The Issues
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The Delay Syndrome
Westlipha 2 分 前
Welcome to 1945
John Orajiaka
John Orajiaka 5 分 前
Always enlightening and insightful to listen to Pa Ayo Adebanjo. How i wish we can truely restructure the country in light of his pursuit. He sure means well. We truely need to return to true federalism.
Christianah Omosola
Christianah Omosola 37 分 前
Abang are you a human being, because you talked like animals with out sence.
Christianah Omosola
Christianah Omosola 39 分 前
Ebrima Bajo
Ebrima Bajo 51 分 前
Funmi Adelakun
Funmi Adelakun 時間 前
Stupid channel.
AnnaThis sisters of peace Atlantic
AnnaThis sisters of peace Atlantic 時間 前
You where spraying Naira I ike rain in,mothers burial.none of,you have integrity.Apcand PDP.
AnnaThis sisters of peace Atlantic
AnnaThis sisters of peace Atlantic 時間 前
Where did you get money to buy all that cars.
Harry Odia
Harry Odia 時間 前
Fashola the gbetuawor
Temitope Ojomu
Temitope Ojomu 時間 前
Unfortunately ,our schools don’t have furniture( chairs & tables) let alone labs. I hope you leaders are hearing
Trollasaur 時間 前
No thanks to channels TV the Buhari news channel.
rose eze
rose eze 時間 前
Sowore who are u talking too?😂🤣
Miracle Emmanuel
Miracle Emmanuel 2 時間 前
I endorse love speech not hate speech. So i propose love speech as a punishment for hate speech.
Lawrence Odubiyi
Lawrence Odubiyi 2 時間 前
This is a Man of Honor Who richly Content.he's very dynamic. Thanks
Michael TOLULOPE 2 時間 前
Tinubu and your family will feel pain in your life. Fashola oloriburuku wicked man oleeee fashola oleeee..stupid people
mizz harlimat
mizz harlimat 2 時間 前
Please where can I watch this movie
Rafael Chelsea
Rafael Chelsea 2 時間 前
U see this stupid news media. They couldn't have coverage for the event. Shame on all government and scary controlled media houses.
Taiwo Alasi
Taiwo Alasi 2 時間 前
This is one of the many program i have watch on this channel that is objectively analyzed unlike many in which seun had anchored. Good job to the presenter and the analyst, the better our country will be if we all speak objectively irrespective of whose horse is gore
Camahan Shittu
Camahan Shittu 2 時間 前
My Presido
Brandon Saghy
Brandon Saghy 3 時間 前
I know her!!! Wooooorrrkkk
Twilight Music Group
Twilight Music Group 3 時間 前
Respect my brother proud of you ✊🏿💯
Osakpawan obayabonna
Osakpawan obayabonna 3 時間 前
Osakpawan obayabonna
Osakpawan obayabonna 3 時間 前
U are Evil
Opeyemi David
Opeyemi David 3 時間 前
This is a big shame on state of Nigeria. Incompetency at his highest level, this Mr. man is saying trash.. Someone in ur custody is calling for violence against the state and you couldnt provide a proof and use it against him n the court of law? I rest my case, thank God he has been released to us. THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN.
Tinu oluwatise
Tinu oluwatise 3 時間 前
Thank you o and thanks be to God. Freedom At last.
sonia pius
sonia pius 3 時間 前
Congratulations 🎉 is OMOYELE SOWORE and MANDATA, shame to buhari and DSS
Sam A
Sam A 3 時間 前
what about Tinubu, Rochas, yahaya bello, patience Johnathan, obasanjo, all the governors all the senators..
Be honest
Be honest 3 時間 前
Kudos brother from Italy.
All this men are Demons
jones laure
jones laure 3 時間 前
Nnamdi kanu said it long time ago
hope hope
hope hope 3 時間 前
All I can say is wow!!! Amazing stuff God bless you, I’m so proud of you
SAVAGE TV 4 時間 前
The guy don lean next time e go watch him mouth
id s
id s 42 分 前
Like you watch your mouth. Bro let me ask you quick question. Who's Nigeria working for right now? Do you like suffering and smiling? What country you planning to leave for your own generation? It's better to die as hero than die as coward. You choose your cross and let others too carry their cross at the end we all bear different father name. Good luck
Amanda Tony
Amanda Tony 4 時間 前
Make una talk truth Nigeria will never be better . If does old fools never die.
vector vector
vector vector 4 時間 前
Channels tv 📺 very useless people
Amanda Tony
Amanda Tony 4 時間 前
Vote sowore
Amanda Tony
Amanda Tony 4 時間 前
God own the earth nor us, so old man shut up ur mouth .
Amanda Tony
Amanda Tony 4 時間 前
This man na old fool
Mark Izu
Mark Izu 4 時間 前
12 years is too little
Nosa Art & Motion tv
Nosa Art & Motion tv 4 時間 前
Useles country with useles leaders
Anyi Amp
Anyi Amp 4 時間 前
He should rotten in jail, efulefu of a man.
Eddy A
Eddy A 4 時間 前
People should not be deceived this thing is fake. He will soon be a free man.
Edobor Ikponmwosa
Edobor Ikponmwosa 4 時間 前
God bless the judge
ApexWar 4 時間 前
If any group is already destabilising nigeria, it is the DSS.
Bicycle Kick
Bicycle Kick 4 時間 前
At Last....................
David Williams
David Williams 4 時間 前
Natasha Akpoti is not what we need in Nigeria. We need serious politicians , not beauty queens looking for appointments
Precious Okuovara
Precious Okuovara 4 時間 前
What are You idiots in the comment talking about . he is right about everything his saying if we keep the border close for the next five years do you know how many jobs will be created all over Nigeria. some of are os stupid at time.
Mario Stelzner
Mario Stelzner 4 時間 前
Sir Rainbow USA
Sir Rainbow USA 4 時間 前
What is the purpose for the University of Transportation? Do we create Universities just for the sake of it? How many current universities in the country actually offer majors or concentrations in Transportation management or policies in any form I am not sure of who advised the President about this? No seaport, international airport or highly recognized highway transportation activities in Daura and the question therefore is how is any University of Transportation going to deliver any practical knowledge to the students? As some one who has been associated in transportation a past certified member of American Society of Logistics and Transportation and the Chartered Institute of Transport London, I think establishing a University of Transportation in Nigeria where current universities do not offer courses in transportation is a joke and experts will agree with me.
DeT Grenob
DeT Grenob 4 時間 前
Aboki that cant jump nor run is heading zoo athletic federation 😅😅🤣😂 What a cursed entity! And wolves and antelopes from the south who can run and jump are behind smiling like under age brides.
Messan Segbonou
Messan Segbonou 5 時間 前
Some people made our continent a NO man's land!! They will soon realize how wrong they were..
If u don`t have better video to show don`t come here and start showing us what i don`t understand just because you wan get views.
Fabian Onusoro
Fabian Onusoro 5 時間 前
You will live to see your great grand grand and grand children
Fabian Onusoro
Fabian Onusoro 5 時間 前
Thank you sir may you live long for standing on the truth
One Biafra
One Biafra 5 時間 前
We thought he was a titled man from the North....?
Magic Finger
Magic Finger 5 時間 前
Abeg make we live that matter. Na today? Stories. Tomorow una go see am for street
Lucky Oko
Lucky Oko 5 時間 前
Nice one
Umma Ladan
Umma Ladan 5 時間 前
Manira Abdul
Jege Dem
Jege Dem 5 時間 前
Shameful. We can even live as one Nigeria much less one Africa. The whites will continue to enslave us under this tribalistic agenda.
ian foley
ian foley 5 時間 前
All thief's beware
Marvellous Iluobe
Marvellous Iluobe 5 時間 前
Sowore is released
Rasaq Ademola
Rasaq Ademola 5 時間 前
Foolish t.v. station
IGBOYORUBAHausaNaija IGBO 5 時間 前
@Rasaq Ademola Your people in the South West sold us to him
i Olore
i Olore 5 時間 前
@Rasaq Ademola you're not alone I cried my eyes out without anyone beating me.
Rasaq Ademola
Rasaq Ademola 5 時間 前
@Festus Igharo do you know i shed tears today when i saw those women from kiribo in court today,have never been emotional since the detention of yele but today was exceptional Nigeria don't have a government we have an idiot called Buhari as Nigeria president the bush man from daura.
Festus Igharo
Festus Igharo 5 時間 前
Rasaq Ademola more than foolish
So emirs are now those ruling Nigeria? Nawa oooo
timelink2011 5 時間 前
Nothing new in this judgement. We always knew that buhari jibrin is against all successful ndigbo.
Johnpaul Columbus
Johnpaul Columbus 5 時間 前
A black man is sick in the head. How on earth is Buhari and his affidavit the president of the most educated black people? When is Africa going to give people positions based on their efforts and qualifications. It pays him well, he never supported effort to throw away the deadwood Buhari, now he's paying for his mistakes. There shouldn't be anything like president Buhari in the first place if he had joined the people who calls for restructuring and even the division of that contraption. There's no hope in that dark place
Ojay Victor
Ojay Victor 5 時間 前
Lawless society
Nigeria has poor leadership style failing to unit all Nigeria and meeting all demands..The Giant will drop to a Miget and South Africa will take its rightful place the real Giant of
Authority diking
Authority diking 6 時間 前
I really want to see him in prison not tmoro now u people will traveling from back yard remain okorocha
Etinosa Ajayi
Etinosa Ajayi 6 時間 前
Nice one
Authority diking
Authority diking 6 時間 前
That is y he always insulting ndigbo thinking that Fulani will save him mugu dia their now Igbo person should ask of that efulefu
Tim Weber
Tim Weber 時間 前
He became a Fulani titled man, joined Apc, supported python dance to please the North and yet, they jailed him, he has never been one of us, so he can die there. it's only Senator Abaribe, Igbos can war for, if they dare tamper with him. Rochas is next,
DuncanMightyツSWAGAツ 6 時間 前
Nnamdi kanu said it long time ago
Agubata Opp
Agubata Opp 6 時間 前
In his head, he will be saying, Haba Emir, Sultan, Mallams, why have you forsaken me. Hopefully, he will be heading to Kiri Kiri in his turban. Waiting for the likes of Okorocha, Tinubu, Akpabio and other corrupt ones to join him. Make them understand that switching political parties and religion will not shield them from crimes they committed against the people.
Johnson David
Johnson David 6 時間 前
Congratulations my boss
Henry Odigie
Henry Odigie 6 時間 前
Una do well! 12years for stealing more than 7billion naira.We should not be talking about the fucking meager time he is going to do but to make him return every single dime he stole.With this money he has stolen, all the jailers are at his beck and call, he is going to live better than the common man on the street
Kayomide Emmanuel
Kayomide Emmanuel 6 時間 前
Omg😭😭😭.... thank God for the release... welcome OSS...
Uzo Uzodike
Uzo Uzodike 6 時間 前
And tinubu et al ????
Genius 4Barca
Genius 4Barca 6 時間 前
Shame on the DSS and those contributing to Sowore’s detention !
Prince sunny1
Prince sunny1 6 時間 前
Seun remember that you are not representing all Nigerians and APC will come and go including Tinubu and Osinbajo whose interests you are serving and you will be left to survive on your own. Nigerians will fetch you out and remind you of all your biase and unprofessionalism on channel TV against Nigerians
Trending Views
Trending Views 6 時間 前
DSS have been disobeying court order with many Nigerians wrongly detained for many years. Protesting release of one man without affection for others. Am not sure Nigeria is a country?
Trollasaur 時間 前
Yeah where is jalingo?
Trending Views
Trending Views 3 時間 前
@Summer SpringsIf law is justice for Sowore, is it injustice for others detained before him. We need to support others too bcos Buhari govt is disobeying court order.
Summer Springs
Summer Springs 3 時間 前
The grounds on which he was arrested is worth protesting for, his release open ways for many who have been wrongly detained and the oppressed. Am sure his experience in detention will and has prepared him for many positive things/actions, we just need to support him
IzKiD Odogwu
IzKiD Odogwu 6 時間 前
Lamre abami eda forever Chane
Lamre abami eda forever Chane 6 時間 前
This one hook buhari for troat
Festus Igharo
Festus Igharo 6 時間 前
Biased channel TV.
Ekwueme Hilary
Ekwueme Hilary 6 時間 前
This man is animal
Wenceslaux Okafor
Wenceslaux Okafor 6 時間 前
The zooo government will no know peace
Kelvin Odiase
Kelvin Odiase 時間 前
Danielstar 6 時間 前
This should serve as a lesson to his compatriot in such act.....12 yrs is little, he should have been given 20 yrs or more.
Lets build our Motherland
Lets build our Motherland 6 時間 前
Abia state is a grave yard...he need to be put on a firing squat not even jail..useless people
Wenceslaux Okafor
Wenceslaux Okafor 6 時間 前
What a shame to the zooo government
Don Barron Studios
Don Barron Studios 6 時間 前
I still believe Nigerians and Nigeria are blessed.
Byron Ogbede
Byron Ogbede 6 時間 前
12 years only for 7.5b. We are not a serious nation.
Vincent  Falana
Vincent Falana 6 時間 前
Only God knows how much is this 16th century train 🚂,
Ifeanyi Ukawuba
Ifeanyi Ukawuba 6 時間 前
God bless you all , for this good news 👍💪 💪
Eddy A
Eddy A 4 時間 前
This thing is fake. They would soon release him.
Ben Ben
Ben Ben 6 時間 前
Ayodele Awoseye
Ayodele Awoseye 6 時間 前
He must hv learn a gud lesson. He should now maintain peace
Pierro Pedro
Pierro Pedro 6 時間 前
Tinubu, atiku, Obasanjo, lucky igbinedion, Peter odili, akpabio, Oshiomole, gbenga Daniel, kwonkonso, ademu Abdullahi, lai Mohammed, temipre Silva, Saraki, Obasanjo, babangida,..all these guys need to be hanged for Nigeria to move forward.. if possible after hanging they should be cremated.
Kayomide Emmanuel
Kayomide Emmanuel 6 時間 前
Abia state is mess.... nothing in that state. No good roads
Kayomide Emmanuel
Kayomide Emmanuel 6 時間 前
@Gbogbo Z they are the same thing.... I just came back from Umuiahia now... east road is very very worse. I heard that the state secretariat was rented. I couldn't close my mouth... Aba market suppose be international market cos of the goods that come from there but these people cant think at all... kalu will learn from others... am sure supreme court will show him mercy. ..
Gbogbo Z
Gbogbo Z 6 時間 前
I just hope that the new Governor work do better.
Fjdhd Ncjjcj
Fjdhd Ncjjcj 6 時間 前
Very good for EFCC jail him for life evil Nigeria leader are evil people and evil leader in Nigeria must go to jail 60year in jail for life evil Nigeria leader
Oluwayemisi Onderstijn-Orunbato
Oluwayemisi Onderstijn-Orunbato 6 時間 前
Why only oji uzo kalu? trouble is brewing.
Kayomide Emmanuel
Kayomide Emmanuel 6 時間 前
Sorry did I hear 100,000k charges for Dss.... that is too small
Tokunbo Cole
Tokunbo Cole 6 時間 前
Old school. Half bread better than none
Faith Ola
Faith Ola 6 時間 前
Buhari shame on u,congratulations to sowore
Mario Stelzner
Mario Stelzner 7 時間 前
Gbogbo Z
Gbogbo Z 7 時間 前
Thank God they are finally getting sentenced..
Fjdhd Ncjjcj
Fjdhd Ncjjcj 6 時間 前
And if you never hold any political office anymore in his life ole and thief good job FOR EFCC should jail him for life evil Nigeria leader are evil people and evil leader must go to jail for life evil Nigeria leader are evil people and evil leader in Nigeria must go to jail for life evil Nigeria leader
Ibrahim Ngoma
Ibrahim Ngoma 7 時間 前
This is injustice pls u have to investigate well because some of them are innocent and over 6 year's in prison without judgement