I Got A K-Pop Makeover
Fill It!
Fill It! 2 分 前
Hey everyone I am trying to be a JPchatr but I have no idea what I should put as my content Currently my name is fill it! ....? Idk why but whatever can anyone give me some ideas as a new JPchatr?
Francine Lee
Francine Lee 4 分 前
Aww!! Congratulations on you’re wedding! Yay!
Abbey w
Abbey w 5 分 前
for your wedding dress you should have chosen 5 blindfolded and then mixed your favourites to make the perfect franken-wedding dress to go with your franken-wedding cake
julia owo
julia owo 6 分 前
the sex jokes made me kinda uncomfortable..
Gaming with my Dad
Gaming with my Dad 6 分 前
MARCY d0g 13 分 前
this is a challenge?? i do this every day!! I swear by bell bottoms!!! XD
heni heny
heni heny 20 分 前
Ohh shit.i just did it too today.This is why i'm here now..😅
... 29 分 前
You look like a wacky inflatable tube man
magical_kim 30 分 前
5:07 Thanks for that. Legit wondering if you were at Jenna and Julien's for a second there.
JMP mp
JMP mp 47 分 前
I need those pants to do some grocery shopping...
Sky Bear
Sky Bear 55 分 前
your bf makes me want to find a frog and cook it and eat it, and make it personal.
Abdirahman Bihi
Abdirahman Bihi 時間 前
So lit mobile just dropped in these solar battery packs let's check it out.
Sophi 時間 前
Nobody: Wish: cute shirt for teen girls shirt for women adult hoodie flower toy
xxitsFefexx 時間 前
I feel like safiya looks more like a trendy Mary poppins but when she stands next to Tyler, it’s more noticeable
savanna beshi
savanna beshi 時間 前
Not really
savanna beshi
savanna beshi 時間 前
I think a good name is ummmmm lilies and Roses
khaiaki kool
khaiaki kool 時間 前
23:44 safiya and rin rin just walking like there in a runway and just the sweet old man looking at them
Isabelle Higa
Isabelle Higa 時間 前
tyler a true reveluv, we stan
Caitlin May
Caitlin May 時間 前
Rewatching this May 2020 because it brings me back to a simpler time
Sophie Mob
Sophie Mob 時間 前
Saf looks good in all the colors
*• Purple Panda Playz •*
*• Purple Panda Playz •* 時間 前
Wait don’t you pronounce it anna-stay-zi-ah
Emily Dawson
Emily Dawson 時間 前
Girl I love organizing! Your personality is the best ever lol
Olcccia 時間 前
I would keep ALL of these comics *^*
Harry Potter Fanworld
Harry Potter Fanworld 2 時間 前
Exactly, madam puddifoot's tea shop
J Dement
J Dement 2 時間 前
Wow just wow
Keira Hillier
Keira Hillier 2 時間 前
its time to mauve on
Kenneth Brown
Kenneth Brown 2 時間 前
O my gosh, it was like a game show, every item I wanted her to pick she picked. If I wanted to get into this business, I would have to come up against her....I don't know, she's great!
Shivani Vora
Shivani Vora 2 時間 前
I love those shoes
Tia Hauser
Tia Hauser 2 時間 前
I feel like you should've paired it with the iridescent coat 🦄 ✨
I don’t know what to write here
I don’t know what to write here 2 時間 前
I found the exact palette she used in this video on SHEIN, which is a site a bit like Romwe which sells clothing and other stuff for low prices
ihearttoys 2 時間 前
get yourself a partner who will propose to you on disney property
Abigail Rudnitzki
Abigail Rudnitzki 2 時間 前
I saw Beeyyyyeenn
The Emily Show
The Emily Show 2 時間 前
I think she should mix all her lipstick together because she says often how she is a lipstick fiend
Lilian Elway
Lilian Elway 2 時間 前
5:23 - I have the exact same pillow!
Clover Snyder
Clover Snyder 2 時間 前
Why does the 60s dress look like she's from Jersey? I just get those vibes.
Fathima Zahra
Fathima Zahra 2 時間 前
i found those ripped sweatpants on wish for $60
Marsha Neal-Williams
Marsha Neal-Williams 2 時間 前
Congratulations on your new home! I hope that Crusty is loving his new home! and I was in tears at your wedding. It was so beautiful!!!
Victoria Dicken
Victoria Dicken 3 時間 前
I always hated bratz I only played with Barbies
Shahin Khan
Shahin Khan 3 時間 前
It was funny how they were happy with the results...come to India..you will be amazed seeing the pattern colour and design of heena tattoo or mehndi
Yasland With yas
Yasland With yas 3 時間 前
Frank and polished
Mathilde Duus
Mathilde Duus 3 時間 前
Her: how you doing?😏 Me: JOEY!!!!!!!!
Emely Folgar
Emely Folgar 3 時間 前
Lol I was laughing at the 20:38 lol
Shaffanah’s Channel
Shaffanah’s Channel 3 時間 前
How have I just got this on my recommended
Badwolf Edits
Badwolf Edits 3 時間 前
Did anyone notice the "proud to be nerdy and a little bit flirty" shirt? Nope... Just me. Ok 😂
Phi 6
Phi 6 3 時間 前
She should of saved this for the corona time
ainoha oyoli
ainoha oyoli 3 時間 前
You should make like a franken-gingerbread house it would be so cool❤❤❤
Gacha Axical
Gacha Axical 4 時間 前
Jennifer Sonico
Jennifer Sonico 4 時間 前
Those lashes have no shape there flat. Not curved or moon shaped!
HarryPotterHermioneGrangerRonaldWeasley 4 時間 前
You should freeze dry your lipstick and then put it in a food processor
Gacha Axical
Gacha Axical 4 時間 前
Cristine called she wants her sock back
William Houston
William Houston 4 時間 前
You could easily go barefoot in public with no one knowing
Zoe Mcgrane
Zoe Mcgrane 4 時間 前
I got to say I want the strawberry bread
Shola Iluyemi
Shola Iluyemi 4 時間 前
Ro: What flavour is the cupcake Saf: *Yes*
DevilDegg TV
DevilDegg TV 4 時間 前
Safiya’s first outfit is literally her Escape the Night outfit.
Charles & Bonnie Hopkins
Charles & Bonnie Hopkins 4 時間 前
I love how your camera man is so happy and talks that's a good camera man
Mollie Bahner
Mollie Bahner 時間 前
Its her husband
焦小桐 4 時間 前
Just guess one word is the translation of 一字 in Chinese,it means the style of clothes without sleeve and shoulders, while it looks like “一”(one). And word is the translation of “字”, which means character. I think the proper translation should be off shoulder or something.
ChimChim 4 時間 前
Lmao 9:04 Tyler doing the Red velvet power up choreo. We stan😍
MrsHerzueberKopf 4 時間 前
Looking in Quarantine. Let us Mauve. I thought you said it anyways, when asking for help :D
Momma UWU sing it
Momma UWU sing it 4 時間 前
Her fav dress is the Juliette dress my name is Juliet my name is her fav dress
Areeba Iqbal
Areeba Iqbal 4 時間 前
I thought nothing will be the new black
Camo Pug
Camo Pug 5 時間 前
Who else thinks a bath bomb smells so good you just want to take a bite out of it? I swear, it can’t be just me, like. There has to be a few people that can as well relate.
Twinkalicous 5 時間 前
Saf sounds like tana at 4:33
Athena Plarinou
Athena Plarinou 5 時間 前
Brie M
Brie M 5 時間 前
I can’t be the only one who noticed the Marvel signs in the makeup shop the lady who works there is a huge Captain America fan 😆
Just Another Mari
Just Another Mari 5 時間 前
why does she wear her skirts so high up ?
A Person Who Can
A Person Who Can 5 時間 前
You should of done perfume
The Croony
The Croony 5 時間 前
I understand them crying. Why am I crying??!! They are just so amazing together <3
TheSacredGryphon 5 時間 前
6:45 i love how her mirror is standing on "cards against humanity"
XxGachaPaulxX 5 時間 前
Why does this video reminds me of Ryujin from Itzy' Wannabe?
Momma UWU sing it
Momma UWU sing it 5 時間 前
The 8.00k people how disliked it didn’t like how Tyler saw the process and how he watched this happen
GachaChicken LövesPickles
GachaChicken LövesPickles 5 時間 前
You can really see the makeup slowly declining into Comfortable Vampire
Grace Stevenson
Grace Stevenson 5 時間 前
1:56 ok cristeen oh cristeen (i dont really know how to spell her name but I know it has no H)
Beckyliuhotness101 5 時間 前
The amount of effort in this video, wow
Jacqueline Adams
Jacqueline Adams 5 時間 前
I lived in Kadena Okinawa in 1992 and drank a green juice from a vending machine for 100 yen. The taste was sweet but tart. I missed that juice so much. It was a white can with a green plum or apple to me. Does anybody know the name of the fruit?
Sneha Khanduja
Sneha Khanduja 5 時間 前
I want to shmash the like button a thousand times!! Which is the amount of times I will be watching this video 😍😍
Felicia Ireland
Felicia Ireland 5 時間 前
have you no that that she wore alot of black lol but cool video
nat bat
nat bat 5 時間 前
i feel like just from this video you can tell that saf's a huge fan of movies and shows , with all the movies references
Twinkalicous 5 時間 前
In the future : dressing like 2020 * puts on face mask *
Swordchild001 5 時間 前
I am really happy for them but looking back at the videos- it makes sad that the wedding series is over. It is always so lovely to see a couple in love get married :')
Bron Wilson
Bron Wilson 6 時間 前
Rin-rin is so cute😂(sorry if the spelling is wrong😅🤣)
Zem/Sky 6 時間 前
Barney’s pelt
TannerTanner Woods WoodsTanner Woods bro do you
TannerTanner Woods WoodsTanner Woods bro do you 6 時間 前
Mosie over mouth Louis over Mova Louis Vuitton over
Sarahi Sanchez
Sarahi Sanchez 6 時間 前
I have the same speakers 14:17
SocialGoat 6 時間 前
Ro is so adorable oml
Gemma Alfante
Gemma Alfante 6 時間 前
can you please make mixing every handsoap in bath and body
Eliana Geneslaw
Eliana Geneslaw 6 時間 前
Frankenstein polish
coaster cat
coaster cat 6 時間 前
where are all my british safiya watchers?
Captivating Hope
Captivating Hope 6 時間 前
somoene tell me how saf pulls off clear pants
Bnc Chd
Bnc Chd 6 時間 前
awesome !
Kristin 6 時間 前
I had a small ballgown style skirt on my wedding dress. We got married at a hotel. I had to run to the bathroom shortly after we finished with photos. The nearest bathroom had stalls. My maid of honor/cousin was busting a gut with the fact that my skirt had to be around my head. XD It was all good fun.
Jeff Falciano
Jeff Falciano 7 時間 前
Rosana is smoll Boi but SHE COULD FIT A LOT OF FOOD IN HER MOUTH!!!
Isabel Anderson
Isabel Anderson 7 時間 前
James Welsh would hate this
Lena Ana
Lena Ana 7 時間 前
Super fun to watch, thanks!
Farrah Katie
Farrah Katie 7 時間 前
Nice face sounds like whenever in girls meets world Riley’s dad says to Topenga “nice face” when he was holding the cake for mayas birthday 😂
Sophie Boettge
Sophie Boettge 7 時間 前
you look lovely! for me though i've always found these clothes look cheap, especially for the price
Venefia Snowfire
Venefia Snowfire 7 時間 前
....normally i really like your videos, but thats a lot of plastic containers
Kai Xin Soh
Kai Xin Soh 7 時間 前
Honestly, Safiya is so beautiful bare-faced that she doesn't even need foundation or any makeup.
Brando 8 時間 前
Someone's probably already mentioned this, but there's canned bread in the US too. It's called brown bread. My stepmom loves it, but I think it's pretty terrible. I'm sure the strawberry bread is much better.
M6 Pointe
M6 Pointe 8 時間 前
The Guy from game theory was actually present in the wedding
is Jaclyn hill's eye shadow usable????