Thai Street Food - GOLIATH GROUPER FISH Cutting Skills Bangkok Seafood Thailand

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BlackHulk P
BlackHulk P 18 時間 前
At least this one is dead unlike the other one
Tin Nguyen Thanh
Tin Nguyen Thanh 21 時間 前
Như lol
Nhan CaoDien
Nhan CaoDien 22 時間 前
It is a violation of heaven.
Carlos Roberto Viana Fernandes
Carlos Roberto Viana Fernandes 日 前
Quando usam luvas, são as erradas hahaha 😂
สาม คงสมโชค
สาม คงสมโชค 日 前
kittiwat poonhom
kittiwat poonhom 日 前
배진호 日 前
참 무식하게 회뜨네.. 도마도없이.. 내가해도 더잘하겟다!
Kelvin Gillett
Kelvin Gillett 日 前
I wish groupers where not endangered because its one of the most best tasting fish in the world.
Oculus 111
Oculus 111 日 前
Beautiful meat
Mercuriojose Diaz A
Mercuriojose Diaz A 日 前
Malditos como lo mataron al pobre pez
Jorge Cema
Jorge Cema 日 前
Que bom colocar esse na panela, ainda mais fresquinho, tudo de bom.
maycon Nunes
maycon Nunes 日 前
O jeito de matar o animal que eu não acho legal !
Mike Hawknballs
Mike Hawknballs 2 日 前
Still cant believe manny was in a tango with one of these bad boys
dương tài vlog
dương tài vlog 2 日 前
Ngon quá chúc bạn ngon miệng. Rảnh qua mình chơi nhé.
林靖恩 2 日 前
thliaw 2 日 前
Should release this beast...
Susan Cenas
Susan Cenas 2 日 前
Hey donot kell me
Rous yul kapet សើថុង
Rous yul kapet សើថុង 2 日 前
Robedile Zeus
Robedile Zeus 2 日 前
what a cowardly culture, wretched human being, killing fish with ice. I would like to do the same with people who do this cowardice.
Miss Hasin
Miss Hasin 2 日 前
Astagfirullah haladhim, kasihan tu ika
дальнобой по Казахстану
дальнобой по Казахстану 2 日 前
Лучше терисин сыпыра салмайма
Dhidotz channel
Dhidotz channel 2 日 前
Pasti enak banget dagingnya
Bình Bong TV
Bình Bong TV 3 日 前
món ăn đường phố thái lan
Believeinme Atlaswing
Believeinme Atlaswing 3 日 前
FoOdfox TV
FoOdfox TV 3 日 前
Wow amazing big fish!!
Jose Neri
Jose Neri 3 日 前
They sound do the same to this people
O que é Deus e o que chamado Deus ?
O que é Deus e o que chamado Deus ? 3 日 前
ficou bonito e me parece muito gostoso; comida de rua
crecerperu ong
crecerperu ong 3 日 前
White gold
Puji Wibowo
Puji Wibowo 3 日 前
I can cut fish better than her
enrico carvalho
enrico carvalho 3 日 前
Nossa limpam o peixe muito mal, faca cega. Desperdício total
Ardian Ardian
Ardian Ardian 3 日 前
Lading,e ra lamdeb ,, gnah Alot
Edgar Córdova
Edgar Córdova 3 日 前
Horrible technique and limited skills. So sad to see how they just tear it all apart like cavemans. Someone handle them a knife sharpener.
canal L18
canal L18 3 日 前
Garoupa e bom de todo jeito principalmente no bolso
Galih Titut
Galih Titut 3 日 前
adnan 22
adnan 22 3 日 前
Wow mantap jumbo ikannya
Lakhan Biswas
Lakhan Biswas 3 日 前
Lakhan Biswas
Lakhan Biswas 3 日 前
Lakhan Biswas
Lakhan Biswas 3 日 前
juanjo amoros
juanjo amoros 4 日 前
Que destrozo de pescado,..mal cortado, mal tratado,...un cero,..
juanjo amoros
juanjo amoros 3 日 前
@Jovan Manco esa otra ja ja...parece que este partiendo pan..
Jovan Manco
Jovan Manco 3 日 前
Antes de cortar un pescado deberían sacarle filo, primero a los cuchillos.
Antonio Spalluto
Antonio Spalluto 4 日 前
เปิ้ล ครับ
เปิ้ล ครับ 4 日 前
Why ikejime?
ᴀᴅʀᴇɴᴀʟɪɴᴇ 4 日 前
Eladio Iglesias
Eladio Iglesias 4 日 前
If he were Japanese, he would had cut that fish perfectly .
Andres Gonzalez
Andres Gonzalez 4 日 前
Mas bien parecer una cherna....
BROLYY 737 4 日 前
BROLYY 737 4 日 前
Rodrigo Antunes Guimarães
Rodrigo Antunes Guimarães 4 日 前
My god what a shitty knife
Leandro araujo Rodrigues
Leandro araujo Rodrigues 4 日 前
Eu já comi esse peixe aqi no Maranhão. Agente chama ele aqi de mero
Nightmarejohn Ligsanan
Nightmarejohn Ligsanan 5 日 前
Wrong choice of knife...
unrokkbar 5 日 前
Just kill the fish before starting this omfg! Thats such an animal cruelty from this assholes or would they like to get their skin pulled of during they are fully alive!
Novy Setiawan
Novy Setiawan 5 日 前
Dia salah ap
ANTHONY81 5 日 前
Why dont they use a scaler? Seems to be a shit ton of work beating the dull end of a knife to scale a big fish like that.
Russell bumak
Russell bumak 5 日 前
Omg why you kill the animal
Dinesh Krishnan
Dinesh Krishnan 5 日 前
Thats the most meatiest fillet i have ever seen. These fish get much much bigger don't they?
Nic Walsh
Nic Walsh 5 日 前
I thought these were endangered?
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 日 前
Nic Walsh they are but china, thailand and other southeast east asian countries don’t have laws that protect the fish
Remberto ortiz
Remberto ortiz 5 日 前
👍 rico pero muy picante 😭
game over
game over 5 日 前
Luciano felipe
Luciano felipe 5 日 前
Thayland people bad
Michael Feng
Michael Feng 5 日 前
Todos lo que dicen que él debe afilar su cuchillo primeron deberian saber que la carne y los huesos de ese pez son duros
Rudinei Lopes de Lima
Rudinei Lopes de Lima 5 日 前
Faca ruin de mais
Dulguun Ch
Dulguun Ch 5 日 前
As a fish, i don't like this
sergio vazquez
sergio vazquez 5 日 前
They tortured fish and it was cut improperly. A$$holes from Thailand.
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