First Wins For Ferrari
Brent Taylor Art
Brent Taylor Art 39 秒 前
Every time I see that car now I think of the Stig
Wildfire 分 前
I'll always appreciate Hamiltons talent, and be a fan of the guy as a driver, but it's hard to defend against his critics when he does this shit. He puts a tonne of effort into trying to show off parts of his background that basically aren't the white English side... He does his hair all retarded to remind everyone he's half black constantly, & does the typical American sports start bullshit of thanking god after each victory to remind the world that he's apparently religious.. Even though he never did that shit earlier in his career... Yet he doesn't do a single fucking thing to show pride in his actual people... the ones that supported him early, the white brits, because fuck all of them right?
CamWest 2 分 前
Anyhow see The Haas clothes have no gold now and just white n black. Guess the car is now the same?
chawkey4 2 分 前
Finally turned on captions, thank you!
Novek 4 分 前
I absolutely love these! Thank you so much Will!
KeldenMedia 7 分 前
Give us footage of drivers briefing please
Roger Bosman
Roger Bosman 7 分 前
Why not just show all 6 top3-team interviews?
C Man
C Man 8 分 前
The entire weekend was a Joke ...Red Team Home Advantage ...Vettel in Qualifying allowed to drive outside off the track .... Chuck LeCluck cutting the Chicane bobbing and weaving all over the track blocking ...enough said ..... used to be a real Ferrari Fan only for Schumi
Raymundoo si
Raymundoo si 8 分 前
I love Landos POV of this track I think he’s very mentally aware and he’s gunna do great been rooting for this kid
cone 10 分 前
Lewis has weird hair now
agent 1207
agent 1207 10 分 前
What rings are lewis hamilton wearing??
Neuronic Ita
Neuronic Ita 11 分 前
Grande Michael!
Dave Beverley
Dave Beverley 12 分 前
Hamilton supporter for 15yrs but even i have to question that hairstyle ha especially those two front strands. Just looks odd
crxdelsolsir 12 分 前
Q3 Drivers: You go first, nah you go first, I insist, oh man i was distracted looking into my mirrors I went into the run off, don't worry I will give you back the position.. Radio: You are not safe, not everyone will make it, you need to Go, You Need To Go, Go, YOU NEED to GO! Fans: What the...?
Lynlyn Sotela
Lynlyn Sotela 12 分 前
Wooow....Ricciardo looks a middle east man🤗 better clean that beard boy
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft 13 分 前
When are you fat greedy jews gonna get it? We don't want the chopped up highlight version chosen version of the press conferense, we want the WHOLE fucking thing. Dumb fucks.
cone 6 分 前
You are fat and bald. I don't know where you get off insulting others. And what does being jewish have to do with anything? Are you German?
Abe Schmit
Abe Schmit 13 分 前
Ricciardo is the best character on the grid
DaxXx988 14 分 前
Great content, but may I ask for a bit less specialty british expressions, I find it hard to understand you in multiple chops of today's video :/
mad Ness
mad Ness 14 分 前
Today in Malaysia & Singapore is hase Out there
Abe Schmit
Abe Schmit 15 分 前
Why does kubika have a bloody nose
cone 5 分 前
wrestled a bear
Gabriele Malvestio
Gabriele Malvestio 15 分 前
I really want Ricciardo in Ferrari 🏎
Stigs Ukrainian Cousin
Stigs Ukrainian Cousin 15 分 前
Hamilton looks a twat
elbeto191291 15 分 前
Daniel seems to be Lando's big cousin, who shows up every once in a while and jokes with him on family meetings.
Lynlyn Sotela
Lynlyn Sotela 16 分 前
Your good & funny will🤗
Samuel Coutinho
Samuel Coutinho 17 分 前
Um excelente piloto!
racer p1
racer p1 19 分 前
Richiardo se parece al árbol (ashi eshh)
Dindu Nuffin
Dindu Nuffin 22 分 前
Well... looks like Kubica is leaving F1 to fight in UFC.
Christopher Patterson
Christopher Patterson 23 分 前
Lando just gave more interview than Kimi for the last 3 years combined.
lifeschool 23 分 前
23:00 - You said "McLaren Orange?", on a Verstappen show? Was waiting for Jos to admit he gave up his career for Max, it worked.
Home Cinema
Home Cinema 24 分 前
The new chuckle brothers on the left
louis shah
louis shah 24 分 前
"countless times for lotus" I can count to 10
A Regular Alabaman Girl
A Regular Alabaman Girl 25 分 前
I will miss kubica
krk1291 25 分 前
F1s toughest race is like half of what indycar drivers go through or less. Dont know why hulk wants to stay in a series that he wont have a car for a podium... he should just go race indycar if he wants to prove he deserves a top seat
Not Sosig Ramsey
Not Sosig Ramsey 26 分 前
Kimi that is P1 amazing drive! Kimi: Thank you
TommyTarkov 26 分 前
21:27 alex albon has the same way to express himself like elon musk XD
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez 27 分 前
Montoya! Colombia’s proud!
TBCW Developer Team
TBCW Developer Team 28 分 前
"The rebels" Hamilton clearly identify as a Galactic Empire Inquisitor.
M Hilmy Fauzi
M Hilmy Fauzi 29 分 前
I like Ocon in paddock pass, glad he's gonna be racing next season
F1 and Fortnite Meme compilations
F1 and Fortnite Meme compilations 30 分 前
RIP Anthoine Hubert #RacingForAnthoine
Salad Fingers
Salad Fingers 30 分 前
I feel the need to once again mention that the reason me (and many others) are always hyped for paddock pass is Will Buxton himself. FOM, give this guy a raise, then another one. Let him loose to do his thing, he's a master.
Dindu Nuffin
Dindu Nuffin 31 分 前
4:27 Like... never :D ? #Formula1
Boggin deep
Boggin deep 31 分 前
Hulk out 😭
Grand Noobian
Grand Noobian 32 分 前
Jos "Grindbak" Verstappen.
MAN45 34 分 前
Stewards have been consistently inconsistent with the penalties.
Dear Reader
Dear Reader 35 分 前
I'd kill to see some footage from that Driver's briefing.... why not just broadcast all of them?
G 36 分 前
Romain sucks. Stupid Haas.
- xrampagex -
- xrampagex - 39 分 前
Haas must really enjoy mediocrity.
tigerrx 39 分 前
Lewis rocking the ASAP Rocky look this weekend!
Wei Wang
Wei Wang 39 分 前
It was a nice save from Gasly in Monza, too. Nobody mentions it but in my shitty driver eyes the car was going fast, on gravel, and close to the wall, good job saving that oversteer
LunaticCalm01 41 分 前
WTF is that hairstyle Lewis?
TheRad4manthys 41 分 前
Will asking the question is in another level, he seems to have a connection with the drivers, he asks direct questions. Keep it up!!!
McrUk 42 分 前
Lot of white men in the comments unhappy with a black man having dreadlocks. Shocking
cone 4 分 前
They aren't dreadlocks, they're braids. And it looks silly. It's pretty simple.
Alessandro Bergamo
Alessandro Bergamo 43 分 前
A Yoke!
Wade Halse
Wade Halse 45 分 前
When did 1980's Val Kilmer start racing for Renault?
Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace 47 分 前
Why would anyone give Paddock Pass a thumbs down?
kirk stanton
kirk stanton 48 分 前
A$AP Ham
abcdef ghijlkmn
abcdef ghijlkmn 48 分 前
At the begging of the video for maybe 0.5 sec you can see Will waiting for the camera to start rolling or haas it been left in the video intentionaly
Happy Raccoon
Happy Raccoon 50 分 前
Hamilton is playing space alien pickaninny in a star trek episode?
Lokki 1
Lokki 1 51 分 前
At least another season with this bunch of fucking wankers 😂
Lwanda M
Lwanda M 52 分 前
Backmarkers nearly ruined Hamilton's race at 03:31. Excellent defending.
Carpythesharky 53 分 前
Kubica BMW DTM 2021? That would be fun to watch!
BigMike Williams
BigMike Williams 54 分 前
Kubica Looks like an older version of Leclerc! 😂
HeavyHarris 55 分 前
I predict a hat-trick for Seb at Suzuka, just have a feeling
Brian 59 分 前
Can't bare to listen to Lance Stroll talking, he can't put a sentence together without saying 'eh' or 'um' after every word.
Lwanda M
Lwanda M 59 分 前
01:41 That was close!
Funkfoya trunk
Funkfoya trunk 時間 前
Hamilton going for the Tupac / Bone Thugs look... The real thuggish ruggish bone of F1 haha
Joseph Whakaari
Joseph Whakaari 時間 前
Love how roman grossjean is staying only driver to say his car is shit
Chris A
Chris A 時間 前
Bad hair day Lewis...bad. Points for courage tho.
Davideo Jockey
Davideo Jockey 時間 前
What you ve seen is just an f1 pilot getting into the zone its like watching SRV playing voodoo child live in texas he just forgets everything and soloing for 4 minutes
Terry Evans
Terry Evans 時間 前
He’s won more than vettel now
Joop Money
Joop Money 時間 前
Vettel the most STUPID asshole ever in F1 racing... Soon his career wil become to an end in 2020 !!!!!
Scott Summers
Scott Summers 時間 前
Lewis with the new aero package on his head.
Masego Matabane
Masego Matabane 時間 前
Enough about Lewis' hair, enough about Kubica's nose. The real question is... Where are Romain's eyebrows???
AMRosa10 時間 前
I want to see great racing, but I don't want to see dead drivers... If the Black and White flag without a penalty meets both criteria, then I'm all for it, but if the loosening of the rules of engagement leads to us looking for updates of the health of a driver in intensive care or not surviving, then I think they listened to the wrong opinions and went the wrong way.
F S.
F S. 時間 前
I love the black and white flag.
Nico will take Gasly place
zerosum 時間 前
Lewis is like, *man's not hot*
Gerard O'Mahony
Gerard O'Mahony 時間 前
Hamilton looks ridiculous and doesn't like the rules cos he's being a baby about being blocked last time around. ..nothing new obviously.
marvihemmer 時間 前
What a shame. Everybody looks professional and then there is Hamilton...
Veersoo90 Verso
Veersoo90 Verso 時間 前
Wapn Perfo
Wapn Perfo 時間 前
Just remove anything where actual next level skill is required.
Gareth De Bruyn
Gareth De Bruyn 時間 前
Lewis crying about the rules! 😂🤣😂🤣 Looks like the "racer" doesn't want to race. Lewis is a whiny baby.
tom dupont
tom dupont 時間 前
It’s funny i really think Will looks like the presenter in hunger games
Greg  S
Greg S 時間 前
These interviews are always interesting, but this is the first one I've listened to from the father of a driver. Really fascinating insight.
Sam Norcliffe
Sam Norcliffe 時間 前
Gives me goosebumps everytime fits f1 perfectly we’ve needed a theme song for ages
free thinker
free thinker 時間 前
steward ? lets just say that if the top 3 team attempt what is going on just behind the top 3 . the top 3 would likely get the full rule applied ! yep its that sad!
ragemydream 時間 前
Haas really must be hitting rock bottom when passing on an opportunity to select so many other talented drivers.
Michael Roma
Michael Roma 時間 前
what happened to kubica's nose?
TD Immanuel
TD Immanuel 時間 前
Nico was a future WC talent-wise he was brilliant but never got his chance when he was hot. Nice guy I wish him well.
SyndiCate Gaming
SyndiCate Gaming 時間 前
I know i’ll get hate for this, but Lewis looks absolutely ridiculous.
cone 3 分 前
HorIson RepLayZ
HorIson RepLayZ 時間 前
Why’s nobody talking about the monstrosity on lewis’ head
Acke 時間 前
Have you thought about it, every fan says they want "harder" racing and without rules or as few rules as possible. In a populist spirit teambosses and driver doesn't want to go against that. And just go with the same argument. The same goes with the majority of the motorsport journalists. No one seems to really have thought this through. If we think about it, many of the rules was implemented cause of one german driver that drove "too hard", that didn't give one car width to his opponents, that often just pushed other cars off track. If we allow foul play and dirty driving we will miss the opportunity to good racing and many overtaking attempts and even actual overtakes. Many of the rules are actually put in place to increase the possibilities to overtake. By having the rules the driver catching up knows he can dive to overtake knowing the car in front are obliged to leave room. That ensures more nice and thrilling overtake attempts and eventually more overtaking manoeuvres. Just to say skip the rules, let them race is not thought through properly. We will see more crashes but also getting ripped off of the overtaking attempts and nice overtakes. I really hope the FIA are smarter than the crowd and that the thing we saw at Monza just was a one time occasion just to please the Ferrari fans.
MidgetPower120 時間 前
Hulk has now gone to find Captain America
Dean Burge
Dean Burge 時間 前
Who’s the old lady in the middle? Oh.
Renur Renur
Renur Renur 時間 前
I thing the black and white flag should not be seen as "you made a mistake but we will not penalise you". I believe it should be given when the situation is not clear or with other words when the stewards cannot decide whether a certain move has to be penalized or not. If a given move gets a "split decision" then you give the black and white flag. Anyone?! Thoughts?!
Rusevelt Roberts
Rusevelt Roberts 時間 前
Prefer Vettel's 2017 pole lap even though Lewis was quicker in 2018.
chris bobobo
chris bobobo 時間 前
Daniel is so funny
Terrance Stennett
Terrance Stennett 時間 前
Long time watcher, first time commenting. We need to see more of Will Burton! He is so much more entertaining and engaging than any other commentator in F1. Why do we not see him more. At a time when F1 is just starting to get interesting again, we need to also change some of the commentators. Great work Will👏refreshing!
Niek Dijkstra
Niek Dijkstra 48 分 前
false, in Holland we have Jack and Olaf.."the clowns of the paddock"
scb 時間 前
Lewis giving off some Billie Eilish vibes with that hair.
Tommaso Ferri
Tommaso Ferri 時間 前
Lewis has passed from becoming Kendirick Lamar to becoming Lil Pump