In Depth - NATO
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Ritika Tyagi
Ritika Tyagi 6 分 前
thanks Rajya sabha TV
सुपर न्युज
Prabhakar Singh
Prabhakar Singh 22 分 前
Ab you tube channel per bahutsare cure dilated GA rage gaise soda nimbus and baitri water kya sahib hair?
hariram meena
hariram meena 23 分 前
बहुत ही अच्छा कार्य हरनाथ जी,बधाई हो
My vote hasn't wasted
sanjaykumar tudu
sanjaykumar tudu 32 分 前
Agree with solanki sir
Rakesh Saini
Rakesh Saini 33 分 前
RS 👏💐💐💐💐💐tv
Mustaqeem Khan
Mustaqeem Khan 36 分 前
Mujy bahot taklif hy koi ilaj baty please
sachin Tone
sachin Tone 39 分 前
ST,SC को भी क्रिमी लेयर लागू क रणा चाहिए.
Nandlal Shah
Nandlal Shah 41 分 前
Thr may PL be STRONGLY Changes in POLICING Duties Systems from Immediate Effect's all over t COUNTRY :- * RAPE Victims or Sexual harressment Wmns to be Continuously protected by t Local POLICE through Responsibility's on t Shoulders of Every BAET Marshall. * BEAT Marshalls r Shud pay thr BEST Notices ESPECIALLY Sr Wmn CITIZEN's alonely Residing in Thr Own 🏠. PLZ Remember Thr Shud be Khaki's Policing duties principles"s to reach t Location to Totally Control on CRIME before Occurred t Incidents across the COUNTRY. PREVENTION is BETTER than CURE. The PEOPLE'S of OUR COUNTRY wants free INDIA W/O CRIME's & REALLY it's a GREAT Challenging professional Career 4 STRONG Khakis Uniforms across t COUNTRY. With Warm Regards. BHARAT MATA Ki JAI JAIHIND.
Vinod kumar
Vinod kumar 44 分 前
Bahut achha sir tb sabhi sc st garib logo ko nokeri milega st sc vidhayak ko bhi crimileyar me dalo
Jayant Priyadarshi
Jayant Priyadarshi 53 分 前
nice suggestions for taxation and farmers.
It is good move if creamy layer concept is created in sc/st reservation
Omika Nishad
Omika Nishad 55 分 前
International relationship ship strong kar rahe h sirf apne Ghar ke andr Kya ho RHA h uska koi dhyan nhi
Omika Nishad
Omika Nishad 56 分 前
Yahi hoga ab ....modi ghume videsh Yogi ghome desh
Aashish Bhardwaj
Aashish Bhardwaj 57 分 前
1 2 video fojiyo ki success story pe bhi kr liya kro
Tara Chand
Tara Chand 時間 前
Garib ka hal bjp raj me sabse battar isthiti me. Yahi ek chij bjp ko dubone ki takat rakhta hai agar evm set nahi hai to.
Piyush Yadav
Piyush Yadav 時間 前
Very very very very very very nice sir
Nandlal Verma
Nandlal Verma 時間 前
Please ho sake to hairfall pe bhi Ek video banaye
Natasha Tendulkar
Natasha Tendulkar 時間 前
NK Saini
NK Saini 時間 前
Bhaarti ji..aap national survey ki baat krte hai...hmaare village me aake dekho 3 families govt jobs hai baki SC ki 100 families under poverty lines hai...aap creamy layer ka virodh krke apni community ka nuksaan kr rhe hai..agar creamy layer laaagu hogi to very poor SC people ka fayda hoga
Natasha Tendulkar
Natasha Tendulkar 時間 前
Aawara re
himanshu choudhary
himanshu choudhary 時間 前
Hindi me bhi dala kro
hemant kumar
hemant kumar 時間 前
Mam opposition parties ki bhi bat Kiya kare .today opposion leder onion pr virodh Kar rhe the
pagidi ganapathi
pagidi ganapathi 時間 前
Thaaank uuuuuuu very much maadam and rstv whole team
pankaj sharma
pankaj sharma 時間 前
kab tak chalega ye aarakshan.. kya review nahi hote rehna chahiye.. jinko really jarurat hai unko milta nahi.. aur jis jagah per koi aarakshan nahi chahiye waha log mauj kaat rahe.. bilkul bakwas tarika hai logo me equality lane ka.. ye interpretation hi galat equality ki.. equality opportunities me honi chahiye.. equal platform tak raise kero sab logo ko aur phir job k liye kisi ko bhi kabhi bhi aarakshan nahi dena chahiye.. aur promotion me to katayi nahi.. aisa ker ke discrimination badha rahe.. na ki ghata rahe.. past me jo discrimination hui hai dalito ke sath usko theek kerne ka tarika equality lana hai na ki dusre sabhi logo ke sath discrimination kerna..
Jai Kishan
Jai Kishan 時間 前
Dr suhana ne shammpu ke bare sahi kaha.
Unorganised Expendables
Unorganised Expendables 時間 前
Abolish surnames first.... but creamy layer must be implemented..... And government must not allow any more grants to anyone. Especially for business oligarchs. And the citizens of first world countries, governments are granting pensions for all economically backward people... scholarship for all the students...... according to them that's a right as a citizen!!!. Considering the rate of funds which are allocated for uplifting the schedule tribe for the past 70 years.....they must have lived like a wealthy western family. So where did the money has gone🖐️??🥺 Why is our Civil servants are not working like Christian missionaries???????😕 Organise India stop playing John Milton......🙏 Don't deny our rights without proper aid..... please😔. Do something to improve our HDI rate, that we are on the top from the bottom 😁 Proud Indian 😬..... Being an Indian is a sacrament. 😘🇮🇳. I love ❤️🤗🇮🇳my country and ugly, lazy thiefs, selfish brothers and sisters.
hemant kumar
hemant kumar 時間 前
Welcome back abhilasha mam
Dabbara Sathish
Dabbara Sathish 時間 前
Sachin Biradar
Sachin Biradar 時間 前
Engineers ko rojgar do nahi to sare Posts pe honge
Sudipta Ranjan Patra
Sudipta Ranjan Patra 時間 前
Correction INS Arighat is not a 12k ton displacing submarine, it is more likely a stretched variant of INS Arihant built to accomodate 4 more launch silos. 12k ton class of submarines will be constructed after these 4 Arihant class submarines are completed.
Akhil Samant
Akhil Samant 時間 前
सरदार जी ने आज सच्चाई बताई हैं 🇮🇳🙏🙏
rahul kumar
rahul kumar 時間 前
Solnki sir good speech
aks akrd
aks akrd 時間 前
aks akrd
aks akrd 時間 前
Brahma Warrior
Brahma Warrior 2 時間 前
but hows many illegals have been caught and pushed back?
snakegang007 2 時間 前
what about buxer rape, and up... dear sir we need permanent soln of it..... but its great to hear frm of it.....
Lol Man
Lol Man 2 時間 前
Galaxies, planets, suns, moons, solar systems, nebulas. NASA took pictures of these, how far can we go? is there an end? how do these things exist and are they created? how does the universe function? No way a human can make the universe. How does a thing exist? how do Adam and Eve exist with no mother or father? How do we know all these stories of people from old times even Adam and Eve? How is this possible? This is beyond human knowledge, how do we know this knowledge? Why do I have so many questions?
Open Wide
Open Wide 13 分 前
It's rational to question the validity of claims. I prefer to not believe until evidence has been provided from any god or anyone.
mnagaraju mnagaraju
mnagaraju mnagaraju 2 時間 前
Thanks a lot mam
Rahul Lawaniya
Rahul Lawaniya 2 時間 前
The facts👌👌
Mohammed Ibrahimuddin
Mohammed Ibrahimuddin 3 時間 前
Arnab Goswamy should touch the feet of the anchor Frank Periera every day for about a decade to learn 10% of the anchoring skills of the latter. So silent, calm, focused and yet bringing up the issues which are to be discussed. Salute.
Mohammed Ibrahimuddin
Mohammed Ibrahimuddin 3 時間 前
I challenge Sai Deepak to answer me one question: He says the Muslims from Pak, Bangl. and Afghanistan are "Rightly" excluded to ensure the unfinished agenda of the partition isn't carried out. I accept his point. Now my question. Since the Muslims in two of our neighbouring countries namely China and Myanmar are being butchered and tortured to their deaths and they are nowhere related to India's partition and thus have no unfinished agenda, so why not include them under this amendment of the Citizenship Act 1955? Since there isn't any answer to this, one must conclude that this amendment is purely based on Religion which makes it unconstitutional. Since it's being introduced by the BJP, it has got to be unconstitutional.
S 時間 前
Mohammed Ibrahimuddin only 3 neighbouring country comes under the ambit of this bill. You could have googled these small details.
Sarkar kuchh nahi Kar payegi aisa hi hota rahega
vicks 3 時間 前
Hahahahaha.... kitna jhootha insan hai yeh kamal hai jara bhi sharam nahi karte yeh lok jhooth bolne se pehle.....
Indians are treating other Indians in a wrong way??!! Such a shame on such politicians... Ovaisi is a good person n good leader... And only thing he wants is the betterment of Muslims in our country... Which I believe is a good thing
Niraj Dubey
Niraj Dubey 4 時間 前
Why this guns cost 1 billion just for 13 ?
Mr. Avinash
Mr. Avinash 4 時間 前
Atal ji ko daure pad rahe h Kya ... Etna fekana uchit nhi h atal ji
Sonali Acharya
Sonali Acharya 4 時間 前
I think its of 2018! Please dont publish these as new case.. Pehle se dare hua h sab abt priyanka reddy.
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar 4 時間 前
Very Balanced News Reader ..
Tomy Gemorawa
Tomy Gemorawa 5 時間 前
India is orininally populated by black people, the Dravidians.
Tomy Gemorawa
Tomy Gemorawa 5 時間 前
Hindus are confused and very backward people. That is why English colonialists enslaved them for many years.
Tomy Gemorawa
Tomy Gemorawa 5 時間 前
All Indian black natives are also Negros.
Tomy Gemorawa
Tomy Gemorawa 5 時間 前
Your are very Wrong there are not Bantu in Ethiopia. Bantus live in Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, Central Africa, Mozambic and South Africa. What about indeginous indian blacks, Dravidians, Andra men
inema azadi
inema azadi 5 時間 前
Terörist erdoğan ısis
ashit kumar
ashit kumar 5 時間 前
Ye security forces modi Or Amit sah ka murder kr de to dunia me amar ho jayega
ashit kumar
ashit kumar 5 時間 前
Chor ko security force mil rhe h. Isse bdi dukh kya hogi janta ke liye
Boilen Haokip
Boilen Haokip 5 時間 前
He did his work as well as he makes people laugh
Angel Demon
Angel Demon 5 時間 前
Kaun kaun modi government se pareshan he hit like
every thing for general competition
every thing for general competition 5 時間 前
Sab ko faida to ghata kisko kisi ko ghata hoga tab to kisi ko faidao hoga fir bhi kisan suicide kerta h
Dinesh Rajpurohit
Dinesh Rajpurohit 5 時間 前
90% logo ko nhi pta ki aisa kanun hai
papa ji
papa ji 6 時間 前
मीणाओ को आरक्षण से बाहर निकालो यार। इन्होंने पूरे देश में आतंक मचा रखा हैं।
the poetry club
the poetry club 6 時間 前
Bc sare MLAs ye kah rhe ho ki Hume rapists ko ye krna chahiye wo krna chutiyon apne-2 related states mei iske liye vidheyak qu nhi banwate ?
Mandeep Dhull
Mandeep Dhull 6 時間 前
1. If u r to give citizenship, are there not other ways? 2. Are they ineligible to acquire citizenship as per prevailing laws for whom laws are required to be changed? 3.Was it required to give communal flavour to the whole episode? 4.Are there prosecutions only on the basis of religion or it is grave than any other prosecution? 5. Are you trying to follow the precedence of prosecuting minorities by differentiating on the basis of religion upon which your whole exercise is based? 6. Are you also keeping this thing open ended like you blame your opponents for not resolving certain issues? 7. Do you want the nation to keep debating all these futile issues, or we will have some better things to discuss?
Priya Rastogi
Priya Rastogi 6 時間 前
desh ki sbhi jagah se women ko ak sth ana hoga tbhi ye darindgi ki jade ukhdengi
Priya Rastogi
Priya Rastogi 6 時間 前
Ak movement women ko ase lawyers k khilaf bhi krna chahiye jo law practice me rapist k case lete h or unhe saja milne se bachate rhte h 😡
Priya Rastogi
Priya Rastogi 6 時間 前
Jab tak is desh me balatkariyo ko Advocate milte rahenge unk hosle yuhi bne rhenge
enter the dragoon
enter the dragoon 6 時間 前
It is a shame to call urself an indian.21st century indians live in hell by supporting devils .
Izhar Husain
Izhar Husain 6 時間 前
Great man great pm
Mandeep Dhull
Mandeep Dhull 6 時間 前
Left me wanting..could have been debated more
shivpoojan kori
shivpoojan kori 6 時間 前
Bharti sir salutes you
Mayannk Sharma
Mayannk Sharma 6 時間 前
Thank God Tina Dabi isn't here
sunanda gautam
sunanda gautam 6 時間 前
Thanks rstv
Ahmed Fawad
Ahmed Fawad 6 時間 前
2 indian jets shot downed, one choper gone , pilot captured, DUNYA MAIN ZALEEL HOY ,wo alag.
Ahmed Fawad
Ahmed Fawad 6 時間 前
Why dont indians confirm with manufacturer in USA who keep counting???
rohit gupta
rohit gupta 6 時間 前
AAP kara do na AAP to sirf business man logo Ko loan Da Raha ho
Bhoopendra kumar
Bhoopendra kumar 6 時間 前
Solanki sir was with true and acceptable facts
Shashank Shekhar
Shashank Shekhar 6 時間 前
Very rare to see a 'Babu' leave such a mark . He single handedly inspired a generation of new civil servants. Tributes .
Bhoopendra kumar
Bhoopendra kumar 6 時間 前
Disappointing and partially true facts by satya
Shubham Sawant
Shubham Sawant 6 時間 前
But today tamil nadu is spiritual state
XEON Quantum
XEON Quantum 6 時間 前
You have no idea about Tamil Nadu.. Tamil Nadu religion and culture is entirely different from north. We have Sangam literature which oldest corpus if tamil lifestyle And we have bhakti and medieval literature too. Which vividly give picture how glorious Tamil got fooled and became stupid after arrival of brahmin from north... You brainwashed idiots still think dravidian party fooling us. Even Saudi Arabia is spiritual state. Does it mean you both are same..
sabkamalik ek hai
sabkamalik ek hai 6 時間 前
Vedas mein likha hai kalkiavtar bharat ke bahar se ayenge tau phir kya aap kalkiavtar jo ki islam hai izzat nahi karinge? Aaj ka sanatandharm Islam hi hai. Kalkiavtar ke saare nishaniya Islam hai. Andvishwaas se bahar aake, apne vedas padho islam hi sanatandharm hai
sabkamalik ek hai
sabkamalik ek hai 6 時間 前
Vedas mein likha hai kalkiavtar bharat ke bahar se ayenge tau phir kya aap kalkiavtar jo ki islam hai izzat nahi karinge? Aaj ka sanatandharm Islam hi hai. Kalkiavtar ke saare nishaniya Islam hai. Andvishwaas se bahar aake, apne vedas padho islam hi sanatandharm hai
Shubham Sawant
Shubham Sawant 6 時間 前
MGR was not nair he was memon search it he is shreelankan keralalite
Shubham Sawant
Shubham Sawant 6 時間 前
i am supporter of ADMK and yes Tamil nadu is hindu home state get lost periayr rapist
Shubham Sawant
Shubham Sawant 7 時間 前
same as jinna they wanna have dravid nadu DMK fuckers look at u r political position no one give u a shit
Shubham Sawant
Shubham Sawant 7 時間 前
most atrocities on Dalit communities are by Dravidian leaders and chelas same as BSP in UP Maurya OBC killed Dalits and everything is blamed to Brahmins but not a single brahmin killed any Dalit
XEON Quantum
XEON Quantum 6 時間 前
Lol.. brahmin were basically Cowards. They know only to back stab they never fight straight. That's why everyone blaming brahmin. Brahmin were prone to spreading lies, never speak truth and don't have any moral, but very devoted to superstitious thing . Brahmin were there only caste/community Make money/wealth by cheating other in the name of God for past 2000 years. Brahmin praise themselves for doing all these things. And blame others for crap they made.
I miss Tom Alter. He was a huge part of my childhood.
Balwinder Kumar
Balwinder Kumar 7 時間 前
Thanks a lot mam, You are a gr8 motivation for us.
Attendence in parliament is complusary kr dijiye 75% and jo isse km ho us per action liya jaye
Mithun Raut
Mithun Raut 7 時間 前
So nice speech
PRATAPGARH ( u. p. ) me 2 sagi bahen ko mar dala gya h usper news dikhaye .. plzzz
Mayursinh Jadeja
Mayursinh Jadeja 7 時間 前
Super video
ashutosh pandey
ashutosh pandey 7 時間 前
सत्या सर के तर्क बहुत अच्छे हैं
ashok singh
ashok singh 7 時間 前
Sai deepak is an absolute legend. I try and watch all of the debates that he's part of.
rahul bairwa
rahul bairwa 7 時間 前
Just remove the caste..
nao M
nao M 7 時間 前
Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar 7 時間 前
Creamy layer hatake or jada general category me bhid badhao or ye ews faltu ko reservation hai jiska ek bhi fayda modi bhi nahi bata sakte arthik adhar par sabko madad deni chahiye cut off sabki same honi chahiye
Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar 7 時間 前
Tina dabi ke mother 2lakh ki nokri chorna afford kar sakti thi lekin tina dabi upsc ke 100 ruppes fees aford nahi kar sati thi kya kami thi tina dabi me jo use 14 attempt or low cutoff ka fayda hua aise 2 general category me log hai jo ek glass milk tak afford nahi kar sakte
Hashina Katiyar
Hashina Katiyar 7 時間 前
Thank u Satya prakash sir....u r great explainer....
S.M. Dhenwal
S.M. Dhenwal 7 時間 前
Try to looks on ground level situation of SC-ST... This is very bad.. It's should require for sc-st for stanup...