Fun With Audio - Strings
AvEryBadApPLe 14 時間 前
You just don’t kill off Luke Skywalker, John Conner and Tony Stark. WTF, hollyweird?!
Geoffrey Peterson
Geoffrey Peterson 14 時間 前
When I saw this movie, the biggest sin I noticed was when they point out that our protagonists, an undocumented woman, a Mexican immigrant, and a fugitive wanted for domestic terrorism, have to sneak across the border into the United States, culminating in a scene set in a Border Patrol detention center in which faceless CBP agents are murdered. Regardless of your political affiliation, your movie is bumbling into a charged issue with the grace of a drunk mule in a china shop. Fortunately this movie was mostly ignored.
ScissorMeTimbers 14 時間 前
Yeeah I'm not gonna watch the movie, but ,"I am never fucking calling you Carl" is pretty funny only because Linda Hamilton said it lol
Mike Fenton
Mike Fenton 14 時間 前
8:40 - Because it makes the Prince and Aurora look guilty when the dark fae shows up if they have one of the stolen flowers on them.
banana hands
banana hands 14 時間 前
Since when the fuck does "no mames" translate to "oh my god"? That should have been the first sign the fucked up this movie. Terminator 6 rise of the LGBT2020 🤣🤣🤣
Peter Grenier
Peter Grenier 14 時間 前
Terminator has become the most deadbeat series of all time, worse than the furious movies because those were never good in the first place. Every. Single. Terminator. Movie. Destroys skynet, only to end with, the future is not set. Sending Arnold back thru time was redundant starting with T3. It was a great twist in T2 and only so great in that one movie. Sending him back in time in every movie does NOT make said movie as good as T2. That's not what made judgment day good either, it required the necessary context that a good Terminator was unheard of. It's the same with the death star, you did it again after the first one? Then again? Then again? And again after that? This series broke the mold of time travel with Salvation, it takes place post judgment day! We see John Conner actually fighting the machines! God, finally. But then they blow up skynet. Again. In the future mind you, they actually blow up the present version of skynet central. Which every following movie completely forgets and goes back to time travel nonsense. And then again in the next one. It's not like you have to convince people to set a movie post judgement day, and they keep shooting you down and returning to time travel. That movie exists already, pick up where it left off! It's already been started, so naturally, pretend it never happened and go back to Arnold being the good Terminator. Again. And again in Dark Fate. How long are you going to keep this up? You escaped this cycle with TS, and purposely dove right back in. If nothing ever carries over from film to film, than NOTHING MATTERS. It's like a comic book multiverse where you change the default story so make bolder choices for popular characters, but only in an alternate reality so there's no consequences for going off the beaten path. Marvel wanted Infinity War to be it's red wedding, but no one was ever sad, we know for a fact they're all coming back so boo hoo, everyone died. I didn't think they could make death even more meaningless after that but nope, Black Widow gets her first solo movie AFTER SHE DIES IN ENDGAME. Death means NOTHING. Blowing up skynet means NOTHING. Arnold being good or bad means NOTHING. He grows a conscience? Gets married? After he kills John? His one mission? What the fuck for? He naturally becomes a good guy on his own? You wait this long to star Sarah Conner as the badass protagonist she's supposed to be, only to break all the rules to allow Arnold back to resume the same role as every other Terminator movie. Why bother giving Sarah the spotlight if Arnold shows up later to upstage her? WITHOUT BEING REPROGRAMED TO BE A GOOD GUY. He, a machine, on his own, changes his machine mind, about completing his machine mission, to do one thing and one thing only, to secure victory for the machines. Think about that logic for a second, not the filmakers mind you, I know you're incapable of logic or thought, now consider the reason for all this illogical stuff. To still have Arnold be the good Terminator, for the 4th time, completely stealing the spotlight from Sarah. It's clear they're trying to ride the wave of female action stars to pander to women, but that's a meaningless gesture when you BREAK. THE. RULES. TO. BRING. ARNOLD. BACK. AS. THE. MAIN. HERO. Look, we have 3 women as the heros! Oh by the way, we're still going out of our way to keep Arnold in the narrative because without him no one would ever watch a Terminator movie. Fuck your copy paste story bullshit, fuck you for pretending to care about empowering women, fuck you for your lazy action movie writing, fuck you for going back to time travel, for the second time AFTER salvation, fuck you bending over backwards to make Arnold a good guy on his own, and fuck you for contributing to the stagnation of modern storytelling and the new standard of passable movie ideas. God is dead.
Jacob Nilsson
Jacob Nilsson 14 時間 前
17:55 is so damn disrespectful lol
Vladamir Priboi
Vladamir Priboi 14 時間 前
The whole movie is wrong
Corby Dinsburger
Corby Dinsburger 14 時間 前
"wow, that looked totally real" seriously the reason I haven't been to a movie in the past 15. Garbage .
patman0250 14 時間 前
Isn't it funny that Danny's like a child in this movie but they show her in the future still looking like a fucking child. Just imagine child John Connor looking the same in the future, how stupid is that. Didn't have enough money to cast an adult version of this meaningless character.
J.A. Bristol
J.A. Bristol 14 時間 前
I'm glad the cinema sinner (forgive me, I forgot his name) didn't make any political comment at all when the scene at the immigration detention center came round. Good job, keeping the show apolitical!
D H 14 時間 前
No sin for the terminator's helicopter getting tangled up in the fence but making it out easily??
Christian Pineda
Christian Pineda 14 時間 前
Sledge Handel me
Marcella D
Marcella D 14 時間 前
I'll stick with the animated film, thanks.
Adrian Naranjo
Adrian Naranjo 14 時間 前
say it with me now, *GET WOKE GO BROKE!*
TheDaringPastry1313 14 時間 前
Change this video title to “Everything IS Wrong With Terminator Dark Fate”
KO Artist
KO Artist 14 時間 前
Can you find sins in Robocop 2014 I’m sure there are plenty of sins in there.
FineJuggler 14 時間 前
How I would fix this movie: 1. Don’t kill John Connor 2. Make Dani the future creator of sky net or something (only reveal this at the end) 3. Grace is a human sent back to kill her, (like a reverse Kyle from T1). 4.a terminator is trying to protect Dani.
R. Voogt
R. Voogt 14 時間 前
They fucked it up, I have lost all hope for a good and simple terminator movie. WTF, even the low budget Terminator Resistance game is better. (A lot better, loved it actually)
Fork Plays Free
Fork Plays Free 14 時間 前
Everything wrong with dark fate: EVERYTHING
Kieran Stark
Kieran Stark 14 時間 前
*sees beginning of the video* I’m just gonna say it... A BUG’S LIFE IS AS GREAT, OR EVEN MORE SO THAN THE ONLY PIXAR FEATURE FILM THAT CAME BEFORE IT.
YoungTheFish 14 時間 前
McKenzie Davis' biceps alone are worth the price of admission, let's be honest here.
ImOnlyJustSaying 14 時間 前
Another failed excuse to cash in on feminists... waiting to a male version of a " chick flick "...oh
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 14 時間 前
I’m just watching this vid to see the movie
Geek Commentator
Geek Commentator 14 時間 前
Justice league callout got me 😂
Devlyn Desaulniers
Devlyn Desaulniers 14 時間 前
Why wasn't this movie a comedy??? With a name like "Cowboys and Aliens", I would've expected "Blazing Saddles" combined with "Mars Attacks!"
T.R. Luxx13
T.R. Luxx13 14 時間 前
I'm sorry but the squiddy terminator at 6:03 is unapologetically channelling Tokyo Ghoul and you can't convince me otherwise....
YoStu 14 時間 前
They have bikes in VW factories too because they are so enormous places that it would take whole day to walk from one place to another (saw that in Richard Hammond's Big)
myron X
myron X 14 時間 前
"Robot cocaine" LOL LOL
IamNotBread 14 時間 前
that "i wont be back" almost killed me with how awful it was.
Jackson Chennault
Jackson Chennault 14 時間 前
I fell asleep watching this movie woke up with 12 minutes left before the credits
Todoroki Shoto
Todoroki Shoto 14 時間 前
0:22 That’s. That’s the actual warning for that site.
Aaditya Acharya
Aaditya Acharya 14 時間 前
For those of you who dont know v sauce is another youtuber , his videos are mindblowing i suggest you do check them out
Aka Ercone
Aka Ercone 14 時間 前
let’s be honest, this movie failed bc it’s another attempt at changing the entire story line to make the lead actors female 🤣
Tony O
Tony O 14 時間 前
I watched the first 10 minutes of this in theaters, then I walked out. I decided I'd get the best version of this on Cinema Sins.
Manuel Roldan
Manuel Roldan 14 時間 前
How is riding a bike at work a sin? My factory has bikes to make it easier to get around when needed.
SeisSieteTresAWSF 14 時間 前
This is the worst channel on youtube. fuck you.
Saturday Morning Comeback
Saturday Morning Comeback 14 時間 前
12:21 Oh Haiii Mark
Hissaigo Kagemusha
Hissaigo Kagemusha 14 時間 前
that move is soo good that made T3 Cannon.
BlueKid 14 時間 前
The fact that a personality is forced to come out due to some test makes me sick to my stomach. That is just disgusting to do, a personality should never be forced to come out, the human mind is vary delicate and for some people, its vary easy to through trauma or something traumatic. This would not benefit him, this would just be a experience he would find to be upsetting.
Joly M89
Joly M89 14 時間 前
This is my favorite franchise and the babies made me melt but... Hiccup has 2 children and the girl looks at least 7 but let's say shes 5 just to be safe, does that mean toothless didnt breed for 5 years or that those babies arent the only ones he has? ... There's a bunch of mixed toothless offsprings flying around?
J W 14 時間 前
So many flaws this film had.
Ruben Lopez
Ruben Lopez 14 時間 前
I hate how he never uses the tentacles like the future Rev-9
Kelly Coyle
Kelly Coyle 14 時間 前
FYI...Use of bicycles in large factories and power plants is a very common thing. Even though it is something you are not familiar with or thought was out of place, doesn't make it so. So not really a sin.
whitestripee 14 時間 前
The military guy that gives Sarah the weapon.... Should have been Danny Dyson, Miles Dyson's son. He´s the only one that would know how important the weapon is. Missed opportunity.
Vader...You Seek Vader!
Vader...You Seek Vader! 14 時間 前
I don't dislike any of the Terminator movies.
Ruben Lopez
Ruben Lopez 14 時間 前
The Spidey sense has got to be some vibration sense or terminator scanner
Waylon Nicholson
Waylon Nicholson 14 時間 前
I have a long love affair with the Terminator franchise, and have given a chance to T3, Salvation, and Genesys. I’m usually the one arguing in favor of each movie that followed T2. This one is really hard to get behind.
Badmunky64 14 時間 前
I still enjoyed this movie. Leagues better than any post 1/2 Terminator film,
fizbinsfire 14 時間 前
None of the movies made sense. If you can send terminators into the past why would you since time travel could effect your own existence but if you wanted to ensure success then go back in time b4 humans and set up a whole machine civilization forgetting causality.
Lord Thorgorath
Lord Thorgorath 14 時間 前
HE DISGUISED A GUN AS AS PAPER BAG??!! Gimme a break.....
Werner S
Werner S 14 時間 前
Riding a bicycle in big plants is very usual. Even segeways
ejay1118 14 時間 前
The "shitload" of gold came later. Probably by the natives to appease the "gods" Their treasure was knowledge, and crazy commie lady didn't know you don't upload a terabyte of information into a 10 gigabyte hard drive!
Fredegunde Stratton
Fredegunde Stratton 14 時間 前
Eww 2001 a space odyssey
adeptus mechanicus
adeptus mechanicus 14 時間 前
I would choose T Genesis over this piece of garbage. Genesis is bad but, it didn't kill John Connor at the beginning of the damn movie! Also Arnold didn't die, he was turned into a Liquid T. With him being a Liquid T that means Arnold could pass on the role to someone else.
Muis! 14 時間 前
11:38 "presumably at the DEA" I see what you did there!
I-YELL- A-LOT 14 時間 前
PassiveSmoking 14 時間 前
I thought this was going to be a hard hitting espouse into the state of the aviation industry and how the 737max was allowed to fly when it wasn’t airworthy. But alas, it’s just a mean spirited click bait attack on a children’s film.
Freshwaterboy 14 時間 前
It's an anti-dick, chick flick made by angry lesbians and it sucks, BIG TIME!
Daniel Bickley Gorman
Daniel Bickley Gorman 14 時間 前
wait what if the clock on the murray franklin show being something other than 11:11 represents him no longer being anxious and scared or something
Flow Ekiam
Flow Ekiam 14 時間 前
"Slow them down just a little bit" Anybody else can hear Monto screaming from afar?
Mike Patton
Mike Patton 14 時間 前
Didnt she die from cancer?
Sharyar A
Sharyar A 14 時間 前
As much as I love Terminator, I didn't even finish this movie. Its a complete shit on the franchise , an attempt to suck up to feminists, it seemed like a white mom's daydream. Complete shit on the franchise.
Nikolaus Hart
Nikolaus Hart 14 時間 前
He doing all this like it’s just a movie who gives a fuck let them have a average movie
Kenneth Stoddard
Kenneth Stoddard 14 時間 前
Sin 84 Jeremy cringing singing
YouTube Account
YouTube Account 14 時間 前
John is Killed in this one? WTF?! From T1 and until Salvation it's all about Saving Sarah and John (and also Kyle) i don't understand why they'd broke the entire story with Vagina
zach S
zach S 14 時間 前
Glad she bought her shotgun from the same place Hershel got his in season 2 of the walking dead
SàiGònMan 14 時間 前
At least in this one John’s snuffed our before he turns to drugs and alcohol. I know, I’m a cunt.
FunkMaster Funk
FunkMaster Funk 14 時間 前
God this movie is so goddamn bad!
Datju 14 時間 前
Hollywood: Here is a new Terminator movie, where we rewrite the entire timeline Us: You mean Terminator Genisys? Hollywood: No, this time we bring Sarah Connor back and kill off John Us: Thanks... I hate it
Kenneth Stoddard
Kenneth Stoddard 14 時間 前
Sin 82 Well you made me cringe when you’re making this fucking laugh. You are getting 10 sins for this.
On The subject of Me with Wade Ross
On The subject of Me with Wade Ross 14 時間 前
10/10 if you need a nap.
Niginz 14 時間 前
why do they have to make a remake with a woman as a main character... oh right fucking feminists
w I
w I 14 時間 前
Yes some small girl will be a resistance leader.
Rasm0s 14 時間 前
Could’ve just shown the whole movie
Ty 14 時間 前
I said the same thing st the end of the movie, are they just going to leave the bodies?
gameroftheyear1000 14 時間 前
Here’s something I wanna know, Laurie comes through the back door into the house to check on her friends, and while in the kitchen she’s attracted to the noise Michael makes from the upstairs, goes upstairs. It only takes her like two minutes to discover the bodies and Michael is already in the house by that point. So when did he find the time to run downstairs, prop the rake under the knob from the outside, go back around to the front and hide in the room next door? That’s always bothered me even as a kid.
Ollyoxenfree 14 時間 前
Hades killed the fishing boat because he had to get rid of the witnesses
Skoldpadda 14 時間 前
Yes finally
Starii Kat
Starii Kat 14 時間 前
I love the voodo man's song lol I actually went to see the movie in theatre a second time just for that part 😂
EAJ97 14 時間 前
You forgot a major sin: Tencent Pictures
TheSpanishzombie 14 時間 前
So many monumental fuck ups and franchise killers in this woke era, just horrible movies
Ivory Jefferson
Ivory Jefferson 14 時間 前
Mackenzie Davis is hot!!!! 😍😍😍
myron X
myron X 14 時間 前
If they invent a time machine tomorrow that means that I can have one of my soldiers go back in time and protect my mother, and by the way also impregnate her, making himself my father????
AndiNordsee 14 時間 前
"Sweet. Snap bracelets!" - Sins it anyways.
Trey Walker
Trey Walker 14 時間 前
This is the first and only Terminator movie I have seen
Isaac Boxtart
Isaac Boxtart 14 時間 前
They managed to make a Terminator movie boring. Bravo.
ejay1118 14 時間 前
Actually, the "Pancho Villa" thing is a reference to the television show. Also, I think there was a wasted moment in the college where the could have had "Professor Round" see Indy shoot by on the motorcycle and say something like; "What trouble are you in now, Indy?"
Benny Liang
Benny Liang 14 時間 前
CinemaSins: "...too dark..." "... Night time" Me: facking stop complaining and turn up the brightness
Rick D
Rick D 14 時間 前
Man I hope they just fkn stop with this franchise
Brandon Selinger
Brandon Selinger 14 時間 前
You can tell just from previews this would be an sjw puke fest anyway.
typograf62 14 時間 前
It makes sense to have half the movie so dark that you cannot see a thing. It is called DARK fate after all.
Kryptonian Guest
Kryptonian Guest 14 時間 前
Incidentally, the Hammer of Witches, or Malleus Maleficarum, was not a Catholic book. The Church banned it and said that anyone who believed what was written in it was automatically excommunicated.
Revenex 14 時間 前
T1 : future sacrifices self for mother and son T2 : mother devotion to protect son TDF: leader sacrifices child shes raised to save her past self
Gabriel Pambukci
Gabriel Pambukci 14 時間 前
Centi 14 時間 前
"Bike in a factory" As someone who has worked in a couple different factories over the years, this is absolutely a thing that happens. Especially in bigger factories. Time is money, friend. And biking is faster than walking.
Javier Jimenez
Javier Jimenez 14 時間 前
The CinemaSins Cut of the movie is here! The only way I'll see this movie
Epicmonk117 14 時間 前
I disagree with your “augmented” sin. It was VERY clear to me that she meant that she had cybernetics.
Dave loves coffee
Dave loves coffee 14 時間 前
Bikes are all over the place in a John Deere factory. Places are huge.
pash91 14 時間 前
Let the sinning of your sins commence!! Check out a WAY better review HERE: 1:02- Because that was a model used for all the T-800's, (Seen in Salvation and he's walking into the ocean...because as you saw in previous scene, that what they do, noone follows. 1:30- Yeah...if she wanted a cop uniform.. 1:40- Landscapes/buildings and areas are different in the past/future. Legion didn't know the exact time and second she was there, just that's her home. 1:43- if you can find a good job in mexico and your family needs work...I'm sure you wouldn't hesitate either. 2:20- You're right, it would be over alot more quickly that way....but then so would the movie 2:49- Legion isn't learning anything from skynet because here Skynet never existed...yet their old model did because he was sent back before it never happened. Machine just think that bone/skeleton design is pretty fly I guess. 3:18- Just because it's not shown them calling the cops, doesn't mean they didn't. It would be a waste of time showing that scene as they are gone in second anyways. 03:27- Augmented in the reality= being mixed in with machine...pretty straight forward to comprehend 03:35- Super augmented hearing 04:13- Future shit lol 05:10 the Rev 9 can't be killed like the other Terminators she's come across, as far as she knew it WAS dead. 06:36- ACTUAL sin would be, if she was sent back to Dani's did she know it would be on the freeway/or how did Carl know to send her to freeway? 06:50- And then she then began to explain how to chip bag works...remember? god cause it was 5 mins ago. 07:55- Dick move or showing how scarily easy it is to make someone a target and then exterminate that target. 09:23- That's it? That's all you have to say about this Terminator gaining carpet cleaning business and conscious? 09:35- That's it? That's all you have to say about this Terminator gaining the ability to see the future hours/days before it happens when a Terminator gets sent back, then have time to send texts to Sarah to kill it? 13:00- You missed that Dani essentially just tells those guys robbing Grace to lay off...that's all it took