Why I Upgraded to the Intel i9-9900K - Gaming & Video Editing! | The Tech Chap

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The Tech Chap

The Tech Chap

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I upgraded my PC with the Intel Core i9-9900K Processor. For me, the Clock speed (5Ghz Turbo Boost), 8-cores & support for Hyperthreading makes it the ideal Video Editing & Gaming CPU! ๐Ÿ‘ BIG thanks to Intel for providing the CPU to make this video possible! Amazon US: amzn.to/2E0apXA - UK: amzn.to/2RPxbVL
Ultrawide Wallpaper: imgur.com/gallery/Ytp5l
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The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap 8 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
CONGRATULATIONS to Damian Rath, B3ast570 & 10Hours Loop! You've all WON a new i7 CPU! (I'm getting in touch via DM on Twitter) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜€
thatsdandy 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Damn! I have an i9 so that gift would suck but congratulations to the winners!
Natalie McCoy
Natalie McCoy 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Aww no fair I'm just now seeing this๐Ÿฅบ
Shivam Tripathi
Shivam Tripathi 7 ๆ—ฅ ๅ‰
Oh why I'm still using 2310M ?
JdyMp Suarez
JdyMp Suarez 8 ๆ—ฅ ๅ‰
what is that monitor?
Gamevet 14 ๆ—ฅ ๅ‰
I'm mostly a PC gamer, and even with an i7-4790K@ 4.7 Ghz, I was starting to notice bottlenecks in games like Metro Exodus and Far Cry 5. I seriously considered buying the 8700k, but with it being a couple of years old, I'm going to pick up the 9900K on Friday. I had a good 5 year run with the 4790k and I feel that buying the 8700k won't have as long of a run in 5 years as the 9900k will. I'm kind of sad that I have to replace my good old reliable, but it was time.
gh5643 14 ๆ—ฅ ๅ‰
i9 9900k gtx 1080ti predatorx 3200mhz ssd drive
Asem Edwan
Asem Edwan 23 ๆ—ฅ ๅ‰
hp 15-da1015ne and am looking to build my new computer
Crypto Info
Crypto Info 29 ๆ—ฅ ๅ‰
Who pairs a $500 dollar cpu with a $50 cooler....
Kifter ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Not buying and intel.. this video is sponsored by INTEL
St.Me ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
What motherboard do you use?
Battle Boy
Battle Boy ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
amd people be like the new amd gonna make intel look bad but intel just destroys them back
Danilo Araรบjo Filho
Danilo Araรบjo Filho ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Hello man, what is the model of your Motherboard? Thanks!
Brandon Tucci
Brandon Tucci 2 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Is there noticeable web browsing differences between i9 9900k and i7 9700k?
Foxtrot815 Jr
Foxtrot815 Jr 2 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Are Hyper-Threading and Threads the same, i know Hyper-Threading use one core so you get 2 Threads, but i9 have 8 cores and have 8 Threads so you get 16 cores, and i7 have 6 core with Hyper-Threading you get 12 cores. so you get 4 core more end i7
Broken Dream Gamers
Broken Dream Gamers 2 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
I need a gpu to finish my build ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
BrandyKoopa 2 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
and I'm on an i7-6700 and a GTX 970 I hate being poor ๐Ÿ˜ข
SHASHWAT MISRA 2 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Intel i9 9900k vs i7 9700k which is better for heavy VMware workstation type work
Joshua Graham
Joshua Graham 3 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
I dont understand why people mention pubg like it's the pinnacle on what a pc can do. Show me some cpu intensive games. Run ultimate epic battle simulator or something jeez
Tachena Nhubu
Tachena Nhubu 3 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
What chair do you have?!?
Zandile Khumalo
Zandile Khumalo 3 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Need advice good people I'm from South Africa and i9 or i7 is really expensive I'm using i5 3rd gen, 16gb ram and rx 580 gaming x 8gb Is there a need to get i9??
Khurram Movies & Photos
Khurram Movies & Photos 3 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Core i9 or xeon which one is best for video editing?
Adem Gun
Adem Gun 3 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
A higher end i7 or i9 would be "i"deal
c CC
c CC 3 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Nice video chatty kathy the bottom line is Amd is better intel has failed
c CC
c CC 3 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
why get a mediocre cpu ? intel is like mumble rap and beats audio its all HYPE only real gamers get AMD if you read alot of emails get intel
Just Entertainment
Just Entertainment 4 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Whats your Monitor Size Bro
Combat Vet USMC
Combat Vet USMC 4 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Thank you, I'm looking for the best option for photo/video - currently, I'm using Intel Core i7 7700K and I feel it's lacking in that department.
Quastix x
Quastix x 4 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Im currently building an all in one tower. And i was wondering what monitor you have there? It looks so perfect.
Thirish Ths
Thirish Ths 4 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Please make a video on i5 9400f pc build
StaleCoffee 4 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
If you're looking to put it in a new build, don't. If you already have it, keep it, use it, it'll serve you very well! Ryzen prices are going to tumble with the release of Ryzen 3000, which will be vastly superior to any of Intel's current consumer lineup in multithreaded workloads, and very close to Intel in games.
Peterson's Art & Games
Peterson's Art & Games 4 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
I bought it! I am just testing it! :)
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 4 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
You look so bored playing video games
itsyourboy rocky
itsyourboy rocky 4 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
You should of gotten a i79700k
Ahmed Emad
Ahmed Emad 4 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
HP elite ook 8570 w
George Martinez
George Martinez 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
_Intel R.I.P., AMD Wins, Intel is better, AMD better value performance/price..._ and other comments including some rude and against treating like one fool those who buy (or consider) Intel. I would like to know some reason to avoid Intel, or maybe one reason to get an Intel PC (for PC building). Intel knows before everyone what AMD will do and release, I'm sure Intel knew about 7nm and cores of new AMD CPUs, and so AMD knows what Intel is working on (maybe not at all reserving their own information), and I imagine there are reasons why Intel does what it does offering its technology as seen in this days (maybe including the prices).
Victor Velea
Victor Velea 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
thats what im saying man. I've had AMD before and the cpu would just bottleneck. upgraded to i7 4790K and immediately saw amazing performance. I had a laptop that had an 8 core new "amazing" AMD processor but it literally was a pile of garbage processor. I don't want to go back to taking a chance with AMD processors. I've had two bad experiences with them already. I don't care if you have 64 cores or 128 cores, if you're gaming, like this guys in the video says, most games aren't written for more than 4 cores. I don't understand why people hate on intel so much. their processors are insanely powerful.
addison martin
addison martin 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
I built a new computer, my buddy needs one too. LET ME WIN!
Aurochsss 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
But you mean, Streaming at 4k with Ultra settings, right? Otherwise, this stuff seems very overkill, lmao.
Jo El
Jo El 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Can u please share the whole spec of your pc setup
Got Game
Got Game 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Any reason why people donโ€™t just buy a ps4 or xbox. Both of them are cheaper this an i9 computer
Hunam 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
AMD fanboi: Intel is dead...... Power user: .............. Bwahahahahaahaaaaa...
Helen Jimenez
Helen Jimenez 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Tell us about the specs of your toys, monitor and computer (what brand and how expensive they are...). Thank you !
Matthew Saunders
Matthew Saunders 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Why not go Ryzen
mickkmax 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
"video editing" lol....
Michel Fogaรงa
Michel Fogaรงa 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Nota a single word about ryzen
* NightWalker *
* NightWalker * 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Let me give you some reasons: 1. because you got it for free from Intel 2. because you don't mind the many security issues of Intel cpus 3. because you're a dumbass. Congrats, you score 3 out of 3. LMAO
lerverton 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Where can I buy your chair? Can you give me a link
Salad Gaming Tech
Salad Gaming Tech 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Well done, a well made paid advert to intel, and full of security holes, congrats.
che eks
che eks 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
i.c i7 8700K is a better option for gaming i.c i5 is a better option for low games i.c i3 is a better option for lower games
Bek Gaming
Bek Gaming 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Which one you prefer rtx 2080 i7 800k or rtx 2070 i9 900k ?????
Bxkwi 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
why though
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Love your vids, keep it up
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Thief entered the house! Man: plzz dont kill me you can take all my money Thief: i dont need your money Man: ?????? Thief: grabs the CPU and ran
m1sery Mirwais
m1sery Mirwais 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Bxkwi 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
lg ultrawide
Straight Into Awesomeness
Straight Into Awesomeness 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
i know right
Romain Provost
Romain Provost 6 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
20% improvement of 9900k in front of 8700k in Adobe ? Really ?
Mansoor Mughal
Mansoor Mughal 6 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
What motherboard are you using ?
Ryan Mountford
Ryan Mountford 6 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Great quality video ๐Ÿ“น
Edwin G
Edwin G 6 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
What would you use for Photo editing? I use light room and is really slow to edit please let me know what would you use. Thanks
Eugenio 6 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Awesome, I use mac and I am looking to start my firs PC for Premiere
fxscreamer 6 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Why not a 9900X or above on X299? Those are practically built for your use case. Quad channel memory too.
fxscreamer 6 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
@Apothecy Yes but it also depends on your priorities and what the machine will ideally be used for. If gaming is secondary and video editing is primary, then a workstation build is the smarter move. A 9900X would game absolutely fine, plus the X299 motherboard tech and options are far better than the Z390 boards. It's either a workstation that can also game, or a gaming station that also does work. If video editing is paying the bills, then you'd be nuts to not prioritize the enthusiast platform.
Apothecy 6 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
That will be more expensive though. And 9900k is better than 9900x, or anything else, for gaming
PeterPaul's 6 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
I wanted to buy an i9 9900k, but the Ryzen 7 2700x was half of the price in my countrey, so I went with the AMD and I didn't dissapointed, I can play just like you with my RTX 2070 VGA and edit just like you with my Ryzen 7 2700x and my AM4 motherboard will support at least the Ryzen 3000 series, so for me that was the perfect choice.
PeterPaul's 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
No, I don't want to upgrade, it will be to soon, I bought the 2700x just last year, for me it is perfect.
PeterPaul's 5 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
@Rommie Samboski I replaced my CPU from a Core i7 920, which was with me almost 10 years, so I know what you talking about, I just commented, because a i9 9900k, at least in my countrey is twice as much, than a Ryzen 7 2700x and both are real 8 core 16 threads CPUs.
Ugo lapa
Ugo lapa 6 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Why does the i9 9900k say 5ghz boost, does that come out the box
Lexi Cast
Lexi Cast 6 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Looks like Tom hiddleston in the thumbnail
freak777power 6 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
9900k is better than 2700x by mile
JB 6 ใƒถๆœˆ ๅ‰
Another disingenuous JPchatr
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