Lynn V.
Lynn V. 50 秒 前
Lmfao love the brick line followed by the whisper lol priceless
Super Intendent Chalmers
Super Intendent Chalmers 2 分 前
God when are ppl going to realize what trash this channel is.
ronki23 5 分 前
It was too much like a Transformer's movie.
Zachary Ruckh
Zachary Ruckh 5 分 前
Maybe you should read up on personalities. Are people out there with morose personalities. Please quit just throwing stuff out there or rename all this " my opinion wrong with "movie name"
ronki23 6 分 前
It sucked. Here is why: 1. Nick Stahl's acting, 2. The male stripper glasses, 3. No Sarah Connor, 4. Judgement Day happened, 5. TX- not only is she a woman (I wouldn't even have cared if Chyna played the TX because she's muscular) but she brings her own weapons.
Lewis Garner
Lewis Garner 14 分 前
Wrapping the movie up in 10 minutes for cheapskates
Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel 14 分 前
This looks like a project I would’ve made in 6th grade for my English class after reading a book for 3 weeks
Nibbles 16 分 前
How dare you disrespect up It was my favorite movie as a child😭
Super Sophie 14
Super Sophie 14 19 分 前
Yeah they should have left mamma Mia with just the first one cuz it was my fav childhood film and this kinda ruined it
michelle Udontneedtoknow
michelle Udontneedtoknow 22 分 前
Just watched this.....I’ll never get that time back. Still trying for the life of me to understand why he would choose the MEH emoji to reply bk to a girl he actually LIKES????? And what happens if Alex decides he wants to use the high 5 emoji....he is gone....& why on earth does a 14yr old own DROPBOX? I give up
J.pumpkin 24 分 前
Lily Canadian
Lily Canadian 24 分 前
normally i'd hate watching a JP sin. but i dont like 3 anyway, so its fine.
Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies 26 分 前
Isn't this a reverse of Pocahontas?!
Zachary Ruckh
Zachary Ruckh 28 分 前
Did you really just stat that you really want to be popular and and not care about others? The whole 1 out of 6 Facebook thing. It's a major thing lol people are betraying others for just a 15 second spot in popularity XD hood to know your opinions are solely based on crap now just a opinion by a obsessed guy wanting views
Truth Stalker
Truth Stalker 28 分 前
7:30 *Carol Anne?? From Poltergeist?? 😱 A SHARED CINEMATIC UNIVERSE!!!* 😱
Demon Lord Gaming
Demon Lord Gaming 30 分 前
1:40 um, CinemaSins clearly don't know how puppies do puppy
Pandora Moon
Pandora Moon 31 分 前
Half the plot holes you mentioned where explained in the book, The Peter Johnson movies Suck
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall 33 分 前
Sooo bird box now?
Jonathan Citygames
Jonathan Citygames 33 分 前
Umm so let’s all take a moment to notice that this is a comedy
Felin222 34 分 前
Do Endgame already!!!
Felin222 35 分 前
Do Endgame already!!!!!
Bazoo Kakid22
Bazoo Kakid22 36 分 前
Thera nothing wrong with god he is wonderful he answers all my prayers
Cassandra Morrison
Cassandra Morrison 37 分 前
The ONLY thing wrong with Suicide Squad (outside if its not being the original squad except for one) is that studio interference managed to chop out most of the connecting scenes and character building scenes in a rush to get to the action scenes because all of them thought Michael Bay's blow up everything everywhere in every movie is better than actual story telling. www.amazon.com/Suicide-Squad-Silver-Brave-1955-1983-ebook/dp/B077XNS5SQ/ref=dp_kinw_strp_1/140-7665202-5047419
Musta Krackish
Musta Krackish 39 分 前
really stretching on some of these sins, if other more sponsored movies got that treatment the sins counter would be way up there
Aizawa Shouta
Aizawa Shouta 42 分 前
9:08 I lost it 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 44 分 前
I was really annoyed with this film, doesn't do the books justice at all. Do yourself a favour and read them
Luke Russell
Luke Russell 44 分 前
Next week should be Madagascar 2, it seems to be popular on the internet this year
raptorms773 45 分 前
Angruly move on by clicking above. Where? Damn where do i click?
Thomas Bullock
Thomas Bullock 45 分 前
The reason Bill tells Georgie to hurry up is because all older siblings get annoyed with their younger siblings for no reason. He must be an only child
Rikard 45 分 前
Cinemasins should hire the owls.
Demon Lord Gaming
Demon Lord Gaming 46 分 前
"Villain von Badguy the 3rd" lmao
Kyle Betts
Kyle Betts 47 分 前
The sign that said "WE WILL DEEP FRY YOUR KEBAB" did have meaning; it was foreshadowing what was about to happen to Vision. Because immediately after, Corvus ran Vision through. Like a KEBAB..
TordIsBored 49 分 前
“This works” I died
mahyar moosavi
mahyar moosavi 51 分 前
Im Really Love Hunger Games Awsome Really Good
I Am Beth
I Am Beth 時間 前
Read the book my guy before doing this
Holly Johnson
Holly Johnson 時間 前
This video is so stupid
Kevin Helmes
Kevin Helmes 時間 前
I am surprise you skipped sinning the part where Duke and Ripcord in the armor doing the same flipping movement that Bubblebee and Prime does in the first Transformer movie during the Chicago fight.
Lorenzo p
Lorenzo p 時間 前
Why did he sin minecraft
Gr33n. .T3a
Gr33n. .T3a 時間 前
I love this movie but I agree 50% with the sins you have made. 😂
Jonathan Bethards
Jonathan Bethards 時間 前
adf adf
adf adf 時間 前
Competent comedy is obvious and funny. Competent satire is obvious, often funny, and elicits intellectual thought. cinemasins does none of that, ever. They are merely wrong with most sins they give. Mostly, they observe a scene and incorrectly apply a sin, seemingly due to a fundamental misunderstanding of the movie's intention or some technical aspect (gravity is space, for example). Even if they are intentionally wrong, what they do is neither obvious nor funny. And the mistakes they make, most sins, are not intentional. Now, I will not begrudge anyone from enjoying cinemasins-type entertainment, if that's their whim, but I will (ironically) laugh when they claim it's comedy or satire. How is it a sin when Forrest's boat expectedly survives a collision with a weathered wooden dock ("Forrest's boat survives this.")? How is it funny or satirical to imply it shouldn't have? To flatly state someone is an idiot (your first word was "retard") because they don't find cinemasins' poorly done comedy funny, is highly ignorant and petulant. Also, you missed most of my responses to this video (about 2 weeks ago--today is 9/19/19). There are many more opportunities for you to inexplicably and blankly state I'm "butthurt." Also, if you read the comments, there are many more that are butthurt. You might want to copy and paste it.
adf adf
adf adf 2 分 前
@Sawcon Deez nuts You know, I like you more than you know. I'm always willing to accept intellectual criticism, and your point is not wholly wrong (sorry for the feint praise). Whatever cinemasins' intentions and meaning are, it's their choice and the choice of the individual to enjoy it or reject it. My problem with this channel is that, intentional or not, they don't have to get things wrong for comedy or satire. I think it's better if they didn't narrowly interpret things like the fifth medal of honor winner when the news announced four (past medal of honor winners show up to award ceremonies, there could be 10!), but that's just opinion. I'm sorry if I've insulted you and graciously accept your point. As far as cinemasins' intention or meaning, I will only say this, people read Shakespeare differently, but no one's intepretation is necessarily right or wrong. You make good arguments and I'm not dismissing them. Mind you, I will not stop replying to cinemasins criticisms and will offer (hopefully) reasoned responses to it.
Sawcon Deez nuts
Sawcon Deez nuts 49 分 前
adf adf I’m pretty sure calling minor details that don’t add to the movie at all “sins” pretty clearly shows the obvious sarcasm intended, your favorite sin, the boat sin was a joke about the people that analyze every scene of a movie to find a little discrepancy that doesn’t matter, if they can’t than they make something up with a fake discrepancy that sounds logical and makes the scene look bad, just for a little attention. Oh wait that’s not just the boat scene joke, it’s the entire point of the channel
Akira Kamisaru
Akira Kamisaru 時間 前
1:32 He Slapped The Fuck Out of Him!!! 😂😂😂
Levi Fontaine
Levi Fontaine 時間 前
Most of these are things that made the movie so good. The only thing that ever bothered me as the Southerner not being upset about the general dying.
Gayle Cheung
Gayle Cheung 時間 前
I really do not like this movie one bit at all
Anagram Confirmed
Anagram Confirmed 時間 前
I never knew you were so woke
Akira Kamisaru
Akira Kamisaru 時間 前
11:35-11:42 Best Part!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
M-Vlog The great
M-Vlog The great 時間 前
Holy jesus this guy is the flash
nattyurdaddy y
nattyurdaddy y 時間 前
thats a- a seahorse...
Johnny Cage
Johnny Cage 時間 前
It isn’t Benedict Cumberbatch +1 Sin
Fire Wizard
Fire Wizard 時間 前
you guys are awsome but Jesus christ you know how to make a movie sad or look lazy. DAMN
Jaci Amb
Jaci Amb 時間 前
This is stupid. I am a big fan of the films and the books. The films aren't very accurate to the books but they are still wonderful!!!!
boi if you don
boi if you don 時間 前
8:26 It ir pennywise showed himself to eddie and said "join the clowns eddie"
Acidic Recon
Acidic Recon 時間 前
Palestine not Israel. Thank you
H.D. Armstrong
H.D. Armstrong 時間 前
My biggest problem with this film was the ending. I felt the girl was put through enough shit, and deserved a happier outcome with a guy that she genuinely liked.
Lulove Productions
Lulove Productions 時間 前
This version of Willy wonka is awful and I wish it never existed
Iris Lahtinen
Iris Lahtinen 時間 前
Blessing E.
Blessing E. 時間 前
Addition sin: Why didn’t Peter just tell Bea he pushed the detonator instead of representing it, it would’ve been easier in my opinion
stoney renegade
stoney renegade 時間 前
Also their was a scene where they created a barrier around themselves to protect from stabbing their hands with the fork at the restaurant.
jonathan laws
jonathan laws 時間 前
The siafu, or army ants, are actually native to Asia and Africa. How did they end up in freaking Brazil or Peru of all places. Plus the year is 1957, so there was a divide between the socialites, and the second class, also called the 'Greasers'. Basically, if any one of the two attacked each other (like in a bar fight), it would start a huge f*cking brawl.
Iris Lahtinen
Iris Lahtinen 時間 前
The only remotely redeemable thing about this movie is the fact that Clarisse and Dionysus exist, and that they finally got Annabeths hair color correct, yet it will never make the Dam Peter Johnson movies good or ok.
Sugar and Cyenide
Sugar and Cyenide 時間 前
The walking dead hear a who hahaha
Rikard 時間 前
Anakin Skywalker didn''t have any parents and look how he turned out. He became a child killer.
Luca Pena
Luca Pena 時間 前
HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!! This movie is a work of art LOL
stoney renegade
stoney renegade 時間 前
Lol if they used their powers to. Get the guys truck out of the water he would have known it was them who (a: had powers) and (b:used them to cause the accident in the first place
Cindy Alicia
Cindy Alicia 時間 前
Isn't the movie adapted from a play so than the narration would make sense.
Cindy Alicia
Cindy Alicia 時間 前
11:27 Chris Pine is actually very good at the William Shatner impressions of captain kirk and I think it's awesome. Also I really like that in the agony song they were just kinda improvising on it, which is why chris did the impressions.
Suvorov928 時間 前
It would take longer than the movie itself to point out everything wrong with this piece of crap film. Like Richard Petty once said, "About the only thing realistic in this movie, is the cars have numbers."
redsopine 1
redsopine 1 時間 前
Add 5 sins to yourself for missing sinning abe not giving liz the crown peace and making the prince free his sister or she melts it
L3gend_ L3gend
L3gend_ L3gend 時間 前
freaking catsist dogs man awww that annoying
Andydoo 時間 前
I know this show is all about scrutinizing movies to find everything possibly wrong with it, but you've gotten to the point where you're sinning things that are intentional. The scene with Officer Davis and Miles at the school where Miles is embarrassed by his dad was supposed to be just that: a scene where Miles is embarrassed. The movie even addresses Miles's ruined reputation with the scene right after it. It's not a sin just because it's something bad, it has to be an actual error or plot hole.
Ruby Black
Ruby Black 時間 前
Le Bro
Le Bro 時間 前
I'm surprised by how good people think this movie is. Skipping chronological order felt pointless and honestly the only storyline that interested me a little was Butch when he went back for his watch. The rest were just boring.
paul madalin
paul madalin 時間 前
i'm from the future... 5 years... your vids vill become longer, your naration of sins will become faster, you are gonna find even more sins in movies... you are gonna be more awesome ♥
LPS Little Chick
LPS Little Chick 時間 前
I'm that person that over sings the happy birthdays song.. T^T I don't think everybody hates me. Cri
Marcel LAZZER 時間 前
Well, honestly, Everything IS Wrong in this movie!
Phoenix 24
Phoenix 24 時間 前
Pixar uses the catcall joke and the moral message is don't assume she's a woman, and not don't catcall
Austin S077 SII
Austin S077 SII 時間 前
The reason she caught the hammer was because she was mjolnirs first owner, i assume as odin couldnt stop her is why the enchantment was useless against her
Falc1NL 時間 前
If my girl wears those shoes on her feet all day i'd be a happy man when she gets home.
Mr Woosh
Mr Woosh 時間 前
The beginning the end and everything inbetween 😏
that1rpgdude 2 時間 前
Dude, you know nothing. This is a terrible analysis.
Simon St. Rose
Simon St. Rose 2 時間 前
fuck off libtard
Lynn V.
Lynn V. 2 時間 前
Omg I love cinema sins but ya don't talk shit about Eminem he's the goat like if u agree
Abigail Hadley
Abigail Hadley 2 時間 前
Correct me if I am wrong, but what I have read of PT Barnum suggests he was not racist and he actually held political office as a Republican, which in the 1860's was the only political party that opposed slavery. He was quoted saying any person, regardless of race, has an immortal soul. I mean, he could still have done some racist things I just haven't come across, but as far as I know he was anti-racist and I don't know why you keep referring to him as a racist repeatedly.
Thor Patterson
Thor Patterson 2 時間 前
The MonStars!
Miraak 2 時間 前
*And if we kill this innocent German, who gives a f*ck? He´s German!* I had to laugh, but still feel a little offended.
Luke Jones
Luke Jones 2 時間 前
Nicolasmcfly 2 時間 前
*Now you have take it too far, buddy*
Max Ellington
Max Ellington 2 時間 前
Everything wrong with "Truth or Dare" (2018)
Angel Sanders
Angel Sanders 2 時間 前
Agony is the one reason to watch this
Brook Gaughan
Brook Gaughan 2 時間 前
Who else realized the Annabelle doll at 6:00
PyramidHead138 2 時間 前
0:46 thats a dvd player not a snes
daimondslash3r 2 時間 前
Do endgame
WarpBeast 2 時間 前
K bro. Your so extra
Nani Cristobal
Nani Cristobal 2 時間 前
If you watch the movie first, please don’t read the book. It honestly sucks. Vice versa maybe
T King
T King 2 時間 前
TheTowvalee 2 時間 前
Don't get me wrong I love this video,I'm just really shocked that with the new Rambo movie coming out this weekend you guys didn't do a sins video on any of the older ones.
People's Union of Wales
People's Union of Wales 2 時間 前
BelowAverageLuke 2 時間 前
I'm going to give you a dislike, as this movie is the best that DC has ever made.
Billie Jean
Billie Jean 2 時間 前
Because its a lower building and it won't collapse like taller buildings
sarah kucana
sarah kucana 2 時間 前
130 sins Man why did i watch all three movies oh wait my parents made me