How Hygge Took Over America
How Kanye West Built Yeezy
How BTS Won Over America
rafi sarhan
rafi sarhan 18 時間 前
Bezos is important because he’s Musk competition like Tesla and Edison.
Carlo S
Carlo S 18 時間 前
That's dumb.
kola bear
kola bear 18 時間 前
This guy is living off the stupidity of other people and the government. Tax write off is a different way of saying that the government is paying for it. You have people working their butts off and barely getting by. This guy is kind of like a con man not a hustler.
Abahale 18 時間 前
They don't have a clue how any of this works.
Alan 18 時間 前
do volunteer job, do charity & i cannot believe why that asian is crying (money...typical asian is a money hunger)
Luciano Aprile
Luciano Aprile 18 時間 前
buy a colander my dude
Manuel Seda
Manuel Seda 18 時間 前
No sir. I’ll buy a used car already depreciated for 15K 50% off of its sticker price of $30K and drive it till it dies *2019* btw with the latest tech
B RAD 19 時間 前
helps the algorithm huh?? what algorithm is that mr oleary
Ben Daulton
Ben Daulton 19 時間 前
I feel like pi has less numbers than Kevin's rating.
caprisun6969 19 時間 前
I thought the thumb nail was a before and after pic.
LazicStefan 19 時間 前
Good for him. Finished my automation engineer degree in 2013 and never found a job. Driving for uber now. Managed to save 12k over 4 years working 60 hour weeks.
ismael delgadillo
ismael delgadillo 19 時間 前
I don't drink coffee I drink soda
LivvieLynn 19 時間 前
Went through the 2008 recession. Took a year to find a job after non-stop interviews being told I was either over qualified or the job was being filled by someone with more experience. In general the college education system is broken. Employers don't want a college degree, they want experience.
Evan Harper
Evan Harper 19 時間 前
CNBC is making videos about people watching their videos... including the video
Tony D
Tony D 19 時間 前
lmfao most of his money is made on youtube tricking birds into thinking they can get rich off real estate. Keep dreaming birds
Juliana Espezido-Rodriguez
Juliana Espezido-Rodriguez 19 時間 前
This dudes doing it RIGHT. Making his money work for him, by paying his rent with the unit he owns next door, and the fact he lives in LA and yet doesn't feel the need to spend frivolously or on DESIGNER everything the second you make a lil $$ 👍🏼💯
Aneev Rian
Aneev Rian 19 時間 前
Somethings really wrong with this globalisation system...
David Anderson
David Anderson 19 時間 前
"Lost there job's due to Coronavirus" FALSE ... Lost their jobs due to the Governement reaction to the coronavirus.
David Anderson
David Anderson 19 時間 前
Victims of Government overreach. There have always been viruses but there has not always been the absolute idiotic economic suicide caused by the shutdown.
Aneev Rian
Aneev Rian 19 時間 前
I feel bad for all these youths.. Next is my turn.
Kenneth Wiley
Kenneth Wiley 19 時間 前
that coin trading is something anyone can do on a regular basis that's completely legal which is great
Koko Jambo
Koko Jambo 19 時間 前
As someone with a Business/Economics background I have a problem with this. firstly as others pointed out most of his income comes from youtube. he appears to be another one of those "look at how good and quirky my rich life is" youtubers. secondly don't think you can learn from him. good luck saving 210,000$ from a job with no degree at 19-20 years old to buy a foreclosed house. it's obvious his family helped him. one of my colleagues literally got 1.1 million from his mother before going to college and then he claimed he "made his money" because he invested in Tesla and Nvidia.
freeform2020 19 時間 前
Louboutin's are just as (un)comfortable as any other designer shoe. All my sneaker-style Louboutins require that I tape my feet before I wear them. Guess what? It's the same process for my other designer sneakers such as Valentino. My Greggo and Cousin Greg Louboutins are actually incredibly comfortable. I've worn them many a full-day and never had a problem. Designer sneakers on the other hand? Nightmare.
Kit Fairchild
Kit Fairchild 20 時間 前
God, Bukola is an inspiration to all women, not just black women.
Low Key
Low Key 20 時間 前
Very Very Very Corny, but he is smart with his money
Molly B.
Molly B. 20 時間 前
They made good tasting oat milk.
Jonas 20 時間 前
Whats wrong with the video quality?
Low Key
Low Key 20 時間 前
Gets divorced = $300k or whatever about half of it is
Timothy Kramer
Timothy Kramer 20 時間 前
It is so funny I talk to my doctor the doctor said a good hand soap a bar of soap is the best and they're all on the market it's even better than the liquid in hand sanitizer
Svyat Svyat
Svyat Svyat 20 時間 前
They love their life. Birds photography in 4K
Glass_Bro 20 時間 前
White jeans?
Flower_K 20 時間 前
The hardest year
Reza Akbari
Reza Akbari 20 時間 前
how it can be happiness when everything is materiaalistic, you dont talk to each other, to your neighbours, you dont help each other when it is neede you just let it be, what it is all about you is materialistisc, for instance the economic assistance you get from govern when you need
Chris S
Chris S 20 時間 前
1.6 million in California is like 160k anywhere else
FoxRacer090 20 時間 前
The guy that probably has his own jet and gets driven places sais a car isn’t important
Freely Chris
Freely Chris 20 時間 前
I'm a new JPchatr!!! Please watch my videos!😎👍👍
Alexandre Cournoyer
Alexandre Cournoyer 20 時間 前
Meanwhile, boomers still swimming in the gravy.
Jeff Dunlap
Jeff Dunlap 20 時間 前
google is a cruel master, and some people with big mouths, and big egos, or anybody who's been unscrupulous, is on the internet forever, with a flood of bad reviews you can shut down someones business, or cause them to lose their job, wake up people, this is the digital age, if you stick your foot in your mouth it might be there for eternity and there's nothing you can do to get rid of it. Everyone googles everyone when they are deciding who to do business with. If there is something negative, they will just move on to the next person who doesn't have a negative trail on the internet, and life didn't used to be this way, but it is now.
Ramona 21 時間 前
they are lovely and I wish them the best xx
Dinowarrior21 21 時間 前
First time job hunting in a recession. Buckle up.
Alex z
Alex z 21 時間 前
This guy is proof of why it’s stupid to demonise all landlords
keine031 21 時間 前
Thanks China (chinese communist party)
Gym boy
Gym boy 21 時間 前
there is no alternative for milk dumbfucks, lactose intolerance is due to pasteurization, find raw grassfed milk and you Will be guaranteed health for life, plant alternatives have pretty much no nutrients and only anti nutrients, they Will destroy ur Gut
J F 21 時間 前
Curiocity 21 時間 前
CEO of buying expensive underwear.
Matt 21 時間 前
Graham actually does diversify his money. He has money in shares and Roth IRA's.
Mlbon Fox
Mlbon Fox 21 時間 前
How moranic/what’s he blowing his money 💰 on??????
Marc G
Marc G 21 時間 前
RObert Kiyosaki: those who save money are losers, read his books
Pleasures in Life
Pleasures in Life 21 時間 前
Where’s Graham Stephan’s link to his channel? Not that I don’t know, and that I’m not subscribed to his channel, but I think he deserves that recognition in the description... just saying Great work Graham, really good channel!
Brandon Wilcox
Brandon Wilcox 21 時間 前
i graduated into the last recession finally felt like in the past year i found my feet and was looking at having a child in my early to mid 30s. Then this happened now...prob not gonna have a kid
Branden 21 時間 前
65k at 24. I’m aiming for 500k net worth by 33
AMR 2rico
AMR 2rico 21 時間 前
With that criteria... i think we are the lowest 😢
King P
King P 21 時間 前
Soo basically, kevin is a real life lewis(from suits).
geo 21 時間 前
her parents worked hard for there kids to have a good life, u love to see it.
Ronnie RoyRoller
Ronnie RoyRoller 22 時間 前
Can there be a video for everyone one else who doesn't go to college
spector3881 22 時間 前
Can't wait for boomers saying they just need to work harder and not eat so much avocado toast
Jesse !
Jesse ! 22 時間 前
I agree with Kevin and the whole buying fast fashion idkw Graham buys it it’s bad for the environment and doesn’t last as long rather he should invest in higher quality but he’s pretty cheap like that lol
Shivangi T
Shivangi T 22 時間 前
Okay but there are literally so many youtubers who have 1million+ subs with just as many views and most of them don't make 80k a month?
Jake C
Jake C 22 時間 前
Dang @Graham should have included your stock portfolio and you might had gotten a higher score 🤷🏽‍♂️ Good job regardless To comment you question about excess money how can you say I have no idea what I would do with all the money if I became a billionaire? How about giving back? We need more millenniums who also aspire to become philanthropists Don’t forget what goes around comes around Living in a bubble is an illusion. The current times should be a testament to that
chair 22 時間 前
2 x $3 coffees a day, 5 days per week, 52 weeks a year would be $1,560 (and I don't know many young people who'd buy 2 a day commonly, in fact I'd say most buy it 3 or 4 times a week). Less than 0.1% of his $1.6m total income. People don't become millionaires in their 20s by not buying coffee or avocado toast or whatever bs the latest finance 'influencer' is selling people. Stuff like this is just designed to both (a) Cover for the fact that people like this almost always got a large volume of capital from their parents to invest with at an early age, by creating this mythical culture that they just made sacrifices no one else makes(there's plenty of poor people not drinking coffee and working 50-60 hours a week to get by) and (b)to make more money selling dreams of this 'grind and invest' culture to naive young people. Most of us aren't the 20-something landlord who can invest in a rental property and make enough to cover our own cost of living from it without having to produce anything of value. Most of us are the ones getting stiffed by high rents in our youth from landlords
Great Kang
Great Kang 22 時間 前
The laughter at the end tells alot
Yue Rain
Yue Rain 22 時間 前
you have such an understanding wife. some parents will go crazy that their kids married without a coffee is only 10cent .
A Saha
A Saha 22 時間 前
At 26, only in my dreams. Good Luck on hitting $10 million bro.
Abdirahman Isse
Abdirahman Isse 22 時間 前
He is a smart dude but he is cheap 😂
k 23 時間 前
RIP to all international students.
SugarRay2 23 時間 前
Definitely the most important alright! Along with the person who finds the vaccine that crushes all viruses
Mahin Rahman
Mahin Rahman 23 時間 前
"we're not cheap " ? mate ure the literally defination of being mentally broke,may allah save people from becoming like you
sixtyFive Watts
sixtyFive Watts 23 時間 前
Doesn't he sell courses ?
Noah G
Noah G 23 時間 前
100k a month from yt is solid af
Dili M
Dili M 23 時間 前
Where my Nigerians at 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
savannah nalls
savannah nalls 23 時間 前
Some markets are doing bad and some are doing great. I have had three job offers in the legal field since the April (one of which I didn't even apply for, they contacted me) so honestly it just depends.
Anthony D
Anthony D 23 時間 前
If they could design a slim croc that isn't so bulky and clog like, more like a vans slip on I would consider giving crocs a try but as they stand i cant, and for that reason I'm out.
Noname 23 時間 前
kevin, what would you rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 in terms of how good of a saver you are? because you are definitely not a 10/10
Shorab Hossain
Shorab Hossain 23 時間 前
Billionaire reviewing millionaire 🤣 Great video.
Shivu anir
Shivu anir 23 時間 前
Spare a thought for retirees as well Heard of stories of people who thought they had 4 or 5 years left to retire but their jobs got wiped away Sad way to end things... Graduates will recover if they have the right positive attitude
trebledc 23 時間 前
Ah stock market now with the covid19 crisis should we do it.
Eva Ng
Eva Ng 日 前
LOL I love how you guys flipped it back. HAHA
Dr. House
Dr. House 日 前
So the key to success is to be cheap
Melthornal 日 前
The only things I own are my computer and my ipad. Beyond that all my clothing is ancient hand me downs I got for free. I have one pair of shoes. That's it.
Victor Popov
Victor Popov 日 前
Here is how you become a millionaire. Buy an entire store of starbucks. So that you can keep people from becoming millionaires by buying coffee at your shop and you can becone one because you get free coffee.
k 日 前
Atleast his wife didn't left him with half of his money
Aspect 日 前
Who is using airpods to listen to this?
len ishimaru
len ishimaru 日 前
Didn't mention about escalator accident...
aaric1703 日 前
If Mr Stephan, said 10% of 1.6 million dollars that would be believable. There is NO place in America, you live on $16k, per year. Therefore, his statement has a distinct aroma bullsh*t.
Mustardeer M
Mustardeer M 日 前
That money ain't good in the coffin when your time is up. There's frugal and there's cheap. I think he's just cheap.
Winston S.
Winston S. 日 前
"Always good to have a partner who shares your economic values." Yeah. I agree. It's not hard to find a girlfriend who also wants to be rich.
Jason Mandela
Jason Mandela 日 前
38k? LMAO what a joke
Mohammad Aamin
Mohammad Aamin 日 前
I needed this video so much, good to see others can relate to my struggles right now.. I'm UNC class of 2020 and the job offer that I had lined up also got revoked.
Paul Torrisi
Paul Torrisi 日 前
2.27 he doesn't waste a single cent. The beauty of being well off, is that you should be able to waste a single cent. It enables you to indulge your passions and hobbies where people less well off can't. If you're making a ton of money WHY are you not wasting some that's the point.
Vwap Trader2019
Vwap Trader2019 日 前
Graham Stephan 8.234. Seems like there have been a lot of failed models before the current Graham Stephan 8.234 We know and love came to be.
David Lee
David Lee 日 前
Solutions folks. I wanna hear proposals of solutions
Candis 日 前
INVEST IN A COLANDER!!! I cannot believe these two while making pasta! I'm all about building personal wealth, but when it leaves your current life lacking, then what's the point? Your entire life shouldn't be frugal for the sake of saying you saved a dollar. To me a splurge would be on a really nice vacation. Something memorable and can be shared with someone special. I do not see any value in fast food @ a McDonald's drive thru eating from the Dollar Menu. Oh and in most locations the Dollar Menu doesn't even exist any more! Everything on that menu is over a dollar. Even a small fry. It's really sad.
Joe Kyser
Joe Kyser 日 前
yeah ok mr boat crash not a fan of owning anything transportation. Boats are the biggest waste of money
MRios1128 日 前
Graham hasn't gotten so famous now, it's nuts
Apache-Yaqui Brown
Apache-Yaqui Brown 日 前
I admire Graham, but I do know someone their diet than him. Yeah he is a millionaire, drove his Geo Metro for 15 years. He would take extra T.P. from.public bathrooms, carry an empty container to fill with soap, and never ordered a drink in a restaurant, just a large glass of water with a side of lemon wedges to make his own lemonade. Good luck Graham
Steven Loitz
Steven Loitz 日 前
"Buying a bag for $5000 is stupid... really stupid." ...rewind 40 seconds... "I have a suitcase with... a whole bunch of underwear that costs $150 a pair"
Steven Loitz
Steven Loitz 日 前
I get it.. just funny. =P
marryson123 日 前
with that budget, hes talking about 45K AFTER tax.
Learn How To Edit Stuff
Learn How To Edit Stuff 日 前
Yikes... If y'all need someone who knows how to pull a proper chroma key, hit me up.
moronmonkey1 日 前
Cars may not be necessary in places like LA or New York but they are kinda necessary in most places
frfc gggh
frfc gggh 日 前
dont cry chinese sister its your country fault
Bluestone Metallic 7
Bluestone Metallic 7 20 時間 前
Typical Asian....”money” IS everything. I don’t see other folks sobbing out there. After graduated from college with two marketable majors, I worked at various temp jobs/assignments making next to nothing....I’d never complained and did not provide any sob story on how I was a charity case at that time.