Shout out to those who dislike Kristen Stewart: Go home you're drunk. Sincerity is obnoxious to the insincere.
Jelo Smurf
Jelo Smurf 分 前
Inga my love😍 whats her ig please
SpikeAG 3 分 前
"I'll see you in hell Coolio"
Stealth Bravo
Stealth Bravo 4 分 前
This corny garbage is eating with a fork LMFAOOO
Ray Rodriguez
Ray Rodriguez 6 分 前
Great episode!
Trill Bill
Trill Bill 8 分 前
amy schumer is the worst
Do0r R
Do0r R 10 分 前
Can you bring kids? If you can invite stranger things kids that would be hilarious 😂😂
fireblade2102 11 分 前
"So I'm not a chef though right"............. No Shit......
Roberto Rodriguez
Roberto Rodriguez 12 分 前
One of the best
Amber Sewell
Amber Sewell 12 分 前
Unlike many others, I feel she did not really answer the questions...
Morris Crow
Morris Crow 12 分 前
Kristen Stewart blew me behind a taco bell
Miles 13 分 前
Live audience is best for Truth or Dab I think, traditional Hot Ones should just be done one on one
Teshae Flair
Teshae Flair 14 分 前
The guests should get to decide if they want a live audience or not. Some guests may feel comfortable with the audience.
Mike2014 14 分 前
29 Years old (Born 1990) *Acting* 16 - She needs to act her age, 29, and take some responsibility. This *GOTH* look (Dark eye liner and tattoo's) and tough attitude is saying I want all the reward but I'm not willing to put in the effort. Lazy-minded and cowardly millennial behavior. Tough bad ass but I don't want the pain of getting there.
Hockeyguy25 14 分 前
Damn, hot ones pulling the star power. They got Justin Bieber on the show. 😂😂😂
The Wanderer
The Wanderer 16 分 前
What a fookin' idiot I just want to smash his face into a bowl of the hottest spicy sauce has ever existed. F*** you stupid dumbass, you should learn how to be humble.
KiernanMalia 16 分 前
I am......SO bi
Clare Morgan
Clare Morgan 19 分 前
Sean so white! OMG dude get some 🌞 P.S. love ya
Eliem does stuff
Eliem does stuff 19 分 前
Shane dawson: "oh my god am so hard right now" Shanes cat: 18:30
le ciel
le ciel 21 分 前
This man has beautiful teeth
Jephte Cardenas
Jephte Cardenas 21 分 前
That was a sympathy blink
ThisIsHowYou YouTube
ThisIsHowYou YouTube 21 分 前
Imagine Gordon Ramsay as a special host in nailed it or sugar rush
Santiago Ortega
Santiago Ortega 22 分 前
Now I don't like her even more and I don't want to see any or her movies
already dead おかげトランスレータ
already dead おかげトランスレータ 22 分 前
Happy to see Reina on a big channel haven’t seen her much after...well the death of Smosh gaming and Sugar Pine 7.
Tomas Frybl
Tomas Frybl 23 分 前
Does anyone know Blair's Ultra Death Sauce? ;D
Rob Nova
Rob Nova 26 分 前
Shes almost 30... Thats when backwards hats are no longer cool.... But she took the heat like a champ
Santiago Ortega
Santiago Ortega 27 分 前
I dont like her but I want to see her suffer 😈😈😈😈😈😈
Quentin GUYET
Quentin GUYET 28 分 前
I wonder why the video has been demonitized ???
The garlic Reaper did it...
Troy Wallace
Troy Wallace 28 分 前
She out here lookin like Dennis the menace
Anastasia Richardson
Anastasia Richardson 32 分 前
Can't tell if she's got pink eye, she's high or she's just so fucking tired. Either way... I'm right there I get it.
She got BALLS
FXV TV 36 分 前
Who else thumbed down for eating wings with a knife and fork
Oren Kassner
Oren Kassner 36 分 前
I'm actually gonna watch the movie because of this interview.
Slohcinsirhc 37 分 前
Get Mac back on the show
Xiao Ran Li
Xiao Ran Li 37 分 前
Sean is so well spoken im learning a lot
Violent Gamer
Violent Gamer 37 分 前
Khaled ain't shit, he's a regular dude that tries to over hype and over complicate and explain things.
Cryptoxic Gaming
Cryptoxic Gaming 39 分 前
It's like watching Ron Swanson eating. I like it.
King Of Bel
King Of Bel 40 分 前
That wrestling story was hilarious. And his famous "DO IT" video was legit inspiring. I dunno how some people hate this guy.
The Derp Knight
The Derp Knight 40 分 前
_If you were on Hot Ones, how do you think you'd do on a scale from DJ Khaled to Shia LaBeouf?_ *Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes.....oh wait* 😒
Paola 41 分 前
no one: Scarlett Johansson: cArBs
LoveInTheLight 41 分 前
Kristen is the definition of US INTROVERTS. People get mad just because she isn't as open🤦 and doesn't have the patience to act like she gives a fuck🤣just to protect your feelings🤣like people normally would
impinator maxima
impinator maxima 42 分 前
Rachel Ray let me eat dat ass bitch!
Sam Martel
Sam Martel 43 分 前
claire can hit me with a bus
Scott Halloween
Scott Halloween 43 分 前
Dead eyed chick pretending to be a boy stuff vegan crap in her holster. Bored.
Hea Mees
Hea Mees 43 分 前
Not really a fan of his movies and he seemed kind of an egoistical cunt from the press, but this interview really changed my perception of him
TS 12445
TS 12445 44 分 前
Paul Rudd could be keanu Reeves brother what good boys
Oren Kassner
Oren Kassner 45 分 前
Experienced viewers were waiting for 14:28.
Broken Monocle
Broken Monocle 46 分 前
don’t listen to brad leone. hes not from fucking new jersey. not anymore. callin it taylor ham. fuck you you fucking fat ass piece of shit
Trendy Ninja
Trendy Ninja 46 分 前
Probably my favorite episode so far. Absolutely brilliant.
This cat is in real pain DAMN!!!! That THE BOMB sauce is Lethal...
Chrysi Boyde
Chrysi Boyde 49 分 前
Showing him all that shit at the end made his mouth hotter 😂😂😂😂
Ethan Crowley
Ethan Crowley 56 分 前
The one in the pink really deserves this role. She is on point with the "You can do anything you but your mind to." Amen
Adam Kowal
Adam Kowal 58 分 前
23:45 this felt really rude.
ries0000 58 分 前
Ariana grande maybe, she would't get far
CyclonicCone160 58 分 前
Dababy could barely take ‘Dabomb’
LoveInTheLight 59 分 前
I'm actually looking forward to Charlie's Angels. Hopefully it'll be different in all aspects than the original🙄yeah they were funny buut unrealistic.
ibrooksie 時間 前
She sucks
The wander13woman
The wander13woman 時間 前
She wasn't joking when she said she came on the show for dinner 🤣🤣
nabila huda
nabila huda 時間 前
Hes so cute and composed doing that tho
Todd Derrick
Todd Derrick 時間 前
Kristen Stuart killed it! Ones of the best episodes I've seen.
henry maier
henry maier 時間 前
Put David Dorbik on the show!!
CatnipNapkin 時間 前
Hot Ones: The show that made Kristen Stewart COOL
Alex Frishchn
Alex Frishchn 時間 前
I would dye for claire from the bon appetit test kitchen
TXP9 時間 前
Justin Bieber with eye shadow.
Queen 時間 前
What about matt stonie ❗️
jay patel
jay patel 時間 前
9:42 ❤️
Naty Munive
Naty Munive 時間 前
this is wat i’ve been waiting for 👏🏻
King Of Bel
King Of Bel 時間 前
She is so cute. Its feels weird that I watched her pretty much grow up through GoT. Arya was my favorite character from start to end. Heres hoping she does more works in tv shows or movies.
talia n
talia n 時間 前
when no one came for the dab
MiiSS AM3RiiCA 時間 前
Lmaooooooooooo I love her!!!
Boops 時間 前
Yea I second that on the not liking the audience idea... definitely enjoyed it better before, with the few chuckles from the camera crew etc... just my opinion.
Michael Best
Michael Best 時間 前
I was first NOT going to press the like thumbs up to this video, but....! It was hot to see how hot Kristen Stewart could get when she progressed thru those hot sauces! I loved how she talked and answered questions while how the hot sauce effected her. BTW, why was she not allowed to drink water, between those sauces ? You're a hot woman, Kristen, and now even hotter!
Taehyung Cuties
Taehyung Cuties 時間 前
Once again Jaxon will shove anything into his mouth if it’s edible😂
CaptainDerp 時間 前
He is vegan??
jen north
jen north 時間 前
Ugh marry me
Shane Ortega
Shane Ortega 時間 前
I couldn’t stop giggling watching Gordon suffer 😂. 2 secs bahahhaha
Dancehall's Next Generation
Dancehall's Next Generation 時間 前
she's just eating her self though cuz she's "Hot" 😂 corny? ok ik.
José Ferreira
José Ferreira 時間 前
10 hot sauces, but none of them was the lamb sauce... Guess he hasnt found it yet
Nicholas Carson
Nicholas Carson 時間 前
I would have eaten all five bowls of the death chili I think I'm too nice.
zMurda 時間 前
They fucked that dude's order up but his barber fucked his hairline up
Austerity Cat
Austerity Cat 時間 前
Please sit.
Alex 時間 前
SO, pure gold is 24 carat. 28??? what do you mean?
Movie matics
Movie matics 時間 前
Sean Evans interviewing skills needs to be in the Hall of Fame today!
Ray Taylor
Ray Taylor 時間 前
Does she have a second emotion or?
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 時間 前
4:00 when you’re a social justice warrior and god forbid you offend someone that lives in Calabassas so you try retracting what you were saying bc hurt feelings 🙄 she’s so fucking awkward
Robert Rollins
Robert Rollins 時間 前
Good questions this time
Before Tax
Before Tax 時間 前
California and its people are such up tight douche bags
Marco Saldana
Marco Saldana 時間 前
How many mushrooms did she eat???
Victoria RM
Victoria RM 時間 前
"What the fucky" ..I love her
Courtney Riley
Courtney Riley 時間 前
so she didnt even eat real wings. no wonder game of thrones sucked with all the vegan acting
Dancehall's Next Generation
Dancehall's Next Generation 時間 前
natural beauty.