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ヶ月 前
HYO 'Badster' MV
2 ヶ月 前
h o p e f u l l y b e n e v o l e n t
h o p e f u l l y b e n e v o l e n t 10 秒 前
goblin was released before my birthday, and I had taken the song as almost like a present,, to think that this beautiful soul’s life was taken by herself is devastating. I ask anyone and everyone to rethink and read what you say on the internet/ to anyone. this whole situation is surreal, and it pains many of us to see her gone,, i wish it had not happened, but this incident has taught us the reality of what it is to be an idol in such a cruel society and what to improve ourselves upon throughout this awful incident.
linh tran
linh tran 11 秒 前
you were my youth, you grow up with me, alway support you our little angel, you did everything, and you did it well, be happy angel. I don't know what to say, but sorry for not noitice you such a long time, sorry for not recognize how hard you have been through earlier. Im sorry and miss you. Be happy, angel
ゆりやぁ 17 秒 前
200M!!!!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏 I miss Xiumin🥺🥺
적도 21 秒 前
음.. 그때 였을까? 7번째센스? 그 노래 좋았는데 예술성도 있었고... 하지만 대중가요에 안 맞았던 탓일까?... 그 곡이 외면 당한 후부터 기존에 하던데로 인스턴트 식품 같은 노래가 대부분이 된듯. 이번곡 너무 폼재는건 자제했으나 여전히 그 어떤 틀에 갇힌 느낌임. 그렇게 쿨 하다는 느낌은 못 받음. 난 태민 솔로가 좋더라.
butter cup
butter cup 33 秒 前
I'm here every night .. Miniseok stay healty please.. ILYSM
Rosé 34 秒 前
JPchat keeps putting Sulli in my feed, it's so sad 💔 f(x) was the first kpop group I've ever listened to. Rip Sulli 😢💔
ChthonicRemains 41 秒 前
What happened to Sulli is a prime example of why mental illness is still stigmatized in Asia and that human beings are disgusting.
AJ Raine
AJ Raine 44 秒 前
You taught me so, so, much. You are loved, Sulli. I know these words won't bring you back but wherever you are, however you are, you are So loved.
浩;;ᥒᥱ᥎ᥱrmιᥒd 52 秒 前
Sulli ♡ R.I.P 1994 - 2019 Siempre estarás en nuestros corazones
redveluv br
redveluv br 57 秒 前
good bye angel RIP: 1994-2019 Sulli
Mariluz Morales Gomez
Mariluz Morales Gomez 分 前
Junann Patayan
Junann Patayan 分 前
I miss sulli
•micaela gacha•
•micaela gacha• 分 前
F por sully :c 😭😭😭
lili briot
lili briot 分 前
Hi, I know It’s a little bit too late to start following her, but after I heard the news about her I couldn’t help but crying and I think it’s because I feel like it’s my fault even thought it’s not cause like yesterday I saw a post talking about her saying that she cried in her live and that some pepeole were really bad to her and I asked myself if I should do something cause I don’t know why but I Immediatly thought about jong-hyun and I thought I should text her on her Instagram but I forget about it and now she’s dead.....I wasn’t stanning her because I didn’t know anything about her and now I trully regret it cause she was so awesome!! I don’t know why her suicide affect me like that? Maybe it’s because me too I think about taking my own life and it really hurt cause I’m only 12. I feel really bad for her, her familly and her REAL fan. She was way too young to die (so am I). Anyway this song really make me feel so great ( since it’s be a long time) it feels so warm she sounds like a angel !!! I’m really thanks full toward her and I respect her with my whole heart and hope anywhere she is now that she feels better and that she’s feeling great ❤️😌🥰...... reaste in piece beautiful angel😌😌😌 (Hope what I’m saying has sense if not I’m sorry (I’m French) I tried my best. Hope ur doing good great and fighting if ur not. Thanks for reading THIS!! And I purple all of u 😘)
Sweet Strawberry
Sweet Strawberry 分 前
This is exo :u
Kurnia Sridamayanti
Kurnia Sridamayanti 分 前
This is totally not good for my health. *choked in happy tears and fainted
ZEN_ XD 分 前
If you are looking for real life anime Boys and girls KPOP IS HERE
Hot Dogge
Hot Dogge 2 分 前
Hope you find peace R.I.P. Sulli😪
Trícia Cruz
Trícia Cruz 2 分 前
beautiful princess, hope see u soon. 💗🍑
사랑열일곱 2 分 前
You can go there, shiny.... 🌈 ➷ *1994-2019* ➹
Jinkook lover
Jinkook lover 2 分 前
Blah blah Sehun was hot, Kai was okay
Kpop Whatever
Kpop Whatever 2 分 前
Now we’ve lost 2 amazing angels😣
Ally 2 分 前
RachPlays 3 分 前
I’m here in 2019 and Kai hasn’t aged a bit😂
Layla Garcia
Layla Garcia 3 分 前
WHY ARE,ALL THESE PEOPLE,HATING ON HER AND MAKING FUN OF HER DEATH. THESE IDIOT ARE,THE REASON THIS HAPPENED. CRITICISING HER OVER STUPID THINGS. I never knew,anything about her but I could tell,shes amazing and even though I never knew her I miss her. #restinparadisesulli
eli 3 分 前
Anne Louise
Anne Louise 3 分 前
Red Velvet is my girl grup favorite
HK Spadez
HK Spadez 3 分 前
anyone have the sheet music to this? i love this version
KpopGirl BTS
KpopGirl BTS 4 分 前
we will never forget you Sulli rest in peace you did a great job love you ❤️❤️💔💔😢
BTS WOLF 4 分 前
;-; I'm crying I love her and this video 😢🤧
Ichiguu Subs
Ichiguu Subs 4 分 前
Why did you have to die? ITS NOT FAIR WE MISS YOU
Liren Wu
Liren Wu 4 分 前
15 years and you are still there!
fmt 408
fmt 408 5 分 前
Hey love
Deva Satty
Deva Satty 5 分 前
Soo good!! Congrats!
•Little Angel Cry•
•Little Angel Cry• 6 分 前
melu m
melu m 6 分 前
keep stream❤
Juju San
Juju San 6 分 前
Rip sulli😭🙏
Lorrane Regina De Lima Da Silva Lima
Lorrane Regina De Lima Da Silva Lima 6 分 前
Eu amo al Love
linh tran
linh tran 7 分 前
We miss you Sulli, hope you will be happy over there
Haters can choke (more like bt* fans ) a fandom full of jealous ppl think SUPERM flopped 😂 mind your own business with your faves we are busy with streaming and celebrating for our #1 on billboard 200 albums chart.....🙊👋🏻
Dian Maharani
Dian Maharani 7 分 前
Yeaayy 200M🌹🌹🤗🤗💗
luciana navarrete
luciana navarrete 7 分 前
Viva Viavav
Viva Viavav 7 分 前
sempre será lembrada em nossos corações pequena sulli
Indra Kusuma
Indra Kusuma 8 分 前
View count doesn't determine how many peoples know this song. This song is beyond youtube view count.
linh tran
linh tran 8 分 前
rest in peace angel, I know its late, but hope you can see from the sky that there are alot of people who support and love you, Always remember the girl with a lovely brightly smile
Ruan Guyter
Ruan Guyter 8 分 前
Caramba na própria música ela ja disse tudo! Na verdade!!!! "Seria melhor pra todos mundo desaoarecer?" E ela o fez! ;/ devia ter pessoas com luz ao lado dela pra mostrar o quanto ela brilhava também na real, o quanto era lunda em todos os aspectos :( cry
roséhoe 8 分 前
sulli was one of the first pro-choice advocates in korea, a womenʼs right champion, a mental health spokesperson, and one of the sweetest people ever. it breaks my heart that misogyny was a key part in hurting her. i hope korea, and others, learn a lesson. rest in peace, angel.
Cathoux Lav
Cathoux Lav 8 分 前
Mark needs a solo career for real
Awleana Chelsea
Awleana Chelsea 9 分 前
Rest In Peace Sulli😭💜 1994-2019
Dánae Guivel
Dánae Guivel 9 分 前
Descansa en paz Sulli, aunque no te pude conocer con vida, tienes un lugar muy lindo para aquellos que te conocieron y te van a conocer... Dulces sueños Sulli 😔
Keila Diaz
Keila Diaz 9 分 前
Still my favorite song and era, of only they had promoted it longer~ but Markhyuk were busy with 127 :(
Mia Gabriel
Mia Gabriel 9 分 前
SHINee forever ❤
Juju San
Juju San 9 分 前
Rest in peace, sulli. I loved every member of this group equally! These news has completely broken my heart.
كارهة ال sm
كارهة ال sm 9 分 前
ملاكي فديتك بس
kim rawaa
kim rawaa 10 分 前
R.I.P Sulli
nrg 10 分 前
This is honestly sick, this song is sick because of the harmonies and they did a really faithful korean version of the original video. It’s amazing but funny at the same time.
kim le
kim le 10 分 前
كارهة ال sm
كارهة ال sm 10 分 前
وحوشي فديتكم بس
Melissa KMR
Melissa KMR 10 分 前
suas arrombadas fez a Sulli Morrer
chittaphon love blog
chittaphon love blog 2 分 前
Kevin Aadi
Kevin Aadi 10 分 前
Alexander king
Alexander king 10 分 前
Descanse en paz sulli
Jenny Ni
Jenny Ni 11 分 前
Can you tell me if they are planning to do a world tour soon with all of the members?
Karina Allende Berrios
Karina Allende Berrios 11 分 前
Minnie Chanel
Minnie Chanel 12 分 前
2:48 what's the name of the one who is playing the piano?
the weki to my meki
the weki to my meki 12 分 前
anyone listening october 2019??❤️💗
Maria adriana Borrero de la cruz
Maria adriana Borrero de la cruz 12 分 前
Estamos muy triste por la partida sentido pésame para todos y para😔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
elginsays 12 分 前
Here for Sulli ✌🏼
كارهة ال sm
كارهة ال sm 12 分 前
fflor_uwu 12 分 前
asco el MV amigo
CLC道 8 分 前
Asco tu grupo
O D 12 分 前
잘 자요 공주님
Keiya my love
Keiya my love 12 分 前
*Who is your bias?* Xiumin = like . Suho = like . Lay (i'm crying) = like . Baekhyun = like . Chen = like . Chanyeol = like . D.O = like . Kai = like . Sehun = like . _ex members_ Luhan = like . Kris = like . Tao = like . My bias are Xiumin and Kyungsoo , AnD ex members Luhan ^^ .
v 13 分 前
we love you and society is truly messed up for beating you up to this point, please rest easy
Kaviar- instrumental
Kaviar- instrumental 13 分 前
مهما فعلتم سيبقى بيكهيون ملك النوتات...وأجمل صوت
Kim Jisoo
Kim Jisoo 14 分 前
Sulli didn't commit society's opinion in her killed her. She will always be remembered... #BLINKSSUPPORT
Claudia Polo
Claudia Polo 14 分 前
It's so sad. It cannot be assimilated. But I have to comment:Why not, also, think that it was the mental problem she shared through the song, which led her to this. And deal with the weight of exposing yourself by saying so. And especially in Korea. Like so many stories that are read, and if one of her personalities "was bad" and she fought against her. If it was the lack of "treatment" or some help for your mental problem. I don't understand why nobody even mentions it.
O k
O k 15 分 前
You left this world too soon, Sulli 💔💔
Melissa KMR
Melissa KMR 15 分 前
Maria adriana Borrero de la cruz
Maria adriana Borrero de la cruz 15 分 前
Carmen Cordova
Carmen Cordova 15 分 前
Gracias a los memes pude diferenciarlos jajaja
Namiszon 15 分 前
Ay- Wait a minute, follow the rules of the jungle The weak will get eaten (SULLI) They just push me forward, yeah push me forward... FUCK YOU SM!!! FUCK YOU AND YOUR EVIL SHIT
lila jimin
lila jimin 16 分 前
Sulli Will be in heaven Rip
v 16 分 前
rest easy
HappyPotterr 17 分 前
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 17 分 前
I will always love you Sulli. You will be missed. My first bias. You introduced kpop to me. The reason why I become a kpop fan is because of you so I am very emotional when I heard the news. I will miss you my giant baby. Resf well 😭😭😭
shareef mohamed
shareef mohamed 17 分 前
Me rapping mark's verse: Boom bigjsheksoshdjfiskjsueieoskdhhe And felt proud of myself 😅😅
Herminia Altamirano
Herminia Altamirano 17 分 前
taemin is a sweetheart
Shallysa Lissa
Shallysa Lissa 18 分 前
16/10 6am kst:
Herminia Altamirano
Herminia Altamirano 18 分 前
taemin is such a cute boy
Carmen Cordova
Carmen Cordova 18 分 前
Despues de los meses aprendiendo y diferenciandolos, siento que con este CB me integre como fan xD
Maritza Bernabé
Maritza Bernabé 18 分 前
Donghae English is very good!!
Mel W
Mel W 19 分 前
this song got so many new people to stan NCT.. truly the boss of all title tracks
Park Aleen
Park Aleen 19 分 前
Be Yourself B.I
Be Yourself B.I 19 分 前
Supper m stay strong and happy Hope all the best to all of members ❤
patata gamerBv
patata gamerBv 19 分 前
Aun sin conocerte, amor, permanecerá cuando digan tu nombre, descansa siempre linda Sulli 🖤
Aidana Tractenberg
Aidana Tractenberg 19 分 前
I'm saddened by the loss of Sulli. She truly didn't deserve all the bashful, malicious and negative comments that were hurderled towards her. Its unacceptable to be honest. She was also a human too like everybody else. A beautiful angel she was. Forever you'll be in our hearts RIP SULLI 1994-2019
kpop ff
kpop ff 20 分 前
RIP Sulli ❤️
Katarina Cvetkovic
Katarina Cvetkovic 20 分 前
My heart was crying yesterday. Now my tears just fall bcz off my mind. Somehow I push my heart to not be sad. I am mad ,angry. How we let this happen. Some of our favorite kpop members idols and so on finish so easily. I can't stand that.. We had a lot ups and downs and now I ask myself some one gone from kpop after Jonghyun died and now Sulli am I still able to be here until 2nd generation of kpop fallen apart because of so many reasons. I find disappointment after disappointment and now I am not sure can I can continue like this. First Luhan was gone the most hurful thing for me Jessica gone (Snsd my fav) and Ladies Code accident and then came a lot of other things. Disbanding leaving groups hiatus scandals , some girls became anorexics bcz of worring or other reasons, drug scandals, sexsual and now this. Enough of this people need to react. We are not in world that we can't do nothing. We are here to support and protect our loved once but legal actions are more useful than just our words. Sorry bcz of this comment but I couldn't stand any more. Here need to stop with bad things happen to any of them. Fighting and stay strong please. 😭✊ RIP Sulli. 💖
Patricia Quirarte
Patricia Quirarte 20 分 前
El 99.9% de los comentarios son en otro idioma y no entiendo ni v3r94 pero les doy like
Be Yourself B.I
Be Yourself B.I 20 分 前
We still Always support, love, respect and appreciate kai and beakhyun forever ❤ Don't mess up uri kai and beakhyun