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11 ヶ月 前
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez 分 前
Good, more untalented people trying to become something they're not.
Sumit Mahanta
Sumit Mahanta 2 分 前
I know I am gonna cry and smile during the movie ...
Random Palmtop Gaming
Random Palmtop Gaming 3 分 前
A studio with existential crisis makes a movie about existential crisis
Jackie Garcia
Jackie Garcia 8 分 前
I’m excited for this tbh
Baby Groot
Baby Groot 9 分 前
Inside out but not really.
Ron Arjay Llasus
Ron Arjay Llasus 10 分 前
Well That was disappointing
Albert Deng
Albert Deng 11 分 前
This is unbelievable.
Kim McCallum
Kim McCallum 14 分 前
No one: No really, no one: Guy: What am I doing!? The rest of the company: Going to prison with a billion dollar debt to pay for all that equipment clearly
Rohith Rathula
Rohith Rathula 16 分 前
This is one crazy teaser I've seen in a long time. Awesome
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 17 分 前
Pixar: has good concept for movie Manhole: hahaha you’re so cute
Stevie Mcmills
Stevie Mcmills 20 分 前
When I heard that AJR music was in this I screamed.
Mohammad Razak
Mohammad Razak 22 分 前
Animation movies are far better than the originals on these days🤗
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 16 分 前
Erin Grindey
Erin Grindey 27 分 前
Pls who ever made this do another one it's soo sad, cute, and a happy ending
Álainn Danae Gaddis
Álainn Danae Gaddis 28 分 前
This is just like Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, they’re going to be some other form the whole movie.
Jumping Jet
Jumping Jet 30 分 前
The music is beautiful
Sylvester Besmonte
Sylvester Besmonte 31 分 前
One of my favorite film is COCO and definitely i will watch this SOUL.
Lightspeed Productions
Lightspeed Productions 34 分 前
I saw the teaser, thought it would be interesting. I read the description of them trying to bring their father back to life to spend one day with him and thought it sounded really cool and heartwarming. Now the full trailer's out and it just seems... weird.
Shadow Rider
Shadow Rider 44 分 前
0:47 so that scooter just drove over an open manhole....
Neston Thomas
Neston Thomas 48 分 前
Boy : it worked the can is huge and your huge and car is huge Also boy : and .... Oh no
Neston Thomas
Neston Thomas 52 分 前
So you story and the increacablls had a baby and this was the product
Theodore Adams
Theodore Adams 時間 前
Adrian SpejsonPL
Adrian SpejsonPL 時間 前
Kids in Fortntie: 1:12
jai jay
jai jay 時間 前
Had us in the first half
KOD Aslisamy
KOD Aslisamy 時間 前
Anybody got SOUL MORTAL in mind after reading the title?
Sanryu 時間 前
Imagine if everyone actually follow their passion and no one wants to do the important jobs.🤷
Brandon Goldstein
Brandon Goldstein 時間 前
Pixar: Makes good movie concept Cowboy Dance: You’re a joke to me
no one
no one 時間 前
This trailers already gonna be 3 years old, and the ringing noises of Lightning slowly in the air still haunts me
DETH Metal Viking
DETH Metal Viking 時間 前
Yeah this looks like a waste of 2 hours
Brandon Goldstein
Brandon Goldstein 時間 前
Isn’t this just coco and inside out?
Esther Jensen 8 Tågaborgsskolan
Esther Jensen 8 Tågaborgsskolan 時間 前
Bonnie is so cute
Rodolfo Urive
Rodolfo Urive 時間 前
Why am I’m just finding out about this? Thank you JPchat for notifying me
Dina Scharnhorst
Dina Scharnhorst 時間 前
Sounded interesting until the little blue blob came out...but then again, this is only the first teaser-trailer. Watching to see how this develops...
Vienna Bomberg
Vienna Bomberg 時間 前
Im not crying, im not crying.....OK IM TOTALLY CRYINGG
Kuldeep Chamoli
Kuldeep Chamoli 時間 前
I love this movie
Mafuyu _
Mafuyu _ 時間 前
Acho q vai ser o primeiro filme de animação 3D que vou assistir legendado ... MANO TA INCRÍVEL !!!
Antaraa Dasgupta
Antaraa Dasgupta 時間 前
You guys realise this is a kids movie right?
Akshay Dadhwal
Akshay Dadhwal 時間 前
Badass worth
Badass worth 時間 前
1:06 So what do you wanna want to be remembered for?? Wait Big Smoke?? Is that you???
Randomness 2018
Randomness 2018 時間 前
I cant find the episodes on the internet. When i search Pixar IRL on Yt i get a lot of bots with a link with a virus
Surojit Dutta
Surojit Dutta 時間 前
Cassandra Blando
Cassandra Blando 時間 前
0:45 the dog from secret life of pets?
Z-Negative Gaming
Z-Negative Gaming 時間 前
He won't be one of the greatest puanist until he is able to play Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul 🤣
Gilvids 時間 前
Disney owns everything
Just a guy on youtube
Just a guy on youtube 時間 前
Imagine hating on a kids movie for it being childish. It’s like hating on a cow for mooing. Y’all hate on pretty much anything nowadays, so negative
VR BRMA 時間 前
Classic Disney Everyone’s laughing until you watch the whole movie. I’m gonna have to practice holding back my tears
fahma 時間 前
"So, what do you wanna be remembered for?" That hits me hard
Cool, its Outside In
Mika Hielkema
Mika Hielkema 時間 前
Komt er ook een nieuw deel
奈菜 2 時間 前
From la la land to Inside Out 2.0 real quick
arpotato 2 時間 前
looks great honestly despite the last few seconds lol
Aragic 2 時間 前
That dog seem like the one from pet's life
Mark Barker
Mark Barker 2 時間 前
I'm not crying, you're crying. Shut up.
YanKal'yan 2 時間 前
0:54 oof
Cat G.A
Cat G.A 2 時間 前
Already becoming a predictable movie. Who else knew that he would fall in that hole after almost getting it? It happens every time 😩
kang dedededede
kang dedededede 2 時間 前
Ten seconds in and I already have a extertensial crisis. Thanks pixar
YamiKazeSora 2 時間 前
I was so EXCITED and then....Manhole...
Tuna 2 時間 前
Looked great until the second part
Life Mira TUT
Life Mira TUT 2 時間 前
nada quth
nada quth 2 時間 前
dina realistic
dina realistic 2 時間 前
The fact that she kept Hector’s photo.😭😭😭
Brandon Goldstein
Brandon Goldstein 2 時間 前
This went from Pixar to Blue Sky way too fast
100 Million subscribers with videos
100 Million subscribers with videos 2 時間 前
1995: “What if toys had feelings?” 2006: “What if cars had feelings?” 2007: “What if rats had feelings?” 2015: “What if FEELINGS had feelings?” 2020: “What if black people had feelings?”
Elegant Aapti
Elegant Aapti 2 時間 前
Aqua Man
Aqua Man 2 時間 前
KiritoKyun 2 時間 前
who is joe
GoldenJam_ 01
GoldenJam_ 01 2 時間 前
If it stayed with the real people it would have been a better trailer
Gamma 3 時間 前
0:53 Me: Aight ima head out
ThoughtsInsideThots 3 時間 前
Me: imma go watch this Inside out 2 hole appears: WELL HELLO
carrot.thief 3 時間 前
cats purr for many reasons and one of those is when they or someone else is hurt. cats would purr so they would heal faster so when the kitten purred beside the wounded dog i just 😭😭
Charles Kennedy
Charles Kennedy 3 時間 前
I would be perfectly happy if he remained human and pursued his music career. I bet they'll give him some power or hacks which will make him famous.
Deb Briggs
Deb Briggs 3 時間 前
Love It!
Gourd Man
Gourd Man 3 時間 前
1st Half: You like _JAZZ?_ 2nd Half: You like *MANHOLE?*
bobby hill
bobby hill 3 時間 前
sourya naoui
sourya naoui 3 時間 前
She represents woman in world's men or only people different
Vincent Mettler
Vincent Mettler 3 時間 前
Someone share the song from the beginning of this trailer pls
beingjokerforever 3 時間 前
Mortal , anyone...Kya bolti public.
Joseph 3 時間 前
0:06 that water looks real! Wow!
Briel S.
Briel S. 3 時間 前
idk, potential meme formats i guess....
Christian Sagem
Christian Sagem 3 時間 前
Forky: “What will happen to all of us in 700 years when the earth will get covered in trash and all humans would leave for outer space?”
Jessica 3 時間 前
But can we talk about how the first half tells you that your dreams are stupid, unless your dream in life is in the arts? Like, some people enjoy being stock brokers I would assume. I hope the movie sends a better message later in. Edit: I honestly dont mind the cowboy dance. Yeah its dumb, but as a moral, I'd say she/he can want to cowboy dance all day if it makes he/she happy.
Christian Sagem
Christian Sagem 3 時間 前
Forky: “What is death?”
Nathaniel Clark
Nathaniel Clark 3 時間 前
Me: "hell yeah! Disney finally let Pixar make a movie that isnt a shameless cash grab sequel!" Disney: "oh you sweet summer child. Show em the manhole." 😒😩
Tyiff Pejic
Tyiff Pejic 3 時間 前
Music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross!!!
Mika Benitez
Mika Benitez 3 時間 前
Christian Sagem
Christian Sagem 4 時間 前
“What is cheese?” It is the best character on the show! It is better than both the salami and the boloney combined!
Sander Schep
Sander Schep 4 時間 前
No one gonna talk about how AJR's in the soundtrack?
ゆりEtika 4 時間 前
Why do i feel like this movie is gonna be sad
Vishi's Story Golele
Vishi's Story Golele 4 時間 前
Pixar really is the best in animation.
Black Vanilla
Black Vanilla 4 時間 前
I'm crying rn
Manbir Singh
Manbir Singh 4 時間 前
Matt Johnston
Matt Johnston 4 時間 前
Looks terrible
K. Choco and Caramel
K. Choco and Caramel 4 時間 前
Is this encouraging me to just "slide off" everything on my work desk and pretend nobody saw that? ( .-.)
BlueberryCupcape 4 時間 前
I was kinda cringing at the beginning but then it turned so wholesome and cute omg
Jonathan Manuel
Jonathan Manuel 4 時間 前
One of the movie made me cry a lot..
Duffy 4 時間 前
Pixar character design is still in the toilet lol
I love Pixar😢
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma 5 時間 前
I keep coming back here for motivation boost, or whenever I feel like giving up on things.
Sundeep Edubilli
Sundeep Edubilli 5 時間 前
Did he just die?
Sundeep Edubilli
Sundeep Edubilli 2 時間 前
Wow.. Movie explained in one shot 😂😂😂
bobby hill
bobby hill 3 時間 前
lol right
LadyAdalicia 5 時間 前
Why is this actually adorable and amazing?!
Deadwood Shadow
Deadwood Shadow 5 時間 前
You had me until exactly 1:11.
Nicholas Jallette
Nicholas Jallette 5 時間 前
Pixar loves movies about small blue characters i guess. Also terrible comedy