Cici ilmanza
Cici ilmanza 2 分 前
paula rona
paula rona 2 分 前
S.coups' such a daddy
Ellita Rose
Ellita Rose 3 分 前
Jae suk shouldve answer the last call 😂
Hanbin Attacks
Hanbin Attacks 7 分 前
Naeun is so clever, what a bright future ahead
Diksha Chakraborti
Diksha Chakraborti 12 分 前
All the SM ent stories are funny
Hesti Dwi yunitya
Hesti Dwi yunitya 13 分 前
Bagus banget...
maria lyra salenga
maria lyra salenga 15 分 前
I feel her😥
maria lyra salenga
maria lyra salenga 15 分 前
Gloria 15 分 前
Wishing them all the best. Truly gonna be missed 😭💕
akenese ikenasio
akenese ikenasio 15 分 前
I love this program the kids are so adorable and well done to the hosts. From 🇦🇺
t i n t i n
t i n t i n 17 分 前
now i miss long-haired jihyo :< tho she looks cute in her short hair so it's ok, plus who am i to decide which hairstyle suits her? <3
Tres Cifras
Tres Cifras 20 分 前
i have the feeling dried squid is going to be the antagonist
Demi Nella
Demi Nella 21 分 前
I love the concept of her dancers having them different outfits.. At least its making her look like she is still in a group and she is the leader hihihi.. I love it
lovely chikzs
lovely chikzs 22 分 前
My favorite k drama ever
Farzaneh Mehr
Farzaneh Mehr 23 分 前
TheArk4lyfe 24 分 前
kwangsoo shouldn't have answered that phone call😂😂😂
itsmenob2x 24 分 前
being a model doesn't require to be super pretty but you need to have the height the body Photogenic in TV and pictures and of course the most important is your stage presence or others call it X-Factor. But she is pretty though. To maintain such beauty is not easy every women knows that.
borneoorchid 25 分 前
The one drama where even the support cast are all great & entertaining!
zykari12 37 分 前
omg he turns cute when he's frustrated?? how can I not develop a crush on this guy
Tien Tien
Tien Tien 38 分 前
Mina wher are youuu 😥😭😭😭
yasko250 40 分 前
Somin was exceptionaly pretty in this episode's opening.
What's Tasty?
What's Tasty? 41 分 前
Baekyung you tsundere you! 😭 y'all I can't sail this ship but I feel bad for Kyung. Huehue
Laura Santiago
Laura Santiago 41 分 前
Song jihyo fighting we love you watching from Philippines 🙂
GirlWhoSoldTheWorld1 47 分 前
Irva Sudrajat
Irva Sudrajat 49 分 前
"Stop Dan Oh. That's your reason for existence." Who said that? Is he saying it to Baekyung?
No Name
No Name 50 分 前
No I refuse .....ahhhhhhhh😭😭😭😭😭😭
Chicev13 53 分 前
Miss u Riri
Bang chan's rubber ducky
Bang chan's rubber ducky 53 分 前
this is 1 year ago but I can get over because those reporters are sensitive af , I think the reporters are scaring him...
Mechel Gomez
Mechel Gomez 55 分 前
Itstia 時間 前
This episode is like the old episodes of running man
るちゃん 時間 前
Yoonseok 9395
Yoonseok 9395 時間 前
I just love them both😍😂💜
Jacqueline Seno
Jacqueline Seno 時間 前
i think jyp was focused on nayeon's outfit :/ (no hate pls, this is just my opinion)
Shimu Amin
Shimu Amin 時間 前
"The scene will change soon " what is the meaning of this line?
asep xu zhixian
asep xu zhixian 時間 前
좋은 😂😂
Hey Tuan
Hey Tuan 時間 前
Kwangsoo could have finished the dish after locking jaesuk out
Ellita Rose
Ellita Rose 6 分 前
Hey Tuan he probably cant even think at that time 😂
Cherrie blossom
Cherrie blossom 時間 前
Somin so funny...
Dahyun gives the best eye smile ☺️
Robin 時間 前
Joy is amazing
るちゃん 時間 前
Ikon&Winnerislyf 時間 前
Noooooooo 😭😭😭😭
zez leonezez
zez leonezez 時間 前
Amirul Zarif
Amirul Zarif 時間 前
Ahhhh this cutie sibling love them 🌺🌺🌺
Artour Babev
Artour Babev 時間 前
lmao distinguishin chicken brands is so easy, i bet most people can too.
Rusel singkawang
Rusel singkawang 時間 前
Nur Afiqah
Nur Afiqah 時間 前
Dr Ahum Victor
Dr Ahum Victor 時間 前
Oh...perfect time for Dan oh.....
Farroh Rahma
Farroh Rahma 時間 前
I LOVE YOU JESSI, damn i know she whould not see my comment, but she is one of a kind especially on K-POP, i only stand king and queen, exo and jessi 🤣👻❤
I am mizz JAE, an official EXOL
I am mizz JAE, an official EXOL 時間 前
Wahhhh do young, I love you 😭 I just know you earlier when I had my research about you guys nct, and so far by all the mv's and shows, I like you, jaemin, jaehyun, mark, ten and taeyong 😍
kookmin_rm9012 Running Man
kookmin_rm9012 Running Man 時間 前
I love how JK "scolding" somin, he doesnt sound annoyed.. actually It sounds sweet to me 😂😍
Oh you touch my tralala Mm my ding ding dong
Oh you touch my tralala Mm my ding ding dong 時間 前
jae suk is like chopper from One Piece, who when hiding, he only hide his head
Ridwan Hakim
Ridwan Hakim 時間 前
How annoying like where is jihyo our ace somin is ugly talentless dugghhhhh stop picking on somin side she is nothing she is just a poop 💩 in my eyes like where is somin antis together we can oust somin the attention seeker
Nur Ifah
Nur Ifah 時間 前
The thumbnail makes me think KJK was hugging JSM😂😂
Liew Wei lun
Liew Wei lun 時間 前
I am a huge fan of running man , I even created my own channel , I hope that you guys able to support me ,tq very much
Lウンジェ 時間 前
0:46 what is that bgm name?
not cool
not cool 時間 前
Sad because this performance is great but the quality is terrible
Jason KJKK
Jason KJKK 時間 前
Lmfao 쁘락지 is apparently = fraction ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 발음 얼마나 말아 먹었으면 쁘락지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 시발 70년대 쓰던 단어 라는데? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 뭐냐
Jackie Katrina Lurian
Jackie Katrina Lurian 時間 前
JuniorRoyals 時間 前
*This is one of the best episode of 2019, feels like the old days of RunningMan*
xi sophie
xi sophie 時間 前
Kookmin 😍
xi sophie
xi sophie 時間 前
Kookmin 😍
JuniorRoyals 時間 前
*Best episode of 2019*
AP FINE 時間 前
Ju da and Nam ju part ♥️♥️
Shannon Kim
Shannon Kim 時間 前
Please keep making more I love this Family! :( I’m the youngest of 5, and plan to have 5 kids, too.
Cherrie blossom
Cherrie blossom 時間 前
I like Haha and Somin chemistry.. they like as a blood brother sister with same character and same humours.
Anatasha azizi
Anatasha azizi 時間 前
Can i know , what happend ?
Mr Soap
Mr Soap 2 時間 前
What happen if Lee kwang soo leave running man??
Mr Soap
Mr Soap 31 分 前
@Mizuhashi Kazuma true
Mizuhashi Kazuma
Mizuhashi Kazuma 時間 前
End. Becos his presence is most important and noticable. Idk but I think if there's any member removal, it will be riot
Nazzz Nazzz
Nazzz Nazzz 2 時間 前
If kwangsoo, jaesuk and haha pairs for runaway team, i think they would win
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar 2 時間 前
I've watched the thai version because of the lead pair, that was a total garbage. But surprisingly this version is engaging though it is too old.
ahaa yeehaw
ahaa yeehaw 2 時間 前
jyp be slapping some ugly fabric on jeongyeon and then putting a belt around it
__ __
__ __ 2 時間 前
somin is the queen of variety show
__ __
__ __ 2 時間 前
somin is the queen of variety show
Ty 2 時間 前
i want stray kids win the 2st win but if ateez win i understand why. They are so talent 😭
JasmynnBerry 2 時間 前
It's so sad to see how negative people keep hurting people that are out there actually chasing their dreams. Please ignore those trolls and enjoy your success 💜
Mizuhashi Kazuma
Mizuhashi Kazuma 2 時間 前
Why JK always observe Somin? I remember in waffle date ep, he said something about their eyes meet. Did he always has eyes on her? 😘
Rifa Qidya
Rifa Qidya 時間 前
He always has his eyes on her 😎🙌
Grace Calalang
Grace Calalang 2 時間 前
I have that too..im 1982
누나가 너를 좀 많이 사랑한데이
누나가 너를 좀 많이 사랑한데이 2 時間 前
I really heard scissors too lol
enitsirk gEMps
enitsirk gEMps 2 時間 前
dang his voice and the way he talks sounds so sexy 😍😍
Saiyuri Malthoo
Saiyuri Malthoo 2 時間 前
I am nomu excited
Rachelle Kim
Rachelle Kim 2 時間 前
Years later, if Brooke really becomes one of the aunties in the Little Forest... most of the viewers now will indeed be old then hahahaha but I'll definitely still watch it, and our lil Yi Han, the ending fairy 'til the end :')
Taguro Hidalgo
Taguro Hidalgo 2 時間 前
The return of superman will never be the same again 😭😭
emily d.
emily d. 2 時間 前
Taguro Hidalgo
Taguro Hidalgo 2 時間 前
Arianna Harley
Arianna Harley 2 時間 前
Getting recommended this the day after Sulli's death hurts so fucking much. They were all friends. They all knew eachother. SuJu canceled their schedules yesterday to deal with her death and I can only imagine how this will affect them all. Especially the members who were close with her and SHINee
Evelyn Gonzalez
Evelyn Gonzalez 2 時間 前
Oh geez, our jongdae is so amazing :( his voice is captivating and don’t even get me started on his looks!
Fatin Iliqa Hazarul Ariffin
Fatin Iliqa Hazarul Ariffin 2 時間 前
Loves the 4 idiots..they are entaining
Ân Phan
Ân Phan 2 時間 前
Tzuyu and Chaeyoung are so beautiful
Như Huỳnh
Như Huỳnh 2 時間 前
SptareAce @@@
xi sophie
xi sophie 時間 前
kookmin 🙌
xi sophie
xi sophie 時間 前
kookmin 🙌
Liii Hannn
Liii Hannn 2 時間 前
Sulli,missed you already
Yuni. A
Yuni. A 2 時間 前
This episode so fun 😂 If Kwangsoo uncidentaly said about food mission, he will be the winner 😎 This is why I love nametag ripping, because so much fun 😍
Ti Chi
Ti Chi 2 時間 前
Jeon somin funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Janella Ponciano
Janella Ponciano 2 時間 前
Hwasa is me whenever I try to teach my friends. Me: *does perfect math* Friends: how do you do this? Me: I'm not sure
dini fadya
dini fadya 2 時間 前
In this situation seung gi and somin looks like a parents comforting their eldest child
twice boo
twice boo 2 時間 前
im nayeon yoo jeongyeon momo jjang sana jjang park jihyo mina jjang kim dahyun son chaeyoung chou tzuyu
Merah Maroon
Merah Maroon 2 時間 前
When wonder girl 5 members and performed by twice 9 members. Also SNSD 9 members and performed by Red velvet 5 members. Wow..
nha huynh
nha huynh 2 時間 前
Dang yeu qua di aaaaaaaa.....😍😍😍😍😍😍
Gina Bud
Gina Bud 2 時間 前
It makes me cry every time to watch this but right now it hurts even more because today Sulli was found dead today and it breaks my heart to have to relive what happened to Jonghyun you both did so well god bless you 😭
Ain Farhani
Ain Farhani 2 時間 前
2:31 I think if the camera is not there seokjin oppa wud have showered brooke with kissesssss
krisis perez
krisis perez 2 時間 前
I cry to T_T
shake it and shake it for me
shake it and shake it for me 2 時間 前
0:36 seonghwa is dangerous