The Morons Of Coronavirus

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Matt weir
Matt weir 11 時間 前
amazing ha ha
Simon-Adamm Isabelle
Simon-Adamm Isabelle 11 時間 前
I missed you Ethan
NicksterDoodle 11 時間 前
What did kaceytron say?
Zingy Gamed
Zingy Gamed 11 時間 前
Hila looks lika a 70s rockstar in the intro
BFB 11 時間 前
Wow and I thought my people were dumb...These retards are why USA has over 140k cases right now. Come one people this is no joke get inside your home and stop fooling around
I have am becom crack rock
I have am becom crack rock 11 時間 前
die boomer
Moist_Pinecone 11 時間 前
Came back to the Channel cause the Podcast has been turning to shit.
Bacislayer Aj
Bacislayer Aj 11 時間 前
I’m surprised this vid is monetised
Wayne Carranza
Wayne Carranza 11 時間 前
Russ Limbaugh said it best,' the truth is better than knowledge" and like he said this is a total Hoax!!!
Eric Brisson
Eric Brisson 11 時間 前
No rectal thermometers no tp jeez how r we gonna take care of our bootyhooles?
off-grid 11 時間 前
My video could’ve been on this
Mr.Stone 11 時間 前
Nice u got demonitized
Janette Guzman
Janette Guzman 11 時間 前
Missed these
Bernerd 11 時間 前
"One dude eats a bat in China and I can't leave my house" rofl
Saif Uddin
Saif Uddin 11 時間 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="775">12:55</a> , what backward 3rd world country is this clip from?
Max Murphy
Max Murphy 11 時間 前
America gonna get it the worst
Omega 11 時間 前
Can we just broadcast a message to third world countries telling them not to eat bats?
Gabriel C137
Gabriel C137 11 時間 前
Talk about that cringe celebrity video singing Imagine
ih8TrumpTardzz 11 時間 前
Also nobody ate a bat in a China to get the virus lol
Gabriel C137
Gabriel C137 11 時間 前
Hold on, are you guys back or is it just a one time thing ?
Shit Owl
Shit Owl 11 時間 前
bruh i used to love u but ur so cringe and family friendly now
fujokingg 11 時間 前
All restaurants in my country are closed, over 100,000 unemployed, all concerts/variety shows cancelled. Food and toilet paper hoarding eased a little. There's also travelling restrictions between my region and others, we can't leave. There's only 1000 or more who has it, and 9 has died but it's getting worse, day by day... all this is kinda unreal, and people are so stupid.
Ben Shakeesha
Ben Shakeesha 11 時間 前
Gabriel C137
Gabriel C137 11 時間 前
I missed this
Marinellys Rodriguez
Marinellys Rodriguez 12 時間 前
finally something that is not the podcast, i hate the pod, i love regular h3h3 vids
Tbone Scriv
Tbone Scriv 12 時間 前
Mr. Depresso is back
Kristen Kallhovde
Kristen Kallhovde 12 時間 前
TriplePlay 12 時間 前
Darwin Award goes to.....these people are self identifying as where we need to thin the herd first...
LegendSlayer77 12 時間 前
I could cry with joy 😭
Jack Eriksen
Jack Eriksen 12 時間 前
World solution, stay indoors for 14 days. How long do we expect this to last? At least there would be a point to this if we did it simultaneously, and not on a random i feel like a 14 day vacation policy.
o1:{}:1o 12 時間 前
Thank you for speaking your mind.
LegendSlayer77 12 時間 前
MsBlondeYo 12 時間 前
Your video is a bit dumb. People in Ireland singing about coronavirus might be using humour and mockery as a coping mechanism. The same place was taking place during WW2 where cabarets were mocking Hitler and 3rd Reich. They aren't mocking the sick and diseased, they are mocking the virus. Second, these poor kids who's faces will be plastered everywhere for the next 10 years also grew up in a country where media consultant cries the wolf. Have a discussion with young people rather than making them look like total idiots in front of the world. That's just not gonna get media and society anwyhere.
glitchfizz 12 時間 前
Maybe if the boomers never tilted the odd out of the favor for youths to do things like, own property, get a good job, make a livable wadge, have a clean environment, retire, etc., maybe we would care about them. At this point, fuck'em. Kill the old and eat the rich. WE COMING FOR YA
Cam Walsh
Cam Walsh 12 時間 前
so that "priest" is a demon right?...
bubbamac19 12 時間 前
Disney has been closed for over a week now, smh fake news
IRL Moments
IRL Moments 12 時間 前
No guests for podcast means more uploads here. 6 months of upcoming uploads hopefully.
Barry Chapman
Barry Chapman 12 時間 前
YES! Love the papa intro!
leonardotakhien 12 時間 前
What if I said we need population control and for the old people to stop fucking voting for trump
STRVNDXD 12 時間 前
just stay home and play animal crossing
Cameron Scheer
Cameron Scheer 12 時間 前
9 months good LORD
ItzDawn 12 時間 前
Amen to roasting KPOP in the beginning
Rasmus Sørensen
Rasmus Sørensen 12 時間 前
Maelboy 12 時間 前
This just made my quarantine
Devin Giltner
Devin Giltner 12 時間 前
da mos importan medicol soply noligg.
Heather Comeaux
Heather Comeaux 12 時間 前
Those poor idiots in the video. Scary to think that these are college students, and they're supposed to take over things when the older people in power die? Terrifying. They're morons!
Devin Giltner
Devin Giltner 13 時間 前
holy shit, this intro is so unused that it gave me full-on nostalgia. lol
Wayland Smithers
Wayland Smithers 13 時間 前
"Stupid is what stupid does, sir!"
MuddaGoose 13 時間 前
Hey, you....yeah you reading this comment. Be safe, healthy, smart, and supportive during this crisis. And stay inside for maximum safety! :) Have a wonderful day everyone.
Ongy 89
Ongy 89 13 時間 前
I’ve just had another thought.. we should be thankful that dogs are immune. Imagine if all the dogs in the world were also in danger
Xuhong Gan
Xuhong Gan 13 時間 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="738">12:18</a> Sorry, Jesus won't got any Coronavirus but you would :)
Ongy 89
Ongy 89 13 時間 前
Shit.. that last line. Maybe we are just one organism. Too fucking weird. More of these please!!!
i i
i i 13 時間 前
always a good day when a vid drops
Alim 13 時間 前
Do a idubbzz video 😂😂😂
Kegsmagegs1 13 時間 前
Papa In the intro is what I needed
Xuhong Gan
Xuhong Gan 13 時間 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="495">8:15</a> There's no need to say sorry 'Cuz free market, innit?
김영범 13 時間 前
Omg......what is wrong with this people? i mean, did they never saw a Coronavirus patients before? do any of this people feel any danger? how many deaths had to be made before this stupid idiots remind them that this is a "problem"? do this people never think about how they themselves can be the super-spreader? do they know that not only themselves can get coronavirus but their loved ones, family, friends will pay the price because of you stupid morons? do they know that the whole community will suffer because of this non sense i can't understand this state of mind and refuse to understand this selfish act they are making no wonder it got so many patient in a short time
Cl Zoe
Cl Zoe 13 時間 前
This is the best.
Xuhong Gan
Xuhong Gan 13 時間 前
The most dumbasses people are those who think he/she would not get the virus 'cuz he/she's healthy and choose not wearing maks and still mocking at people who wear masks
Hayden Falkner
Hayden Falkner 13 時間 前
Julia Erlandsson
Julia Erlandsson 13 時間 前
does it really matter?
does it really matter? 13 時間 前
Ethan you haven't made video like this in a long time and it shows. Also, Papa has this psycho smile going on. Keep an eye on him lmao
isa! 13 時間 前
says corona virus *gets demonetized*
Sioux D
Sioux D 13 時間 前
🐳 🐋 🐳 🐳
Brendan Nolan
Brendan Nolan 13 時間 前
Yo Ethan you should get that cough checked out ma dude..
Matt Kacar
Matt Kacar 13 時間 前
Wow this video sucked Ethan
Dylan Alarcon
Dylan Alarcon 13 時間 前
Oh my gosh. 4 or 5 years after i start watching and they make their come back
Ashleysart Attack
Ashleysart Attack 13 時間 前
Kenneth Copeland really looks like a demon spawn from the underworld.
NaMan IGN 13 時間 前
The Youngest person that died is 16. Me: I guess 16 Is it old FBI: We got him
alisuo toko
alisuo toko 13 時間 前
Ethan: "Do not breathe." Me,a good samaritan who follows the church of vape nation:"I will do whatever master senpai says."
Inxert 14 時間 前
ethan it’s cause old people are so cold callus towards us
kahimsa 14 時間 前
Hi Uncle, and Aunt. Long time no see
Ali 14 時間 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> dude she became fat
alisuo toko
alisuo toko 13 時間 前
4:41 no one is going to talk about how it looks like Lizzo
gdcSmexy 14 時間 前
Joe Mike
Joe Mike 14 時間 前
Bruh come on upload more often
Ed Hernandez
Ed Hernandez 14 時間 前
mangs 14 時間 前
love you brother and welcome back
StephenP Piersanti
StephenP Piersanti 14 時間 前
so uh nobody is gonna talk about how they have michael from gta in their intro
Artbug 14 時間 前
It took a quarantine for you to come out of your quarantine
Wizirdi 14 時間 前
Anyone else remember when Ethan wasn't a cynical cringe lord?
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