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Nathan Weatherly
Nathan Weatherly 時間 前
2:24 kirby
Scottlyn Koepke
Scottlyn Koepke 2 時間 前
me: watching this at night with my friend on the line friend: welp you going to die love you me again: okay love you too *i am going to die* end call
RoseyCheeks 2 時間 前
Shane: the rake has pale skin and no eyes Me: woah it’s a more advanced and creepier version of VOLDEMORT ahhhh
Mateo_TheKidd-YT 2 時間 前
I was watching and a roblox ad popped up and I peed myself
Masen Moody
Masen Moody 3 時間 前
I live in Utah so I'm going to visit this grave
Storm River
Storm River 9 時間 前
Well I’m not falling asleep tonight
Samantha Sanderson
Samantha Sanderson 12 時間 前
The beast 666 is a Crazy one!! Also, im Originally from Salt lake!
Izzy Sunshine
Izzy Sunshine 日 前
Ohhhh that’s where the “I am god” “meme” thing popped up😂😂
Abelardo Leal
Abelardo Leal 日 前
Shane: Say hi to the Rake for me. Me:Ok. 5 minutes later. Hey, Rake umm...Shane said hi. Rake: Really? I haven't visited him for 58 years. Me: Welp, he said hi. Rake: Looks like it's gonna take 46 hours. Me: Why? Rake: Because...You know how much he weighs. Me: How much? Rake: 454,754,968 pounds. Me: WOW! Well after that um...Can you bring his body, dead because I want bacon. Rake: Okay, but can I get some bacon? Me: Yeah! I mean you are gonna kill him so...YEAH! Rake: Alright, let me go to Big Chungus's house. Me: Ok, YAY BEST DAY EVER!!!!
Bigstudipmonkeey Has kids
Bigstudipmonkeey Has kids 日 前
I was eating when I watched this. It was a horribleness
Kim Taehyung x
Kim Taehyung x 日 前
Salt Lake City.?! Omg I been in that cemetery
•Milo• 日 前
🦜 this is kiwi She will protect you She will do tricks for you She will give you cuddles Just comment a kiwi 🥝!!
Exoskeletxnz 日 前
don’t worry the mannequin girl was jeffree
Makayla Ellingwood
Makayla Ellingwood 日 前
Shane are you mr.bear shane tell me are you mr.bear
Razzi 日 前
For Lilly’s grave, my best assumption is the over exaggeration of Mormons, since Salt Lake City was founded by Mormons, the religion is very common in the area, so someone who did something insane might be considered possessed by the devil, or the beast 666. And considering it’s a woman’s name, either she or the church could very easily blame the beast 666 for her erratic behavior and in the end execute her.
Ø R B I T S 2 日 前
the rake is based off of skinwalkers from native american folklore
gaming with justice
gaming with justice 2 日 前
You could be ms bear
SPooky BAgles
SPooky BAgles 2 日 前
2:19 When you catch your sibling stealing your food in the middle of the night
CN TM 2 日 前
Holy shit that hell sounding clip fkn got me.
XxXunknownXxX 3 日 前
Shane: this is what hell sounds like me: ThAt SoUdS LiKe mY FrIeNdS wHeN tHeY EaR RaPe XD
DR. Penguin Lord
DR. Penguin Lord 4 日 前
I have heard sounds like that before from a really faulty mic that is having some sound wave detecting problems. Like u are recording something with a mic and it makes like weird noises that resemble that channel on a TV that doesn't work and it does all that static except its through a mic and sounds like that with a little bit of modification to it.
Phoenix Zek
Phoenix Zek 4 日 前
Shane: he watches you when you sleep Me: I don’t sleep tho
Bell Time
Bell Time 5 日 前
Background “Scream”
Sophia Graham
Sophia Graham 5 日 前
Okay, that Mr. Bear one has me thinking if that is real or fake. Also, good luck to me going to sleep tonight. haha Yeah, I came to hide in the comments too.
wes c
wes c 5 日 前
The language from that "1600's" letter is anachronistic (6:34)
Jonni Fuentes
Jonni Fuentes 6 日 前
Candle cove was freakin creepy
Thereal Skywatcher
Thereal Skywatcher 6 日 前
🐺this is Joni she will protect you! She will also bring you snacks and whatever else you need! Blankets,a charger,a pillow,drinks! So you don’t have to worry! All it costs is one like
DogeGacha Girl
DogeGacha Girl 6 日 前
OMG my grandma lives in Salt Lake and I saw that grave before 😦
Loki Laufeyson
Loki Laufeyson 7 日 前
Random RBLX
Random RBLX 7 日 前
The sounds of hell is fake. Why? No one has gotten near the center of the earth
PassMeThe OxPlease
PassMeThe OxPlease 7 日 前
8:37-8:54 Is that a euphemism for anal, Shane?
Joey Fronea
Joey Fronea 7 日 前
Imagine, lilly was just gay, so she was "satan's victim"
WasSniperFFA 7 日 前
I'm going to go up to people and ask if their Mr Bear 😂
Valentina Cvrk
Valentina Cvrk 7 日 前
I wonder what shanes search history looks like 😂😂😂😂
Rory Fan
Rory Fan 8 日 前
The sounds of hell thing was fake. Multiple stock sounds.
bella finn
bella finn 8 日 前
Part 2:21 Me grabbing my blanket
RESEARCH purposes
RESEARCH purposes 9 日 前
La llorona has left the chat
Miguel Vargas
Miguel Vargas 9 日 前
Conspiracy theorie: Shane only have one shirt😬
Banana Power
Banana Power 9 日 前
Expressionless woman: I am god Sonic.exe: *Are* *you* *sure* *about* *that*
Makenna Messina
Makenna Messina 9 日 前
I saw a photo of the "exprenless woman' and for same reason she looks like Michael Jackson? Shane: Hey whats up you guys, yes welcome to another creepy video.
Justyna K Lambert
Justyna K Lambert 9 日 前
Okay, maybe it's weird, but if I'm correct, the story about Mr Bear was actually "Year 1999". Several years ago it was deleted from almost everywhere. I am an owner of popular blog about creepypastas in my country and I had this story on my blog. One day, one of my readers wrote to me that the story started dissapearing so I made a copy of mine translation (I am from Poland) and few days after, I received the mail from blogger that they had this story off my blog, because an original author asked them to. It's really strange that someone was so determined to delete his story from all over the places, even the translation to foreign languages. Me and this reader of mine tried to contact the author of this story and he replied that half of it wasn't even made by him and he was tired of this thing being viral. My reader made even a blog with investingation and he even had a location of a spot which indeed could be a Mr Bear's house. Unfortunately, the author never mailed us back again so we don't know anything more but it was really weird and as a total fan of ur conspiracy videos, I am not able to believe that he was really tired of it. No no. It had to be something more...
Laila Cotterill
Laila Cotterill 9 日 前
“He likes to watch you sleep” Edward Cullen, what are you doing here 😏
Hue G. Rection
Hue G. Rection 10 日 前
Man i wish that bitch ass bear would pull up
Neon Foxy
Neon Foxy 10 日 前
that rake part made me sick to my stomach thats how scard i was
Mother May I
Mother May I 10 日 前
A myth is a myth though..
HI Studios
HI Studios 10 日 前
10:57 Lilly E. Gray might have just wanted her grave to say that because she thought that it was funny
Scranton Rogue of the Silver Trio
Scranton Rogue of the Silver Trio 10 日 前
Am I the only one who heard “I am Gone” instead of God? Which is far deeper and more interesting?
yuki baby
yuki baby 12 日 前
I dont even sleep anymore much bc of these videos😂
Chrispess 12 日 前
XxDarkSoulxX Hxcked
XxDarkSoulxX Hxcked 13 日 前
shane: "OH NO I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY FOR MY INTRO!!!!" also shane: "hey whats up you guys, yes-"
no 13 日 前
this is so scary
Connor Wilburn
Connor Wilburn 13 日 前
Man I really need to stop watching these videos at night
Here's Chica
Here's Chica 14 日 前
7:50 I've seen this video clip a few times before. In some count down videos, the person is "claimed" to be the rake as mentioned in this video Shane done and in some other count down videos, the person in the video clip is "claimed" to be a fallen angel. I think it was just a silly but creepy video a group of people decided to make to scare people or something like that.
Imaleena B
Imaleena B 15 日 前
How does he sleep at night?
AsGoodAsIGet 15 日 前
i aint sleeping NEVER
drⱥgongirl drⱥgongirl
drⱥgongirl drⱥgongirl 15 日 前
Ik I'm gonna get scared but I still watch ;-;
vSnipez 15 日 前
When I heard the sound of hell I felt something burn down my body
Carlee Dougherty
Carlee Dougherty 15 日 前
The rake looks like a homeless man shitting
Cufflinkend 16 日 前
I need more creepy videos
Nintendoes 16 日 前
That noise from the microphone sounds like a microphone being droped off from a 1000 m above the ground
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