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7 ヶ月 前
novice Price
novice Price 11 時間 前
When you dusted it off it was so stunning.
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 11 時間 前
This video is sooo cute I love it! I could listen to Charlotte talk all day. Both of your energy is contagious! And to those saying it seems like Charlotte is pushing her products? Of course she is, she’s doing a video on JPchat sure she’s gonna try to push her products. But I honestly think she isn’t doing it in a “pushy” way! I think she just loves her products so much and makeup in general and she is just so passionate about her products making them easy to talk about! 💖
Andreea Popa
Andreea Popa 11 時間 前
wiki says she's 46. that cream ain't miraculous, sweetie, you look 56...
LoveBeauty 11 時間 前
Love that you give away the PR that you won’t use. I will other influencers would do this. It’s a nice treat for your viewers.
Heather- Marie
Heather- Marie 11 時間 前
You look absolutely gorgeous with this make up b4 the nude lip but still stunning either way
Pancracio 11 時間 前
Are you both high?😂
Josephine Klein
Josephine Klein 12 時間 前
I'm too broke to buy her products :( haaaaaa
Anjana Heva
Anjana Heva 12 時間 前
Thank you so much for this :)
Jacque Fernandez
Jacque Fernandez 12 時間 前
Could you list the products you’re using on your website. It would be useful
Girlscout 12 時間 前
Charlotte and Mary greenwell has always been my 2 fav artists. I save up money and go to london just to buy her makeup in person. And she has always been my hair inspo too :D
Shayla Michaels
Shayla Michaels 12 時間 前
You should do a Miss AOA product review (online makeup thats $1-$3)
Ashlee Dincher
Ashlee Dincher 12 時間 前
I just used mine for the first time. I was able to use it with my liquid foundation, and set it with a powder foundation. It is a game changer. Today was a really bad skin day for me, but my foundation looks flawless. I have always believed in you Tati, and this exceeded my expectations. You are amazing. Thank you for being so genuine 💕
Shayla Michaels
Shayla Michaels 12 時間 前
Tati do a video reviewing the miss AOA products (online store everything is $1-$3)
Weaam Daksa
Weaam Daksa 12 時間 前
Oh dahrling..
Kieme West-Braye
Kieme West-Braye 12 時間 前
It's a dream to have a make over with Scott. Tati you look absolutely STUNNING. AND your palette is beautiful as well as Scotts❤️
Deanna Breeser
Deanna Breeser 12 時間 前
This is probably my most favorite video. Love your energy together
taypap__ 12 時間 前
Well her personality has definitely made me want to support her brand
Michelle Nicole
Michelle Nicole 12 時間 前
Hello....... I just bought both the palette and the blendiful.. I'm sorry but if people watch your videos, they have seen u use these , I've seen you use this in your videos before. Everyone acts like they dont know how to use them. Hello new generation nothing that's new or change is going to go well at the beginning. This will be future!! Cant wait to try it. Mine comes today!!🤗🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤
Katrina Haist
Katrina Haist 12 時間 前
Amazing. What a rush to get to do make up with an icon.
Just Me
Just Me 12 時間 前
Am I the only person who hasn’t found CT items that works for them? I am super olive & brown and everything oxides pink and is way to light. She seems like a super fun & knows her stuff. CT seems to be for a specific segment of the beauty market (which is cool) it would just be fun to try some of her stuff. I guess eyeliner, is an option...🤔🤔🤔 Any Latina’s try her stuff and find stuff that works?!?
Charlottes voice is so soothing oh my god 😍
4evertrumpets 12 時間 前
why can you only give 1 thumbs up??? this video and these amazing women deserve so much more!
Joann Granger
Joann Granger 13 時間 前
you are beautiful and i love all your videos :)
Denis Pupyshev
Denis Pupyshev 13 時間 前
After seeing 1:52 I NEED an ahs edit for this video
Xochitl Paez
Xochitl Paez 13 時間 前
Absolutely love this video Tati. It was like we where all getting readu together.....i was getting ready for work in the bathroom watching lol!
Lara Tomkins
Lara Tomkins 13 時間 前
Nicole Figueiredo
Nicole Figueiredo 13 時間 前
I had no idea CT were like this, I love her already... always felt she was so serious and not outspoken. WE NEED A JPchat chanel asap!!
Maria Valenzuela
Maria Valenzuela 13 時間 前
I'm not obsessed with Her!!
marizzzi V
marizzzi V 13 時間 前
He is beyond cute!!! “So putty”
Veronika Bruce
Veronika Bruce 13 時間 前
Ok! Her nailpolish... LOVE! Anyone know which one this is?
Princess Patriot
Princess Patriot 13 時間 前
Tati donate what you can to women shelters and programs like clothes and prom clothes programs ...just a thought .💄💅❤ Your pretty great doll . I'm surprised, I though makeup would be in fridge 🤔😁I use to keep alot of my extra makeup in fridge ,that weren't opened . To keep shelf life until I used them .
Aida Kim
Aida Kim 14 時間 前
I love tati makeup school and wish there’s a tati makeup school too 😂
Tiger Beatz International
Tiger Beatz International 14 時間 前
Liz robo
Liz robo 14 時間 前
charlotte’s face at 7:30😂 such a pity the camera was zoomed in
Erica A
Erica A 14 時間 前
This video has so much positive energy!!! 💕
Dannus MK
Dannus MK 14 時間 前
Get to the point! Too verbose in the beginning!
Carol Henao
Carol Henao 14 時間 前
She is the most down to earth beauty brand owner I ever seen!!! Tati thanks for this grwm...
Ibis Rodriguez
Ibis Rodriguez 14 時間 前
Una cosa che ti fa tanto speciale..rispondere a tua mamma mentre lavori e davvero qualcosa da apprezzare ....ciao e buon lavoro....
Claire Johnes
Claire Johnes 14 時間 前
please do a review/wear test of glossier makeup! i’m so curious about it and trust your opinion more than anyone else’s!! :)
Saroj Chase
Saroj Chase 15 時間 前
Pls don't do any more tutorials
Right the Wrong
Right the Wrong 15 時間 前
I don't know about Elf... I tried some of their makeup and they sent me one of their palettes. It was the baked one. Terrible. It was unusable. I sent them an email regarding this issue. They sent me a second one, but still the same as the first one they sent, unusable. I sent them a second email. Asking if I was using it the wrong way. Never heard back from them. Oh well, I guess they went as far as they wanted to with Customer Service.
Denise Bauer Design
Denise Bauer Design 15 時間 前
For some reasons this video was annoying.
marizzzi V
marizzzi V 15 時間 前
This are so funny!! I love it!! 😍
Corachia Ockhuizen
Corachia Ockhuizen 15 時間 前
Dare to dream it..dare to believe it..dare to do it! Loved this video Tati 👌♥️🌹
Lashes Love & Makeup
Lashes Love & Makeup 15 時間 前
I love all these techniques but I would love them more if you were doing them at the same time as you were explaining each step. Some people are more visual learners and just saying something doesn’t teach them anything. 💋
Nora Ma
Nora Ma 15 時間 前
I don't think Charlotte's make up line are over priced. Honestly it's my favourite brand of all time. Literally every product works beautiful on me even those products labeled for dry skin(I have oily skin).
PrincessAlexaLaboy 15 時間 前
My husband hates when I say "Darling" all the time... I guess me and Charlotte will be oh darling this and that! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I'll love to see more of Charlotte in your channel Tati. 🤞🏼🙌🏼👍🏼👌🏼✨💖
Alejandro David Dumas
Alejandro David Dumas 16 時間 前
I wonder what is tatis next idea she invented herself being a glam life guru 😏
Marina Karayianni
Marina Karayianni 16 時間 前
We need more videos with Erika!
Raya Bahian
Raya Bahian 16 時間 前
Soooo fun
Mandy-Kaye NALDO
Mandy-Kaye NALDO 16 時間 前
How about NOT been so showy and been more interested in promoting your OWN palette. What would have been MORE interesting, or beneficial to viewers, WHY not, do a full face illustration?
Takko Mach
Takko Mach 16 時間 前
Worst of 2019: YOU
Beth Powell
Beth Powell 16 時間 前
I’d love Charlotte to do my wedding makeup
Epiphany Child
Epiphany Child 16 時間 前
I don't know why I laughed out loud when Tati said ' I can't believe you're here' and Charlotte said ' dahlings'😆
Jip Janneke
Jip Janneke 16 時間 前
Sorry but I've seen better video's with this makeup, I don't like the end results that much. And Tati, why are you so 'brown'... normally they advise to stay close to your own skincolor with foundation to get the best result, but wow.. this time it's not the case.
Becky 17 時間 前
I LOVE Charlotte Tilbury! Everyone needs a friend like her! ^.^ What an amazing woman!
Katie Fulton
Katie Fulton 17 時間 前
Thank you for these videos - I love & respect your “favorites” videos. ❤️☮️
Catherine Montalbano-Harris
Catherine Montalbano-Harris 17 時間 前
Omg I was literally typing my recommendation of this Physicians formula Ultimate Butter collection. This is my favorite beauty find of the month. I got mine on Amazon for $29.99. Btw I got my Tati beauty order of the Blendiful but I haven’t used it yet.
ObjetD'art 17 時間 前
Did someone win this already??????!!!!!! :( Im so bummed.
joann mcmahon
joann mcmahon 17 時間 前
We NEED to see a full make up look with this not just quick clips
Mia •
Mia • 17 時間 前
Ive never seen that many brushes in the whole beauty comunity
Brittany Ayala
Brittany Ayala 17 時間 前
Name lady b like me jeah
Robyn Auditore
Robyn Auditore 17 時間 前
Charlotte is like the Stevie Nicks of makeup. Honestly😂🤘
Iz M
Iz M 17 時間 前
We love to see two powerful women uplifting eachother how amazing 💞💞💞
Brittany Ayala
Brittany Ayala 18 時間 前
J 18 時間 前
I love how down to earth and friendly Charlotte is. She has such an incredible personality.
Dwightinho56 18 時間 前
Tati must stop interrupting her guests. So annoying.
Mandi Rose
Mandi Rose 18 時間 前
I would pay exorbitant amounts of money to hear Charlotte Tilbury call me dahling just one time
Sarah Esquivel
Sarah Esquivel 18 時間 前
Love that your husband helped you unbox all that and with a smile and good attitude...much love
Taylor Law
Taylor Law 18 時間 前
The top two sales women in the entire makeup industry, so much girl power in one room 😭❤️
lynn stewart
lynn stewart 18 時間 前
This may be my favorite video of all time! Now...time to order that foundation!
Helena Schulin
Helena Schulin 18 時間 前
I wore this for my graduation. I looked so cakey which sucked, but I looked airbrushed on pictures...
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 18 時間 前
"Dare to dream it, dare to believe it, and dare to do it." -the words of a legend, C.T. I'll forever remember these words.
Eileen Murray
Eileen Murray 19 時間 前
tati you look breath taking
מוריה כהן
מוריה כהן 19 時間 前
Hi tati I have just had my first baby.. I would love somthing new to get excited and be all beautiful again... Love you XO
Barbara Rivera
Barbara Rivera 19 時間 前
i need tatis hair
Natalie Naturopath
Natalie Naturopath 19 時間 前
WHY are TB products so expensive? It's ridiculous
The9Dark9Lord9Satan 19 時間 前
You're make up is just stunning In this video. Not apart from any other day of course ❤
Ciaren Kett
Ciaren Kett 19 時間 前
This is HUGE Tati!! I can't believe how nice Charlotte is and how she's making an effort to promote your products as well not just her own. Women supporting women 💜💜
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 18 時間 前
I love Charlottes contour and highlight wands. They blend like no ones business.
Dani Banani
Dani Banani 19 時間 前
Wow, what an absolute dream 😍
The9Dark9Lord9Satan 19 時間 前
I love this! Bring back tip tuesdays!
CeciVizz 19 時間 前
What a supportive husband 😭
Yacob 707
Yacob 707 19 時間 前
I have a question for people who make makeup and own a company. Do you create the formula or the colour and do formula change base on colour
infinitydomi 19 時間 前
I’m wondering if Charlotte ever had the bad day ? .......I mean she’s joyful all the time and her personality is out of this world
Sabreena Syaharudin
Sabreena Syaharudin 20 時間 前
omg i love you Charlotte, since she started talking i was just thinking “yup I’m gonna save up for her products!!!”
beautyplayground 20 時間 前
Can Charlotte adopt me please? 🤣
Laureece 20 時間 前
Loved this 💖💖💖
angel marie
angel marie 20 時間 前
That was so freaking cute!
Biannca Grace
Biannca Grace 20 時間 前
Gonna be honest don’t loveeeee the blundiful product wayyyyy to “fabricky” too dirty
gingerbread 123
gingerbread 123 20 時間 前
Revolution is actually so good it may be drugstore but that dosent mean its bad. Their soph x rev beauty palette is so pretty, and morphes stunning vibes palette has the same colours for more money revolution has some dodgy palettes but whatevs
MVP 1033
MVP 1033 20 時間 前
Omg Tati I LOVE you with that winged eyeliner look!!!!!!! Feline Flick is all you girl
Mallory Spratt
Mallory Spratt 21 時間 前
Scott Barnes is my beauty spirit animal, goodness Tati... I need y'all need your own channel together 💗 the bff chemistry between you 2 cannot be faked 😍 Tati Barnes channel in the works!? 👑👑
Josh Elijah
Josh Elijah 21 時間 前
Me: asleep. Charlotte: dahling wake up
Leilani HUGGINS 21 時間 前
Olga Guadarrama
Olga Guadarrama 21 時間 前
Tati is killing the game!
Alyssa Marie Quinones
Alyssa Marie Quinones 22 時間 前
Yes just put your mirror i front of what your doing lol
Wendy Sullivan
Wendy Sullivan 22 時間 前
So excited, I think this will replace my beloved, discontinued Clinique Black Honey eyeliner.
Erica Salti
Erica Salti 22 時間 前
Ok, now I want to go buy Charlotte’s entire line. She. Is. Fabulous!!!
MrsBungle78 22 時間 前
Man, I love Charlotte. She’s just ageless! & she seems like such fun! I think I might have to get that eyeliner- I’ve been meaning to get either Marc Jacobs Fine Wine or UD Alkaline but I think this will be even better if it doesn’t pull too red or purple.