I Got A K-Pop Makeover
Choosing My Wedding Dress
We're Getting Married
11 ヶ月 前
Jennessa Card
Jennessa Card 49 秒 前
Lesson learnt. Never buy a wedding dress on wishp
Ishita The qween
Ishita The qween 分 前
it should be drake.
Emily Class
Emily Class 2 分 前
arvs santy
arvs santy 6 分 前
izabel O'Sullivan
izabel O'Sullivan 6 分 前
"Mauve over bitch" for the franken polish
Heather :0
Heather :0 9 分 前
I get scared of leafs in the sea as well Me being a scaredy cat xx
Halle smi
Halle smi 11 分 前
Muavel instead of Marvel
Lauren Mateer
Lauren Mateer 11 分 前
Have you got married yet xx
Halle smi
Halle smi 11 分 前
Mauvin Marvrin
arvs santy
arvs santy 13 分 前
okay wow
Eileen Sanchez
Eileen Sanchez 15 分 前
arvs santy
arvs santy 15 分 前
Paul Panaite
Paul Panaite 21 分 前
I would name the last nail polish mauve it mauve it baby 😂
Kristen Nowlin
Kristen Nowlin 23 分 前
I used to mix my nail polishes together. If I had a few bottles that were running low, I’d mix them in one bottle. I got the mauve color often. The prettiest was a black-blue color, it looked black until it got in the light where the blue shined through.
Magnolia Hampton
Magnolia Hampton 24 分 前
Would you try noracora.com and anniecloth.com are they worth the money and the effort. Love your channel.
Nele Tinga
Nele Tinga 29 分 前
This is How much it cost😂 | V
Ella Michaels
Ella Michaels 35 分 前
Hi saf my my name for the nail polish is franken orley idk I just thought it would be fun because it's a new part of the franken group
NoraF43 X
NoraF43 X 37 分 前
You should call it midnight move
Brenna Barkley
Brenna Barkley 45 分 前
Omg the smell in there must be...ugh. lol
Khadeja Suleiman
Khadeja Suleiman 45 分 前
Mauve orleans
Ingrid Jager
Ingrid Jager 52 分 前
"Cheeto dust"....did Safiyaa came up with the name for the shade by Shane?😅😏
Mrs.Crabbie 53 分 前
Bust down movaian
Maddie Rose Alice Webster
Maddie Rose Alice Webster 55 分 前
Frankin mauve
Abner Tavares
Abner Tavares 時間 前
You should do a video where you make a whole new palette. Like, mixing all browns, mixing all reds, mixing all greens, mixing all golden shadows, to know if the quality in the end will be good and if will be the perfect palette hahaha
Ik Tadj
Ik Tadj 時間 前
cristine used to do nail art 🤣🤣🤣 subtle shade
Snowette 時間 前
untitled mauve polish. just make it that.
LynTheGamer 時間 前
Lol I searched this up and there was so many videos of why I left buzzfeed lol
Jonas b
Jonas b 時間 前
william archibald
william archibald 時間 前
PlZ go back to bite lip lab
Joliette1008 時間 前
Mauve over bish
Kendall Murphy
Kendall Murphy 時間 前
I feel attacked because i still wear button downs over tanks
Lauren Finch
Lauren Finch 時間 前
Shade name: It's alive! Cause ya know it's a Franken-polish
Vera S
Vera S 時間 前
T: What would that prove S: It will be fun for you! *immediately cuts to tyler throwing the water*
Ruth Watson
Ruth Watson 時間 前
I was starting to think she hadn’t posted in a while and I was like wait girlie is getting married she must be super busy. Hope your day is so awesome x
R. Weidman
R. Weidman 時間 前
I absolutely loved the franken color!!
Dori Puckett
Dori Puckett 時間 前
Frank and Tori
Nancy Ruppenthal
Nancy Ruppenthal 時間 前
I like Frankenmauve.
Lily mae Sedgwick wardle
Lily mae Sedgwick wardle 時間 前
Mix up rainbow
Elen Kristin Meberg seim
Elen Kristin Meberg seim 時間 前
Call the nailpolish frankenORLY
Samridhi Bharathan
Samridhi Bharathan 時間 前
Whose back in the car
Marlen Prax
Marlen Prax 時間 前
Mauver fucker
Giulia D
Giulia D 時間 前
"they scammed me with the pants but I scammed them with the top"
Lilybugz 101
Lilybugz 101 2 時間 前
You should name it I have created a mauve-ster
Griffin Wetzel
Griffin Wetzel 2 時間 前
no one: the employee: i could add.. like.. a drop of black?
Itz Angie
Itz Angie 2 時間 前
Franken polish is mah name :)
Kari Johnson
Kari Johnson 2 時間 前
My name for the franker polish is i like to move it move it I'm probiby to going to get picked the Lola xD
Thérèse M Cortes
Thérèse M Cortes 2 時間 前
Lindsay Caelan
Lindsay Caelan 2 時間 前
dude I thought the thumbnail was a tide pod
Galaxy Flower
Galaxy Flower 2 時間 前
İ like this for the name “Frankenmouvea”
Trina Hughes
Trina Hughes 2 時間 前
Oooooo so pretty ! I can't pick which one I love the most!! All are gorgeous!!
Deep Venu
Deep Venu 2 時間 前
mauva ha ha
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui 2 時間 前
Wow ok!
blowingraspberry 2 時間 前
Noobie2k7 2 時間 前
Clickbait, in the thumbnail she's not a Disney character, she's dressed as the Chinese President.
Lazy Sunny
Lazy Sunny 2 時間 前
*Kristine being a hufflepuff for 20 mins*
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui 2 時間 前
Oh my god She mentioned untitled goose game I’m gonna cry
Ginger Redshoes
Ginger Redshoes 2 時間 前
Ladies: measuring ingredients Me: Um...3 tsp is = 1 Tbsp, just saying.
Всичко на едно място Лили
Всичко на едно място Лили 2 時間 前
I'm born on the 16th of August!
Princess Red Socks
Princess Red Socks 2 時間 前
I'm sorry I have to say something negative, but medieval, Renaissance and "Guinevere period" are completely different periods... Guinevere is supposed to have lived in the 5th century, the Middle Ages are from the 5th to the 15th century, and the Renaissance is from late 15th to 16th century. I'm very fond of history, and I couldn't help but pointing this. But anyway, I really, really enjoyed this video, I find you funny and cute, and I also like the way you speak (I'm from Europe, so English is not my native language), it was very clear and easy to understand. I'll subscribe !
Me, a rat. BTS, the Pied Piper
Me, a rat. BTS, the Pied Piper 2 時間 前
The Renaissance dress hurt my eyes
Mesha Fatima
Mesha Fatima 2 時間 前
Frakin mauve
Matt Wezalis
Matt Wezalis 2 時間 前
This is possibly the funniest girl I've ever seen.
crypticarus 2 時間 前
a bcd
a bcd 2 時間 前
may i ask what accent is it that i hear?
AtengBangtan Wifeu
AtengBangtan Wifeu 3 時間 前
Yoongi's probably gonna kill you for including his audition clip here haha.
crypticarus 3 時間 前
I'll be honest, although my plan for my wedding would be to buy amazing shoes and probably keep the dress relatively simple, I would actually love to wear these shoes for my wedding hahaha like, at the very least for the after party! I usually love making my shoes the main thing on my outfits and I think these would be the first crocs I'd wear (bc i suppose my feet are weord bc I dont find crocs comfortable at all). (altho i'm very single rn and I am a european 38 which i think is like a 4...)
Amazingcutie101 3 時間 前
safiya’s nails actually looks like m&m’s . . no only me?... mm.. k
Judith Baker
Judith Baker 3 時間 前
Ya'll are just hilarious. I absolutely love watching your videos. I'm probably not in your demographics. I'm a 55 year old grandmother of 6. But I guess that's ok. Keep the videos coming, they make me laugh.
mochiko 3 時間 前
"Mauve in action "
Selinor578 3 時間 前
23:47 Baby Shark Fin??
Coulrful Agate
Coulrful Agate 3 時間 前
Mauve bush get out the way
Chocolatecentrel 3.0 :3
Chocolatecentrel 3.0 :3 3 時間 前
That’s the tea
Qat Lane
Qat Lane 3 時間 前
Plot twist : all 10 psychics are just 1 psychic behind the different profiles.
Wales On a Beach
Wales On a Beach 3 時間 前
I was the 559.000 like!🥳🥳🥳😂
gwayne Jocelyn Makarius
gwayne Jocelyn Makarius 3 時間 前
Franken mauve
Ginger Redshoes
Ginger Redshoes 3 時間 前
I am so grateful for these online shopping videos, they save me from doing the same.
Alice Downes
Alice Downes 3 時間 前
Why not just call it “A bit of everything”
georgiaant __
georgiaant __ 3 時間 前
Frankein orly
Alexandra I am not telling
Alexandra I am not telling 3 時間 前
I watch Shane’s videos all the time watching you try and act like him is cringe but yet entertaining
georgiaant __
georgiaant __ 3 時間 前
Frankein mauve
Kyze Espera
Kyze Espera 4 時間 前
Those kankens stole my heart...
Abigail Jaramillo
Abigail Jaramillo 4 時間 前
Whose here after the wedding? Only me? Ok.
Sparki Flaim
Sparki Flaim 4 時間 前
Just discovered your younger than me.... feel oddly old now
andrea Rivera
andrea Rivera 4 時間 前
Safiya: we went to Sephora The Sephora employee: crap! It’s her again
Keene Yong
Keene Yong 4 時間 前
Sad about Hong Kong situation
Amaya Patel
Amaya Patel 4 時間 前
“Banana ooh la la!” Lol 😂
-•Coffins And Pumpkins•-
-•Coffins And Pumpkins•- 4 時間 前
The only thing disappointing about this was were never going to see Thomas again
Emma Hodges
Emma Hodges 4 時間 前
Here’s the thing about ROMWE... you get what you pay for. I order everything. I love most of the jeans. They are kind of ok material, but not terrible. I love it. Another thing. ROMWE and Shein work together. They’re not using shein bags. It’s the same thing. Love the swim suits too.
Layla’s World
Layla’s World 4 時間 前
I went to Italy when I was four. There was a fast flowing river and I dipped my foot in. My crock floated away I never saw it again.... Oh and my cousin also got lost in Venice but that’s a whole different story.
Evelyn Brown
Evelyn Brown 4 時間 前
“She says she can’t see her reflection in the mirror. I’m jealous” -shane 2017 or 18
the_yellow _wizard
the_yellow _wizard 4 時間 前
I loved this channel before I knew what Harry Potter was but once I saw some movies and read some of the books this channel just got better
Oh Mar
Oh Mar 5 時間 前
I heard " scar to your beautiful " in the background
InkedLoisLane 5 時間 前
I remember when Simply Nailogical had nail polish art, too....I liked it. Orly has beautiful polishes and the formula is good, too. I think the Franken Polish could be called I Shall Not Be Mauved.
Unicorn Warrior12
Unicorn Warrior12 5 時間 前
1:52 Safiya: what have a gotten myself into
Zyad Saeed
Zyad Saeed 5 時間 前
Who’s born in 1997 year of legends
Laine COWLEY [08M1]
Laine COWLEY [08M1] 5 時間 前
simply mauve the fanken nail its the name of the polish
Patricia McCausland
Patricia McCausland 5 時間 前
I am a Sagaturis
Raya Bhuttan
Raya Bhuttan 5 時間 前
Mini BubbleGum
Mini BubbleGum 5 時間 前
Please re-stock this collection. I'm begging you!
Sonia Chopra
Sonia Chopra 5 時間 前
O0o0o0o0o "I make money mauves" would be a cool name! Love ur vids btw❤
Catho 5 時間 前
Can we get some love up in here for all of us ladies that have to do their makeup with only one eye on a daily basis? Ladies, we try our best 💛💛