Nooice - Key & Peele
Slap-Ass - Key & Peele
Hold Me Back - Key & Peele
Scat Duel - Key & Peele
Nick Brown
Nick Brown 20 分 前
“It hurts a little bit, but I like it” That’s what she said 😂
Tsihoarana Randimbivololon
Tsihoarana Randimbivololon 21 分 前
That thumbnail, that nerdy face I can't just stop laughing
Big Boss
Big Boss 22 分 前
Key and Peele slowly falling
Nick Brown
Nick Brown 22 分 前
Don’t mind if I do 😂 that head shake yo
Stacey Goodwin
Stacey Goodwin 24 分 前
One outta five girls is pregnant with a demon baby😂😂😂💀💀💀
RwTaka18 TCG Games
RwTaka18 TCG Games 25 分 前
Even though it's a video I wanna scream "GET YOUR CHILD, LADY!" 🤣
Armando Castillo
Armando Castillo 26 分 前
They are funny but some of the sketches like this one is mad corny..
Willow L. Death
Willow L. Death 28 分 前
“Rosebud” like that reference
When I was little, the first episode I ever saw of The Twilight Zone was called “Nightmare At 20,000 Feet” basically about a man who keeps seeing this creepy creature on the wing of his plane... love how they paid a lil homage to that toward the end of the sketch!!
Enock Kessy
Enock Kessy 30 分 前
No wonder Peele became a movie director
Captain Biscuit
Captain Biscuit 30 分 前
Burglar Alarms when you set them off: 1:16
Paris EL-Amin
Paris EL-Amin 35 分 前
OBJ’s favorite Key & Peele Episode 🏈😂
Abelhawk 38 分 前
I wonder if Peele has ever done this on a real plane 😀
Joseph Beckmann
Joseph Beckmann 38 分 前
I ain't a slave no mo(step up 1-50)
sinkiy 39 分 前
I’m incontinent !. Just looking that word “incontinent” up makes me laugh even harder at this clip.
Ani Malach
Ani Malach 43 分 前
This is a reupload?
Chikipichi 46 分 前
I like how no one is talking about the demon at the end
Adam West
Adam West 47 分 前
notthere83 49 分 前
Uuuuugh the tackiness is so strong in this one I can barely keep watching.
1 million subs no vid?
1 million subs no vid? 49 分 前
Me: thats why I don’t go too parties My mind: “sure” thats why you don’t go
your comment might not work so please
your comment might not work so please 50 分 前
Ma..,the Acting.
Bruce Ferreira
Bruce Ferreira 51 分 前
Theres something on the wing.....some...thing
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 53 分 前
"But dat App doe" 😆
David Z
David Z 54 分 前
But he's a ghost!!!
e 59 分 前
it's funney these 2 are wonderful comedians
Karan Singh
Karan Singh 59 分 前
*Why didn't he just get in that guy's car and remove the key*
mercster 時間 前
Vince G
Vince G 時間 前
I've seen this like 473 times and I have never noticed he has "Nooice" shaved in his hair.
Owen Cherry
Owen Cherry 時間 前
They do sociology so well
Joshie Woshie
Joshie Woshie 時間 前
“Extra footroom, one inch at least” gets me every time 😂
Elvis Snusovic
Elvis Snusovic 時間 前
Reminds me of when I worked as a forklift operator at a freight terminal in Sweden. A woman appeared out of nowhere, waving a document. I looked at it, it was in french, I could make out that it was a milling machine. A BIG one of 9000 kg. I looked at her, asking "Madame, parlez vous Anglais?". The lady shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. I then asked "Parlez vous Allmange peutetre?" "MAIS NON MONSIEUR!!!" Ok, big mistake.... So; I pointed at the ground "Voiture CA madame!". That did the trick, she went off and got her truck and brought it to the designated spot. She then looked at me like "what now?". I said, "Ouvrir sil vous plait?". "Mais oui monsieur!" And open the trailer she did. As I knew my little forklift couldn't handle that load, I went to get the foreman (who was Italian). "Moment madame." "Naturellement monsieur." My foreman went and unloaded the milling machine, and the french lady came up to me for a signature, but no way I was signing off on expensive equipment that I hadn't unloaded, so I told her "Donnez vous le papir dans Dante." "Dans le chauffeur de truck?" "Oui madame, dans le chauffeur de truck!" "Merci beucoup monsieur!" And off she went. I need to mention that the foremen at the terminal wore way nicer work clothes than us mere mortals, which this lady obviously had noticed. So, if I, a simple workhand, spoke a few words of the cultivated language french, then my boss must speak it fluently, right? No! He spoke Swedish, English, German and Italian! I heard him try to explain to her in english that he did not speak french, but madame would have nothing of it! It ended in him answering her in italian. I'm not big on italian, but I heard about dicks and asses at least (cazzo nel culo something. Who said porn was useless?). THEN she went silent and just pointed at her papers.... 🤣
Chee Yen Ting
Chee Yen Ting 時間 前
What's up with K&P and their re-upload?
D Martin
D Martin 時間 前
Apologies for what?
Paulo Da Silva Brito
Paulo Da Silva Brito 時間 前
So Alex is also in the hotel at the same time?
BUSTER BROWNnnn says what?
Jay Fisher
Jay Fisher 時間 前
TheMowens 時間 前
I'm surprised not to see anyone commenting on how the ending is a reference to a classic Twilight Zone episode and that Jordan is the host of the new Twilight Zone show.
So Unique
So Unique 時間 前
bitch I just peed in my cloths wtf this shit was to funny!!! farts are funny!!!!!
Daviane Nelson
Daviane Nelson 時間 前
“..and btw it was November 9th” 😂😂😂
Sky shoppe MAGOZINE!!
Shiloh Thompson
Shiloh Thompson 時間 前
“Of course he knows the captain. He is the captain. Oh ho ho! Ho!” 😂
joshua bergen
joshua bergen 時間 前
Flowdane 時間 前
How did he even get hired?
Halfdollar 86
Halfdollar 86 時間 前
This seems like a knock off looking ed bassmaster skippy character
Sammed Pandharkar
Sammed Pandharkar 時間 前
That's why black people are the most logical ones in a scary movie
Victor Jones
Victor Jones 時間 前
Who’s here after seeing how big of an abomination RDJ’s dolittle was?
Crimsonyte21 時間 前
Windows are all closed. Where does the lightning come from?
AL RAZI 時間 前
Hurts a little but I like it 🤣🤣
Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark 時間 前
The delayed laugh for the pilots joke was spot on
outthasky 時間 前
Colin Mochrie got bumped from this flight
Magique John-stoned
Magique John-stoned 時間 前
lol. I just realized his name was Paulo Oddballs
scowlistic 時間 前
He said, Mag-0-zine
BlackGuy Jones
BlackGuy Jones 時間 前
Jamie Reid
Jamie Reid 時間 前
They could of made this into a 30min episode with just all these things lol
So Unique
So Unique 時間 前
omg I just laughed so fucking hard!!!! wow!!! y'all 2 funny!!!!!
brian holliday
brian holliday 時間 前
These guys are brilliant !!!!
Mo Ali
Mo Ali 時間 前
Comment section: 90% The people turning around to laugh 5% funny jokes 3% Retards 2% Me and ... jokes
MahoutsuGuy 時間 前
Green and black being confused? There's a simple explanation for that (real ones know lol)
robert's dvd store \
robert's dvd store \ 時間 前
my favorite key and peele video I swear
HeyHow HiAreYou
HeyHow HiAreYou 時間 前
Not Sure: Hi, I'm actually suppose to be getting out of prison today. Yeah. I had my face sat on and everything... Prison Guard: You're In the wrong line, stupid!
ruger 50
ruger 50 時間 前
re upload?
Tae and Tan
Tae and Tan 時間 前
Taehyung “bon voyage”
First Bell Productions
First Bell Productions 時間 前
"Hahahahaha rose bud"
Amy Rach
Amy Rach 時間 前
Priceless 🤣
Tribe 時間 前
Black actors doing WHITE FACE to mock white has a problem...Reverse the roll and youtube would PERMA BAN the account and you would be on the news everyday for weeks being called a racist nazi supremacist. getting real sick of the fucking hypocrisy my dudes..
Spooky 時間 前
This character should play the joker.
isaiah 時間 前
Love this guy lmfao
Bill Hill
Bill Hill 2 時間 前
I've been approached with I got my daughter in the car... it was in the middle of a pedestrian only area in the middle of a college campus... gtfo lol
bagYEET 2 時間 前
Kinda looks like Bubbles not gonna lie
Greg Goubeaux
Greg Goubeaux 2 時間 前
I’m sorry, but I am a little confused as to why this is reposted? And like NO ONE mentions this? Am I the only one that remembers this from 2015 or what 2 時間 前
Trolling dumb people in gmod rp servers be exactly like this
Galileo Aragona
Galileo Aragona 2 時間 前
Kaizikoru Gwm
Kaizikoru Gwm 2 時間 前
SUGOI!!! 😬
Ole Man Cozy
Ole Man Cozy 2 時間 前
as a young man i feel that this one skit has givin me everything skills most men dont figure out until....well they just dont figure it out
Rubizzar Group
Rubizzar Group 2 時間 前
Valen Andrade
Valen Andrade 2 時間 前
E Quate
E Quate 2 時間 前
50% end in divorce more like 76%.
So Unique
So Unique 2 時間 前
I support the fuck outta y'all !!!!!!!
Priya Choudhary
Priya Choudhary 2 時間 前
this is exactly how I reacted when I travelled for the first time
Corrie De Beer
Corrie De Beer 2 時間 前
The banjos a strumming and the drums are a banging. Lets get the boys together and have ourselves a hanging....? This is clearly a song about a farmer getting his two sons together to make some pancetta after they sent there pigs out to the abattoir. Basically a song about the hog festival.
TheSketch42 2 時間 前
the sequel we have all been waiting for
Aarontro X
Aarontro X 2 時間 前
Who else was tented to call the number 1-800-555-0199 Because I was
Daniel F
Daniel F 2 時間 前
“How come there no for me why?”
Armand Assante
Armand Assante 2 時間 前
Man that collegehumor lay off hit Zack hard.
The Onee-Chan Man
The Onee-Chan Man 2 時間 前
Do you sell poison?
Big Mac
Big Mac 2 時間 前
Holy shiatsu message!
zyxwut321 2 時間 前
For purposes of this comment I'll say that I'm Macedonian and that as a pretend Macedonian that this video is completely accurate, in fact it doesn't go NEARLY far enough. Now give me likes.
Parag Tech Videos
Parag Tech Videos 2 時間 前
Well I am sure Al Quida dont speak in english.
Ryan G
Ryan G 2 時間 前
Though this was going to be about Epstein
Tj Cherry
Tj Cherry 2 時間 前
this was me the one time i got access to the airport lounge
chaostheory16 2 時間 前
This is how I feel in economy plus.
weeks weeks
weeks weeks 2 時間 前
This is the prequel to Lost
Erich Hudson
Erich Hudson 2 時間 前
This is my favorite character! Absolutely hysterical.
Intruder 2 時間 前
Greece Vs Macedonia. Surely one of those nations is not Greek enough
DeCay Grim
DeCay Grim 2 時間 前
They new key and peele is so much funnier lol. You guys are way funnier now
Yoids 2 時間 前
So simple, so effective, couldnt stop laughing. Incredible talent
Fei Hong
Fei Hong 2 時間 前
Cellmate from Hell
Curtis Stapleton
Curtis Stapleton 2 時間 前
I think id play this if it was hyped like that
arnob chowdhury
arnob chowdhury 2 時間 前
why is this re-uploaded?