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Spray Tan Challenge
touchy2017 8 分 前
Jeff makes me sick...I can’t watch anymore
lexierimes123 8 分 前
Ethan still kinda looks like Ethan
99 14 分 前
7:55 ....
Jill 24 分 前
Dear Grayson, You cannot compare your pain to others'. Pain is immeasurable when it's felt because in that moment it feels like the worst pain on earth. I thought the same way you are/were thinking when my uncle and grandma both died but i kept thinking that i am not the only one losing someone and i should suck it up, i wish i didn't think that way because in the end i broke. I talked to my family and I got sooo much love and support, I know you will too! Not only from family but also your fanbase I hope you and Ethan make time to breath and step back. Be gentle with yourself, forgive yourself, even on your darkest days. Just don't forget to love yourself too Lots of love, Just some girl :)
Grace Garrity
Grace Garrity 26 分 前
Video idea: eat anything challenge blindfolded
Tiffany Nene
Tiffany Nene 33 分 前
Literally so excited for the future raw and real Dolan twins!!! 😍👍🏽❤️
Sleepless Wanderer
Sleepless Wanderer 45 分 前
I appreciate the work ethics and all, but young JPchatrs should know that it is alright and cool to be real and authentic. What is tiring is the face/mask that they feel obliged to put up when they are about to record a video for their audience! Be authetic you'll see how people appreciate you even more.
317 days
317 days 56 分 前
THIS is the best video you guys have put out yet. so excited.
sinatraandchill 時間 前
Awww this was really cute (crazy like y'all are straight loco for sure but cute)
Sarah Kim
Sarah Kim 時間 前
such a good video !!
sinatraandchill 時間 前
6:56 yes you r Grayson 😂 yes u r
sinatraandchill 時間 前
4:47 Ethan marry me also. This is Not a joke. No idea how this will work. Pretty sure marrying more than 1 person is illegal but like ur so 😎. I kid- this is 1000% a joke. Not really but really.
Ruru Wu
Ruru Wu 時間 前
F**k I’m a Taiwanese and the Chinese words on Ethan’s shirt is just so hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 Spring and beautiful?? WTF does that mean🤣
Reine Nadice
Reine Nadice 時間 前
"Eat my DISH" 😂
Kimberley Goodall
Kimberley Goodall 時間 前
Does anyone else get visions of the kid that went viral "Linda honey, you don't listen!" when E says "Listen up Lisa!"?
sinatraandchill 時間 前
1:26-1:32 I challenge you to marry me Grayson. This is 100% not a joke.... Ok it is but like I mean it low key tho. Ok I don't but I really really do.
Alex-_- Diamond
Alex-_- Diamond 時間 前
I have claustrophobia it sucks
JF Koren
JF Koren 時間 前
I wanted to cry during the whole video
sinatraandchill 時間 前
1:38 IM CACKLING how r u guys alive... The amount of dangerous situations u put yourselves in for videos is just tew gr8.. unless ur secretly vampires then forget everything I just said
enviousmagenta 時間 前
Boys u have the right to take a break as long as you want, ur well-being comes first and don't let anyone tell u otherwise
sinatraandchill 時間 前
0:33 was a perfect time for a "you want to know how I got these scars" joke or audio clip in the bg&you both missed it and I'm legit weeping at the tragedy of it all
sinatraandchill 時間 前
Omg Mariah Carey said the same thing about fandom names being given by the stars instead of the fans this week (she probably watched ur video since this is a year old..i kid I kid anyway.. TRENDSETTERS). I LOVE you guys so much. Like low low looooow key having both ur children nbd type love. You guys make me ridiculously happy&it's quite absurd at this point.
Yareli Ojeda
Yareli Ojeda 時間 前
i love you 😭💛
Stacie Watson
Stacie Watson 時間 前
I think I’m dumber than them lmao
Fineata Palau
Fineata Palau 時間 前
2:10 got me
Jaz 7
Jaz 7 時間 前
Look at them now bitch
Yegane Nabi
Yegane Nabi 2 時間 前
Im just shoooock that ethan wakes up at 7 thiiis much excited
The Amazing Pitbull
The Amazing Pitbull 2 時間 前
Hold on, in the first story they said they were a year and a half old and like ten seconds later they said they were ten months old, um a year and a half is 18 months.
Mikayla Becerra
Mikayla Becerra 2 時間 前
It’s weird because I can relate so much to this. Yeah I’m not a youtuber but I definitely lost myself at some point. I was never good enough for anyone.. not even my family.. so I suppressed a lot. I wasn’t fully myself and I always hid my emotions because I would get yelled at if I didn’t. I wasn’t fully myself. I had to take a step back from pretty much everyone except for a few friends who helped me be myself again. I’m more myself than I’ve ever been now and I’m so much happier.. so much happier. I hated myself before. Hated who I was. I was struggling with depression and anxiety, trust issues. I grew up a lot faster than most people and it all just took a tole but when I decided to make that change (as terrifying as it was) I grew so much. My confidence sky rocketed (Im not cocky or anything but I don’t think I’m the worst anymore 😂) I’ve never had good examples in my life and I didn’t really have parents in all honesty. My dad was always at work and my mom never left her room and when she did it wasn’t great. My uncle literally told me one time that crying was weak.. But I’ve realized a that I need to do that more. I need to talk about my shit. I don’t watch your videos typically and like you said it was just kinda like yeah they just seem like annoying douche bags but you can clearly see your hearts in this video. What Shane said is the way to go. Grow as people and show your true selves. It really changes your life. You will be so much happier when you do. It’s gonna be hard. It’s going to be something that challenges you and it’s not easy but keep pushing. It gets better and it won’t just make your videos better but your lives too. Let yourselves be fully yourselves. Find yourselves. You need to help yourself before you can help other people. You have good hearts and seeing that you can be honest like this is good. You’re realizing that you need a change and that’s the first step. Be brave and keep going. You are going to make a huge difference in peoples lives. Take your time and find yourselves. I’ll be looking forward to see what you do next. I’ll be waiting. You gained a subscriber today.
Brooklyn-Jade Senhenn
Brooklyn-Jade Senhenn 2 時間 前
tammy jones
tammy jones 2 時間 前
Shane: do you have panic attacks at the same time? Twins: yeah we feel each other’s emotions Shane: aweh😂
Sasuke Uchia
Sasuke Uchia 2 時間 前
Guy's take as much time as you need to post dont push yourselves like shane said if you post 3 times a week or even a month were going to be more excited to wach
Charmain Exelby
Charmain Exelby 2 時間 前
Megan currie
Megan currie 2 時間 前
You can totally tell the age group of their followers just by the majority of your pathetic immature comments!!!🤦🏻‍♀️
Clarissa Nitihardjo
Clarissa Nitihardjo 2 時間 前
This week's videos that I watch: Jenna marbles taking a nap for 20M Dolan twins having burnout Ryan higa having writer's block AND I STILL GENUINELY LOVE THEM AND I WILL ALWAYS WATCH THEM LIKE SERIOUSLY
Chelsea Dalfonso
Chelsea Dalfonso 2 時間 前
I think Grayson is a good cook
Redd TattedKutie
Redd TattedKutie 2 時間 前
Ethan got the longer chin..
Megan currie
Megan currie 2 時間 前
There’s NOTHING better then influencers that are fucking totally raw and real with their fans!!!!! ❤️
Michelle Buntjer
Michelle Buntjer 2 時間 前
Boys; do what you wanna do. Your fans will support you, even if you post once a month etc. Be happy, JPchat shouldnt be your life.
Kaitlyn Adams
Kaitlyn Adams 2 時間 前
I’m so excited omg
carmen brunskill
carmen brunskill 2 時間 前
when he said “my family is like the most important thing to me” ... I FELT THAT 🤧🤧😭😢❤️
Min Park
Min Park 2 時間 前
Gaming with Lily
Gaming with Lily 2 時間 前
My freekin school opend in. 1888
Gaming with Lily
Gaming with Lily 3 時間 前
SAS squad
Cj s
Cj s 3 時間 前
I lost my mom at 13 and it took me 2 years to even process it
Galaxyy x
Galaxyy x 3 時間 前
11:50 Laugh my ass off😂😂
Brandon Flores
Brandon Flores 3 時間 前
I'm so worried for shane, he too needs to focus on himself!!
Ailén Silvera
Ailén Silvera 3 時間 前
4:25 4:52 5:49
Eden Bamber
Eden Bamber 3 時間 前
The dislikes are from people who like strawberry pizza.
Rebekah Stoddard
Rebekah Stoddard 3 時間 前
E's outfit on Gray looked so good
Catherine B.
Catherine B. 3 時間 前
"The sales can rise. Doesn't mean much though when your health declines. See we've all got somethin' that we've trapped inside, that we try to suffocate you know hoping it dies. Try to hold it under water but it always survives. Then it comes up out of nowhere like an evil surprise. Then it hovers over you to tell you millions of lies. You don't relate to that? Must not be as crazy I am." -NF
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia 3 時間 前
I feel for you guys, I lost my dad this summer and I still haven’t had time to fully process . Stay strong ❤️
Sophia Barnes
Sophia Barnes 3 時間 前
i don’t know why but shane really is not it
Caitlyn Vaughn
Caitlyn Vaughn 3 時間 前
The doctor’s facial expressions have me laughing SO HARD.
Mute 3 時間 前
OhRlyNao 3 時間 前
Everyone of Ethan's pranks is just him being moody about lack of affection. What a sweet boy
xXIssaXx Astrid
xXIssaXx Astrid 3 時間 前
3:28 when Grayson had his voice crack I actually wheezed
Colbee Prioste
Colbee Prioste 3 時間 前
Grayson says d girlfriend oooooOo
Yiannis 3 時間 前
Ethan having a tantrum because he misses Grayson. 😂💞
Queen Z
Queen Z 3 時間 前
I love Gray’s laugh! 😄
Sophie Xx
Sophie Xx 3 時間 前
the first Tuesday in years without a Dolan Twins video😭15/10/19
Greg Twyford
Greg Twyford 3 時間 前
Grayson should have known that he couldn't have been frozen that quick
Kaylee Pastrana
Kaylee Pastrana 4 時間 前
James 😔
Chicky 4 時間 前
is it just more or is everyone like anxious bc they just want a new video out cause they feel bad for them and idk like dont rush to get a video out ofc bc thats pretty much what the video is about but like just me? ok
Emilia Eve
Emilia Eve 4 時間 前
October 2019 anyone??
Yiannis 4 時間 前
I just hope now that they choose to take a break will make them feel better and happier. The fact that their Dad Sean passed away few days after this was uploaded is so heart breaking and that they mentioned to Shane that they were going back and fort, flights every week to take care of their Dad.. oh my heart. All the best for you Ethan and Grayson. I am so late not knowing about you guys until I saw your video with Shane. But, I am thankful that you've made that choice. Very proud of you. 💞 Your Father Sean is definitely very proud.
All about Genesis
All about Genesis 4 時間 前
not a slight drinking problem a HUGE drinking problem
zvlogz -
zvlogz - 4 時間 前
10:50 juanpa secretly showing Ethan how to take shots in spanish
Dazja Kubas
Dazja Kubas 4 時間 前
I’m so sorry that you guys lost your dad. I lost my mom this year and it’s been hella hard!
Mary Alexa
Mary Alexa 4 時間 前
Tuesday ♥️😔
Boi Bye
Boi Bye 4 時間 前
I have that machine but it is supposed to be for therapy
sharkz_ Loco
sharkz_ Loco 4 時間 前
Gray: TOOTHBRUSHING. at this moment Johnny new he freaked up.
Deondre Fairley
Deondre Fairley 4 時間 前
They look like the ugly step sisters from shrek
Agustina Silva
Agustina Silva 4 時間 前
I love you guys ❤
Shabneez Mohammed
Shabneez Mohammed 4 時間 前
Ogs remember Tunesdays ♥️
Monique Ortiz
Monique Ortiz 4 時間 前
I never appreciated how beautiful Jeffree was until I seen him next to the star twins 😂
Andrea Canales
Andrea Canales 4 時間 前
Why no one is commenting about the "What happend when u raised him different than me?"
Anna Yolanda
Anna Yolanda 4 時間 前
Imagine the real landlord seeing this and pulling a prank on them. 😂
Saga Karlsson
Saga Karlsson 4 時間 前
I should be geting ready for school rn
min kee
min kee 4 時間 前
i could not stop smiling the entire time
Tracy 4 時間 前
3:52 the way Gray looks at the heart melted
daddyyxemmaaa 4 時間 前
lol “best friends” rip the sister squad 😂💀
Alexis Pirgaru
Alexis Pirgaru 4 時間 前
did yall come out as gay? someone lmk so i dont have to watch this whole video pls & thanks 🤣
Justine Delgadilo
Justine Delgadilo 4 時間 前
Grayson: "What the f***" Ethan: "Don't curse bro" Me: "You both literally cursed this whole entire video"
Stephanie Do
Stephanie Do 4 時間 前
Breanna Melton
Breanna Melton 4 時間 前
I lost my dad at 19, I was in LA and he was in Alabama. Still 3 years later I haven't fully processed it and honestly dont think I ever will.
Alecia Wood
Alecia Wood 4 時間 前
this vid got me thinking i wonder what they'd be like in the nursing home lol
the3spirit 4 時間 前
Point of their video: they want to post less videos because they feel overwhelmed. This could have literally been a 2 minute video. Bye boys. And yes, get a life. Good for you. XOXO ;)
zvlogz -
zvlogz - 4 時間 前
Why did grayson touch the fish eggs and the froyo things with the same hand 😂
jannesa javier
jannesa javier 5 時間 前
i unknowingly watched this video 2 years ago
Ava Meehan
Ava Meehan 5 時間 前
I have graysons life stile but want Ethans
Katie Jesse
Katie Jesse 5 時間 前
I lost my dad 4 years ago when I was 19. I put off processing his death for 2 years. Losing a parent is extremely hard. You're not a horrible person for grieving the way you do. Everything you feel is valid. It takes time to heal. Things don't necessarily get better, things get different and that feels better.
Chase McGinnis
Chase McGinnis 5 時間 前
Someone tell me why I thought they uploaded every Wednesday.
Ken Adams
Ken Adams 5 時間 前
Their issues are very common in young men. Huge props to them for discussing this and posting it for people to see. Most men don’t want to seem weak or ask for help. I hope some people see this and see it’s best to ask for help. Talking about something out loud with someone is the best way to process and put things behind you and grow as a person
Mya Go
Mya Go 5 時間 前
I’m wheezing
sofia renals
sofia renals 5 時間 前
When Grayson pushed Ethan all the way across the kitchen with 1 arm 🤤🤤🤤
Yulissa Perez
Yulissa Perez 5 時間 前
4:15 ethan- that just doesn’t look right- 😂
Christina Anahi
Christina Anahi 5 時間 前
I miss you gays already
Samiksha Jayanth
Samiksha Jayanth 5 時間 前
Arms and legs at the same time 😱 -Ethan Dolan 2019
LeineahCx 5 時間 前
I'm so happy you guys decided to do this, you both deserve some time off to really enjoy life!