J. Abe
J. Abe 59 秒 前
Adam Rank trying to get close to his 3-13 prediction for the Titans.
Roberturt 2 分 前
Russell Wilson gets his motivational quotes from facebook
ExGhxst 2 分 前
Just casually holds up a sign "the viks haven't beat seatle in over 10 years"
Noahs Movies
Noahs Movies 4 分 前
The browns better win
Angel FORTNITE 4 分 前
Lets go Bucs!!!! Lets stack the W
Malik Zitzmann
Malik Zitzmann 5 分 前
Actually the best division is nfc north
Bucky always picks against the saints and loses alot
Cristian Pena
Cristian Pena 7 分 前
I’m gonna tell my kids this was me
Puro South
Puro South 9 分 前
All the penalties in the world and Patriots still couldn't pull the W
Marcus D
Marcus D 10 分 前
Sorry people game will be a blow out....RG3 will in the game at the 4th
Minecrafters 2017
Minecrafters 2017 12 分 前
Lowkey want the 49ers to win cause then we are 1 seed and it still comes down to week 17
kekoa coughlan
kekoa coughlan 13 分 前
As a hawks fan i'm going with the browns beating the bagels 33-21
Westside 4LIFE
Westside 4LIFE 13 分 前
2 underachieving teams, but I'm gonna roll with the Home Team! GO BEARS!!!
Christopher Sutton
Christopher Sutton 13 分 前
is Minshew the starting quarterback now? hopefully he is
the_future_is_ relevant
the_future_is_ relevant 14 分 前
27-13- Pittsburgh
Sukrut Jadhav
Sukrut Jadhav 16 分 前
Girls like you at NFL.. seriously.. where's the logic/common sense, It must have been " Moves Like Jagger", "Animals", "Cold" and "This Summer's gonna hurt like a Mf***r" these would be the most suited for a sport event like NFL.. I m a Big Maroon-5 fan, but very disappointed with the choice of songs (atleast in this video) If he has sung in Live Performance then I apologise idk abt that.
kekoa coughlan
kekoa coughlan 17 分 前
Go hawks! probably a heart attack game 31-27 seahawks The hawks got this. They making the playoffs, possibly the SB! The colliseum gonna be flooded with the12th man!
kekoa coughlan
kekoa coughlan 15 分 前
Jackjuke Scott
Jackjuke Scott 19 分 前
My Titans 3-13 Titans 7-5
Wavy Chips
Wavy Chips 19 分 前
It’s going to shake out with the Seahawks taking the First Seed
malik hasani
malik hasani 19 分 前
DanTheRamFan 20 分 前
ChillayMate0410 20 分 前
We can be beat Buffalo. Decent team but we are the real test
erick perez
erick perez 21 分 前
I think a lot of people are too focused on how niners have been good against non-mobile quarterbacks so they think it’s gonna be easy to beat the Saints with Drew but this man beats you by staying in the pocket and reading defenses he’s one of the best at doing so. Drew is also letting the ball go faster. There’s a reason he has damn near every QB record he’s a vet at breaking defenses apart and the oline when healthy is the best in the league, it’s going to be a good game to watch may the best team win
comptonproduction 24 分 前
Tannerhill, is a monster in the pocket.
Kiwi Gaming
Kiwi Gaming 25 分 前
It’s odd to think that the redskins and the giants could still make it to the playoffs
Doc Brown
Doc Brown 27 分 前
Browns finish 7-9 Bengals 2-14
M???????? A???????
M???????? A??????? 27 分 前
RIP Multi-purpose stadiums 1961-2020😥
John Connor
John Connor 28 分 前
Niners should release or trade Robbie Gould, he's losing his touch, and he's getting pretty old
Nick Fink
Nick Fink 28 分 前
If it snows yall have a chance, but these nfl analysts have been predicting the ravens are gonna lose in a trap game for the past 5 weeks. keep doubting
Goldendoodle 29 分 前
The Texans had a bye to prepare for the Ravens, and that failed. About the fans, it won't bother the Ravens a bit.
Raze 29 分 前
That moosh to the face tho'... 2:25
Brennan McKinney
Brennan McKinney 29 分 前
It’s time for the Jaguars to fire Marrone, Caldwell, and Coughlin!
Soulsurv 30 分 前
Russell Wilson is so positive and so supportive of his team even tho his line sucks
Lorenzo Cavalieri
Lorenzo Cavalieri 31 分 前
Only Falcons fans disliked this video
Nuts Mcguts
Nuts Mcguts 33 分 前
7:34 Great Block by 33
BiH128183 35 分 前
That landry catch was insane!!! Reminded me of The Julio catch in his super bowl
Gavin Bouley
Gavin Bouley 35 分 前
Yes it was a random spur see I always hated the chiefs and chargers my team and them go way back with beef if you like chiefs okey cool
Hunter vs. Aidan
Hunter vs. Aidan 35 分 前
Kermit mahomes
K1d 35 分 前
Haha it would be awesome of the niners go into the hunt
Sam Cocherl
Sam Cocherl 36 分 前
I understand that AP will get his fair share, but redskins are going NOWHERE. Not just for the next several years, but they dont even know what direction to go. At this time of the year, you need to feed guice to see if he can handle a workload and to see if they should draft someone a little higher next year if they dont think guice is the guy. God I am a browns fan and its been a lot of ups and downs but sorry to all the redskins fan, actually sorry considering that was my whole life as a browns fan.
William Zygmuntowicz
William Zygmuntowicz 38 分 前
Pete Carrol and Russel Wilson are made for each other
ronald sutton
ronald sutton 38 分 前
Bears score big against dallas .run game gets going tonight 30 to 13 bears.
Robert Hopkins
Robert Hopkins 38 分 前
Who’s back when everyone took the browns over ravens and chargers over bills in wild card🤡🤡
Fernando Meza
Fernando Meza 40 分 前
Sucks that the packers didn't have much highlights having a really food game 😕🤦🏻‍♂️
Colin Moore
Colin Moore 40 分 前
they look right on the money with the bengals though lol.
Dalton Hunt
Dalton Hunt 40 分 前
congrats to the Texans for giving the pats that L.
Matthew Wiley
Matthew Wiley 43 分 前
Bosa fanboyin over Brady. LOL
yarra mathis
yarra mathis 43 分 前
Call the top five teams are 10-2
BlueGamerDog84 44 分 前
When you’re favorite teams best play is a field goal.
DAK ATTACK from New Orleans La
DAK ATTACK from New Orleans La 46 分 前
Been a Dallas cowboy fan Since 1980 , it doesn't matter anymore with me if Dallas wins Or lose I just want Jason Garrett out!!!
Clutch CJJ
Clutch CJJ 47 分 前
Where fins fans at
DarkReaperEntertainment 47 分 前
this was so trash....
Nick Rowe
Nick Rowe 48 分 前
San Francisco is better than any other NFC team..by a long shot
Shane Hafner
Shane Hafner 48 分 前
A lot of people like to call Russ corny or fake but y'all are made he's not your QB.
Micah Frink
Micah Frink 49 分 前
I’m sorry but what a waste. Devin White was mic’d up the whole game. He had 7 tackles, an INT, a Fumble recovery, and a TD! He was talking the whole game, sonning his boy Fournette from LSU and you don’t show that?!?! Instead you make Chark the main thing? Y’all, we were destroying them 25-0 at half. Stupid Lol.
Comics With Wes
Comics With Wes 49 分 前
Yoooo I made it in the Vikings clip I’m the kid pulling his beanie
Gilbert Ramirez
Gilbert Ramirez 50 分 前
Cowboys by 12
Publius Cornelius Scipio
Publius Cornelius Scipio 50 分 前
Broncos are locked and loaded.
Dennis Long
Dennis Long 51 分 前
Am I the only one that sees the cowboys keep losing because Prescott trys fixing the games for whatever reason and loses.. you can tell when they quit handing zekiel Elliott the ball just so he don't get so many rushing yards when he's the best player on the team very very confused
Kristen Koppel
Kristen Koppel 52 分 前
Who Am I D.I.Y. Ryan Panana
Who Am I D.I.Y. Ryan Panana 52 分 前
Greg the leg should have had it. He had to come through this game.
Brian G
Brian G 52 分 前
but i remember this game....Kapp RAN AND THRU for more than any of the packers and niners offense players COMBINED!
George 52 分 前
Bengals 29 Browns 28. The Cleveland Brown Organization is a dumpster fire.
Brian G
Brian G 52 分 前
NINERS FAN HERE FROM THE 70's and will die one.....BOY this team was a reminder of Montana Rice days....the weapons....but now we're still rockin the scene.... went thru a rough patch as ALL teams do....but seeing some light again
jcarabillo46 53 分 前
Jaguars: 30 Chargered: 9 Philip Rivers: 396 yds passing, 0 TD, 3 INT, 1 fumble, 3 missed tackles.
Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington 56 分 前
No saints highlights?
03 Mattz
03 Mattz 57 分 前
jpchat.info/show/bideo/gJprrMy8fMSVZJg.html this is how the raiders should be playing
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 58 分 前
T Sizzle's gone from the division. The Steelers still can't avoid him!
Self Justice
Self Justice 58 分 前
"America's team my Ass!" No truer words have ever been spoken in the history of linguistics.
Nicole Weiler
Nicole Weiler 時間 前
With all the movement and dancing, her breath and pitch control are mind-glowingly out of this world. But to be honest, my favorite part of this (and any of her performances) is when she sits down at her piano and just performs a simple acoustic version of a song.
Kaylend Bell
Kaylend Bell 時間 前
Lets goo bucs!!!!!
Brian Kliesch
Brian Kliesch 時間 前
No20... What an speed 😮
Jay Heo
Jay Heo 時間 前
Man so many are haters many of these predictions were universally accepted. It's the beauty of sports to defy expectations. Chill out get a laugh and stop retro analyzing.
MrNaxman 時間 前
Rams are going to give us everything they got because there season is on the line so I think it will be very close and come down to the last possession. its too closer to call for me. Rams are still a good team who give us alot of problems.
Matsya Roshan
Matsya Roshan 時間 前
If I was 30 years younger, my room would be full of posters of Lamar (and Giannis).. Cheers from Germany!
White Tri Force
White Tri Force 時間 前
Like your predictions were some big secret ! come on now ! 🤔Everybody knew you were going to pick Green Bay over the potato Redskins ! 👇🤪
George Ferrera
George Ferrera 時間 前
The Cowboys can’t even beat a team that lost to the Bengals.
Christian Booth
Christian Booth 時間 前
How are the Seahawks ahead of the saints if the saints beat them without Brees
MrNaxman 時間 前
I think this will be a close one that could go either way as the rams gave us all we could handle in seattle. If the seahawks do manage to pull out a hard fought win then they will clinch a playoff spot.
Mikey Bias
Mikey Bias 時間 前
#SELLTHETEAMSPANOS protest January 11th
孔祥龙 時間 前
Mikey Bias
Mikey Bias 時間 前
Akeem Love
Akeem Love 時間 前
Kyler>>>Rodgers .
Dave Wesley
Dave Wesley 時間 前
I was 10 when I watched this game .
TeShaun Hurt
TeShaun Hurt 時間 前
24 24 end tie
Isaiah Scruggs
Isaiah Scruggs 時間 前
That last Metcalf catch put me in the Fantasy playoffs 😂😂🤣
7thvenom 時間 前
I hope the best for this young QB but I see him taking to many chances with injury,I will stick with my classic pocket QB ala Tom Brady !!
Brock Le
Brock Le 時間 前
That’s a cheap shot at Russ after that interception!!!
Chase Wendolek
Chase Wendolek 時間 前
Every team in the hunt is garbage
Sec. A A
Sec. A A 時間 前
21-17 raiders
YoBoyYR7 時間 前
Imagine a team 0-0-16 going to playoffs
JMerlan 時間 前
DJ Chill Will
DJ Chill Will 時間 前
Gerald McCoy did not have a late hit. He was in the middle of tackling when Rogers threw the ball. This guy is a class act and what football players should strive to be. Even when he stopped Adams on the goal line, he didn't brag or show off. He just walked back to the sideline.
gabejcastro 時間 前
No cap my fav player on the saints. And this is coming from a niner fan!!! See yall Sunday!
Dave Wesley
Dave Wesley 時間 前
Metcalf is really quick ..
Jean Ross Normand
Jean Ross Normand 時間 前
Hes got the bengals correct through 12 games
RavenDeSnipe 時間 前
Let's goooooooo!!!!!!! Ravens#1
Zyptic 時間 前
This dude was so wrong on everything. Must be the same guy that makes the weekly NFL power rankings lmfao. Only thing he got right was the Bengals. Trash recognizes trash
jc dova
jc dova 時間 前
I will take the Cowboys minus 20 points. Any takers out there? Vegas has Dallas laying down 7 points. I will give you 20.
ig Godufly_Ps4
ig Godufly_Ps4 時間 前
Super Bowl Preview?!? Seattle with the win though!!!