12 日 前
12 日 前
GamingLaniyah 5 秒 前
June I get out of school at June or January
Dwane Benett
Dwane Benett 21 秒 前
Team Damian and Biannnnnnnnnca
Tammy Spencer
Tammy Spencer 41 秒 前
Hey team D
Vivian Hernandez
Vivian Hernandez 46 秒 前
Ariana Aliu
Ariana Aliu 分 前
Tiara Willis
Tiara Willis 分 前
Team Damien All Day Every Day
Perez Email
Perez Email 2 分 前
SIMON NEEDS TO BE IN THE INTRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾
Brooklyn Rogers
Brooklyn Rogers 2 分 前
Payton Baby
Payton Baby 3 分 前
This was funny
Bianca Delgado
Bianca Delgado 3 分 前
She look like shw got beat up lmao
Terrel Marshall
Terrel Marshall 4 分 前
genesis white
genesis white 4 分 前
That was funny until he spit it out likea pile of shit on top of that gummy pizza
Jailyn Colbert
Jailyn Colbert 5 分 前
I want a ps4
Lilj Fly
Lilj Fly 5 分 前
I followed the prince family on Facebook now I'm in the giveaway
jeomar velez
jeomar velez 5 分 前
Love I.K
Love I.K 6 分 前
I rate her 10
Bryannah Rojas
Bryannah Rojas 6 分 前
Please let me get a ps4
Steffany Diaz
Steffany Diaz 6 分 前
You look good 👍👍👍🌈🌈🦄🦄💕❤️
Bryannah Rojas
Bryannah Rojas 6 分 前
Bryannah Rojas
Bryannah Rojas 6 分 前
Aysiah Gilfillan
Aysiah Gilfillan 6 分 前
Ayee whats good prince family! i probably wont win bc i live in London and i kinda don't have a chance anyways ;/ Just to say i subscribed on day 1! and turned on your post notifications! Have a good christmas and happy bd kyrie even doe it aint your bd yet but happy bd dude!
KY4L 7 分 前
I think I should win one of your systems because all my life I tried finding a job to buy things that I always wanted and couldn’t get one my family is out struggling to keep homes and cars and left home at 18 thinking I could be on my own and now I’m struggling and all I ever wanted was a new phone and game system
Candace Gauthney
Candace Gauthney 7 分 前
Yung love
okowe pearson
okowe pearson 7 分 前
If I were you Bianca I would really broke up with him
Savagegang24 Younowit
Savagegang24 Younowit 7 分 前
I fallowed you and I deserve a ps4
Betty Casillas
Betty Casillas 7 分 前
What happened to today today
Jaira Fontanes
Jaira Fontanes 9 分 前
I'm sorry but I choose Bianca
Amanda James
Amanda James 9 分 前
good 3
Destiny Thurman
Destiny Thurman 10 分 前
Damien knoe damn well he love biannca new body dis prank funny tho
shawn Turner
shawn Turner 10 分 前
100 m is 328
Vanessa Simion
Vanessa Simion 10 分 前
It's TRUE tho like tbh this woman not satisfied with the body GOD gave her what makes Damian think that he can satisfy her ,if God cant then what makes him think he can💯
Mister Wood
Mister Wood 11 分 前
I like it
Tyneasha Hudgins
Tyneasha Hudgins 11 分 前
I would love to have a ps4 my family is very low income and its always hard around the holidays because im a stay at home mom and not working due to breastfeeding.
Miski Osman A.
Miski Osman A. 11 分 前
Yes I am cold
Maria Santiago
Maria Santiago 12 分 前
Me and Kyrie have the same birthday
hiei hitsugaya
hiei hitsugaya 13 分 前
You were my favorite youtuber when you first started good luck and have a good December 🎄🎄🎁🎁
Jaira Fontanes
Jaira Fontanes 13 分 前
Get her asome stuff from victoria secret
Jordan LoveDMoney
Jordan LoveDMoney 13 分 前
Were was the dog nd cat for the intro i thought they was family 2
didintle mosweu
didintle mosweu 8 分 前
Jordan LoveDMoney brooo👀👀👀✋
Beauty Love
Beauty Love 13 分 前
Done and because I never had one
Tracy Arias
Tracy Arias 14 分 前
Love . Lon
Love . Lon 15 分 前
I luv y'all ❤️ ,I couldn't watch the videos while she was getting her surgery it was too sad but I'm back a again wit a nother bannnnngerrr commit 👁️👄👁️🤯🥰♥️
Ruby Smith
Ruby Smith 11 分 前
Jeet Gregory
Jeet Gregory 15 分 前
I think I should win this because I never get anything for Christmas and it would be a miracle if I won
Jeet Gregory
Jeet Gregory 12 分 前
My mum said I’m not allowed to get facebook
Camisha Hendricks
Camisha Hendricks 15 分 前
You got this girllllll
Tatianna Essex
Tatianna Essex 15 分 前
Omg kyrie is my birthday twin our birthday is a week way aye 😊🥰😍😘❤🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎈🎈🎈🥳🎂🍨
tamaria rodriguez
tamaria rodriguez 17 分 前
wait nova was supposed to be a boy?
Ruby Smith
Ruby Smith 11 分 前
Girl bye u thought
Tiana Robinson
Tiana Robinson 16 分 前
😆 lol
Kendra Perry
Kendra Perry 17 分 前
Melanie Gilmore
Melanie Gilmore 17 分 前
Damien don’t hate on my girl Biannca cuz when y’all had lifted y’all neck up yours was longer than hers
Jurimah’s Life
Jurimah’s Life 17 分 前
I want one plsssss
Tyler Grace
Tyler Grace 18 分 前
First of all my last name is Grace son of all this is the best music video
ZEPHRINA Joseph 18 分 前
Jenna Flores
Jenna Flores 19 分 前
kim taehung
kim taehung 19 分 前
Teaaaaam biiiiaaaaaaannnnkaaaaa
Love I.K
Love I.K 19 分 前
I am not using Facebook
Jawanda Spivey
Jawanda Spivey 19 分 前
Team Bianca
Jachim Maragh
Jachim Maragh 19 分 前
Damien plzz make me win a xbox because I love to have one please
Hadassah Israel
Hadassah Israel 19 分 前
I subscribed a nd turned on post notifications
Little_ DUST
Little_ DUST 20 分 前
I did everything for the giveaway
Rosettes Davis
Rosettes Davis 20 分 前
Team biancaaaaaaaaa😘😘😘😘
Shakira Johnson
Shakira Johnson 20 分 前
You got this B
Anisa khalif
Anisa khalif 20 分 前
Shenita McClain
Shenita McClain 20 分 前
You guys are my favorite persons and see Bianca
Natasha Butters
Natasha Butters 21 分 前
LOL my husband woulda killed me.
Realest Luis
Realest Luis 21 分 前
Hadassah Israel
Hadassah Israel 22 分 前
I want a ps4
Devon Davis
Devon Davis 23 分 前
I wanna shout
Jaheim Murray
Jaheim Murray 23 分 前
kim Jones
kim Jones 24 分 前
I followed omg I live for your guys vids
Jessie Bentley
Jessie Bentley 25 分 前
I need one for my son, going through a divorce and have lost everything.
Iyanna Martinez
Iyanna Martinez 24 分 前
Jessie Bentley aww
MS TheGamer1234
MS TheGamer1234 25 分 前
Team Damien
Elizabeth Pappas
Elizabeth Pappas 25 分 前
Would love the Xbox one, rn I’m using a 6 year old Xbox 360.
Shamira 526
Shamira 526 25 分 前
Shamira 526
Shamira 526 26 分 前
I love you guys and your videos!❤️❤️
Rebecca Case
Rebecca Case 27 分 前
The car looks sick fp I love me some camo
alexis yeet
alexis yeet 27 分 前
I turned on post notifications 😁😁😁
FHT Vlogs
FHT Vlogs 27 分 前
She definitely changed her body for him🤦🏼‍♀️
Danielle M.
Danielle M. 27 分 前
Ok I know this is a prank but she said she booked her surgery 6 months in advance but in 6 months you can get a good looking butt lol.
Farzeen Jazab
Farzeen Jazab 28 分 前
Her eyes 😍😍bianca
shyleith warren
shyleith warren 28 分 前
U got this B
Nicole Velasco
Nicole Velasco 28 分 前
becues my beruter and my bab haves one and i like fortenite and tha dot let me play and
JJ GANG 29 分 前
Team Bianca
Lola Gacha
Lola Gacha 29 分 前
You can get Bianca a ring or jewelry
Solange Cadet
Solange Cadet 29 分 前
Ketchup and eggs are good
djdonkey17 30 分 前
burger king is the best sorry biancca
Hadassah Israel
Hadassah Israel 30 分 前
What happened to Simon in the new intro.
she's a handful
she's a handful 30 分 前
Can't wait to see what it look like healed
Lele Baybee
Lele Baybee 30 分 前
Like was he finna hit her tho 😐
Kgato Kgomo
Kgato Kgomo 31 分 前
Team Damien
A peek of Nec
A peek of Nec 31 分 前
i think i should win i watch all of y’all videos &’ tell everyone to watch them as well. i never win and i want a ps4 but don’t have the money to buy it atm
Realest Luis
Realest Luis 31 分 前
Loved the vid bro
javis isaac
javis isaac 32 分 前
youcant eat pinapple while p
Zakariaha Petty
Zakariaha Petty 32 分 前
I love you Dj kyle nova 😘
Jenna Flores
Jenna Flores 33 分 前
I have to do this prank on my bf YOU GOT BIANCA GOOOD! BIANCA IS A REAL ONE ❤️
Raquel Garcia
Raquel Garcia 33 分 前
Em and Bianca are literally my fav 🥰❤️
martavion young
martavion young 33 分 前
I did it like a year ago
Kgato Kgomo
Kgato Kgomo 34 分 前
Gang for life Love you
A peek of Nec
A peek of Nec 35 分 前
subscribed and turned post notifications on
sherwoodia cleaves
sherwoodia cleaves 35 分 前
Would love a PS4 for my son 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
ʙᴇʀʀʏʙɪ 35 分 前
New booty? This channel has gone way to far I don’t know why i watched This as a kid In the first place
Cherylann Martin
Cherylann Martin 36 分 前
Bianca said chicken fried rice
Caitlyn Hurst
Caitlyn Hurst 36 分 前
Hi I love y’all’s Channel and I’m just trying to give my son a good Christmas this year