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Bloopers 2017 !
Nicole Reyes
Nicole Reyes 2 秒 前
Gray: we should focus on getting off the highway Ethan: should we invite ppl to our house? 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
Jaclyn Bunker
Jaclyn Bunker 27 秒 前
was anyone else triggered by kyle stepping onto the bed with his shoes on like a maniac
Zeynur Mehmedov
Zeynur Mehmedov 51 秒 前
Aim have samsung a 50 its work 2 😁
Brianna Kiel
Brianna Kiel 54 秒 前
honestly one of my favorite videos
Fitri Indah Sari
Fitri Indah Sari 分 前
i’m LIVING for this series, your best by far 🤟🏼😌
evan judge Deluxe
evan judge Deluxe 分 前
the poor cameraman who had to do this with them😂
Thereasa Om
Thereasa Om 分 前
OMG I Freaking Live In Nashville TN!!! Ily guys Sm Please Visit here! 🤩❤
Noah Hutchison
Noah Hutchison 分 前
Omg I'm starting this, and I live in TN and I SWEAR that if you go to TN and i missed it imma PUNCH someone
Abigail Wickel
Abigail Wickel 分 前
I live in Colorado
Zahara 分 前
Aditya Dwivedi
Aditya Dwivedi 分 前
I really don't know what just happened
Jesse Morris
Jesse Morris 分 前
Quit cappin on Kentucky its a good state born and raised yee😂
Nadia Daeng
Nadia Daeng 分 前
I’m curious are u guys driving back too 😂
Justine Griffin
Justine Griffin 分 前
Let’s go somewhere with snow! Hit multiple storms and complain about them all haha 😂 you two are the cutest haha
Tansen Zail
Tansen Zail 2 分 前
Glad things worked out in the end! Love to see a vid where you both talk about what you wish you brought, changed, etc. As this lifestyle is definitely a learning experience. But vid or no vid. Hope you both are just having fun
Hannah Komay
Hannah Komay 2 分 前
Gotta love Ricky’s “east side” cameo at 33:34
Tyla Cullen
Tyla Cullen 2 分 前
You guys are so dumb it’s not 38 hours it 39!!!!!!!!! 😂😆🤣
Marissa Collins
Marissa Collins 2 分 前
Best vlog ever! I love this is style. You guys also look so happy and healthy. You both look genuine again! So much love and support for you ❤️
Sammy Jammy
Sammy Jammy 2 分 前
G: "1 day and 15 hours of driving" E: "38 hours of driving" Me: .....24+15 is 39
Madison Pallme
Madison Pallme 2 分 前
When they said Missouri was pretty I was like uhhh u haven’t been to Jeffco have ya? Bahah
I live in Illinois
The T&J Squad
The T&J Squad 2 分 前
They should put sum led lights 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩💡💡💡💡💡💡💎
Estefani Ridimann
Estefani Ridimann 2 分 前
Glade yall are making this kind of content. Not gonna lie never use to watch yalls stuff nefore. untill yall had the talk with shane amd made it ur ahhhh
Adrienne Reimer
Adrienne Reimer 2 分 前
"OMG THERE'S ICE ON THE GROUND" "OMG WE'RE SLIDING WE CAN'T DRIVE" Anyone else live in Canada where sliding is just a part of driving lol
Jenna Clauser
Jenna Clauser 2 分 前
I live in Missouri and got so excited when they said that they were in St.Louis!! I wish I would have seen them,lol✌️
Prince Richie
Prince Richie 3 分 前
I just wanna know what camera they’re using 😭🤚🏼 the way it zooms ... ❤️
Rylee Cakes113
Rylee Cakes113 3 分 前
Bro I live in Illinois and the first snowfall was on Halloween this year
Nora Kelley
Nora Kelley 3 分 前
I've been using that soap for years! The knowledge that I smell like the Dolan twins is 👌
Jessica Zimmerman
Jessica Zimmerman 3 分 前
y’all should really vlog more
Itzz Jayda
Itzz Jayda 3 分 前
A vegan apple 💀😭
Belle Rose
Belle Rose 3 分 前
Y’all can stop at truck stops to sleep. Also I’m commenting as I watch so... yeah not that you care
a b
a b 3 分 前
Them: excited to have made it Me: thinking about how they have to do it all over again on the way home
SLIME 3 分 前
How do u clean your balls😆
There finally vegans! YAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Celina Le
Celina Le 3 分 前
Y’all should’ve been to tx bc tx is literally bipolar like one day could be 75 ° then the next could be 32° 😂
Zahara 3 分 前
Ethan: last home cooked meal! *pours bowl of cereal*
11jf111j1f1 4 分 前
thats not some random kansas law thats standard across the country. i swear to god califnronia drivers are always the ones who dont know how to pass properly and are always trying to pass in the pass line
I'm watching this again and Ethan looks so said during the puzzle round </3 xc
Madalyn Schemel
Madalyn Schemel 4 分 前
What part of Missouri did you go through
Marlene Silerio
Marlene Silerio 4 分 前
I live in Colorado
Cartwright Law LLC
Cartwright Law LLC 4 分 前
I love in Nashville
Sondos J
Sondos J 4 分 前
No one: Grayson: vegan apple
Abigail Zuniga
Abigail Zuniga 4 分 前
Wtf I want a dolan sandwich🥺
Andi Cline
Andi Cline 4 分 前
ok... but are we not gonna talk about the incredible zoom in/out quality of that camera @8:20??
Michelle Tieu
Michelle Tieu 4 分 前
No one: Grayson: I got this vegan cookie and *VEGAN APPLE*
4NZ Nurnest
4NZ Nurnest 4 分 前
Maycee Wilkie
Maycee Wilkie 5 分 前
You guys are so amazing
Seda Kaya
Seda Kaya 5 分 前
I wasn’t to sure about you guys not posting as much but now I like it cause it’s wayyyyy better content and its content you guys like
Rylee Cakes113
Rylee Cakes113 5 分 前
AHHHH ILLINOIS!!!!!! I’m in Chicago you should’ve come over !!!!!
Helena Mae
Helena Mae 5 分 前
Nashville is boring but ok
Leya Belay
Leya Belay 5 分 前
I was literally crying so hard for... reasons but I saw that you guys posted then I smiled 🥺😊
Patricia Taggart
Patricia Taggart 5 分 前
LOVE YA GUYS ! ! ! ! LOVE this video ! ! Hope your mom is doing well ! LOVE 😘 💋 🐾 🐾
Noelia Najera
Noelia Najera 5 分 前
I live in Colorado and it’s not that cold. But I get it you guys are live in California and it’s practically hot every day.
Life With Marissa
Life With Marissa 5 分 前
What does Ethan’s tattoo say on his lower neck?
Mallori Bell
Mallori Bell 5 分 前
Not everyone in Kansas is bad I swear!!!
Jen G
Jen G 5 分 前
I frickin love this video !!!! I can’t wait to see more 💜 I’ve always wanted a van so I can do this !!! I’m living my dreams thru y’all ☺️
Belle Rose
Belle Rose 6 分 前
🤭how had they never been to Tennessee?! 🥺 man that’s my stateeee
Eli Eli
Eli Eli 6 分 前
*the last home cooked meal: and he pours flakes lol*
Sadiyah Little
Sadiyah Little 6 分 前
Y’all should have came to tn because I live there
xfordzilla 6 分 前
Probably chose the worst month to go on a cross country road trip
Unknown ?
Unknown ? 6 分 前
I feel your pain me and my family went from Tennessee to Oregon 36 hours 😂 even tho we were in a 5 seater there was only 4 of house so me and my sister in the back got to lay down 🥴❤️
The Vitality ViXXen
The Vitality ViXXen 6 分 前
Their reaction to the shower...I’d be sobbing like a little baby.
Hillary Johanson
Hillary Johanson 7 分 前
I enjoyed this series so much!! Thank you guys for working so hard to do something you love ♥️♥️
Jessica Walker
Jessica Walker 7 分 前
"Border of Illinois....literal ice on the road" welcome. And thank you for the Vegas montage. I may be in the sticks of Illinois but I'm a 'I like being around civilization' kinda bitch
Julia Torricella
Julia Torricella 7 分 前
I love seeing you guys genuinely happy it makes me smileeeee
Adam & Evan
Adam & Evan 7 分 前
Now I want to build a tiny home! Also we posted a new Christmas video and would love for some of you guys to check it out 🎅🏻❤️
Arianator Grandebutera
Arianator Grandebutera 7 分 前
ok boomer
ok boomer 7 分 前
*when they just miss your state* ..... *Damn*
Audrey Ritter
Audrey Ritter 7 分 前
It’s the Hunger Games
Rylee Cakes113
Rylee Cakes113 8 分 前
It’s honestly about time that there are vegan apples. I’ve been waiting (I’m actually vegetarian)
Bryy Naj
Bryy Naj 8 分 前
Can’t wait to see what happens in the next Dolan adventure!!! This had me cracking up. You guys keep me going with how genuinely awesome and real you guys are 🥰 keep up the good work guys and don’t ever stop having fun!!!!
Itz_Just Bailey
Itz_Just Bailey 8 分 前
19:45 they look almost the exact same
hea 8 分 前
19:20 grayson is so cute he’s so happy taking a bath lol so cute
Bella Azmi Music
Bella Azmi Music 8 分 前
Yo I’ve been dreaming to do this too but I mean hope i would get to experience A LOT of adventure. You guys are amazing 🖤
David Dziekonski
David Dziekonski 8 分 前
I like the inclusion of the camera man. Like if u agree so the twins can see
Chelsea Wang
Chelsea Wang 8 分 前
everyone: apple dolan twins: VEGAN apple
chloe wilcox
chloe wilcox 8 分 前
I have the same fluffy sweater as Grayson😂 WaLMaRT TiNGz😂😂
Prosers 8 分 前
Check my recent!! Please... I just want views :((😞
Just Tiny House vibes!!!
Maliyka FATIMA
Maliyka FATIMA 9 分 前
Sarah Belanger
Sarah Belanger 9 分 前
I’m loving these new video vibes. So chill
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia 9 分 前
Out of the mountains of Colorado and into Denver....🤔
Jess theyloveyou
Jess theyloveyou 9 分 前
Love your series
gayatripd 9 分 前
wavybriel 9 分 前
so no one is going to talk abt how sweet the thumb nail is ?
The Mighty Pollito
The Mighty Pollito 9 分 前
How is this trending?? At 700k??
Emo Kid
Emo Kid 9 分 前
"move your toes"~Ethan Dolan 2k18
Cristin Jean
Cristin Jean 9 分 前
Tips for car camping in the cold: 1- get those reflectors that you put in your windshield for when you sleep. GAME CHANGER! 2- wear hats and socks when you sleep!
icebaby snocain
icebaby snocain 9 分 前
Finally, the boys will smell like men. This is a good thing. All you need mostly is a weiner and pit rinse and your good. Shower at a truck stop once a week maybe. Eat there too, great food. I can hardly wait.
Leslie Molina
Leslie Molina 9 分 前
Why’d Ethan say Nevada like that LOL
Kaylee Cormier
Kaylee Cormier 9 分 前
As a Canadian watching this...weak. 😂♥️
tita_mel 10 分 前
Absolutely loved the series! Great job guys. Really looking forward to future content 😊♥️
Rylee Cakes113
Rylee Cakes113 10 分 前
Omg I live in Illinois!!!!!
andrea calixto
andrea calixto 10 分 前
Why Ethan always wakes up early? What happened? Haha. JK. Btw, Grayson you're so cute! ❤️ Love you Gray. ❤️ Love you Kyle. ❤️ Ok. I also love you E. ❤️ haha. ✌️
A 88
A 88 10 分 前
wow isn't it super squishy living in one van with three people?! For some reason I assumed the cameraman wasn't coming and it was just 2 of them but man that would drive me nuts
Lana Love
Lana Love 10 分 前
You guys need an ESPAR heater for the winter and a MAXX AIR fan for the summer...a solar panel...a sink...and a toilet. Adventures are endless after'll be set. Cool video! Have fun!
Hailey R
Hailey R 10 分 前
okay when gray said “subscribe if you want” that hit so different. good different. like... they’re happy different:)
Maria x X
Maria x X 10 分 前
1:08 Ethan: it’s gonna be my last cooked meal and idk how long.. Also Ethan: *proceeds to pour cereal into a bowl* 😂😂💀
Samantha Fears
Samantha Fears 10 分 前
no one: ethan: why ARE these LIGHTS on?
Morgan Herman
Morgan Herman 10 分 前
The way they interrupt each other while talking and then smack each other to let the other one finish is the epitome of what it's like being a twin. My sister ALWAYS tries to finish what I say🙄