Usher - Burn
2 年 前
Usher - Numb
7 年 前
Usher - Numb (Audio)
Usher - Dive
7 年 前
Usher - Climax
8 年 前
Usher - Call Me A Mack
Usher - Think Of You
Usher - U-Turn
10 年 前
Fru1ty B
Fru1ty B 15 時間 前
Found this on birthday jams, now Im never not going to listen to this
Michaela Lambert
Michaela Lambert 16 時間 前
inveinsibleXO 16 時間 前
Totally does sound like an Abel song. But come on his amazing album just came out, hes doing great. Dont bring up something to hate him over now.
RAJA North
RAJA North 16 時間 前
Who came after hearing about The Weeknd 🤚🏽
inveinsibleXO 16 時間 前
Here after The Weeknd lmao
Kaan Eskici
Kaan Eskici 16 時間 前
sounds like eurovisioned the weeknd.
g- 16 時間 前
Who are the two girls at the beginning in the kitchen?
Elizzy Abuzahra
Elizzy Abuzahra 16 時間 前
Usher is the king of RnB 👑
Brandee Autry
Brandee Autry 16 時間 前
Peace out a-town down
Elizzy Abuzahra
Elizzy Abuzahra 16 時間 前
The Weekend tried it !!!
Yab T
Yab T 16 時間 前
Elizzy Abuzahra stfu The Weeknd is better artist than usher
khaled alrefae
khaled alrefae 16 時間 前
Who came here after abel mentioned it? 😂
Sternie Meyie
Sternie Meyie 16 時間 前
Qui est içi après les propos de the weeknd?
ejim angel
ejim angel 16 時間 前
Who is here after weekend's comment
Ruth Blanc
Ruth Blanc 16 時間 前
The Weeknd got me here😩
Bea Crowther
Bea Crowther 16 時間 前
Hustler's 🙌🏽🤣🤣
Waqas Riaz
Waqas Riaz 16 時間 前
Corona lockdown Yeah yeah in home👌😎👍 😂😂😂😂😂
Jadon Anderson
Jadon Anderson 16 時間 前
Who here after the weekend said that bull shit
Akel Dimis
Akel Dimis 16 時間 前
The Weekend could NEVER
Jay Scott
Jay Scott 16 時間 前
WHAT AN ABSOLUTE CLASSIC 🥵🦋❤️ i just posted a cover of it mashed up with queen naija on my page, go check it out xx
Tulsi Parekh
Tulsi Parekh 16 時間 前
what choreography is in this video? is there a routine for this?
SMITH3100 16 時間 前
Here after the weekend tried usher
Circa 1984
Circa 1984 16 時間 前
Same lol Like boy if you don't get tf....
jcx321 16 時間 前
This song was ahead of it's time.
Bliss 16 時間 前
The fact that The Weeknd thinks he has the vocal capacity to pull off this song LMAOOOO
Jackiejokes 16 時間 前
Abel is talking about the beats, the elements that make the song not about Usher's voice. And Abel is right, I am sure he inspired the format of the song!
Tracey Garness
Tracey Garness 17 時間 前
I'm here because of auto play.. I have no idea who Summer Walker is :)
Tom O
Tom O 17 時間 前
If it ain’t XO then it gotta go
himOo haji
himOo haji 17 時間 前
wow he really stole abel sound
diona sexy
diona sexy 17 時間 前
good music usher is great artist
theajballer22 17 時間 前
Abel may have a point 😬😬
Fabulous Victoria
Fabulous Victoria 17 時間 前
I'm here cause Abel was talking shit
A mazing
A mazing 17 時間 前
Can we all appreciate that he did not have Ella Mai out here half Naked! And He gave us all those star appearance! YASSS!
virginia redbone
virginia redbone 17 時間 前
A mazing
A mazing 17 時間 前
Okkkkkaaaayyyy nice I’ll break from twerking! Video was classy, fun, with a lil bit of sexy......I see you Usher!
A Brav - o
A Brav - o 17 時間 前
Keri hilson in every music video back then
Jay Wanton
Jay Wanton 17 時間 前
It just be weird to knw he didn’t write this song
Brown Cookie
Brown Cookie 17 時間 前
1:01 In The Weeknd's Variety Interview, he said this song sounded a lot like his music at the time, and I swear to god when he said "Where are you now when I need you.." I thought he was gonna say "most" like in After Hours haha
Mya Featchurs
Mya Featchurs 17 時間 前
Who’s listening while in quarantine❗️
Hollie Jones
Hollie Jones 17 時間 前
SNOOP D-O- Double-G !!! :)
I am listening in quarantine
Alan Souza
Alan Souza 17 時間 前
O cara é foda de mais
Alan Souza
Alan Souza 17 時間 前
Esse cara demorar pra lançar mas quando lança e estouro
Reem Elemam
Reem Elemam 17 時間 前
He recorded it in Morocco 😩
SpookyWhisky 17 時間 前
I seen this on tiktok
JDH 17 時間 前
Play this song at 1.25 speed and prepare to have your mind blown!! It sounds like a completely different record!!
Shimi Suka
Shimi Suka 17 時間 前
This song was originally intended for Micheal Jackson... damn I can really hear him singing this !!
Ray Ramirez
Ray Ramirez 18 時間 前
Makes me forget this motherfucking Corona virus
Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah 18 時間 前
I like Usher and this is a pretty good song But literally any song from The Weeknd catalogue is better than this.
Circa 1984
Circa 1984 16 時間 前
Are you deaf?
Christian Brown
Christian Brown 17 時間 前
Please stop smoking Crack with The Weeknd please Usher had a 20+ year career
Buccie Gold
Buccie Gold 18 時間 前
Usher’s voice is just too amazing
Chuckie 18 時間 前
Who came here after the weekend said he influenced Usher to make this song
Buccie Gold
Buccie Gold 18 時間 前
Still in love
RealMakiss 18 時間 前
creeper , AWWW MAN
HerConsciousStyles 18 時間 前
the weekend tried it!! he could never! 🙄
LillyFace Youngblood
LillyFace Youngblood 18 時間 前
I... Love... This... Song... Yeah!
Brett Parr
Brett Parr 17 時間 前
LillyFace Youngblood 🚬🙏🏼👥👤🍺👮‍♀️👮‍♂️👨‍✈️👩‍✈️🎂🎈🍻🎂🎊🎉Brett
Queen Leelee
Queen Leelee 18 時間 前
Who else after seeing the shaderoom post...
Nesrin Göksay
Nesrin Göksay 18 時間 前
Yung Phame
Yung Phame 18 時間 前
Only here cause the weekend said this song sound like him 🤔 forgot about this song but I kinda just lost respect for him for saying some dumb ass shit
Big Ken
Big Ken 18 時間 前
This def does not sound like the weeknd..he needs to relax.
Whitney Lewis
Whitney Lewis 18 時間 前
Naw I can only see Usher singing this
10noluv 18 時間 前
Thank you, I’ve been waiting on this video!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Ariana Othon
Ariana Othon 18 時間 前
Let's be honest, we've listened to the Minecraft parody so many times, that this song feels more like a parody than the original.
Pankit Mehtalia
Pankit Mehtalia 18 時間 前
No one can believe this is 10 year old song...corona Lockdown gave me chance to go back 2009..😍
YesNoMaybeSo 18 時間 前
Abel/The Weeknd did not invent singing in falsetto. He should've listened to previous Usher songs like Can U Handle It and Do It to Me from the Confessions album before making that absurd statement
Perfect Potential
Perfect Potential 18 時間 前
Hardly anythang can beat the original beginning of the song.
luciousbbwkitty 18 時間 前
This video gives me hope that I'll still be able to enjoy the summer *fingers crossed*
robert olsson
robert olsson 18 時間 前
Nice music video
lucas silva marketing de afiliados
lucas silva marketing de afiliados 18 時間 前
2020 Brasil 🇧🇷✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Cas Wells001
Cas Wells001 18 時間 前
Annie Jousiey
Annie Jousiey 18 時間 前
Who's here after the bullshit that theweeknd just said... Like wtf this is an USHER SONG... Period ‼️💯💯
Sip & Cook Gossip
Sip & Cook Gossip 18 時間 前
I came here after seeing that the Weekend tried to say that this his song. He tried it. Lol
Circa 1984
Circa 1984 16 時間 前
Girl, exactly he tried it.. Usher is a R&B Legend
Ariana R.
Ariana R. 17 時間 前
Right I was mad and had to come listen to the legend 😂💀
Rairaiswedishfish 17 時間 前
Sip & Cook Gossip me too....😂
MikeDaOnly23 18 時間 前
The Weeknd would never be able to pull this song off. He better sit tf down.. Usher a legend
Yab T
Yab T 16 時間 前
MikeDaOnly23 herp boy
Logan West
Logan West 18 時間 前
YeAh I’m here after hearing what weekend said.
Donovan Wilson
Donovan Wilson 18 時間 前
They all come back to JD in the end.
esmer 18 時間 前
Who here after The weekend said Usher copied him to compare them?
Logan West
Logan West 18 時間 前
YeAh I’m here after hearing what weekend said.
Lara Bentz
Lara Bentz 18 時間 前
What Abel meant in the interview with variety is not necessarily that he sounds like him voice-like. I mean, they both sing in falsetto, a lot of artists do, its nothing new, there’s no one who invented it. What he’s trying to point out are the musical elements I think, like the instruments and the general production are a lot different here, than they used to be in old RnB songs. A lot darker imo. The time Climax came out was also after HOB so...Just saying cus I’ve been seeing Usher fans going CRAZY in the instagram comment section of that one post lol 😂 Abel didn’t even mean it in a negative way, everyone takes influence from others, everyone gets inspired, no way to deny that. He also did by stop shading on Abel XOTWOD
Kwame Mintah
Kwame Mintah 17 時間 前
And so....who sent you to explain?
Lara Bentz
Lara Bentz 18 時間 前
Yung Phame he that he got angry at THAT TIME cus he wasn’t used to it. No one ever made songs like the ones on the mixtapes, there is so denying that Abel creates something new, I’m talking about the production, beats, transitions, lyrics etc. NOT the voice. Both have great voices, Usher wasn’t the first one singing like that, neither was Abel. I guess what Abel got mad about was his new style of production etc. was getting ”copied”. The dark, scary, rim, almost nasty sounds you can hear in songs like Initiation have never been done before him imo. btw Abel hits dem notes the same way, both are great vocalists, no need to shade on Abel 😂
Yung Phame
Yung Phame 18 時間 前
Lara Bentz he said he got angry 🤔 how is that not negative he literally assumed usher stole his sound when usher has been making music to beats like this way before we even knew who tf the weekend was usher has been singing like this forever he was angry cause he can’t hit them notes like usher
Zita Madiesse
Zita Madiesse 18 時間 前
Who's here after listening to the weeknd's interview ?
Kelly M.
Kelly M. 18 時間 前
I'm here because the Weekend needs to GTFO! This is my favorite song by Usher. ❤❤❤❤
Venthos 18 時間 前
Mom can we listen to the weeknd We have The Weeknd at home Weeknd at home :
Luna yung
Luna yung 18 時間 前
Me trying to listen to what the weekend talking bout rn
akaVxNm 18 時間 前
Abel meant that the beat sounds like a weeknd type beat
Osa F
Osa F 18 時間 前
The Weeknd out here reaching y’all
Reez Ready
Reez Ready 18 時間 前
Ha.. The Weeknd could never
Kobe Denzel
Kobe Denzel 18 時間 前
Usher never got the credit he deserved for this amazing video 💯
simonne_ nonina
simonne_ nonina 19 時間 前
Lame's Channel
Lame's Channel 19 時間 前
Mane now wtf would the weeknd go on and say that typa dumbass shit mane 😂😂
Jedidiah Prillaman
Jedidiah Prillaman 19 時間 前
Who else is here bc The Weeknd is claiming that he changed the sound of pop music and that this song is a Weekend rip off? (I don't agree)
akaVxNm 18 時間 前
lol he didn’t even say that, he was just saying that the beat is a weeknd type of thing, like how certain artists you can tell by the beat who it is for
Latanya Rucker
Latanya Rucker 19 時間 前
I love it☺️
Wil G.
Wil G. 19 時間 前
The weeknd tripping 😂😂😂 tf, this don't sound like him at all
JoJo Salinas
JoJo Salinas 16 時間 前
@abel de Vries ... Which interview
abel de Vries
abel de Vries 17 時間 前
TamyrhLoves Asmr dark lyrics, and much more. Usher even daid in a inteview it was inspired by the weeknd
TamyrhLoves Asmr
TamyrhLoves Asmr 17 時間 前
abel de Vries I listen to every The Weeknd album one of his biggest fan but this is definitely a Usher song sounds nothing like The Weeknd
abel de Vries
abel de Vries 18 時間 前
Wilson Gador you probably didnt listen to trilogy
x moonlight princess x
x moonlight princess x 18 時間 前
Seriously like am I missing something?
Rico Alexander
Rico Alexander 19 時間 前
the weeknds dumb ass comment brought me here 😂
Lame's Channel
Lame's Channel 19 時間 前
Rico Alexander me too 😂😂
Hanna Marie
Hanna Marie 19 時間 前
Brings back memories from the best summer of my life in 2013 😔😔😭 id give anything to go back
Yluna De Paris
Yluna De Paris 19 時間 前
Loveeeeedddd everything about this <3
Tough Flowers
Tough Flowers 19 時間 前
So guys is this a weekend song?
James Grady
James Grady 18 時間 前
Tough Flowers yeah
julesn 18 時間 前
Not at all
cherry stargirl
cherry stargirl 19 時間 前
The Weeknd wannabe
Cas Wells001
Cas Wells001 18 時間 前
cherry stargirl
cherry stargirl 19 時間 前
The Weeknd invented u
cherry stargirl
cherry stargirl 16 時間 前
@Kenny TM and still be copying new artists and he's literally a fad no one remembers him unlike Abel so muah
Cas Wells001
Cas Wells001 18 時間 前
Did like comparing Bhad Babie to Nicki Minaj. R U DUMB?
MikeDaOnly23 18 時間 前
Weeknd is a peasant to Usher
YesNoMaybeSo 18 時間 前
Usher is a legend
Kenny TM
Kenny TM 19 時間 前
cherry stargirl usher is literally a decade amove the weeknd career.
Barbara Gordon
Barbara Gordon 19 時間 前
Love Abel/The Weekend, but he's tweaking saying that Usher stole his style with this one. 😆
Marcos Pou
Marcos Pou 16 時間 前
Abel didn't say that
Brass King
Brass King 19 時間 前
Dear Usher, Creeper.
オカザキマチコ 19 時間 前
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Tori Bae
Tori Bae 19 時間 前
My quarantine song
Andoesz Nultweenul
Andoesz Nultweenul 19 時間 前
Makes me wanna go to the club.. connect with oldskool friends and have a good time' Real RnB never dies..
lil' drip the clout god
lil' drip the clout god 19 時間 前
This is good but not as good as the not parody version.
Jackboy Khalil
Jackboy Khalil 19 時間 前
Finally R and B is back 🎤🐐🔥🔥