Hamza Özçete
Hamza Özçete 18 分 前
I think GİGR pistol can be played with iron sight too. In my opinion scope must to be a choise,not a necessity.Because we have a shotgun/DMR at KAİD and we have 2 good AR's at NOMAD,so it has to be an atachment as an optic.Please do it ubi ı don't want to use scope at a high-recoil mid-damaged pistol anymore.I want to use that pistol when I need to use a pistol,not at spawnpeek,we already have a gun to spawnpeek and I'm not a spawnpeeker,so ı dont need it,if I want to control a high-recoil weapon,so I'll choose SMG-12 or BEARİNG 9. HELP ME UBİSOFT.
Raman 32 分 前
We need north Korean ops
Corvo Attano
Corvo Attano 40 分 前
i demand proper ending game for prince of persia 2008 ubisoft no i am not asking..i demand..everybody hates cliffhanger and we all know it so start working...elika and prince needs ending
Deusa da Lua
Deusa da Lua 47 分 前
Kali will be the most powerfull in all game, why she needs explosive with this rifle?
Ivan Riquelme
Ivan Riquelme 48 分 前
For honor murió hoy quise jugarlo... Y busque partida y no encontró ninguna perdida de dinero comprarlo
The Head Spartan
The Head Spartan 53 分 前
Thatcher: Beats up three men in a bar with his bare hands John Wick: Finally! A worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!
Nevad25 59 分 前
Loved this video ! Keep them coming. Assassin's Creed II is my favorite game ever, and watching this video made me so nostalgic. There is something so magical about this game; The cities, the musics, the ambiance, the colors, the characters, the story... Back when Assassin's Creed was great. Shame Ubisoft won't make great games like this anymore and instead relies on fast-food service games.
meromerofox 時間 前
Ze pequeño. Vieron demasiado ciudad de Dios. Brazucas toxicos
ElDiablo 時間 前
tHIs iS nOt aSsAsSins CreEd
Subject_Delta1o1 LovesPlumJuice
Subject_Delta1o1 LovesPlumJuice 時間 前
Im getting a sci fi overdosis from this video... and i love it!!
Lezerni Wolf
Lezerni Wolf 時間 前
Rip Thatcher and Glaz
tamdefault 2 時間 前
It’s nerf or nothin
striker865 2 時間 前
Dead meme5
Dead meme5 2 時間 前
Kali is a bad copy of tf2 sniper
Kearz 2 時間 前
Are they gonna do anything with this
Arta 2020
Arta 2020 2 時間 前
Hey guys, Do you have any plan for Call of Juarez and Far Cry 6 ?!👍👍👍
Anshuman Mishra
Anshuman Mishra 2 時間 前
Waste completed the grind twice for kenly all branches but chapel room is locked.
Schnibbel iX
Schnibbel iX 3 時間 前
Nerf pls.
thehountdog 39
thehountdog 39 3 時間 前
We want new cars like range rover or Toyota cruiser SUVs
Darth Nater
Darth Nater 3 時間 前
This is literally pre nerf glaz with a Ash breaching round as her gadget talk about balancing
Lore: they are not murdering Each other,it’s just a friendly game of airsoft with fake blood and explosive and electric and toxic effects
happy wombat
happy wombat 5 時間 前
wait so that guy doki was talking too is the new Six?
Indy midgets are garbage
Indy midgets are garbage 5 時間 前
Goodbye Glaz and Jaeger...
Nicholas Roberts
Nicholas Roberts 5 時間 前
That's the Halo sniper 😭😭😭🤤🤤🤤
Anime weeb uwu
Anime weeb uwu 5 時間 前
This is awsome!
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic 6 時間 前
Remaster this for PS4 and xbone
Fedora Flick Nick
Fedora Flick Nick 6 時間 前
Can they get people who actually know how to play the game next time
Fuzed Humble
Fuzed Humble 6 時間 前
Kali kind of looks like quiet
Choco Taco
Choco Taco 7 時間 前
I feeal there will be a remake
Septian Tri Pangestu
Septian Tri Pangestu 7 時間 前
god damn the animation of this game is MEATY
Back when Assassin's Creed was Assassin's Creed
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs 7 時間 前
If no survival mode i would like a refund on the pass please ?
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs 7 時間 前
Survival mode ?
MikkleMay 7 時間 前
Lol. Somebody, kill this pinky pig.
Kris Kross
Kris Kross 8 時間 前
Hello I have one question how to get arrowheads components which mission I must doing to getting this gear set?
Josh Parrish
Josh Parrish 8 時間 前
It would be nice if at some point you add in the other versions of the Hub One, being the Dirt spec (Rallycross) and Perf spec (possibly put it in Hypercars)
Atreyu's Stash of Doo Doo
Atreyu's Stash of Doo Doo 8 時間 前
0:45 You thought it was Lawbringer, But it was me, Dio! ‘MUDA’
Dalton Villanueva
Dalton Villanueva 9 時間 前
Bighead 9 時間 前
You have to make a real movie Farcry 5 has the best story of all time it would be a master piece
JFL S 9 時間 前
I haven’t play since Moroccan operators were released...
Dragon 9 時間 前
I know it was a long time ago but how do I download Narco Road concept art pack?
snake blitskin
snake blitskin 9 時間 前
Make a game on skinwalker ranch, no multiplayer
DanPH77 9 時間 前
Let me guess... "Obama" is a new Zoomer trash meme...how original.. -_-
Rib Riddler
Rib Riddler 10 時間 前
Why haven't I seen a jojo reference for warden yet?
Emma Daganta Daganta
Emma Daganta Daganta 10 時間 前
Did that hammering hurt his eyes?
mary Kilmartin
mary Kilmartin 10 時間 前
bro I'm so exited
Cesar Ed CBihz
Cesar Ed CBihz 10 時間 前
9 years, wow
Miracle Demon
Miracle Demon 10 時間 前
Kali is glaz, ash, buck, Sofia, and thatcher mixed together. GOOD JOB UBISOFT
NeZ 11 時間 前
Hey could anyone please help me with this? So my brother bought FH a long time ago and he also bought all the passes, i started playing it aswell a few months ago. (btw we play on the Ps4) So i was wondering if i have to buy all the year passes aswell to unlock new heroes arcade etc or do I already have it? When my brother bought dlcs for black ops 4 i got them aswell so idk
side shoota
side shoota 11 時間 前
5:44 Apparently buck doesnt exist
monty python
monty python 11 時間 前
"Yes we know how to create balanced operators. Why do you ask?"
Salt. 12 時間 前
So basically we get a better glaz which is never gonna be used and a b tec jäger?
A Meme
A Meme 12 時間 前
JunkyRamen 12 時間 前
Theory: In Terrorist Hunt, when defending, when you run outside the map, you get a 10 second countdown until you die. This whole time, it’s been Kali this entire time
Jonna Cragun
Jonna Cragun 12 時間 前
Thatcher: that's two seconds to slow Dokkaebi: ok boomer
Byoung Bronx
Byoung Bronx 12 時間 前
Talk about dedicated servers that’s what’s up Ubisoft look forward to a new Viking
Kingofkings920 12 時間 前
Instead of wasting time making these stupid pointless videos you idiots should be putting 110% more effort into improving that flop you call " The Division 2". How is the first game better ?
Austin Rude
Austin Rude 13 時間 前
i bet that guy who broke his hidden blade felt like he was the freaking man
Naltoid 13 時間 前
Kali is going to be annoying asf
Brandon Triste
Brandon Triste 13 時間 前
Es la raja wn!!
Soturi 13 時間 前
Wait why does wamai have ela’s pistol if he has keratos and p12?
clete pillow07
clete pillow07 13 時間 前
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez 13 時間 前
I can see the nerf already
偉大な敵 14 時間 前
Mustafa Evgin Demirci
Mustafa Evgin Demirci 14 時間 前
Taste ur own medicine
Uber Wulf
Uber Wulf 14 時間 前
Wamai: Wakanda forever.
Benny S
Benny S 14 時間 前
Got it a month late and I’m mad I listened to all the negative reviews. This game is so much better than people talk about. Everyone wants to judge and complain no matter what. This game’s good. Period.
jak4L x
jak4L x 14 時間 前
Please dont realese either of them bruh
jak4L x
jak4L x 14 時間 前
Kali is way to overpowered
Power Stones
Power Stones 14 時間 前
I love growtopia makes me wanna die
Mike Hancock
Mike Hancock 14 時間 前
I thought division 2 was their baby 👶
Salty Cracker
Salty Cracker 14 時間 前
Bro I’m finally happy with siege new ops I feel like they are actually trying this season
aC0rn LoRd
aC0rn LoRd 14 時間 前
Mulan is now here
Nathan Hernandez
Nathan Hernandez 15 時間 前
It ghost vs wolves this mean war
msr47gaming 15 時間 前
Fun fact about theme park, on the right arcade entrance, the windows usually never have anyone in them ( ground floor) and you can just jump straight in there with a 95% chance that no one is there.
Alex Power
Alex Power 15 時間 前
The magnets can be put near the hostage? That's an exploit.
Barri Sandyajaya Nasution
Barri Sandyajaya Nasution 15 時間 前
*FC4 AMR ramapage flashbacks*
when does it launch? i cant wait to try them out
mikey p
mikey p 15 時間 前
Not much of a Winter Games is it
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 15 時間 前
That sniper gonna nerfed hard asf in week
Dragonlord982 15 時間 前
Your "season veteran" I would bend him over and shove my blade where the sun don't shine he is bad
You Know Those Dudes?
You Know Those Dudes? 15 時間 前
Wow, you REALLY had to slow Ezio down to make it fair for players... If he had the speed from the Assassin's Creed games, he'd decimate the competition.
Bemular Psy
Bemular Psy 15 時間 前
Here before the nerf on wamai’s gadget range.
julius 16 時間 前
where to get the path ??
Lazerchu 108
Lazerchu 108 16 時間 前
Fix ur the game seriously the tracking in this game is bull cause u get hit like 5 meters away, ur able to frick spam to the point where u cant do anything and u keep buffing orochi seriously stop his attacks are to fast u cant do anything against him
Kyaru8916 16 時間 前
0:47 *MUDA*
Highlord Alcadizakyr
Highlord Alcadizakyr 16 時間 前
is this update a joke?
Trismorazan’s VIDS!
Trismorazan’s VIDS! 16 時間 前
Me: This ones a Blast Everyone else: (don’t get it) Me:a blast in the PAST Rabbids: 12:03
Nathan Spencer
Nathan Spencer 16 時間 前
Great, another thing that skrews Castle.
Communist Vodka
Communist Vodka 16 時間 前
I wish they had cgi animations for for honour kinda like the hammer and the scalpel for rainbow
Jaylin Joseph
Jaylin Joseph 16 時間 前
Add the predator pack back
TonyCOBHC666 17 時間 前
Thank God Tom Clancy is dead so he doesn't see this atrocity and the other atrocity known as breakpoint. Sad to see where the series are going
Guilletheboss Pikachu
Guilletheboss Pikachu 17 時間 前
He is north corean
Gavin Gillespie
Gavin Gillespie 17 時間 前
Hopefully my Nomad build is still there
TheBoss222R 17 時間 前
Hey Ubisoft, can you guys add the 2020 Ford Shelby GT500. That way we have all the big three's most recent high-powered muscle cars in the game. That would be awesome of you guys.
MechaG2 17 時間 前
This is excellent, Ubi! But _PLEASE_ keep it up. I know I'm not alone when I say I've been eagerly awaiting the Wu Lin to be brought up to par with the other factions. There's still much to be done: -Add two more Wu Lin Heroes so they have as many Heroes as the original three factions. -Add at least several more Chinese themed maps (enough for all game modes; including Training). -Allow the Wu Lin to be a selectable faction in Faction War. -Add Chinese themed minions (i.e. Soldiers, Archers, Captains, Pikemen, etc.) and bosses (i.e. Guardian, Commander, etc.). -Add Story Mode Chapter 4 - Wu Lin.
King pineapple
King pineapple 17 時間 前
Toki Kashi
Toki Kashi 17 時間 前
Do not nerf ela she needs at least 1 decent weapon
Adam Kristiansen
Adam Kristiansen 18 時間 前
wamai is just a suped up jager...
howitzer551 18 時間 前
Wait, no matter how much of a stereotype it is, the country known for running fast in the Olympics doesn't have a 3 speed operator? I feel like this is a miss.