I'm Back ...
6 ヶ月 前
amy jo
amy jo 35 秒 前
eye colors work on mature skin ...we want glow minus metallic or glitter
Francois Ntisinzira
Francois Ntisinzira 分 前
Urusezo baba
Ben Ruegg
Ben Ruegg 6 分 前
“It’s not just about the money” Bullshit.
Courtney Dawn
Courtney Dawn 25 分 前
Also please fix the right top 2 glitter formulas. They flake like crazy it's terrible but the other ones are fantastic . Maybe it's just mine? Ice tried so hard and it sucks because those are the 2 I was most excited about
Maria Pokorski
Maria Pokorski 25 分 前
Is it me or Tati’s voice sounds off in this video?
Princess Rosselle
Princess Rosselle 27 分 前
Been using that foundation for 4 years straight! No complaints ever
Drew 33 分 前
Ok boomer
Courtney Dawn
Courtney Dawn 33 分 前
You know I dont hear alot about pure cosmetics but I used them and I like the palette I got
Kal Love
Kal Love 48 分 前
They lowley look like they could be triplets
Stela Idrizi
Stela Idrizi 51 分 前
I am really happy that you explained how to remove the tati glitters. I learned how to so it the hard way after the glitter cut the skin close to my tear duct because I tried to remove it in circular motions. I am still scared to use the glitters in that pallette even though they are so beautiful. This is not just your pallette. I just do more natural makeup and had never used glitter before. It was really scary and hurt a lot
Faruk Attayib
Faruk Attayib 54 分 前
Tati- you maybe should not have mentioned the name of the company that is creating the counterfeit palette - it just gives them more recognition and traffic to their online website - - given your following - i know that many of your followers are smart not to buy from them but.... it stokes the curiosity for some
Billie Cosmetics
Billie Cosmetics 56 分 前
Billie Cosmetics
Billie Cosmetics 58 分 前
Your presence is so soothing ❤️🥰
CanadianGirl 1981
CanadianGirl 1981 時間 前
Ok for everyone complaining about how the pallete is more expensive in the countries that they live...It is called currency conversion...The price on Tati's site is in USD...If you live in another country Tati can not control that😉😉
Stella B.
Stella B. 時間 前
Wow this was super helpful
bryel leger
bryel leger 時間 前
The lip scrub is eatable
Kimberly L
Kimberly L 時間 前
Soooo good. Love you both! Xoxo.
kay rose
kay rose 時間 前
Tutorials!!! Please yassssss
barnardkuy 時間 前
Tati, what are your thoughts about cosmetics sold in stores like TJ Maxx, Ross etc... could there be counterfeit makeup there too?
Caroline Weaver
Caroline Weaver 時間 前
Why aren’t you a model? Your such a GODDESS! 💛
Maria Rachko
Maria Rachko 時間 前
Tati, I love u, think ur great. Ur videos r straight forward, honest, funny and educational. I can't wait until ur textured neutrals palette becomes available again. I want it so bad lol
aputopia4122012 時間 前
will you check out that brand on Snapchat called il makiage(?)?????
Jovanna Melissa
Jovanna Melissa 時間 前
Don't get rid of dad jokes! I legit ❤ them
N P 時間 前
Try revlon one step
johncalderwood1 時間 前
I would much rather buy a cheaper drug store pallet than this tat, the fun is creating a good look on a budget, I dont want it already there for me..... Il take drug store every day!!!
Spicyy 時間 前
*Anyone* *else* *a* *Big* *Fan?* 👇🏽 *I’m* *gonna* *śuß* *to* *everyone* *that* *likes* *this* *and* *sußs* *to* *me!* 🌹
hope victoria
hope victoria 時間 前
Girl come on section of your hair before curling ............. lol
I'll be your friend Tati:) i hope this journey did bring you great friends! With much love -Diana (los angeles)
Miranda Bailey
Miranda Bailey 時間 前
Love you 💙
J MD 時間 前
I like money
Angie C
Angie C 時間 前
Needed a movie idea for tonight and the universe sent me Tati and Scott and Maid in Manhattan <3
Katie Voss
Katie Voss 時間 前
At 15:50, totally me me when I walk into a Bath and Body Works!
T B 時間 前
I like the blush. It looks actually very flattering. So youthful (first layer, not second one - that was too pink)
1981jsk 時間 前
I love Erika!! I'd love to see her roast some of the stuff in her "fail bin" 😂
Maria Pour
Maria Pour 時間 前
Tati the life coach, thanks for your message.
Niki Sackman
Niki Sackman 時間 前
Mad Life
Mad Life 時間 前
*clutches my Tati Beauty palette a little closer.*
Allegra Boyd
Allegra Boyd 時間 前
Can Erica do a makeup tutorial for nurses? I need to look fabulous for 12hours minimum :P
Julie Henschel
Julie Henschel 時間 前
Can I get the name of your necklace please??
Perla Marquez
Perla Marquez 2 時間 前
Try makeup of Walmart
Katya Leon
Katya Leon 2 時間 前
I want to smell those candles so bad!!!
Sydney Sparkman
Sydney Sparkman 2 時間 前
I use essence banana powder per your recommendation and i do really like it
Bianca L
Bianca L 2 時間 前
Match their prices and everything will be better, your make up is over priced anyway and you’re not that well known . Jus saying...
Angie C
Angie C 2 時間 前
I would be sad you didn't make dad jokes?
Kelsey Ann
Kelsey Ann 2 時間 前
I would love to see an updated bridal make up tutorial <3 I'm doing my own make up for my wedding and would love some inspiration. Also can't wait to get my hands on some Tati Beauty products!! xoxoxo
Mrdcdukes 1
Mrdcdukes 1 2 時間 前
She thinks this is super important.🙄🤭😁😄😂🤣
Angie C
Angie C 2 時間 前
How is Nurse Erica doing though?! <3
Diana Begue
Diana Begue 2 時間 前
Love it. Great suggestions. Naughty or nice? Answer Both
August G
August G 2 時間 前
Sonya Paraki
Sonya Paraki 2 時間 前
Your eyes look like a tropical sunset
Annie 2 時間 前
if you close your eyes, it sounds like Tati is talking to herself
Taya Johnson
Taya Johnson 2 時間 前
Scarlet Moonlight
Scarlet Moonlight 2 時間 前
When is this getting restocked? It’s sold out on your website.
Irridessa Amore
Irridessa Amore 2 時間 前
White people think anything asian is gimmicky
mel 2 時間 前
jaclyn hill: is this woman speaking english?
A. Sabr
A. Sabr 2 時間 前
How she just messes her hair up and looks like a total goddess is cool. I'd look like a wet dog, but it's fine. Everything is fine.
Marijana 2 時間 前
This is a great product, but you don't know how to use it..
Caroline Weaver
Caroline Weaver 2 時間 前
My Lorac broke 🙄 I never use it
Tina Lord
Tina Lord 2 時間 前
You are so beautiful and a wonderful person! ❤️
Absolute Person
Absolute Person 3 時間 前
Everything else is fine but damn this lady is beautifully gorgeous. Common god, can I have some as beautiful lady as her in my life?
Chelsea Alsept
Chelsea Alsept 3 時間 前
can i get a "budget" gift guide? lbvs
AlyM37 3 時間 前
I don't watch Tati that often, but her voice is always so calming and soothing to listen to...unlike some other makeup JPchatrs
BrookeRivers13 3 時間 前
I think you've gone a bit overboard with the lip injections. I think you looked a lot better when you got less!
Sebastian Alvarez
Sebastian Alvarez 3 時間 前
Erika has a really good face structure and eyebrows like she is so beautiful literally looks like a queen
Rach Williams
Rach Williams 3 時間 前
Yes!! Thank you Tati for saying that about Money. Money will only make you more of who you already are!!!
Sydney Sparkman
Sydney Sparkman 3 時間 前
After you pryed and prodded with your hair your end result was actually kind of a cute messy bed head look. Not bad! But it was accidental in a way! I totally understand that with that particular iron there is a technique that you have to learn to get it.
sooz hart
sooz hart 3 時間 前
THANK YOU 🙏🏻... waited for SOMEONE in the beauty community to address this NETFLIX show!
Jay Lemone
Jay Lemone 3 時間 前
That’s crazy 😭😭😭 they don’t gaf
Andrew Dominguez
Andrew Dominguez 3 時間 前
Hang sweaters inside out
Ollie Polly
Ollie Polly 3 時間 前
I don’t buy stuff on amazon because a lot of stuff is not the real thing
Sophie W.
Sophie W. 3 時間 前
Yes have some transparency please! Your customer service has not given me satisfactory answers.
Miguel Torres
Miguel Torres 3 時間 前
So beautiful TATI
Lindsay Compton
Lindsay Compton 4 時間 前
She loves putting out there how awesome and transparent she is lol girl just do it and people will appreciate it. no need to fellate yourself about what a great brand owner you are
Cooper Rigby
Cooper Rigby 4 時間 前
Did I ask?
Julie Theis
Julie Theis 4 時間 前
Tati, I have to say thank you for being one of the few who actually shows reviews and does tutorials the average gal can do. You're strength is making browns/neutrals fun. I used to just think if I was doing a brown eyeshadow it had to be simple and boring but my neutral makeup looks so much better after watching you. It's nice seeing content I can use in my day to day life.
Shannon Perry
Shannon Perry 4 時間 前
i didn’t know tati was married to billy rae cyrus
Cat McCloud
Cat McCloud 4 時間 前
My husband and I give each other books on Christmas Eve, to curl up in front of the fire with. 😊
Noelia Abreu
Noelia Abreu 4 時間 前
This is why I will follow you forever. You’re one of the most genuine influencers out there and I trust you 100%! Love you Tati! ❤️
Lacey Moldow
Lacey Moldow 4 時間 前
Are those Rutilated Quarts crystals behind you?!?! They're super powerful!
Jshjo91 4 時間 前
If I needed one more reason to love you! Your honesty is honorable!!!
Shannon Cole
Shannon Cole 4 時間 前
And this is exactly why I love Tati so freaking much! You are so amazing and that's why your my hero. I'm so happy you made this video with all the information! We love you so much Tati, thank you for always being you, and being honest 💜💜💜💜
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith 5 時間 前
Agree with you but the whole high horse organic speech lost me.
breanne bormacoff
breanne bormacoff 5 時間 前
I don’t even buy makeup from places like TJ max or Marshall’s because I don’t trust the quality. I’d rather spend twice the price and protect my health!
Jessica 5 時間 前
Wait. Who washes and styles their hair daily?
Victoria Sasheva
Victoria Sasheva 5 時間 前
when you will have your next restock?
Scarlet Moonlight
Scarlet Moonlight 5 時間 前
Tati has no idea how to apply eyeshadow. She puts it too low and too far on the lid. It needs to be concentrated in the CREASE.
Sig_Girl_ In_Oklahoma
Sig_Girl_ In_Oklahoma 5 時間 前
Yesterday was such a sad day. I ordered Textured Neutrals on launch day and yesterday hit pan on Aura matte. It’s the perfect base shade to build any look on.
Jeanette castro
Jeanette castro 5 時間 前
I... completely... love him!!
Taylor Bradley
Taylor Bradley 5 時間 前
This video is jessica alba interviewing tati... i love how jessica is genuinely interested in tatis answers
James Patrick
James Patrick 5 時間 前
you need to review slmissglam brushes
Me Aswell
Me Aswell 5 時間 前
Tati needs to stop.
pickupyourlaces 5 時間 前
Yay to the Becca bodystick.
Hélène Grégoire
Hélène Grégoire 5 時間 前
I saw the episode on netflix yesterday. It was horrible ! Counterfit products are dangerous !
Mrs Fox NZ
Mrs Fox NZ 5 時間 前
Gosh I replayed that a few times. Its so true. Money isnt the problem, its what you do to get it, Dont bend, I so hear you!!
Haya 5 時間 前
You are such an inspiration Tati. Honestly one of the most wise successful and trustworthy women that I always look up to❤️ Thank you for always staying truthful!
Niv Agarwal
Niv Agarwal 5 時間 前
I LOVED THAT DOCUSERIES EPISODE! I am so so happy that you put this video here on JPchat, everybody needs to see this and really understand how important it is to be aware of what you buy... counterfeit products are scary!
Annie Smaker
Annie Smaker 5 時間 前
New lips, I see
greta 26
greta 26 5 時間 前
I'm cool undertones. Me and my bff used to shop together and she seemed to have a yellow tone to her skin, me a pink. Does that mean I'd be rose undertones with Jeffree's concealers?
Alix Brown
Alix Brown 6 時間 前
Thank you, Tati. This is a great, informative video. I bought Vol. 1. I love it! Take care. Xx
Bustonface 6 時間 前