Top 10 F1 Car Launches
Top 10 F1 Onboards of 2019
G4meplayVids 34 分 前
Please let us see more midfield action this season F1!!!!
Rommel Reyes
Rommel Reyes 41 分 前
Worst track ever. Cancel the whole race
Burnt Chicken Nugget
Burnt Chicken Nugget 41 分 前
Whats up with Ralphs car its up in the air! XD
Blade the Hedgehog
Blade the Hedgehog 42 分 前
Able2 win
Able2 win 45 分 前
Please help me
Afif Shah Sadip Seven
Afif Shah Sadip Seven 47 分 前
Just give the titles to Mercedes again. Nothing much to see. Only Ham saying "it was a hard race"
Gijs Vermunt Agrifotografie
Gijs Vermunt Agrifotografie 48 分 前
The 1 team we all like, even if they do good or bad. Norris is just too funny, same with sainz.
Irfan M
Irfan M 48 分 前
Anyone here after seeing Chainbear explain how Vettel overtook Hamilton under VSC ?
InfinityX 51 分 前
b r e a d
Jared F127
Jared F127 52 分 前
I love the Red Bull team, and I really appreciate Adrien Newey’s loyalty to the team as well.
Eugenius Christo
Eugenius Christo 54 分 前
Jared F127
Jared F127 56 分 前
Andreas is a great engineer. Hope Mclaren have a great year.
Tun Piccolo
Tun Piccolo 57 分 前
F1.5 will be tougher as pink mercedes decides to join the fight
Josh King
Josh King 57 分 前
The livery is looking fire 🔥
Sunaan sultan
Sunaan sultan 58 分 前
No zac brown?
BiTcH PleAsE
BiTcH PleAsE 58 分 前
I really hope 2020 season goes ahead and coronavirus dies out. Please 🙏 Plus I'm really having high hopes for this season. But recent surge in italy,Korea and US does not bode well. These are looking ominous.
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 55 分 前
You can go to work with your little cough dude, only feeble can die
Reptilius Maximus
Reptilius Maximus 59 分 前
Andreas is very, very skilled man. I think he is one of best and even if they do not match last years results he is the man that can turn that around. Next year with Mercedes and new regulations I would have higher hopes.
Justin M.
Justin M. 時間 前
I seriously hope they get at least 1 podium
TheOdd101 時間 前
Who is this Carlos guy? I only know about Lando and Darren...
Giorgi Laluashvili
Giorgi Laluashvili 時間 前
they should come up with innovative and experimental stuff and maybe they will win one rainy race
Benjamin T Haden
Benjamin T Haden 時間 前
🌱Lewis 🥣Valtteri 🌶Sainz 🥛Lando 🍦Kimi 🥖Grosjean
Noxet 時間 前
Is Lando going to moving up and down side to side like a rollercoaster?
Firstname lastname
Firstname lastname 時間 前
Mclaren v racing point .
yaroslav tokar
yaroslav tokar 時間 前
Heres what i found on the 2020 Suspension regulations. what do you guys think? Mercedes found some loop holes for sure. 10.1.2 Any suspension system fitted to the front wheels must be so arranged that its response results only from changes in load applied to the front wheels. 10.1.3 Any suspension system fitted to the rear wheels must be so arranged that its response results only from changes in load applied to the rear wheels. 10.2 Suspension geometry : 10.2.1 With the steering wheel fixed, the position of each wheel centre and the orientation of its rotation axis must be completely and uniquely defined by a function of its principally vertical suspension travel, save only for the effects of reasonable compliance which does not intentionally provide further degrees of freedom. 10.2.2 Any powered device which is capable of altering the configuration or affecting the performance of any part of any suspension system is forbidden. 10.2.3 No adjustment may be made to any suspension system while the car is in motion.
Fair Dinkum Fragrances
Fair Dinkum Fragrances 時間 前
Seems F1 needs to be a wet weather sport these days
Ayrton Dumond
Ayrton Dumond 時間 前 Review week 1
Lukman Shahidi
Lukman Shahidi 時間 前
Hope the best for them
Lins Lins
Lins Lins 時間 前
No need to waste time developing the car. Pandemic is imminent. F1 calendar will be all cancelled.
Clarence Dela Cruz
Clarence Dela Cruz 時間 前
Forza Ferrari and Let's go Mclaren!
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 時間 前
Eh McLaren will never win again, there's something wrong with their culture probably
Nilton Cardoso
Nilton Cardoso 時間 前
Quando a McLaren arrumar um outro SENNA, será campeã, do contrário, NUNCA MAIS!
Gaby van Dinteren, PMP
Gaby van Dinteren, PMP 時間 前
May good things happen to McLaren in 2020. It is impossible not to like them. Smooth Operatorrrrr. It's BROKEN! Are you crying? AIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAI
Aizuddin Fahmi
Aizuddin Fahmi 時間 前
Man, that Carlos Sainz looks like a cool guy, never heard of him tough. Heard he's some kind of a smooth operator on track... Kudos on F1 to finally feature him in this channel...
John Stanton
John Stanton 時間 前
Haas had the only two crashes of the test ... what a surprise.
matrix 時間 前
Wow nice scarf!
Diamond Dog
Diamond Dog 時間 前
F1 is life , mclaren is love , go get em boys
Addin Naufal
Addin Naufal 時間 前
Best duo on the grid guide.
MrCatsEyes 時間 前
Rebirth of the champions
Hammerica 時間 前
Lando Calrissian i MEAN Lando Norris is a bold one!!!
FORMULA 1 時間 前
Can McLaren grab more podiums in 2020? Reply with a 🌶 or 🥛 for who you think will get their first trophy of the season!
I say you this they will 🌶 wil score 2 podiums 🥛will also score 2
BroxGaming 42 分 前
Is there going to be a firstname lastname team review?
M J Pes player
M J Pes player 54 分 前
When there is lando there will be milk 🍼🥛
Romain Dmitrovic
Romain Dmitrovic 59 分 前
Rajveer Mogal
Rajveer Mogal 時間 前
유정우 時間 前
Rise of McLaren 2020
Heil the Lux mains
Heil the Lux mains 時間 前
McLaren guide: 1. Memes 2.Race 3.SMOOOOTH OPERATOOOOORR
Praveena S
Praveena S 時間 前
Heil the Lux mains 4. I’m moving up and down side to side like a roller coaster
Colonel JCD
Colonel JCD 時間 前
sexy car
Praveena S
Praveena S 時間 前
Can’t wait to see Lando and Daren get more podiums this year🧡
Nicola Fox
Nicola Fox 時間 前
Watching testing now and BELIVE MCLAREN ALWAYS ONWARDS AND UPWARDS FEARSLY FORWARD and yes they will be on the podium this year 😀
kiran babu
kiran babu 時間 前
Darren is my favourite F1 driver
kiran babu
kiran babu 時間 前
Mclaren Drivers: Darren.. Umm Carlos & Lando
Paolo Mombelli
Paolo Mombelli 時間 前
McLaren, you simply the best! 🧡💙
Diamond Dog
Diamond Dog 時間 前
This 👆
0 117
0 117 時間 前
0:58 steering wheel You mean DAS, right?
shubhankar dey
shubhankar dey 時間 前
0:38 "the car feels amazing" aah, I felt that
The WebheadGT.
The WebheadGT. 45 分 前
I read it with Alonso voice
3x3 時間 前
@N V nice one :D
N V 時間 前
Much slower than before
Ben Ward
Ben Ward 時間 前
Legend has it, if you're early, McLaren will reply.
Bradley Songor
Bradley Songor 時間 前
McLaren will be the third best team this year. CHANGE MY MIND !!!
jordi zulkarnaen
jordi zulkarnaen 時間 前
I thought they're already on mercedes PU
igloo 時間 前
The music was groovy asf
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh 時間 前
2020 will be so about Racing Point vs McLaren. Absolute beast of a midfield 🔥
Ender A
Ender A 時間 前
shout out to the music dude - just gone 9am but I'm bumping along to the house, roll on the weekend
Aristos Player 1
Aristos Player 1 時間 前
Τρομπόνι για τιμόνι
Bagus 時間 前
Lonely Boi
Lonely Boi 時間 前
Things that are missing: Triangles on the car A milk company sponsor Lando's bucket hat
iContrast 時間 前
go go squeeze
Kevin Brigoli
Kevin Brigoli 時間 前
racing point vs ferrari vs mclaren would be great this season
Radha Krishnan
Radha Krishnan 時間 前
Where is the Mercedes Benz grill the grid 2019
Radha Krishnan
Radha Krishnan 51 分 前
@Roman Baranovichi with Lewis
Roman Baranovichi
Roman Baranovichi 時間 前
They didn’t do one because of Valtteri’s divorce
E・F 92
E・F 92 時間 前
Racing pranthan
Racing pranthan 時間 前
Sarat C
Sarat C 時間 前
No Name
No Name 時間 前
It's almost like alonso had stopped mclaren from progressing. All that race fee money doing well in the development.
Ali Shiraz
Ali Shiraz 50 分 前
@No Name honda is with red bull who scored less pts last season than what they did with renault. What money was saved? Alonso wasnt earning 25% of mclaren budget.
No Name
No Name 時間 前
@Ali Shiraz and the same Honda is still above mclaren in the standings. So sure. Think whatever you want. I never said he isn't a good driver. He did overdrive the mclaren over their limits but yes the money saved here sure did help develop the car.
Ali Shiraz
Ali Shiraz 時間 前
Stupid spotted. Fernando made then switch to renault. The chasis complements Renault engine much better than honda engine. And kept them sponsor happy else look at williams
Gfriend Stan Itzy
Gfriend Stan Itzy 時間 前
"bromance continues" 😂😂😂
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake 時間 前
Still waiting for 2019 Mercedes Grill The Grid
Lubben Lubben
Lubben Lubben 時間 前
Its Corona time
Dominic Tran
Dominic Tran 時間 前
Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room for McLaren’s awesome revival here guys. * cough * Fernando Alonso
Ashutosh Uniyal
Ashutosh Uniyal 時間 前
Top comment is gay.
Aaryan Basanthpure
Aaryan Basanthpure 時間 前
It's going to be a smoooooooooth opertiooooonnnnnnn
The Undeniable Gamer
The Undeniable Gamer 時間 前
31st That's my mom's birthday!
adam conlon
adam conlon 時間 前
Ehh I kinda liked the 19' livery, but still a good car
J J 54 分 前
This year's livery feels quite plain to me.
adam conlon
adam conlon 59 分 前
@Fawwaz Rafif At the very least they could have kept the blue triangles. But it's nice to know that somebody else thinks like most fans
Fawwaz Rafif
Fawwaz Rafif 時間 前
You're not alone mate
Moni 時間 前
I really hope to see Nando Lorris and Sarlos Cainz frequently on podium this year!
Dogematic Atheism
Dogematic Atheism 時間 前
Regardless of how well they do this season, the drivers will certainly give us plenty of memes once again. Edit: Thanks for the reply official F1 account
Nguyen Duc Hung
Nguyen Duc Hung 時間 前
No one: Mercedes' steering wheel: Im moving up and down, side to side like a rolercoster Kimi in a distance: *GIVE ME THAT STEERING WHEEL*
FORMULA 1 時間 前
Everyone's a winner 😝
kartracer127 時間 前
Does anybody now that guy? The one who ,,won" the 08 Championship. Is thst somebody you should now?
Zachary Jacob Rodrigueza
Zachary Jacob Rodrigueza 時間 前
One of my favorite liveries of F1
Liam Grogan
Liam Grogan 時間 前
Oh dear.... anything else go wrong...😂😂
Olffy 時間 前
Come on lands!!
Tailor Dunn
Tailor Dunn 時間 前
Brahhhh... What's up with landos eye brows
echo_of_ghosts 時間 前
I love mclaren
KM 06
KM 06 時間 前
So y’all doing this for every team now huh
Adel 時間 前
Does anyone know the song being played from the beginning? Could it be a song owned by F1?
Tan Ren Yang
Tan Ren Yang 時間 前
Hi Darren, it's Tom
Place Holder
Place Holder 時間 前
Last time I was this early, Lando wasn't born.
Akamatsu_Ace 54 分 前
Place Holder so, a couple months ago? XD
Trap Town HNH
Trap Town HNH 時間 前
Great content. Keep it up! Would you like to be JPchat friends? :]
Trap Town HNH
Trap Town HNH 時間 前
Nice content! Keep it up! Would you like to be JPchat friends? :]
Trap Town HNH
Trap Town HNH 時間 前
Good video! Keep it up! Would you like to be JPchat friends? :]
Automobile Heaven
Automobile Heaven 時間 前
I’m excited to see what this team has to offer this year!!
Tej Shah
Tej Shah 時間 前
I am a simple man. I see an orange McLaren. I click.
Allen Leung
Allen Leung 38 分 前
and like
Paolo Mombelli
Paolo Mombelli 時間 前
@Diamond Dog yep, and it has a very good taste
Diamond Dog
Diamond Dog 時間 前
@Paolo Mombelli really ?
Paolo Mombelli
Paolo Mombelli 時間 前
That's papaya! ;)
Rigel 時間 前
The livery is the best
Irving Masahiro
Irving Masahiro 時間 前
Milkman delivers
Mark Vincent C
Mark Vincent C 時間 前
My favorite F1 team.
Sounhour Nim
Sounhour Nim 時間 前
Somebody give Lando his Milk sponsor
Bangdk 時間 前
Carlost sainz
karen scicluna
karen scicluna 時間 前
Hopefully, we get to see Lando with his 'the doctor hat' in Australia!
Nico Rosberg F1 Fan
Nico Rosberg F1 Fan 時間 前
I thought Carlos threw it into a grandstand
One Two
One Two 時間 前
Sounhour Nim
Sounhour Nim 時間 前
Newer car same drivers But new milk sponsor for lando?
Sounhour Nim
Sounhour Nim 時間 前
For being fast can F1 reply my comments?
Rigel 時間 前
Lol uploaded 13 seconds ago