Vincent Awino
Vincent Awino 7 分 前
Eloquence. She's amazing!
Mary Mutua
Mary Mutua 9 分 前
C'mon, Uhuru u hv afew of ur lawyers doing the same, wewe wacha bana. Sonko kiboko yako.
Bad Boy 2000
Bad Boy 2000 13 分 前
Gilo Ogilo
Gilo Ogilo 23 分 前
Sonko remain Home(David) in peace.
Stephen Okello
Stephen Okello 時間 前
Baba mtetea wanyonge
Stephen Joseph
Stephen Joseph 時間 前
Do dignity to unkept human character.
Ingrid Relativo
Ingrid Relativo 2 時間 前
Daddy Vladimir Putin kay "I LOVE YOU"...
tuforu4 2 時間 前
Happy LADS
Ingrid Relativo
Ingrid Relativo 2 時間 前
tuforu4 2 時間 前
This guy is a NO NO.
#JYMIE 254
#JYMIE 254 4 時間 前
Rainbow Tears 2027
Rainbow Tears 2027 5 時間 前
HEHEHE the more the two brothers move goalposts for RUTO to oppose they get stuck now they have to surrender to RUTO wisdom or they change the goalpost again
Charles Olande
Charles Olande 5 時間 前
I like the reasoning of senator Dakaja
Rumpelstiltsk!n 5 時間 前
...this show was conceived in a bar! 😂😂😂😂
Feisal Abdullahi
Feisal Abdullahi 5 時間 前
To stabilize the region doesn't need military muscle but nyumba kumi initiative whereby forcing landlords or tenants to inform new visitors in their homes to concerned authorities and take actions against unlawful persons,lakini personnel in urban centers may carry acts of crime like rape and torture against innocent locals deraling relations with the them
Kendi Kendi
Kendi Kendi 5 時間 前
Uliona nini huko
King Wesh
King Wesh 6 時間 前
Great debate guys!! i salute y'all👏👏👏👏
Artem Golubkov
Artem Golubkov 6 時間 前
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Doroth Doroth Wanjala
Doroth Doroth Wanjala 6 時間 前
So painiful God intervin
Collins Kisochi
Collins Kisochi 7 時間 前
I rly like listening to David osiany he never bores n very much informed
mahab said
mahab said 7 時間 前
Dealing with corruption now is stage managed, he could start immediately with NYS scandal. So for him to leave cohesed nation n legacy he should respect constitution by handing power to who ever will be the next president
Charles Coe
Charles Coe 7 時間 前
Opuntia fruit is soooo good. Like watermelon good.
shulestuff 7 時間 前
My favorite pundits, hakuna sideshows
joseph sakari
joseph sakari 7 時間 前
Sakaja should shut up and allow the law to take it's due cause. Sonko should be suspended until his name is cleared. He has not been charged or illegally remanded in custody unfairly. Stop confusing us Sakaja. Sonko has demonised people and destroyed people's property who had title deeds from the government. Did we complain? No!
Tabby K
Tabby K 7 時間 前
Feisal Abdullahi
Feisal Abdullahi 8 時間 前
Haji senior Unites all political divide in the country,ni mneutral and non partisan and patriot
xavier mukula
xavier mukula 8 時間 前
A great thief...no room for your presidency Sir
Charles Otieno
Charles Otieno 8 時間 前
How do you interview him with the same questions that have already been asked before?Why not approach new angles?..zero research before coming into this interview.I agree with him..very unprofessional
Geoffrey Nyabuba
Geoffrey Nyabuba 8 時間 前
The speed Uhuru is reading....Raila we know your handwriting
Ali Garji
Ali Garji 8 時間 前
You have only stolen our money and uhuru is truly tolerant if you’re still walking around freely #NYS-SCANDAL
Rumpelstiltsk!n 8 時間 前
...fairness is for all! He should be treated with some dignity at least!
Helena Cox
Helena Cox 9 時間 前
Nothing about this is God!
Sal Bigelow
Sal Bigelow 9 時間 前
People in that country must be very gullible I see nothing miraculous about this
Susan St. James
Susan St. James 9 時間 前
Loving my Governor. 🙏. Umetosha lenga sasa cheo kubwa. Iromo.
Amunga Colle
Amunga Colle 9 時間 前
nani ako hapa 2020...???
Ol Oem
Ol Oem 9 時間 前
I'm watching this in December 2019 ,sonko is governor and hs just been arrested for corruption. Miguna was deported (illegally) to Canada and kidero having been dethroned by sonko for the governorship of Nairobi, has been charged with corruption. The only man still standing but I hardly hear from him is Kenneth. And the saga continues
John Awalla
John Awalla 9 時間 前
Brian George... Is that your new voice🔝🔝
Wlkm Wlkm
Wlkm Wlkm 9 時間 前
Wowaa only God to intervene 🤔🤔
IMBENZI 9 時間 前
If not for the air of intimidation, Miguna makes a lot of sense
Adeking salati
Adeking salati 9 時間 前
Alexander Kimani
Alexander Kimani 10 時間 前
Sasa sijui kizungu
Hassan Mohamed
Hassan Mohamed 10 時間 前
When will this people stop doing things old way....why build military base while the existing ones all combined and miles apart can't stand single f35 attack...it could have been wise to pump that money into drone technology and may be in future that could stop f35 attack...tafakari ya babu
Reuben Favour
Reuben Favour 9 時間 前
Food for thought.... I like ur wisdom
KeeperOfGodsWord 10 時間 前
Boy these people will accept anything!!
Douglas Shikwekwe
Douglas Shikwekwe 10 時間 前
Exotic 🤣
Nelly Macharia
Nelly Macharia 10 時間 前
I feel for the guy he was screwed over. Wanafaa wakue na Jackie Maribe wakikulwa na kunguni pamoja.
david lingaard
david lingaard 10 時間 前
Satan is very busy, let people believe that they can do miracle
zoiko Onyi
zoiko Onyi 10 時間 前
Those are the same layers who represent Raila and Uhuru during election dispute, y now talk I'll about them if represent young leaders
mike Carlos
mike Carlos 10 時間 前
🤣🤣🤣🤣Ruto sasa umekubali oky sawa hii ni Kenya 🇰🇪 with backed up of Raila and Uhuru
Josphat Muasya
Josphat Muasya 10 時間 前
Suz Last
Suz Last 10 時間 前
Ann please bring back NYS money what you're saying is nothing.
Grantler 17
Grantler 17 10 時間 前
Hii jamii ya wakikuyu inahitaji maombi!! Kila kukicha ni vifo tu. Yaani kisa ni " Peremende"
Bonga Sasa
Bonga Sasa 10 時間 前
Kamwana wacha kutu enjoy bwana! Sehemu zingine unafungua barabara, swimming pools, SGR sisi ni jeshi tu! Walaai hiyo sio poa
Amami Juma nne
Amami Juma nne 7 時間 前
Wanazuia kina alshababi so kuwa mpole broo
Billy Richards
Billy Richards 10 時間 前
Miguna Miguna: 2:11 "That's not the question" HAHAHAHAHA
Dor kam
Dor kam 11 時間 前
Very gud
radar boy
radar boy 11 時間 前
All of u r useless, u talk big and do nothing for the common mwananchi. Bure kabisa takaka ngasia
Gilo Ogilo
Gilo Ogilo 11 時間 前
Sonko nilidhani ni mwanaume kamili kumbe anauma watu na Meno.Sonko ni akwende hafai kua Gorverner hana Akili ya kuenelea.Drug Dealer
bonface khaleha
bonface khaleha 11 時間 前
Pliz sir why do you look frustrated you campaigned for sonko yet you knew he was wanted by prisons dept
Suz Last
Suz Last 11 時間 前
Why they didn't look for other countries in Africa to sell low sugar cane, instead of your business lose.
Grantler 17
Grantler 17 11 時間 前
Suz L, because the Country went to the Dogs about a half century ago!!
Hamida Alhabsi
Hamida Alhabsi 11 時間 前
IT IS VERY sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Hamida Alhabsi
Hamida Alhabsi 11 時間 前
Rose wakariru
Rose wakariru 11 時間 前
Are these Kenyans Or Sudanes ? They are really dark.
Collins Kisochi
Collins Kisochi 7 時間 前
From tribalism to racesim they r Africans dd u expect a Mzungu ama ww umejibleach
shulestuff 7 時間 前
nkkkt! haki ujinga nayo, what does it matter
Benson Cherop
Benson Cherop 7 時間 前
Rose also add dark tall or long and handsome ama
charity Wangeci
charity Wangeci 11 時間 前
🤣🤣🤣🤣aki wewe
Tabitha Njoroge
Tabitha Njoroge 12 時間 前
What is this man saying? Which questions is he answering? Does he even know what is going on? 🤔🤔🤔This country we live in!! CRAP
Binty Said
Binty Said 12 時間 前
Governor wote wafuatiliwe sio sonko tu. Karibu Kenya yote haina maendeleo vituo vya afya hamna barabara mbovu kila hospital unayoenda waandikiwa dawa ukanunue chemist hospital hamna madawa
uyu camera person n nn inamwasha ammulike Ruto tuuu...
gemkachar 12 時間 前
this was long overdue
Dav Show
Dav Show 12 時間 前
gheto mtaa
gheto mtaa 12 時間 前
False arguments aje madam that is other people's opinions.
Anthony Gicheru
Anthony Gicheru 13 時間 前
An old slut speaking about integrity, What a joke!
Ann Wanjiru
Ann Wanjiru 13 時間 前
Uyu chali amenilea heshima saaaaana kwake
Ann Wanjiru
Ann Wanjiru 13 時間 前
Lots of love BRO
Ann Wanjiru
Ann Wanjiru 13 時間 前
Papa chali my brother
Fredrick Onjiko
Fredrick Onjiko 13 時間 前
From the interview there is no doubt something fishy is going on here. Can someone tell me the viability of this project
Gleb Savrasov
Gleb Savrasov 14 時間 前
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Musoma Jesse
Musoma Jesse 14 時間 前
This man is really smart. I just love the way he puts things.
kamau mbugua
kamau mbugua 14 時間 前
Huyu mwanamke is embarrassing nyakinyoa. Wewe mwizi kaguaru.
The Governor Online TV
The Governor Online TV 14 時間 前
Let DP wait for the right time to campaign, right now even those who are moving around with him will disappear to their regional cocoons to avoid being left out of the parliament or senate. The truth is, this is not the right time to claims support, wanakula pesa tu.....
viva musando Jenevive
viva musando Jenevive 14 時間 前
Body language is telling what you are going through good luck haha
Miranda Al
Miranda Al 14 時間 前
Eric Wainaina‘s song „Kenya Only“ (re-recorded in Swahili as „Daima Mkenya“ in the early 2000’s) was played daily on Capital FM’s „Hits Not Homework“ by Bob Kioko in 1997 and beat Hanson‘s „MMMBop“ and „I Wanna Be The Only One“ by Bebe Winans and Cece Winans in the voting. In another interview Eric Wainaina confirms that he recorded the song in 1997 in Bruce Odhiambo‘s studio before he departed to Berklee in the United States. So I‘m surprised to hear him say in this KTN video: „I wrote the song in 1998.“ Was he deliberately changing the story or was it a slip of the tongue?
robert maingi
robert maingi 15 時間 前
Ule reporter alikuwa wa mpira kutoka nakuru ako wapi somebody raendela pia yeye mtafute
robert maingi
robert maingi 15 時間 前
Napenda sana kadilo
Shaban Said
Shaban Said 15 時間 前
Nyinyi waongo tu
Feisal Abdullahi
Feisal Abdullahi 15 時間 前
Youth play important role in parliament,they should counter check waheshimiwa
haward lee
haward lee 15 時間 前
same to endarasha
Nikita 16 時間 前
What an idea! 🤔🙄👆 This is where your money is going kenya. Our own leaders want to make us slaves to them while they eat our money, for their own needs.
denver keps
denver keps 16 時間 前
just a kuuliza to huyu mama wa taifa mama ngina ana kazi gani hii kenya
Reuben Favour
Reuben Favour 16 時間 前
Does This Kids Have A You Tupe Channel, I Wonna Subscribe ??? Amazingly Gifted
Alice Ondeko
Alice Ondeko 16 時間 前
I think sio sweet ya kawaida may be on drugs
jestymore Simon
jestymore Simon 16 時間 前
tamaa ya nini.....cant people be honest and do good to others what would they gain if they do that,,,,?
Pamela Nyambega
Pamela Nyambega 16 時間 前
It is sad that our children are growing knowing their leaders are corrupt, what a future? This means the foundation we are laying for the future of this country is questioning!!!!!!!!!!!
Agnes Khakali
Agnes Khakali 17 時間 前
Another hero is this man Haji.You'll be remembered always .God job 👍
kevin Ruitha
kevin Ruitha 17 時間 前
Mungu saidia Luka Wairura aweze kutumia ujuzi wake
joy ann
joy ann 17 時間 前
Look on mr. corruption we are tired.
Elizabeth Wambui
Elizabeth Wambui 17 時間 前
You are hot Chris. I like your smile.
Esther Mackori
Esther Mackori 17 時間 前
God may you comfort them.
Abass Abdi
Abass Abdi 18 時間 前
Haji congrats
Charles Otieno
Charles Otieno 18 時間 前
This guy Noordin Hajji is my agemate doing great job!
You decided to interview someone without a clue, answering his own questions
MKenya Mpenda Amani
MKenya Mpenda Amani 18 時間 前
DPP and DCI why is Okoth Obado the Governor Migori still in Office??? Kenyans want to know as to why that case stalled? Is he off the hook after all that evidence??? You guys start something followed by “quite” maybe to brainwash us
MKenya Mpenda Amani
MKenya Mpenda Amani 18 時間 前
DPP and DCI please investigate Bomet County Governor Mr. Barchok as to why he didn’t heed to appoint a woman as Deputy Governor May be he’s a corrupt dude
Collin Brianoh
Collin Brianoh 18 時間 前
Most of you commenting here are just dumb the guy is talking to everyone