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ivana bašić
ivana bašić 5 時間 前
Ugly fugly still
Mr Aris
Mr Aris 23 時間 前
What edition is this and its got this kind of front seats?
donie nicko
donie nicko 23 時間 前
Would u do a drag race between a navara D40 manual 2014 and a lancer mitsubishi 2014 automatic
Desi Car Guy PK
Desi Car Guy PK 2 日 前
It looksz like a Mazda 3 hatchback
Desi Car Guy PK
Desi Car Guy PK 2 日 前
It looksz like a Mazda 3 hatchback
Max Morris
Max Morris 2 日 前
Matt would actually save Top Gear
ImaginebySzP 2 日 前
Great video, as always. Thank you. I really like the new Corolla styling (look). I've first seen one on the motorway while passing it and I've literally slowed down for it to catch up with me and have a 2'nd look. I was genuinely surprised when I've seen the Corolla badge. My 1'st ever brand new car was a 2007 Corolla (US) that I really enjoyed for a while. The 2L version sounds tempting and the 50+ mpg economy... wow, really reminds me of a Prius I drove for a bit. As much as I like my 2L automatic diesel BMW for what it is as a package, the 35(ish) mpg isn't at all very pleasing in comparison. Kind regards.
Oscar Cruz Ruiz
Oscar Cruz Ruiz 3 日 前
9:30 Why isn’t Hybrid hatchback Corolla offered in the States!?
Lance Disk
Lance Disk 3 日 前
A Corolla that looks nice. Kinda like a guilty boner
Dally Singhson
Dally Singhson 4 日 前
Toyotas generally are reliable... But if they're trying something a little new, even they will cock up, hence why I'll wait and see....
Mohammad Soliman
Mohammad Soliman 4 日 前
Robert Tempest
Robert Tempest 5 日 前
Room for your bicycle with THE REAR WHEEL on.
Ninaa Kari
Ninaa Kari 6 日 前
They sold both Corolla and Auris same time though and now they sell only Corolla? Or Auris Sedan was called Corolla?
Bill Bunt
Bill Bunt 6 日 前
Nitpick a $24k car from Toyota but then cream his jeans over an $85k BMW that is junk after 50k miles......
Hamdan Ali
Hamdan Ali 7 日 前
pretty sure the Auris and Corolla wwre always seperate? just the Auris was meant to be between the Yaris and Corolla
John Allen
John Allen 9 日 前
Car wow doesn’t allow search without log in? Back to auto trader i guess
Marat Pirate
Marat Pirate 11 日 前
It looks great, but that center console sticking out absolutely triggers me
HornyTrolllololololool 12 日 前
Beautiful design & reliability goes like bread & butter, it's like having beautiful sexy wife that is also loyal & nice to you lol
HornyTrolllololololool 12 日 前
This Toyota Corolla has the sexy mojo back Haha
Usama Sain
Usama Sain 12 日 前
Wich county is this???
Usama Sain
Usama Sain 4 日 前
J.R. Arnolli
J.R. Arnolli 4 日 前
Sorry, I thought country🤐
J.R. Arnolli
J.R. Arnolli 4 日 前
Usama Sain / UK
Neal McDaniel
Neal McDaniel 12 日 前
Great looking videography! May I ask what video camera you're using? Thanks in advance. Cheers!
Mario Vukelić
Mario Vukelić 13 日 前
How tall is Mat?
Pero Kaludjerović
Pero Kaludjerović 13 日 前
Car is nice, carwow Reviews guy in ANNOYING!
Terradyn86 15 日 前
Problem with the second doors and on the back seats can be erased by buying the combi version. More space for heads, more space for legs, windows are set a bit higher
Lachezar Lazarov
Lachezar Lazarov 15 日 前
Bought this car 6 months ago and im more than happy with it.Worth the money!
Guilherme Rabello
Guilherme Rabello 16 日 前
2:44 LOL
Crisma M
Crisma M 17 日 前
Why does he cover the wow car score on purpose ? -
Steve Dog Wildman
Steve Dog Wildman 18 日 前
My own review and tips: jpchat.info/show/bideo/e3iLmb2VeKmUmWE.html
Pedro Johnston
Pedro Johnston 19 日 前
That glove box has an attitude problem.
MY7 19 日 前
You always say you will leave a link in the description to other videos but you don’t
Rubycupid Mb
Rubycupid Mb 20 日 前
Toyota? Talk about pull the plug out of Volkswagen and Ford! This is so much better than a fiat tipo and an Alfa gulietta!
TacoMeat FijiWater
TacoMeat FijiWater 20 日 前
Imagine if this car had a 2.0T + AWD.
daylight moonlight
daylight moonlight 16 日 前
Yea exactly. Dont get it they dont have the rear axle elctrified. Theyll probably do it in a while soon. Or they think people who need awd buy RAV 4 anyways.
Daniel Peixoto Martins
Daniel Peixoto Martins 22 日 前
There is a very, very good reason for the back of the seat using a ratchet for adjustment: I have a Citröen C4 with a system like this, a lever to adjust the seat. I really never need to recline the seats but every time the car comes from maintenance the mechanic has adjusted the seat and then I can never, NEVER, EVER get the seat back to the same position. And no way you can do a small adjustment while driving, if you don't feel comfortable. So, ratchet adjustment for the win!
Nick Vallender
Nick Vallender 22 日 前
This and the Mazda 3. The two sexiest Japanese hatchbacks going...
Thomas Moll
Thomas Moll 24 日 前
To me, the “new” Toyota design language still looks like an elephant just finished sitting on the cars’ bonnet. That the Golf 8 is now copying this approach doesn’t make things better, IMHO...
moab 28 日 前
rotate the phone
Charalampos Kounes
Charalampos Kounes 28 日 前
Come on UK people. You drive on the same side as in Japan. So go on and import real Japanese cars, if you know what mean... 😂
marvin mullings
marvin mullings 29 日 前
You should review the mark x and crown
Ben Ward
Ben Ward 29 日 前
2020 model, and android auto not included in first series... really...
wanderingwithyan 29 日 前
great video very detailed thank you
Shane wright
Shane wright 29 日 前
Too many adverts 🤬
YouTube news
YouTube news 29 日 前
Ye looks almost same as wagen and the Mazda
johnny g
johnny g ヶ月 前
I work for Toyota, whilst I find the looks of the Corolla striking. The steering is far too light in my opinion and has a detached feel to it. That’s what puts me off ever buying one.
mssherlee ヶ月 前
Just bought a black ZR hybrid. And I love ur review ;)
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson ヶ月 前
it does have car play tho i have one
PixelMario1105 ヶ月 前
Mohan Krishna
Mohan Krishna ヶ月 前
Come on.. you gave it more negatives than a golf.. and the final verdict.. go right ahead and buy it ?? Seriously? That's really biased. This is a 2020 version and it still looks 5 years behind the 2020 golf.
John Sam
John Sam ヶ月 前
You are living in heaven of cars 🚘
νικος γιώργος
νικος γιώργος ヶ月 前
I find it weird (to say the least) that in a car review you're actually showing your face more than the car itself...
Vasilis Kosmas
Vasilis Kosmas ヶ月 前
civic 1.0 or corolla 1.2 ? please give me some advice
Ryan V
Ryan V ヶ月 前
Nothing said about the CVT... I wonder why?
Gustav !
Gustav ! ヶ月 前
Probably the best quality for long ownership, but 7 years behind in tech.
Let Go
Let Go ヶ月 前
Very nice hatch
david archuleta
david archuleta ヶ月 前
can someone make 2:43 into a meme?
vijeth k gowda
vijeth k gowda ヶ月 前
13:42 nice car(bmw 840d) to test on automatic break.
coalie roller
coalie roller ヶ月 前
vw golf is boring but much better
Sérgio Alves
Sérgio Alves ヶ月 前
This is supposed to be one of the most commercially successful cars ever and yet it is uncanny how I have never met anyone who actually wanted a Corolla.
Imad R
Imad R ヶ月 前
He already reviewed the Renault Megane 1.5 dci and it does about 59mpg in average. I think If you know how to drive, a manual diesel could be as - IF NOT more - economical as a Hybrid.
Gisa Ngabo
Gisa Ngabo ヶ月 前
in the end it's still a toyota, reliability, 300000km mileage, 25 years and cheap maintenance. not an endless money pit as scotty kilmer says.
Bryan C
Bryan C ヶ月 前
Why are you straight forward with things.. I like that lmao
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