My New Car!
ヶ月 前
Who Makes The BEST TACOS!?
Who Makes The BEST PIZZA?!
Mr Q
Mr Q 日 前
Who is y’all favorite member of 2hype??
wwefan16455 日 前
7:18 got me DEAD
Garlentz Jean
Garlentz Jean 日 前
I’ve always wanted to go to a trampoline park, I’m from Brooklyn there is none and it looks so fun 😂
Hunter Guillot
Hunter Guillot 日 前
Jayden Diggins
Jayden Diggins 日 前
Old spice wolfThorne
Joey Walkowiak
Joey Walkowiak 日 前
Spider monkey... if ya know ya know
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson 日 前
Fabian_ 24
Fabian_ 24 日 前
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 日 前
Zack: “I ain’t seen any black kind and the one I knew got shot!” 😂😂😂 . . . I’m Sorry
Braedyn B
Braedyn B 日 前
Ngl I’m a mopi when I eat
Cash Taylor
Cash Taylor 日 前
I love your mom 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
scoobzy doo
scoobzy doo 日 前
mopi won
Jordan Wallace
Jordan Wallace 日 前
Old Jesse vibes from this 💕
jordyn cohen
jordyn cohen 日 前
kuzma plz love me back thx HAHA
Madmatt_XD 日 前
2:49 nice
Liam Beatty
Liam Beatty 日 前
Bring the old Jesse back ❌🧢
ARB 20
ARB 20 日 前
cash? 8:00
Bob Chea
Bob Chea 日 前
When Jesser dunks I don’t know what just happened
javon 日 前
We need another trampoline dunk contest w/ TJass
7:47 ME: can’t stop laughing
Alex Me
Alex Me 日 前
Go to fire wings they are the shit
Th3_Ch0sen_0ne 日 前
9:00 to 9:15 I would have died if he dunked it
Hassan Gohar
Hassan Gohar 日 前
Everyone:Wearing socks Jeidel: nah fuck that
Geoffrey Kazim Provis
Geoffrey Kazim Provis 日 前
Can you guys tell the truth about Mopi being a lady’s man cos to be honest I don’t think he is even if he gets a girlfriend the cops set up
DestN 日 前
Holy shit I fucking died when zack hit that shit 😂
Ernesto Delgadillo
Ernesto Delgadillo 日 前
Oust caping🚫🧢🚫🧢🚫🧢
Al Samz
Al Samz 日 前
Watching this while high is definitely the move😂
Ernesto Delgadillo
Ernesto Delgadillo 日 前
Moooo 🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🛹🥊🥊🥊🥊
Atomic EW
Atomic EW 日 前
Please do more of these videos!😄
Isaac Perez
Isaac Perez 日 前
Zack wins obstacle race: Me: “But at what cost”
Issac Dube
Issac Dube 日 前
If you go to jail isnt that losing a year of your life
Amelie MOORE
Amelie MOORE 日 前
You should do a dunk contest at Dojo Doom it would be insane
Garrett Yntema
Garrett Yntema 日 前
i died during zach's speed run
T93 _King
T93 _King 日 前
Me: 0:41 😂😂
Ace Johnson
Ace Johnson 日 前
This was hilarious it was so random 😂
Todd 日 前
do pack and pain for nostalgia purposes
William Cyr-Gosselin
William Cyr-Gosselin 日 前
rip zack
Lorenzo Vargas
Lorenzo Vargas 日 前
Love the trampoline vids!! Keep it up
Roman Sheoships
Roman Sheoships 日 前
Jesse loves Jojo's wish he would release some Jojos collab merch
LS4 Cinema
LS4 Cinema 日 前
Amazing Race Part 2 🔥
toyymachine ace
toyymachine ace 日 前
was this in Washington?
Chase Hendren
Chase Hendren 日 前
At 2:39 cheeseaholic was in his park
Andrew Sidorowicz
Andrew Sidorowicz 日 前
Was anyone else scared jesser was gonna break the trampolines??
Lvl9chao 日 前
7:05 got me dead xD
I swear zack hates mopi
Sxm .x
Sxm .x 日 前
7:07 I’m dead 😂
Its Fyrizy
Its Fyrizy 日 前
Zack got me dead 💀
Steven G
Steven G 日 前
Yo Zach happen 😂😂😂
Ephraim Barnett
Ephraim Barnett 日 前
iSplxzhGreens 日 前
I got little Caesars and that’s hell a good hitting me super good not even soggy
Colby Fernandes
Colby Fernandes 日 前
If you think about it. The question would you rather be in a jail for a year or lose a year of your life are pretty much the same thing. If you go to jail for a year you pretty much lost a year of your life right there.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 日 前
The question says to go back time or go to the future. I would go back in time because Kobe and juice world died
brandon morales
brandon morales 日 前
We need a Mopi origami series that bit was hilarious 😂😂😂
Demekius Forney
Demekius Forney 日 前
Bryson Murray
Bryson Murray 日 前
Jesser I'm a big fan🙏
Parker Sanders
Parker Sanders 日 前
No hard feelings but the only thing I was laughing at when James broke the wall was Jesse's hair
Jon Cook
Jon Cook 日 前
West Bend WI
Landon Abernathy
Landon Abernathy 日 前
Lovin it jesser keep it up
Jackson Beam
Jackson Beam 日 前
More of these plz!!!
Philip Harding10
Philip Harding10 日 前
Damn jesse a lil bitch in jousting huh
iCry SlayZ
iCry SlayZ 日 前
play mafia
Jagvir Gill
Jagvir Gill 日 前
bruh i’m watching this in 2020 this is insane i remember watching this in 5th grade
Jed Walls
Jed Walls 日 前
Low key fire😂🤣
Andy King
Andy King 日 前
Do a chicken nugget one
Takeoff 824
Takeoff 824 日 前
Don’t hate anyone.
Steven Loeffler
Steven Loeffler 日 前
Zack is tryna act all alpha in this lmao
Guard me
Guard me 日 前
This was the day Jesse smashed sum cheeks
Big Beast Bradley 8
Big Beast Bradley 8 日 前
alex bravo
alex bravo 日 前
Zach running into those obstacles was so fucking funny
Sparksy 231
Sparksy 231 日 前
Some of those edits were very funny and I think you should do more of these types of videos
Seba Filmz
Seba Filmz 日 前
What is this trampoline park called?
Johnny Cal
Johnny Cal 日 前
1021 times
Alex Plaz
Alex Plaz 日 前
Your so mean jesser
Jeremiah Batts
Jeremiah Batts 日 前
7:05 when being a try hard goes wrong😂