What is Jake Paul up to?
Pigeon Simulator
I hate twitter
YouTube is Stinky
7 ヶ月 前
I Am Fish
10 ヶ月 前
Nah. - RL Minecraft - 2
Abdennour Chettouh
Abdennour Chettouh 8 秒 前
7:46 video link pllllz mnkch 🤣
Sil Ver
Sil Ver 24 秒 前
Subtitles PewDiePie: Stream fails!! Subtitles: Stream fails (b*tch
Glitter Pus
Glitter Pus 27 秒 前
Did he ever get cheese
BlueProZert GT
BlueProZert GT 50 秒 前
I come back - Me 2020
Basit Khan
Basit Khan 51 秒 前
Give them privacy; guys
Robin Trọng Di Đỗ
Robin Trọng Di Đỗ 分 前
Dick Review?
Haiden Bradley Navalta
Haiden Bradley Navalta 分 前
Its godzilla
Pat John
Pat John 分 前
It’s funny that it’s so pathetic and goofy and I’m grateful pewdiepie calls these bums out but I can’t help but be angry that there are actually ppl that follow this kid and believe these videos..
Manon Duwelz
Manon Duwelz 分 前
whats wrong with playing Overwatch ? :(
S Beast
S Beast 分 前
KingdraKong 分 前
A genocide....... *is that a fucking undertale reference*
Hugo Hç
Hugo Hç 分 前
could have option to select all except domains and ip so none would be left behind
furious 9
furious 9 分 前
Why your wedding sound is like someone dead chill bro
Alex 2 分 前
So it's like that scratch thing but the people who use it aren't 7
Toxic city
Toxic city 2 分 前
Please Please Please play this game make a series out of it Please Please
Lit Moba
Lit Moba 3 分 前
Dr Disrespect lmao
Miledy Trujillo
Miledy Trujillo 3 分 前
This song could’ve really ended up in Billiboard.
Kent Manaloto
Kent Manaloto 3 分 前
You should play adorable home
Sarah Rand
Sarah Rand 3 分 前
okay but *Bernie on Meme Review*
Mr. Duck
Mr. Duck 3 分 前
Fat guy: “ life problems and weight Me: that’s what I start every lobby with 🙀
Abaan Ibrahim
Abaan Ibrahim 3 分 前
The Better roblox
Satish Patole
Satish Patole 4 分 前
Octopus hand and running leg Octopus hand : the kitchen thing game Running leg : sonic
Narendra Prastha
Narendra Prastha 4 分 前
this is just roblox but with better graphic
The Infifinities
The Infifinities 4 分 前
Play "SEXY HIKING", the original of Getting Over It.
Adithya Rajendra Kumar
Adithya Rajendra Kumar 5 分 前
Finally Dreams is getting the attention it deserves.
Bastian Minnet
Bastian Minnet 5 分 前
Pls play Lego star wars the Complete saga.
B.O.T NINJA 5 分 前
When Belle Delphine dance it starts raining
Celestial Feel
Celestial Feel 5 分 前
I want some more VR chat videos.
Cherry melody and jAdE Gacha
Cherry melody and jAdE Gacha 5 分 前
This is stressful just to watch I feel so bad for doctor Phil lol
we r different now
we r different now 5 分 前
As a kid I thought frostbite was a living thing. It was like a pair of floating teeth that goes around when it's really really cold and it bites you. I vividly remember getting stuck in the snow and looking around terrified that frostbite would see me and bite me
Surya Gaming
Surya Gaming 6 分 前
pewpewdipie: play dreatout 2, please
Justin nguyen
Justin nguyen 6 分 前
So this is basically happy wheels all over again...
Matthew LT
Matthew LT 6 分 前
so it's basically upgraded roblox
zENyt 6 分 前
Just a normal comment to accomplish the task. Nothing to see here. No no no no. Nothing. Just nothing. Well I said that there's nothing. I've told you there's nothing to see. *NOTHING* Well, you saw nothing.
Quân Hoàng
Quân Hoàng 7 分 前
gud morning gamers
blue gang
blue gang 7 分 前
My JPchat channel name is blue gang
спектр 8 分 前
I bet in a year time Jake is going to create a pyramid scheme.
Kian Conway
Kian Conway 8 分 前
Brian frye
Brian frye 8 分 前
Will never be a sub pusspie dbag
RZRazzar Animation
RZRazzar Animation 8 分 前
I want more of these CONTENT its Fun to watch
Alexíček 8 分 前
Roomie down
George Polites
George Polites 8 分 前
If Fyre Festival manifested itself into a human it would be Jake Paul
Tistan Bosch
Tistan Bosch 8 分 前
Apperently cnn. Com thinks that Pewds is guildy of all the things jake paul is but honestly they problably suffer from small peepee syndrome
Tistan Bosch
Tistan Bosch 7 分 前
Sorry ccn. Com
Xxbig_boi_philxX 8 分 前
its the new happy wheels
Fagox 972
Fagox 972 9 分 前
Who recognize the mario galaxy music in the cheese quest ?
exy viu
exy viu 9 分 前
9:38 pewds slowly loses hi sanity
The Infifinities
The Infifinities 9 分 前
I hate the first game
Aditya Tiwari
Aditya Tiwari 9 分 前
256k likes - everyone wants lootcrates
Jacko _
Jacko _ 9 分 前
Pewds weres the terraria and minecraft
bakuhoe thotsuki
bakuhoe thotsuki 9 分 前
Rakesh Sharma
Rakesh Sharma 9 分 前
1:58 We can see her face.
Maddox Fitzsimmons
Maddox Fitzsimmons 9 分 前
Rose's are red Violets are blue I got an Ola ad And so did you
Rosswell Tubungbanua
Rosswell Tubungbanua 9 分 前
7:13 teleportation. To an ad.
lilshit 9 分 前
Wtf 2020
Billy willie
Billy willie 9 分 前
I can see a lot of "we got that at home" memes happening invest now!!
Angel Ayala
Angel Ayala 9 分 前
Much better!!
Aneesa Atta
Aneesa Atta 9 分 前
Pewdie pie watch pakistani dramas thet are more better than indian ones
John Refaat
John Refaat 9 分 前
dis is sooo true t series sucks
P J 10 分 前
It’s good for you to call-out the bs so the teens do not continually get scammed with false hopes and dreams. Keep it up.
Tiago Marques
Tiago Marques 10 分 前
How I missed the king
Николай Подрывник
Николай Подрывник 10 分 前
Казалось бы, при чем здесь Швеция...
Mikerobert Hallador
Mikerobert Hallador 10 分 前
Thank you your back ( ^^)( ^^)( ^^)( ^^)( ^^)
Benediktus Banu
Benediktus Banu 10 分 前
Can you play Dreadout 2
Farya Nauman
Farya Nauman 10 分 前
7:52 he looks like the ice age baby 😂
Anie Rafael
Anie Rafael 10 分 前
pewds: wow pt the greatest game minecraft:sad minecraft sounds
Jonathan Yu
Jonathan Yu 10 分 前
Liked before I even watched cuz you said last vid that your gaming videos don’t do so well
Ольга :0
Ольга :0 10 分 前
Кто ищет русский коммент ???🙂
Glatoon G
Glatoon G 10 分 前
Roblox felix.... Your playing roblox
Ольга :0
Ольга :0 10 分 前
Почему 103ляма а просмотров и лайков ттттаккккк мало!?
Angelo Gabriel Manigos
Angelo Gabriel Manigos 11 分 前
Are you swagger soul tell me
오오15지고 11 分 前
퓨디파이 기브미 머니
tuffluck 11 分 前
Vafan! This loser is back?
くんマフムード 11 分 前
Play the sonic games, they're pretty dope.
Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams 11 分 前
I've been wanting to buy this game for ages. Super excited to see pewd's play it
Alex roblox
Alex roblox 11 分 前
Well this is like Roblox but you can probably make absolutely anything
Георгий Журавлев
Георгий Журавлев 11 分 前
I'm so sorry, but I have no idea how that man got 103 mil. subs. If I don't knew about it, I think this is regular gamer with regular jokes and montage.
thien nhan nguyen đinh
thien nhan nguyen đinh 12 分 前
Fitraregency 12 分 前
Dreadout 2 pewds
Naufal Dhonan
Naufal Dhonan 12 分 前
Play Dreadout 2 please:3
LANAI LES 12 分 前
KinG _Dep
KinG _Dep 12 分 前
꧁ShibaTheWolf꧂ 12 分 前
0:45 0:45 0:45 0:45 *c’mon*
Relaxing Music
Relaxing Music 13 分 前
Hello everyone 👋 let's suport each other 🚀🥳
Saksham Srivastava
Saksham Srivastava 13 分 前
FELIX: my gameplays are not getting views... ALSO FELIX: plays the shittiest game
Unicórnio da galáxia :3
Unicórnio da galáxia :3 13 分 前
PewDiePie: Gaming week Me: GAMING WEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!
Bo Stinson
Bo Stinson 13 分 前
Ten bucks says even after his 30 day brake he still a virgin
Elline Culiat
Elline Culiat 13 分 前
Ur bacj
Yogi 13 分 前
Hey random person scrolling yes you You are beautiful have a nice day 🌹🌹🌹
justin beiber
justin beiber 14 分 前
pewdiepie's whatsapp:0634025178
Sub to Pewdiepie or you die in a millisecond
Sub to Pewdiepie or you die in a millisecond 14 分 前
The cool thing is that the green on his phone turns into the backround
Yesi Dudon
Yesi Dudon 14 分 前
Bro he didn't get the jojo memes
Ambre_Blue 14 分 前
*when your french and you understand the joke in the thumbnail* *genius.*
Amit Bhattacharjee
Amit Bhattacharjee 14 分 前
*I liked this video because there is no "Ice Age Baby"*
moo mummy
moo mummy 14 分 前
Play this again please
Agentcoolguy1 14 分 前
Keen to see what crazy shit people make for pewds lmao
Lizzy Masters
Lizzy Masters 14 分 前
maybe coz you were selling merch? thats why you got taxed?
rhana kirana
rhana kirana 15 分 前
Love if felix playing game like this
Aldy Bandojo
Aldy Bandojo 15 分 前
im glad someone is using their platform to endorse this game, CAUSE PEOPLE NEEDS TO KNOW THIS LMAOOO. and also i need it oooopp
WinterTech Gaming
WinterTech Gaming 15 分 前