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10 日 前

Next summer, Joe Gardner will discover his brilliant, passionate self. Watch the new trailer for Disney & Pixar’s Soul now.
About Soul:
Directed by two-time Academy Award®-winner Pete Docter, co-directed by Kemp Powers and produced by Academy Award®-nominee Dana Murray, Disney and Pixar’s “Soul” opens in theaters on June 19, 2020. According to Docter, the idea for the story is 23 years in the making. “It started with my son-he’s 23 now-but the instant he was born, he already had a personality,” says Docter. “Where did that come from? I thought your personality developed through your interaction with the world. And yet, it was pretty clear that we’re all born with a very unique, specific sense of who we are.”

“Soul” introduces Joe Gardner, a middle-school band teacher whose true passion is playing jazz. “I think Joe is having that crisis that all artists have,” says Powers. “He’s increasingly feeling like his lifelong dream of being a jazz musician is not going to pan out and he’s asking himself ‘Why am I here? What am I meant to be doing?’ Joe personifies those questions.”
In the film, just when Joe thinks his dream might be in reach, a single unexpected step sends him to a fantastical place where he’s is forced to think again about what it truly means to have soul. That’s where he meets and ultimately teams up with 22, a soul who doesn’t think life on Earth is all it’s cracked up to be. Jamie Foxx lends his voice to Joe, while Tina Fey voices 22. “The comedy comes naturally,” says Murray. “But the subtle emotion that reveals the truth to the characters is really something special.”
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A Miclemie
A Miclemie 26 分 前
Can we just take a moment and thank Disney for putting AJR’s music in this film
Deception Incarnate
Deception Incarnate 33 分 前
“The passionate you, thats ready to contribute something meaningful into this world” Safe to assume my passions contribute.
Anonymous Dinosaur
Anonymous Dinosaur 37 分 前
Hm. No.
ŇƗҜĦƗŁ S 47 分 前
Waiting for this
JustSomeone 230
JustSomeone 230 52 分 前
So far the soundtrack sounds amazing.
A Miclemie
A Miclemie 23 分 前
JustSomeone 230 it’s from a band called AJR and the song in this trailer is called come hangout ( they are really unpopular so you might not have heard of them)
Shadow Man
Shadow Man 時間 前
1:20 My reaction when I saw The main character fall through the manhole and turn into a Blue Marshmallow.
CammyCA Plays
CammyCA Plays 時間 前
How is he blue before he hits the ground
gwen chan
gwen chan 時間 前
My mind was very counfused of what is he saying i dont why
gwen chan
gwen chan 時間 前
I dont know why*
πCoffe ThePunkπ
πCoffe ThePunkπ 時間 前
Psychologists: * they exist * Pixar: Im going to ruin this men's whole career
hah gei
hah gei 時間 前
Yay a Disney movie that will teach us the history of our music. I think. Unless its just gonna be a blu blob
I am Stonks
I am Stonks 時間 前
Nobody: Pixar: Ya like jazz?
jiangshi judd
jiangshi judd 時間 前
I loved the trailer!! It’s such a shame it’s only 53 seconds long.
Penny and Trans
Penny and Trans 時間 前
If Pixar can make a good movie about a rat then I trust them with this.
Blessings 2 時間 前
When I read soul and saw them playing instruments at the start, I thought this movie was gonna be about soul music and instantly liked but no lol
Maša P
Maša P 2 時間 前
1:20 *me when I saw that this isn't good film but inside out 2*
Divya P
Divya P 2 時間 前
I'ma be in a state of denial and say the trailer ended at 0:52. Also I 100% bet that the cowboy dance girl was a rejected character from inside out called 'stupid' or something
cheese of the best price
cheese of the best price 2 時間 前
this film: looks beautiful and very promising manhole:i bout to end this
Doge doge Bogi
Doge doge Bogi 2 時間 前
What if black pepole had feelings
The Hand Face
The Hand Face 2 時間 前
It's never a Pixar without a Little Fiction.
TheRealLargeKnome 2 時間 前
how 2 make a good movie step 1: delete the 2nd half of this step 2: voila
Don David
Don David 2 時間 前
The design of the blob looks like from inside out
Drew Reid
Drew Reid 3 時間 前
Pixar, you were *so* close
X Gaming
X Gaming 3 時間 前
Mortal bhi h kya isme?
theunidentifiedpiece / t_u_p
theunidentifiedpiece / t_u_p 3 時間 前
*video starts* Me: hold up is that an AJR song I hear
DuckFace Dolphin
DuckFace Dolphin 3 時間 前
that first half really had me interested not gonna lie
Nisrina Rana
Nisrina Rana 4 時間 前
This is gonna be an interesting one, and that intro soundtrack damn
Gino Tuano
Gino Tuano 4 時間 前
looks like the dude's nose is still alive...
Yeddie 4 時間 前
Ah, finally, a Pixar movie that is grounded in reality about black culture and will tell the story of an aspiring young- *guy falls in hole* nevermind
Thato Letsoela
Thato Letsoela 4 時間 前
They played AJR😱😱😱😱😱
fella 4 時間 前
Bruh I need to know the song
Its Nat
Its Nat 4 時間 前
omg this should be a movie
Allen Hines
Allen Hines 4 時間 前
Ngl might just watch this just because of that music
jono aji
jono aji 5 時間 前
cowboy dance huh, that's what i expected from this movie
joseph gover
joseph gover 5 時間 前
To everyone who dosnt like this trailor' wait for the movie itself' it will be extraordinary.
Lunar-Turtle - Synastry
Lunar-Turtle - Synastry 5 時間 前
I didn't know Pixar is now making a Casper remake
IIAlbertII 6 時間 前
Steve Jobs bought Pixer for 5 million, than sold to Disney 7.4 billion
Karl Ceballos
Karl Ceballos 6 時間 前
2015: Inside Out and the Good Dinosaur 2017: Cars 3 and Coco 2020: Onward and Soul Get it?
It's me Jonny
It's me Jonny 6 時間 前
I was super excited about this movie in the first half of the trailer, it looked like it would more mature and down to earth, like Ratatouille, but then the second half of the trailer happened. It looks way to similar to inside out and sort of gets rid of the whole tone that I was expecting in the beginning of the trailer, but I could be wrong, maybe it'll be a good twist... I hope...
HeyItsKiing 6 時間 前
God I love AJR
Lucky Man
Lucky Man 7 時間 前
Pixar’s stepping into the isekai territory.
ApplebloomGaming:D 7 時間 前
I know I'm not alone with the ending thought about this movie trailer: I'm so confused...
Sweet Potatowo Pie
Sweet Potatowo Pie 7 時間 前
Am I the only one excited for this and that it looks really cool 😂
Seth McCutcheon
Seth McCutcheon 8 時間 前
Wow. Never thought a movie trailer would give me my push towards my dreams
Daszombesfece 8 時間 前
This movie has already given itself a big disadvantage, I'm hoping that he doesn't stay as the soul the whole movie, I'll be waiting for next trailer, it's pixar, it's probably gonna be good even if they keep him as the soult the whole thing anyway
JP 897
JP 897 8 時間 前
EllisBuster 8 時間 前
Aw, this movie provokes a good messa- * *Sees blue snot* * No.
Ethan Tour
Ethan Tour 8 時間 前
I don’t like how people are gonna think this movie is gonna be bad already from a teaser trailer. A TEASER.
Eloise The Cat
Eloise The Cat 8 時間 前
I was like wow Pixar is making a really good movie that isn’t goofy... then my dude becomes a piece of blue dust
Renee Tian
Renee Tian 8 時間 前
Is this ... Outside In?
Battle Angel
Battle Angel 8 時間 前
"Oh wow, finally, I haven't seen anything ambitious from Pixar in a while. Seems lively so far, has a great theme going for it, seems like it wants to touch on some realistic...that got dark pretty quickly, that's not what I....of course. Well, it was a nice thought."
DBiaC 8 時間 前
It was SO good until that stupid end.
lg sus
lg sus 9 時間 前
New disney movie Me: im out Disney: hey the main character is black Me: im in Again disney: aaa dude I think hes now a family friendly walking ghost Me again: ok im out and I hate u
PVZ Productions
PVZ Productions 9 時間 前
I can’t believe they used “Overture” by AJR, it makes it have a really good feel. I only realised they used it now because I was listening to “The Click” and then I realised they used it.
Liz Gilbes
Liz Gilbes 9 時間 前
Hollywood: makes a normal nice movie about music Disney "magic": allow me introduce myself
D May
D May 9 時間 前
They don’t even credit the people who made the background music AJR
AnEerieFool 9 時間 前
If black people had feelings
Niah Sicat
Niah Sicat 9 時間 前
The quality tho. They look more like a human than I am😂
Timmy Tommy
Timmy Tommy 9 時間 前
In this movie they could have based on some quality looking, irl diversity and what not but nope, instead he’s a frieakin blob and that rlly triggers me
Jonathan Sauceda
Jonathan Sauceda 9 時間 前
This gen In a nutshell
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