The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

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4 ヶ月 前

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Vixxie Skyes
Vixxie Skyes 44 分 前
Jefferee:idk if people are gonna watch it 😭 Views:26mil 🤔
Oklahoma Maiden
Oklahoma Maiden 時間 前
Shane, You are Beautiful inside & out!! Own it Girl. Stop worrying about other people, just be YOU!! You are Fucking Perfect ( PINK ) That's the song I want you to listen to ~ from me. Love from Oklahoma! 💝🦄💝
Brilee Glorfield-Jankowski
Brilee Glorfield-Jankowski 7 時間 前
Shaneeeeee, sooo I was thinkingggg & I'm sure MANY others agree... should just keep going with the Jeffree series. Fuck everyone else they're not important 😂 no I'm kidding. But on a serious note.. I definitely feel like the jeffree star series was the most interesting & most fun to watch! ♡ it has dragged me from the dark depths of my depression, I mean I'm definitely still going through it FOR SURE but I loveeee his videos on their one & then getting to see more of you & more of him, both of you together ..ugh it was the best! You both are my favorite!!!! ♡ please please would you guys consider it?
Audrey 8 時間 前
I would cry if I was Shane in that mall with all those people cheering your name.. YOUR BRAND!!!? I would cry my eyes out with joy and with Jeffrey being like LOOK!!!?? AGHHHHH!!! I’m so proud of both of you!!!!!!!!!!! 🤍🤍🤍😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Kavya Rola
Kavya Rola 9 時間 前
Shane is such a good person ❤️
Matthew Harjo
Matthew Harjo 13 時間 前
Does anyone know the name of the 2nd bodyguard??? I want him to take me on a date.
Billies comfy
Billies comfy 19 時間 前
Hello I’m binge watching this series cause I haven’t watched it yet and I wanna pull an all nighter so I have 6 hours worth of Shane to watch so yeah idk why I’m telling everybody this but um ok
Beoyyyn 20 時間 前
I’m sorry for laughing but I’m dying with the whole pie thing 🤣🤣🤣
Jade Boyd
Jade Boyd 21 時間 前
Shane you are a wonderful person and you should feel confident with yourself because you are beautiful just the way you are! :)
Siti Khadijah
Siti Khadijah 22 時間 前
The fact that they have each other's back and how Jeffree gave some confidence to Shane when he's doubting with his own body weight. It just 💔💔 and how Shane gave him the look when the crowd is screaming for Jeffree and Shane is telling him with the gaze, "Go ahead. You deserve it." and he stood at the way back while Jeffree get the recognition and to add on to the surprise, when Jeffree introduce him to everyone as his BEST FRIEND, that's when I cried. like cried. totally. I have no idea how many times I've replayed this. Over and Over again.
leidydi Perez
leidydi Perez 22 時間 前
Omg 26M views
Karly Buescher
Karly Buescher 23 時間 前
I really got sad when Shane started talking about how people were gonna judge him. He really does NOT deserve anything like that :(
M Srez
M Srez 日 前
im rewatching this because its just so good dude-
Aaliyah Ortega
Aaliyah Ortega 日 前
the camera mans laugh is everything
wolfiesoft sox
wolfiesoft sox 日 前
omg that girl that fell my dads sister in law
Kiran Sharma
Kiran Sharma 日 前
I wanna know what is the song name 23:45 please
Nady CR
Nady CR 2 日 前
People crying out Shane we love you made me cry.
Juleigh’s Roblox 09
Juleigh’s Roblox 09 2 日 前
Does anyone remember old Shane when he was taste testing foods and crap 😂
Itz_Us Here
Itz_Us Here 2 日 前
i miss conspiracies
Kikat Queen
Kikat Queen 2 日 前
Christina Waldrop
Christina Waldrop 2 日 前
You’re Poor but still has all of these rich experiences... Lol i live in an in home daycare and have no car no money no food seems like you’re doing just fine 🙃
Fives Entusiast
Fives Entusiast 3 日 前
5:59 my boy Pedro Pascal dying again
Eevee Roxy
Eevee Roxy 3 日 前
26:33 Maddie can you help Shane with his seatbelt he broke the jet
sinneruki 3 日 前
Shane is definitely a positive influence for jeffree u can see how healing their friendship is for jeffree
Yagi 3 日 前
i think its rlly cute how even tho ryland was mad at shane, shane tried to cheer him up and theyd still be in the same space together and in the end ryland forgave him and it was honestly the cutest when they kissed in the golfcart
Daniel Manuel
Daniel Manuel 3 日 前
2020??? I like watching these vids
*мαяιlуи *
*мαяιlуи * 3 日 前
Why is literally every single thing that’s said so hysterically funny (that in reality actually isn’t)?? It really detracts from the seriousness of whatever topic you are discussing, or what point you’re trying to make. I get all of that being insecure about your weight and looks etc, and the ‘comedy’ is valid upto a point, but constant self deprecating humour gets so old so quickly (and you honestly don’t need to do it)!! Let the subjects speak for themselves babe!! You’ve got something to say and it’s important!! Live in your truth 💛
Kaitlyn Quevedo
Kaitlyn Quevedo 3 日 前
Idk about y'all but Jeffree's bodyguard tho
Uh oh stinky poopy
Uh oh stinky poopy 4 日 前
erika j
erika j 4 日 前
shanes and jeffrees friendship is so wholesome im so glad they found each other
Nicole Huber
Nicole Huber 4 日 前
Shane don't get insecure about your weight a bullet can pass through 5 inches of fat so your not fat your just protected
Alexis Perel
Alexis Perel 4 日 前
Jeffree 🥰🥰🥰🥰
David Paco
David Paco 4 日 前
Samantha Bas
Samantha Bas 4 日 前
I love Jeffree makeup look in the video would love a recreate
Honey Buns•
Honey Buns• 4 日 前
I was searching “going to a haunted ship” but I accidentally put “shit”
marisol 4 日 前
the bodyguards hot af
Alicia Marie
Alicia Marie 4 日 前
If I back it up, is it fat enough?
EnderBoy860 4 日 前
who else is rewatching the series
Hannah Johnstone
Hannah Johnstone 4 日 前
why do I have the same car as Andrew..
jordan step
jordan step 4 日 前
shane stop saying ur ugly and fat u are beautiful i wish u saw that in ur self cause i see it❤️❤️love you shane
Cartmen 5 日 前
"thats America sweetie we already took over"
XxLuCidQueenXx 05
XxLuCidQueenXx 05 5 日 前
Guess who just got a "Too Faced" Ad???
I Am Phoebe
I Am Phoebe 5 日 前
What happened to you Shane?
Jaymee Spurgeon
Jaymee Spurgeon 5 日 前
Jeffree needs to make a shade name "All Jokes Aside"
Pamela Martin
Pamela Martin 5 日 前
Jhadd Bich
Jhadd Bich 5 日 前
What is that song plsss 48:28
Sascha Rissling
Sascha Rissling 5 日 前
Ok i'm here because i watched h3 and Sean Evans and they talked about shane so i came here and found this. Thank god I'm between jobs and can just drop 8 hours on watching this. thanks
Kahli Jordyan
Kahli Jordyan 5 日 前
nats 6 日 前
Isn’t Nicole Karina Garcia’s sister?
Leighanna Christine
Leighanna Christine 6 日 前
The plane part made me cry because of kobey
candy kísses
candy kísses 6 日 前
*I love how shane makes friends with everyone he makes business with*
Molly 7 日 前
Pilot: "just like the airlines.. no different" Jeffree: " yeah no different .. just a bag full of drugs" Killed me hahahaha 😂😂😂😂
Just a girl singing
Just a girl singing 7 日 前
why did i want to cry when i saw all the people on the roof? shane and Jeffree have come so far 🤧🥺❤❤
Lamaya Green
Lamaya Green 7 日 前
Just a girl singing Omg same💯
Megan Franco
Megan Franco 7 日 前
the way this is my 8th time watching this series and i'm still surprised about half of the stuff that happens
Sharon Alfaro
Sharon Alfaro 7 日 前
Shane's security team is hot 😍🔥🔥🔥🥵🌶😍😍
Leslie Cole
Leslie Cole 7 日 前
that was amazing i am almost bawling
Sharon Alfaro
Sharon Alfaro 7 日 前
I need the playlist to this video lol
Marcus Dunning
Marcus Dunning 7 日 前
But Linda feel like Kenny sorry on sorry shoe I made the first impression lipshotz CRY BR I'm ready for a well the cowboys to fix tiny 12 theydid moba Regis u just well wow the line gone .. why do I it's ready for requiem for a dream I'll sue the Winkler or die trying wait no duh a train some the suers why.nomath no meth only morbis.loth mlm forbid moths I'm in a coma there's a kissy song in the middle how did you try to kill beast you trash
Marcus Dunning
Marcus Dunning 7 日 前
Ty so much once upon a time well lillinda loved Korn I tell u howmiknow there was a book looking for Alaska well wr found Alaska and caesar without merit for the love of goodness sake I thought wanting a moba could have wubs yeah woo pig
emily jayne
emily jayne 7 日 前
this shit makes me cry
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