fact that you still cant stream spotify over LTE on the cellular watch
markhor1988 5 時間 前
So the selling point is the screen always being on. I have that on Android.
Wait apple just came out with an always on screen for their apple watches?
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson 5 時間 前
Thanks, Nilay. I was on the fence about upgrading to the 11 Pro - now not so much. QUESTION: You mentioned you’re upgrading to the 11 Pro, but last year I believe you purchased the Xs Max. How come no max this year?
DirtyPants 5 時間 前
Got the iPhone 11 on pre order
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 5 時間 前
#49 on trending
Gilles 5 時間 前
So a bunch of useless stuff?
MotorcycleMan 5 時間 前
This video is the essence of pontification!
MotorcycleMan 5 時間 前
Let’s see what Fitbit comes out with.
ryandontlikeyou 5 時間 前
Some people think they made this phone so cheap because they’re caving to market pressure, but I think that the comment section on this video is proof enough to why they made it so cheap. iPhone 6 and 6s. Apple wants people to upgrade and sense they can’t slow them down anymore, they’re realizing that the only way to get people to upgrade is to make the phones more affordable
Steve Coronado
Steve Coronado 5 時間 前
Upgrading form a 6s to an iPhone 11
Steve Watson
Steve Watson 5 時間 前
nice, it's "good enough". That is so damn funny. Spend more and get, "good enough".
xtyrantx 5 時間 前
my conclusion is i still like the note 10 images that were produced in this video. not knocking apple at all, just preference. for apple, this is a big step up for sure compared to all their own phones. compared to other phones, it's GOOD but not the best. i still think apple could have done better with the camera this year.
Ryan Spaulding
Ryan Spaulding 5 時間 前
Man. One of the best reviews I’ve seen in a looooong time. Like woah was this amazing.
LuHDZocker 5 時間 前
WTF 12-14 HOURS!!?!?!???! In other reviews i heard 8 and 9 but 12 !? Game Changer Rip Huawei Mate 30 Pro xD
marcelo costa
marcelo costa 5 時間 前
Huawei Mate 30 Pro raised the bar today... Iphone has no chance. + Note 10+ most of pictures and videos are better. Good video, but you're too much Apple fan...
Jeff O
Jeff O 5 時間 前
But its still a LCD display for that kind of money!
Pat Cooper
Pat Cooper 5 時間 前
Getting the 5 for my birthday!
Pumpi -_-
Pumpi -_- 5 時間 前
Are they water proof???
larposan 5 時間 前
I'm on S4, and the always on screen tempts me. Still, I think I'll stick with the 2 year upgrade cycle I have been on. It's not like the very good last years model is now suddenly unusable...
Gospel Train Records
Gospel Train Records 5 時間 前
Strap too narrow. It needs to be 22mm or 24 for such a screen
Fiz R
Fiz R 5 時間 前
Ridiculous... Upgrade for a compass and always on display? F no. Keep letting Apple trickle out marginal upgrades and robbing you.
CasaFiesta 5 時間 前
It seems Note 10 is gooood! :)
mariah outsold
mariah outsold 5 時間 前
i cant see that “much better” image on the iphone 11 pro camera from the xs, just slightly better like the transition from the 7 to the 8/x. only in the selfie camera, which was a NEEDED improvement.
Agustin de Elia
Agustin de Elia 5 時間 前
hello , please how much does it cost!
Kevin 5 時間 前
How much did Apple paid you to exaggerate the review ? Pixel 3's camera is way better than the iPhone's 11 Pro but I understand why you pushed it to seem the other way around...lots of money in the game :-))
TooSick2Di3 5 時間 前
Better camera than the huawei p30 pro? Naaaaahhhhhh
Alicia Johnson
Alicia Johnson 5 時間 前
My mom still uses the 5s. Wondering how long before we can take that to the antiques roadshow.
Adithya Ps
Adithya Ps 5 時間 前
I thought becca was a guy