Fast Networks
Fast Networks 6 分 前
Gst just killed small scale industrialists in india. Small scale industrialists are the backbone of any countries economy. When you kill them, you kill the economy and GDP of the country.
salazar naga
salazar naga 8 分 前
my dream job after retirement from my millitary service😊😊 have to go for basic farming course
Scott Cameron
Scott Cameron 10 分 前
Like how they pick out the comments from the lefty wankers 😁😁😁
debbie kumar
debbie kumar 21 分 前
Thankyou nigel farage for your dedication and sacrifice to the uk peoples you deserve to be treated better than you have i pray boris gets us a deal that does not tie us to the eu,if he doesnt i want a no deal brexit
William H
William H 24 分 前
Is this the French CNN? Fake news
Bab ner
Bab ner 26 分 前
Salutes to subash chandra bose
JCAH1 27 分 前
Why would anybody bother giving an in-depth interview to somebody on the losing side? Is it so we could see the severely impaired logic of somebody who would happily vote for a Communist? Notice that Mark never questions his own logic and opinions, even though millions of sensible voters from across the country just crushed his side. So, Mark, they are all crazy and stupid, and only you are wise and smart?
satnaam verma
satnaam verma 31 分 前
hannah give me BJ LOL TRUMP AGAIN 2020
radiatrex17 31 分 前
Marcus garvey told blacks we needed a army way in 20s
Vipin Rohilla
Vipin Rohilla 39 分 前
Just one word- Awesome
Crimson Wave
Crimson Wave 39 分 前
The west would be goosestepping right now if not for the suppression of social media and subversion of the media.
micheal bolton
micheal bolton 48 分 前
Stop USA meddling in UK elections.
micheal bolton
micheal bolton 50 分 前
say NO TO AMERICAN meddling in UK elections
micheal bolton
micheal bolton 51 分 前
Scotland now declares Independence???
Jerome Duque
Jerome Duque 52 分 前
Congratulations Africa!
Scouter 58 分 前
Brits that voted for Britain and against the "benevolent(?) Dictatorship of the unelected masters in Brussels should gather at Albert Hall and raise the roof singing and rejoicing in freedom finally won. Many millions of expat Brits around the world are rejoicing that the Brits have taken the homeland back from Brussels and its unelected EU masters. The lawyers and politicians without avdhot being friend took Britian and made it a vassal of the EU. Now, Britian will boom as soon as free of the EU. The London financal centre will become many times larger than it is now. Ship building etc will now be far more competive free from the massive, expensive bureaucratic mountain of regulations and paperwork that the EU now requires. A trade deal with US, India, Australia immediately forth coming plus UK will able to negotiate trade deals freely trade with other non EU countries. Brits property prices and wages will rise accordingly and as usual the Socialists Labour types , like those in the US, will ignore the wage increases and low unemployment numbers and instead blame steady growth in the GDP (created by profiable successs) for the rising prices and with Socialist logic will say the way to reduce house prices is to restrain ecnomic growth and discourage commercial success in order to fix rising house prices. Its a wonder any adults in the UK would vote for Labours political and their economic nonsense. Brian washed for 18nyears starting in kindergarten all the way through thanks to the Left wing State indoctrination centres a.k.a. State educatio. National Populism iis winning everywhere from Italy to the Balkans. Britian all but free of EU. Happy Day!
gopi babu boina
gopi babu boina 時間 前
modiji please remove cast system. we struggling for sarkar jobs
Shayne Ward
Shayne Ward 時間 前
I think Greta Thunderberg should do these great things instead of speaking bulshit to get people's attention
Lisa Roberson
Lisa Roberson 時間 前
These people crazy demanding someone to take care of them!
sofiadorci 時間 前
The younger generations is dumb down also like in the USA.
Lisa Roberson
Lisa Roberson 時間 前
This is an invasion in all countries.. people take care of your land or they will try to take over!
Lisa Roberson
Lisa Roberson 時間 前
the blind is leading the blind!!!!
lul yusuf samantar
lul yusuf samantar 時間 前
We are proud of Ahmed.
luke phan
luke phan 時間 前
Next one down: Macron!
Drewdiepie 時間 前
so many questions and the government gives us nothin smh
Maria Makiling
Maria Makiling 時間 前
At last. The streets are safe from crooks.
Common Sensible
Common Sensible 時間 前
Boris supports NHS, and green energy. Sounds like the Tories are the progressive party.
Nicky Chuaybamrung
Nicky Chuaybamrung 時間 前
This guy talk ridiculous about the fact of political movement Scotland and Ireland will independent from UK government
David Hynes
David Hynes 時間 前
I thought the DPTK was bad this is unbelievable.
Richard Casey
Richard Casey 2 時間 前
They lost. QED
maginot2u 2 時間 前
When Britain leaves the EU, there will be a shift away from the use of English. The use of German and French will surely increase. But I think the use of German will increase the most as Germany is the largest and strongest member of the EU. Pre WW2 German was used heavily in Eastern Europe and in Scandinavia. It seems to me that Germany has finally won after losing two horrific wats. And its culture and language will come to dominate continental Europe. The Germans would be dumb to ignore this huge shift.
kainat kashmirn
kainat kashmirn 2 時間 前
No India NO Pakistan No china We want independent Kashmir Tibet Gilgit baltistan And Jammu will unite and independent soon
Sreerag PG
Sreerag PG 2 時間 前
Huge protest in India to give citizen ship to pakistanis?what is this?
Richard Casey
Richard Casey 2 時間 前
They lost. QED
Chanyeol at 1:44 in Love Shot's MV
Chanyeol at 1:44 in Love Shot's MV 2 時間 前
that's the saddest video I've seen for a while
Robot Hunter
Robot Hunter 2 時間 前
That was a long walk.
multisphere1 2 時間 前
Just like after Trump was elected, people came out on streets with words “ not my president “ .
multisphere1 時間 前
Know Nothing . Yes , this one I might know 😀
Know Nothing
Know Nothing 2 時間 前
multisphere1 people are all for democracy until they learn they are the losing side then suddenly democracy doesn’t suit them anymore. Leftists are showing off their true colors more and more
Gerald Miller
Gerald Miller 3 時間 前
They voted for Brexit. What part of that did you not understand?
Arjan singh
Arjan singh 3 時間 前
Democrats in US n labor party in UK have shunned the loyal Indian community in favor of islamists.
Bob F
Bob F 3 時間 前
Labour isn't Labour. The Tories aren't the Tories. Figure it out.
one time
one time 3 時間 前
Blame colonialism and Sarkozy's action in Libya. The manufactured Sahel problem is the direct result of Western intervention in Lybia as well as the migrant crisis. Blame yourself and wicked imperial ambitions
Tommy9834 3 時間 前
This is a news channel?
wallaby303 Kleiner
wallaby303 Kleiner 3 時間 前
Ich bin stolz auf meine Vorfahren 😘.
Vladislav Volkov
Vladislav Volkov 3 時間 前
I'm not black. But i must be Below the black race , no one Wants to hire me at hamburger joints or department stores for 13 years, they pick black people And parolees Over me, I even have a clean record. I finally do have a Sorry paying job , working for my mom as a caregiver, because she wont let anyone else take care of her, even the agency wanted to get someone else. A $280-$300 paycheck is not enough to pay Bills and to survive on. I look similar to my cartoon profile here. Is it the way I look ? My mom says their Jealous because I'm so young and beautiful and they feel threatened by me. But she's saying that because she's my mom. Why is everyone so inequitable and prejudice. Even to my mom ,when my mom went to the bank to withdraw this blond woman acted prejudiced right off and was hitting wrong buttons on purpose, so then my mom couldn't get any money that day.
Rosbert Christopher
Rosbert Christopher 3 時間 前
Why Europeans always love to be in African affairs, but Africans ain't permited in Euopean affairs.
NeedForSpeed2004 3 時間 前
33k emails about a wedding and a yoga class… …must’ve been a very long and interesting conversation
rosemarie lachance
rosemarie lachance 3 時間 前
Maybe I’m wrong but last I heard, they were put in there because it was proven that they had relationships with extremists and have done terrorism... I’ve seen families interview that have been to these camps and there was a guy who said that he was creating bombs and having extremists idea and all and he was proposed to go there and he went. He could leave when he wanted and now he lives in Shenzhen and has a noodle shop and living in modern society. He said that those people are just closeted from the rest of China because they have no work experience and don’t know mandarin. Oh and when they said they got “arrested”, You can search and you can find that they were working on a tourist visa... which is illegal so of course you’re going to get arrested if it’s known you are interrogating people. Oh and cameras are everywhere in China... not only in there region.
Moroccan 3 時間 前
come on saudis destroy those filthy iranian houthis! 🇲🇦❤️🇸🇦
sammi rahimi
sammi rahimi 3 時間 前
Thank you sister for standing up
Alan Gibbons
Alan Gibbons 3 時間 前
Sir Heller
Sir Heller 4 時間 前
They include Labour as a remain party, bit flimsy.
Mass Tert
Mass Tert 4 時間 前
Protesters are sore losers!
Mass Tert
Mass Tert 4 時間 前
You are about to see the new face of Britain...
Eye Tapout
Eye Tapout 4 時間 前
They got to go, if you cannot find a place for them, just take them to bikini knoll, they will have thier own little island plus surrounding ones.
Damin Mance
Damin Mance 4 時間 前
congratulations from America
Sean Tamke
Sean Tamke 4 時間 前
Golden Phoenix
Golden Phoenix 4 時間 前
France should keep their mouth shut and talk about the oppression of French people and yellow vests as well as the unpopularity of the Macron Zionist government in France.
Harry Sandro
Harry Sandro 4 時間 前
SO WHAT!!!! Stop being politacllycorrect!!!! Christians are oppressed by China too and also have been being persecuted in countries Throughout Pakistan to Middle East and North Africa.
Lou C
Lou C 4 時間 前
The left not accepting this result either Baaaa....
G.S.P. 4 時間 前
Globohomo in tears again 😅😭
partybiscuit 4 時間 前
Like Screaming Lord Sutch, she's had her time.
Astuteous Maximus
Astuteous Maximus 4 時間 前
Corbyn was the main factor and then Brexit. There just isn't an appetite for his kind of politics/economics outside a fringe group. It wasn't so much a landslide as it was a humiliation for far left politics in this country. Corbyn needs to go into hiding or something haha
lecorsaire 5 時間 前
And I wonder why Corbyn is so unpopular today after Corbyn Mania just a few years ago? Could it be a non-stop barrage of garbage like accusing him bringing the 3rd Reich to the U.K.? He’s a communist, he’s a this, he’s a that. Unfortunately the reality is that most people simply aren’t engaged with politics enough or have the critical thinking skills to see through blatant partisan attacks. At least in the U.K. I can say that it’s a hopeless situation. The British press is dominated by the right-wing. Only the Guardian and Mirror have somewhat favorable coverage some of the time. But I don’t live in the U.K. so Brexit and privatization of the NHS is not my problem. I’m sad for the British people but it’s up to them to rebuild from here.
Len 5 時間 前
I'm pleased Rwanda got France out. Every where France goes in Africa, there trouble
one love
one love 5 時間 前
This Nobel peace prize given to Abey Ahmed in recognition of his Effert for peace And collaboration of peace making procsses In East Africa Nobel commite not denaied at all that Abey Ahmed should do some progress in peace and security process in his country too.
Ghastly_Grinner 5 時間 前
5:21 its so funny to see the look on the interviewers face as he is told that the people reject communism/socialism/Marxism
Scarlett O'Hara
Scarlett O'Hara 5 時間 前
I LOVE President Trump!
eloquente 5 時間 前
Ghastly_Grinner 5 時間 前
1:48 and they told you to go get stuffed
Jetstom Jetstom
Jetstom Jetstom 5 時間 前
Swinson is going to be starting an emoji dating web for those into virtually dating emojis.
Jetstom Jetstom
Jetstom Jetstom 5 時間 前
Swinson to start a new line of Hammer pants ( aka MC Hammer) that she will personally be modeling
sharon anderson
sharon anderson 5 時間 前
All of the waste in paped. Ever hear of climate chg. SAVE THE TREES! DAMN!!
Jackiezyon 5 時間 前
Amen 🇬🇧💙🌊
Jetstom Jetstom
Jetstom Jetstom 5 時間 前
Word is Swinson will b Hillarize her situation by writing a book and blaming her loss on the Russians, Trump , Climate Change, her “ice pick in the eye” voice , her gapped teeth and the WAWA Boom Boom Tribe in lower Mantania
drone 2u
drone 2u 5 時間 前
Scotland is part of England and talk of independence is treasonous. ..😨
Jetstom Jetstom
Jetstom Jetstom 5 時間 前
Corbyn: “I just want somebody who gets me. Somebody who's comfortable in my world, and makes me laugh, and occasionally brings me flowers. And... somebody who likes kittens, and the hard-core bondage scene.”
Raj Holkar
Raj Holkar 5 時間 前
I am surprised Labour crossed the mark 200 mark. Did anyone really think labour would win with Corbyn in charge. Everyone could see how he supported dodgy foreign elements and how the party was blatantly leaning towards a certain community by passing various resolutions and tacitly and actively approving protests against other minorities . Labour in its current state is anything but pro British. 😠😠😠. Corbyn keeps on talking about the party’s manifesto. The labour manifesto boiled down to “free broadband”.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Neil Laverick
Neil Laverick 5 時間 前
Hahahaha i will not stop laughing for weeks. We get freedom for xmas.
focus marmita
focus marmita 5 時間 前
We will free Algeria from this mafia france and emirates are helping this corupt regime
Juanito G
Juanito G 5 時間 前
Since when was the expression of the will of the people a "nightmare"?
Ozman Cometh
Ozman Cometh 44 分 前
Because the TV idiots & Elites think we are dumb...dad gum paying my taxes too long for gubt..the reality of this world, greed & power..but, our friend jesus says we can re-do somethings...I'm not even religious , but man..evil working it..
Simiyu Salome
Simiyu Salome 6 時間 前
Replace all colonial languages in Africa by Kiswahili. Abba with French. African language for Africans
Gerald Miller
Gerald Miller 6 時間 前
Only three years too late.
Lina Lanni
Lina Lanni 6 時間 前
We need to wake up and fight for our rights nobody owns US nobody
Biden committed a crime Trump is being impeached
Biden committed a crime Trump is being impeached 6 時間 前
Alfa Golf
Alfa Golf 6 時間 前
This is all how they play games from centuries if you go back in history ....and now a new one brexit .... Well done get out of EU and stay out ....
Hey Diva
Hey Diva 6 時間 前
But they are not women.. they are men
Lamster66 6 時間 前
Well the People have Spoken! Shame they don't know what it was they were talking about!
Jack Russell
Jack Russell 6 時間 前
forgot to mention that the poll you showed was the first one in a long time to show no vote over yes, polls before that have been showing majority of people in Scotland want a referendum, want independence and with last nights election results noone can deny us a vote!
Money Lad
Money Lad 6 時間 前
Biased media. Bad losers. Cry baby cry. he has won handsomely and emphatically. You suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Kevin Aranas
Kevin Aranas 6 時間 前
ICC never investigates the countries of it's masters, only the countries it can bully.
rolo6932 6 時間 前
What a dark day for liberals, globalists and snowflakes! Congratulations Mr. Johnson!
Ozman Cometh
Ozman Cometh 43 分 前
Yes Sir!
Gia Pacella
Gia Pacella 6 時間 前
God Bless President Trump 🇺🇸🦅💕✝️🕊️ #TrumpDigital MAGA 2020
Dr.Edward Plushtofen
Dr.Edward Plushtofen 6 時間 前
This videos title hasn’t aged well
3adous 3adsani
3adous 3adsani 6 時間 前
They must assasinate him
SilvanaDil 6 時間 前
The French want to retire at 40.
SilvanaDil 16 分 前
@DJ Trevi - You can't pay into a retirement system for fewer years than you take out of it!
Ghastly_Grinner 5 時間 前
@DJ Trevi lol
DJ Trevi
DJ Trevi 5 時間 前
Yes of course, why not?
Ghastly_Grinner 6 時間 前
the are a joke
SilvanaDil 6 時間 前
Poor London. Oh, brother. A city doesn't need to be in the EU to be "cosmopolitan." See: New York.
Heathercliff 6 時間 前
Finally sanity 🇬🇧 No more mental illness running the show. America is next. Trump 2020🇺🇸
Bunch of racists living together
SilvanaDil 6 時間 前
Jo didn't even win her own seat, LOL.
808artemis 7 時間 前
Paul Mason, is still hoping for Stalinism and the gulags to return... What a moron.