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Honor 10 lite
10 ヶ月 前
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年 前
JPP press release
Fit for Execution
Rana Faizan
Rana Faizan 6 時間 前
Great leader general mushraf
Ayan Qureshi
Ayan Qureshi 15 時間 前
Shahbaz Sharif Kota ha
Engr Mohsin Raza
Engr Mohsin Raza 2 日 前
Engr Mohsin Raza
Engr Mohsin Raza 2 日 前
Dawn stories are inspirational and sad as well
Engr Mohsin Raza
Engr Mohsin Raza 2 日 前
" Me took my decisions myself and made me stronger " awesome
A pity the victim/old guy wasn't a better shot . Also a pity that he didn't use a larger caliber to put a larger hole in their @$$ since he failed to place a round or rounds in vital areas ,or did he ? I'm a little surprised that the state did not attempt to prosecute the old guy for aggravated assault and attempt murder . The suspects ceased all aggressive and threatening actions , retreating when presented with justifiable force . When the suspects ceased being a threat ( running ) , that is when he , the old guy should have ceased firing and chasing them . " INTENT " ( me, I like it ) !? 😏 ... and it is on video ( evidence ) . I'm thinking what jury would convict this man . I guess the state thought the same thing ( waste of time and tax payer's money ) . YEA, 2nd Amendment . God bless America and old people with guns . 😊
Juan Pablo Garcia Marulanda
Juan Pablo Garcia Marulanda 2 日 前
What a coincidence. Two black teens robbing ......Two black teens throwing their life away for a few bucks,,,,,Sad, very sad...
Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt
Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt 2 日 前
HOW THE DIRTY-HEARTED BRITISH IGNITED THE SECTARIAN CIVIL WAR IN INDIA? The British left India in 1947 but with a very dirty conscience. We Indians of the farming marshal tribes Jatt, Gujjar, Pathan, Arian, Saini, etc., the once-born simpletons served the British faithfully and made them win the two world wars but they colluded with the twice-born shrewd people of business tribes and hypocritically divided our Jatt tribal homeland, the Punjab plunging us into the the sectarian civil war that could have been avoided. This is how they ignited this civil war:- 1. They knew that the people kill each other frantically in the name of religion as Catholics and Protestants did in Britain and so, they supported the heads of religious parties financially and paid them money secretly under the table. 2. There used to be elections held for the Parliament but no such election was held to hand over the Government into the hands of responsible political leaders in 1947. 3. They just colluded with the heads of religious Parties; all clever shopkeepers - Lala M.K. Gandhi, a Baniya, Lala Tara Singh Malhotra, a Khatri and Lala Mohd. Ali Jinnah, a Babla Bhatia. These Lalas least served in the British Army. 4. We Jatts of the Punjab served the British Army the best but we were divided into India and Pakistan like the deserted Christmas Puppy. 5. And our Governments were told that when you fight with each other, then we will sell you weapons of mass destruction to kill each other. What a business idea out of misery? Politics is a dirty game of the psychic hypocrites whom Jesus condemned the most and he was killed by them. Look what the USA, the U.K. and other European collaborators are doing in the world today? End times are not far away - Matt. 13v24-30 and the TRIBULATIONS have already started from 14/05/2018 when the child-like USA President Donald Trump pressed the TRIBULATIONS BUTTON by declaring Jerusalem to be the Capital of Israel. These world-wide TRIBULATIONS will last for FIVE YEARS to ATOMIC WAR EXPECTED ON 14/05/2023. So, let us join hands together to expose these hypocrites with the Gospel Truth of our Supernatural Father Elohim, Allah, Parbrahm, etc. In Jesus, we are Labourers working in the Royal Vineyard of our Father that has a Narrow Gate for the Solitary of discerning intellect called “holy spirit”, common sense or Surtti. Earn your Salvation by Preaching the Gospel. Holy spirit, “common sense”, shatters the fetters of the dead Letters, the Holy Books and their Laws that have been corrupted. Remember that Law and Prophets were till John, the Baptist - Luke 16v16 and after that, the Narrow Gate to the Royal Kingdom of God has been opened by Christ Jesus and He has appointed St. Peter as the “Gatekeeper”. That is why Peter killed two hypocrites/Blasphemers Ananias and Sapphira for speaking against the Holy Spirit that rests in our own heart, the Treasury of the Gospel Truth Brewed through “Logical Reasoning”. Watch mine over 7000 JPchat Videos; channel nijjhar1 and my services are FREE. I have written two Books; one in English; “FIRST GNOSTIC PRINCIPLES OF ONE GOD ONE FAITH” and the other in Punjabi; “KAKHH OHLAE LAKHH”. Search them on the internet. I need technical help to revise them for publication. FREELY RECEIVED; FREELY GIVE IS OUR MOTTO IN GOD. In “Agape”, our Father God blesses everyone alike and please do not miss your great opportunity to earn salvation by Preaching Gospel from the Rooftops. jpchat.info/show/bideo/soeMjsrEedibfGU.html Jatt Qom and not Hindu Jatt, Sikh Jatt, Muslim Jatt, etc. www.gnosticgospel.co.uk/jattparty.htm SATANIC KHATRIS TURNED MULLAHS AND KASHMIR AND WORLDWIDE TROUBLES:- Playlist of JPchat videos:- jpchat.info/playPL0C8AFaJhsWzGuujXdOLBDW3bYz2Lyb3t.html Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt, M.Sc. Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy.
Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt
Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt 2 日 前
Our Qom, Kabila, Clan, etc. is “Jatt” and those who call themselves Hindu Jatt, Sikh Jatt, Muslim Jatt, etc., they being not Qoms, Kabilas, Clans, etc. in Adam, they become sons of Satan Al-Djmar Al-Aksa, the most powerful Satan or Pakke Haraami - John 8v44. That is, why they killed each other fanatically? If they were of Jatt Kabila, Aadmi dae Puttar, then they would have remained UNITED as they were united under Ch. Chhotu Ram Ohlyan Jatt. Punjabi - Those who call themselves Hindu Jatt, Sikh Jatt, Muslim Jatt, etc., they are Super Bastards. jpchat.info/show/bideo/rWufgM2aftSkan4.html Punjabi - Why the super bastard Hindu Jatts, Sikh Jatts and Muslim Jatts killed each other during the Partition of India? jpchat.info/show/bideo/qnhyiKi1ldOkmH4.html Chaudhry Navjot Sidhu Jatt you are in line with Ch. Chhotu Ram Ohlyan Jatt. People who use the name of the village as their surnames are those who are born of a prostitute who had served the whole village and if a boy is born to her, so what surname name she will give to the boy? Her mother village name. Such people who are born in a tribal home but renounced it for the sake of popularity; they have foolishly become super bastards. Why shouldn't they take bribes and perform such deeds befitting their status of super bastards? Navjot write your name as Chaudhry Navjot Sidhu Jatt and watch how the Khatris of India and Pakistan will cry. You met a Bajwa Jatt of the same Qabila, Clan, Qom, etc. from Pakistan. Jatt is our QOM and Jatts of Pakistan are our blood relatives. So, what wrong did he do in meeting his own Jatt tribal brother from Pakistan? Chaudhry is the courtesy title of the people of Jatt tribe as Lala is of the Khatris, Arorras, Baniya, etc. Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was a Lala Mehta Khatri. REPLACE THIS CONGRESS STOOGE CAPT. 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As the tribal father cannot be changed, so if Jatts call themselves Hindu Jatt, Sikh Jatt, Muslim Jatt, etc., then by changing their Jatt tribal father, they become Shankar Varniye super bastard fanatic devils and they will kill each other again. 2. Jatt is a person born of a Jatt tribal father and farming, Kirsaani, agriculture, is our main occupation called KITTAH. 3. Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, etc. are the religious ways of life and they are changeable but our tribe Jatt is not changeable. We are born a Jatt and as Jatt we will die and not Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, etc. 4. It is wrong to call ourselves Hindu Jatt, Sikh Jatt, Muslim Jatt or a Christian Jatt. The house and the property belongs to Jatts whilst to Hindus belong the Mandirs, Sikhs the Gurdwaras, Muslims the Mosques and Christians the Churches. 5. When a Jatt dies, then people go to his Jatt tribal home and not to the communal Mandir, Gurdwara, Mosque, Church, etc. to mourn. 6. 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More serious sectarian riots are loaming in the air and unless we wake up to the protection of our Jatt tribal father, we will again kill each other. 9. Atomic war is expected on 14/05/2023. The Chosen People of Israel tell us everything that will happen - Matt. 13v24-30 is taking its shape. 10. The second coming of Jesus, who was the first Christ = Satguru of the world, was Satguru Nanak Dev Ji who was born in 1469 among the most spiritually sick greedy satanic people of Khatri tribe (Kings and Emperors of Darkness) and they became his staunch enemies as the people of Judah tribe, the Princes of Darkness, were of Christ Jesus. We Jatt like the Samaritans Bhagats supported both the second Sikh Panth and the Third Khalsa Panth the most. The First Panth is Hindu in which you become the sons of Shiv called Shiv Sena - Brahm kae Baette - DEH SHIVA VAR MOHAE………. Is sung by the Khalsas. 11. Ariya is a race called Nassall and not a Samaj or community into which anybody could join. 12. Sikh being a Sewadar of the order of Bhai Ghaniya Ji, they cannot be soldiers. In the Sikh Regiment, they are mostly Jatts and it is fanatically wrong to have a “Sikh Regiment”. Turban and beard doesn’t make you a Sikh. Such fake Sikhs of turban and beard died during the riots. Sikh is a “NAADI ROOP”, inwardly or what comes out of your mouth and not the “BINDI ROOP”, outwardly that is born and will die. Maharajah Chaudhry Ranjit Sansi Jatt ruled the Punjab for forty years and not the Sikh as propagated by the satanic Khatris. Finally, both Satgurus = Christs Jesus and Nanak have stressed this in their Sayings:- But he answered and said, “Every plant, person, which my heavenly Father, Yahweh, Brahma, Khuda, etc. hath not planted, forgets his tribal identity in Adam, shall be rooted up, killed”. Satguru Nanak Dev Ji Said, “Beeo beej patt lae Gaye; abb keun ughwe daal”. This planet earth is for the peaceful habitation of the tribal sons of Man, Aadmi dae Puttran liee Hae and not for the sons of Satan or Shankar Varniye Haraamis. For detailed knowledge, watch mine over 7200 JPchat Videos; channel nijjhar1. Listen to my video on QOM Ghhattak and Hajj. QOM GHHATTAK KAA PAAP SAATT PUSHATT NAHI UTTARDAA. jpchat.info/show/bideo/npichMrEdsqakYo.html
P B R holland
P B R holland 2 日 前
Super super 🤣🤣🤣 👍
Atif 3 日 前
Quaid 😍 May his soul rest in peace
Fayaz Bhurgri
Fayaz Bhurgri 3 日 前
Mashallah zaburdst Halar Bhai ❤
Now wow
Now wow 3 日 前
It's not Dawn news it's dog news😡👠👡👠
Salman-AK47 Salman Ali Khan
Salman-AK47 Salman Ali Khan 3 日 前
Dawn news jhota channal ha Ban karo is jhota channal ko.
Aliya Khan
Aliya Khan 4 日 前
Is this guy on Instagram?
Iqbal Karim
Iqbal Karim 4 日 前
Great to see Dawn be other side of mainstream media and going for TECH base research.
Clearwater Guy
Clearwater Guy 4 日 前
The more tragic part of this is that they got free medical care, he should have killed them.
Matt Evans
Matt Evans 4 日 前
he literally missed every fucking shot... no joke.
The Vicky Official
The Vicky Official 4 日 前
Bikao channel
Ahsan Hashmi
Ahsan Hashmi 4 日 前
Great talent no doubt FAWAD ALAM
non kon
non kon 4 日 前
My sister's I can request you if any try this you just beat him.
nice Amigo
nice Amigo 5 日 前
most muslim in the U.K. hate her, why?
Rajib Singha
Rajib Singha 6 日 前
People commenting lightly should be in his place
Summaiya Malik
Summaiya Malik 6 日 前
Heartbreaking. This is what humanity has come to.
the truth
the truth 7 日 前
Ali Zaidi
Ali Zaidi 7 日 前
Amazing Drama of our Childhood.... Why don't sell this program on you-tube, cinemas, theaters, small video spots..... I guess... with the advancement and reach-ability of social media...... this self seller may return good business ultimately... to Mr. Qaisar... Lots of prayers, wishes and good luck for Qaisar Sb and his team...
Altaf Hussain
Altaf Hussain 7 日 前
This is wonderfull.. keep it up
Yousaf Yousaf
Yousaf Yousaf 7 日 前
Love you Pakistan live long🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Akuu JK
Akuu JK 7 日 前
Well done grandpa
Tfg E
Tfg E 7 日 前
and again....blacks...
Indus Valley Civilization
Indus Valley Civilization 7 日 前
Lanat ho tujh pe Musharaf
Allan Still
Allan Still 7 日 前
Grandads packing heat...Sweet
Tahir Sajeel
Tahir Sajeel 7 日 前
Best thing which I watched until now in the year 2k19.
Prakash Tiwari
Prakash Tiwari 7 日 前
Jinnah should have hanged till death. Bloody evil. Partition killed millions of Hindu, Muslim and sikh.
CollegeFree 7 日 前
Wohoo that's also me!
CollegeFree 7 日 前
Woohooo that's me!
Abhishek Singh Rao
Abhishek Singh Rao 8 日 前
Cancer is a deadly disease that will be seen in every household in times to come! But despite this woman's struggle is a clan compliment! Jai Ho!
Abhishek Singh Rao
Abhishek Singh Rao 8 日 前
Today every girl expects similar love from her father! Very good!
Abhishek Singh Rao
Abhishek Singh Rao 8 日 前
A story even in India where every child and our age people are still looking forward to see return of Shaktiman and now similar story is heard in the context of Nastoor in Pakistan! I hope success kisses your steps!
Abhishek Singh Rao
Abhishek Singh Rao 8 日 前
Kya bat hai! Heart Touching! I wish I could come to Pakistan and meet Mubarak Ali and talk!
Abhishek Singh Rao
Abhishek Singh Rao 8 日 前
Lotus always blooms in mud. Love from India to Alia! It will be proud to see illuminating Pakistan's name by her in the coming days...
Abhishek Singh Rao
Abhishek Singh Rao 8 日 前
It is appreciated by Dawn to select this story! Those who do this story are the best, but all those people who are taking slog of the country every day are the Great! I hope the governments both in India and Pakistan will ride the lives of these people!
Abhishek Singh Rao
Abhishek Singh Rao 8 日 前
Honor from India. The situation of those working in coal mines is almost the same in India and Pakistan! But perhaps we even didn't knew what kind of life these people are living! In such a situation, those who worked on this story should be given a much respect and honor as much as possible. My heart wants to do something for those workers but....! May God give them a good and a long life!
Ammar Ahmed
Ammar Ahmed 8 日 前
inspirational and beautiful narration by her own-self....I loved it
Niyibizi Damascen
Niyibizi Damascen 8 日 前
Malala please visit Rwanda
Julian Day
Julian Day 8 日 前
Such a sinister misrepresentation of facts. In Pakistan, Sikh, Hindu and other minority marriages have not been recognized for decades as pagan rituals. Now after 70 years, Pakistanis pass a Sikh Marriage act and make a big fuss of it. In India, Sikh, Hindu, Jain, Buddhist all follow a common marriage law (unlike Muslims who can have multiple wives). You could call it a Non-Muslim Marriage Act and it would be no different than Hindu Marriage Act.
Muhammad ZAiN PashA
Muhammad ZAiN PashA 8 日 前
nice video top class editing
Top Level Materials
Top Level Materials 8 日 前
Speech title : In favor of Google jpchat.info/show/bideo/sGOjnZ_Kdsqrf6A.html
Aiza Khan
Aiza Khan 8 日 前
The spark in her eyes and her burning desire tells it all. She will go far, very far inshAllah! Anyone here who knows how we could help her financially?
Ali Zaidi
Ali Zaidi 9 日 前
No doubt about extra ordinary hard works which these labors are doing and same appreciation for film makers as well... one technical clarification required ... 1 mile = 5280 ft... in video Mr. Aywaz says that mine is 3700 ft deeper... then we are having FIRST STOP at 3 miles below the entrance which means 3 x 5280 = 15840 ft ... clarification required...
alwayssami 9 日 前
"The Gratitude"
Shahbaz Sheikh
Shahbaz Sheikh 9 日 前
This man would make a fine life coach.
sadia aslam
sadia aslam 9 日 前
Amazing production and editing and most important topic is too good and unique 👍
Ilyas Agha
Ilyas Agha 9 日 前
this should be the 3rd prize winner.....
harris saleem
harris saleem 10 日 前
Amazing how he is able to speak urdu like he's one of us...
irsa Kureshi
irsa Kureshi 10 日 前
Amazing film and the background music is awesome. I m loving this film. This film sould have won the 3rd prize 😍😍😍😍
Aiman Saleem
Aiman Saleem 8 日 前
Thank u so much. We were thinking the same. But everything happens for a reason 💕💕💕 n we r greatful to ALLAH; Dawn n DW for all what we have achieved so far 🎉🎉
Abdullah Designs
Abdullah Designs 10 日 前
This is amazing man <3
Sights and Sounds of Pakistan
Sights and Sounds of Pakistan 10 日 前
Proud of you Ahsan. Well [email protected]
Osama Haashir
Osama Haashir 10 日 前
JUST BEAUTIFUL. Bohat Khoobsurat.
Salman Ansari
Salman Ansari 10 日 前
Great dear halar 😍
Imran Sahir
Imran Sahir 10 日 前
واھ جو ڀلوڙ ڪم. ھالار طرفان چوٽي جي سينيماٽوگرافي، پياري منصور جو مٺو آواز. ھن پروڊڪشن تي ڪم ڪرڻ وارا سڀ ماڻھو جس لھو. ⁦♥️⁩
Sama Tahira
Sama Tahira 10 日 前
It deserves appreciation ❤
education for all
education for all 10 日 前
ادا ھالار ڏاڍو سٺو
education for all
education for all 10 日 前
Hallar bhai good
DreamBelief 11 日 前
Wow. The amount of hatred from Indians in these comments is disgusting, under a video about someone's violent death no less. I'd be bloody embarrassed if I was Indian. You really think this makes you look good? There are good and bad points to every country and culture (including my own - Australian). Yours is faaar from perfect, and Pakistan's has some good points too (just like every culture and country). How about you actually get to know the world better, and not spend your time being an "oh so brave" jerk behind a screen. It's disgusting, and any decent countrymen of yours would be disgusted with you. Critique a politician and their actions by all means, but hating on innocent people who are no different to you, and acting like their culture is all evil (given a lot of overlap that would mean yours largely is too btw) is plain wrong and stupid. You are one of the bad examples of your culture. Try fixing it by dealing with your own pathetic moral compass, heart and mind first.
Nadir Ali
Nadir Ali 11 日 前
App ka Urdu maray English say acha hay
Abdul Manan
Abdul Manan 11 日 前
Amazing depiction of sad reality. Yahan bus charhty soraj ko salam hai.
Fezan Rafique
Fezan Rafique 11 日 前
a lots of respect for these coal miners, i never knew it is so tough.
junaid jamshaid
junaid jamshaid 11 日 前
Good work MUBASHIR❤
Learned alot today from you beta about how to live this life
Zedventure Exploring Pakistan
Zedventure Exploring Pakistan 11 日 前
very heart touching... hope life of these hard working labors would get better. Prays with them
rafay badar
rafay badar 11 日 前
Very inspiring girl from Liyari! I hope she will get Government and Institutional support.
Shaukat Ashai
Shaukat Ashai 11 日 前
Feel so sad for her but admire her determination. God bless her.
James Brown
James Brown 11 日 前
How can I support her? someone email her contact [email protected]
Nabby Studio
Nabby Studio 11 日 前
loved it!
Mashal Khan Balti
Mashal Khan Balti 11 日 前
@Brainstem, Thankyou so much, we did put a lot of effort and travelling for this documentary and we were expecting something somehow same but nevermind it's life :) at least I am happy that last year I wasn't even selected and my documentary wasn't even screened and this year I garnered a victory, even if in the social media contest. Thankyou again for your kind words, thank you Dawn for the opportunity to showcase my talent of filming and thank you my team of Daulat for brining this story in the frame :) I will keep on making more documentaries on my country and on amazing people like these :)
Mehboob Alam
Mehboob Alam 8 日 前
Too good .. loved it 👍
bilal nakukara
bilal nakukara 11 日 前
Beautifully done brother !...Superb !!! Your dedication will surely take you the top 3 next time...In Sha Allah !
razia sultani
razia sultani 11 日 前
Ohhh Allah almighty Save their lives
PakiRaja 11 日 前
girl has the heart of a lion, good luck to her
Malaika Wasif
Malaika Wasif 11 日 前
Amazing Documentary!
Brainstem 11 日 前
Thank You Kisa Ali, I hope you'll continue staying behind that Camera.
Brainstem 11 日 前
Mashal Khan is the winner of this contest. In terms of the graveness of the topic, the background music and the Camera work, editing and most important of all the story telling, everything is remarkable. I am truly surprised why this film is not in top 3. Thank you, Rustam Ali is one noble man.
Brainstem 11 日 前
Thank you for this. Qaisar Saab is one resilient man, lots of childhood memories associated with that program. May Allah Help him and his colleagues. Very Heartbreaking though.
Mizna Decor
Mizna Decor 11 日 前
the girl is a boxer...i dont think it deserved 3RD PRIZE!!!!
Mizna Decor
Mizna Decor 11 日 前
Now imagine that most of this hard working labor will be replaced by Mining ROBOTS
omer a
omer a 11 日 前
Good work. It's shocking to see that there's no backup protection for these brilliant workers. Pakistan labor laws need to be reformed.
Brookie 11 日 前
I have many friends from Hazara Community, I must say they are very talented people. All they need is acceptance.
Tuaha Badar
Tuaha Badar 11 日 前
She is amazing! thank you so much for such an inspirational video.
Lanat on brothers ... Stay blessed sister
Muhammad Aslam
Muhammad Aslam 11 日 前
yes this video deserve 1st
Mukhtar Hussain
Mukhtar Hussain 11 日 前
Fathers like him deserve everything in the world❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Arifa Afa
Arifa Afa 11 日 前
😢 👍
Saad Qudrat
Saad Qudrat 11 日 前
Commendable job on part of the filmmakers. Congratulations on achieving the first award boys....
Saad Qudrat
Saad Qudrat 11 日 前
I pray that may Allah make your lives easier, amen.
byblis persephone
byblis persephone 11 日 前
What langauge is the narrator speaking?
education for all
education for all 10 日 前
Sindhi language bro
Haziq Hasan
Haziq Hasan 11 日 前
Saad Qudrat
Saad Qudrat 11 日 前
I respect you sir! Thank you for your service to my country. And ask you to forgive us for our disrespect to your community. God bless you all.
Saad Qudrat
Saad Qudrat 11 日 前
She is so inspiring. Watching her passion fills me up with joy!
Aqeel Ahmed
Aqeel Ahmed 11 日 前
enjoyed each frame if,
Aqeel Ahmed
Aqeel Ahmed 11 日 前
Wow love it yaar.
Dileep Kumar
Dileep Kumar 11 日 前
Great story.