Questioning Conventional Wisdom in the COVID-19 Crisis, with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

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Recorded on March 27, 2020
Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is a professor of medicine at Stanford University. He is a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and a senior fellow at both the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research and the Stanford Freeman Spogli Institute. His March 24, 2020, article in the Wall Street Journal questions the premise that “coronavirus would kill millions without shelter-in-place orders and quarantines.” In the article he suggests that “there’s little evidence to confirm that premise-and projections of the death toll could plausibly be orders of magnitude too high.” In this edition of Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson we asked Dr. Bhattacharya to defend that statement and describe to us how he arrived at this conclusion. We get into the details of his research, which used data collected from hotspots around the world and his background as a doctor, a medical researcher, and an economist. It’s not popular right now to question conventional wisdom on sheltering in place, but Dr. Bhattacharya makes a strong case for challenging it, based in economics and science.
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Ariadna Cobain
Ariadna Cobain 4 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1623">27:03</a> "this is part of the cost of globalization" truest words ever spoke.
Peter Covid19 is real but very far from being a pandemic. Check the death Data.
Bessie Nash
Bessie Nash 11 日 前
I thank you for asking the hard questions.
JW Suicides
JW Suicides 16 日 前
Good to hear two sensible, knowledeable people discussing this. Thank you.
ciaran 19 日 前
Swedish scientist has said the same. 50 to 60 percent of US population will get it. Lots of had already. And haven't known it.
utewbing ヶ月 前
No hype, no proclamations, no hyperbole, no agenda. Wonderful video, thanks.
Jean-Luc Lachance
Jean-Luc Lachance ヶ月 前
This is comparing apple to oranges. Nobody has done statistical analysis of the seasonal flu anti-body. The symptoms of COVID19 are much worst than the flu. What can be measure is number of people who must be hospitalized and, out of those, how many die.
dthwlkr85 ヶ月 前
So we have an illness that, even the gentlemen here agree, we have no idea how lethal it is. Rather than take precautionary measures - what the governments have been doing worldwide - they go about questioning it and the impact on economy! Yes economies have suffered, yes people have lost their jobs, but in the absence of lockdowns these could be far worse. Rather have my life than the economy booming and me resting under 6 feet of dirt!
Edmund Horak
Edmund Horak ヶ月 前
Thank you for being scientifically honest and not ideologically driven mixed in with fear.
MrBazzer2011 ヶ月 前
Spot on. Dr Jay certainly hits the mark of what most intelligent people are thinking.
rosebud3511 ヶ月 前
Thank you for honest, intelligent insights/perspectives.
Eric Hurner
Eric Hurner ヶ月 前
Very interesting discussion. Thank you. But I don't think I'd like to be in the US right now at all. I live in Switzerland and am grateful every day for being here, where the health care is excellent, the laws are functional but not draconian and the whole issue has never become some political controversy polarising the entire nation. It's been dealt with practically and in a manner that the vast majority of the country supports. It's called living in a democracy, and that has not been significantly undermined in this entire process.
Maw G
Maw G ヶ月 前
Please do some research on Dr Fauchi. He's on the side of Bill Gates. He predicted this pandemic a few years ago. I believe President Trump knows already. And, check out Dr. Raschid Buttar on JPchat. He knows all about covid-19. They are lying a out the figures. I also heard that if you were vaccinated with the flu shot, n tested for covid, you will test positive. I hope this helps yall. Thanks for the info.
Jonathon Britten
Jonathon Britten ヶ月 前
The truth is here for everyone to see now. Dr Rashed A Batter has been exposing the lies to covid 19 a must see on the truth. Thank you for this video, you to have questions like us, appreciate that you guys are honest.✋
Mary Kangas
Mary Kangas ヶ月 前
This video is the most informative piece I have seen - thank you so much for showing this = to both of you... ALL should watch the follow up Video as well.. I am pretty certain I had COVID in December and did not get tested at that time. I was buying items from China DIRECT = person to person with a 9 day transit time. I do believe I had it... yes, I do... I would be more than willing to give plasma to someone that is sick.. however, it seems like a person that "think" they may have had it needs to have proof-positive before they can get considered to donate..
13teres ヶ月 前
thanks for a good info
Michael Cheney
Michael Cheney ヶ月 前
thanks for this. I also collected all the evidence that they're lying to us about Coronavirus: @
Ros Lewis
Ros Lewis ヶ月 前
This is one of the best discussion that I have heard. Thank you. I have a scientific training and am shocked at how little the intelligentsia know about science in the 21st century. We need a better basic science education
ErinCM TheMC
ErinCM TheMC ヶ月 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1661">27:41</a> Yes, you were reading our minds! Uh... no thanks!
Robert Branciforte
Robert Branciforte ヶ月 前
This is a conversation ignorant of risk theory. They are both speaking within their fields, but are unable to see outside of them. Please go listen to an interview by Nassim Nicolas Taleb, the man who predicted the 2008 economic collapse, who wrote the Black Swan:
I felt it necessary to give some facts about the WUHAN VIrus. I want to call to your attention Dr. Francis Boyle who you can verify on a simple Google. The good doctor is extremely well qualified and states that the Corona Virus was a man made Bio-Science WuHan level 4 lab disaster. In essence no one party is yet to be blamed. In truth the World is responsible for our own misfortune due to the stupidity of man and a few evil natured human freaks that were responsible for this Pandemic. The storey starts back at Fort Detrick in Maryland USA. This is where CORVID19 was originally developed from the SARS virus. The genes have been sliced and the alteration under an electron microscope shows the outline. After development the Virus was given to the University of North Carolina and was under study. It was also sent to the Canadian level 4 lab in Winnipeg for Canadian study. In 2015 President Obama for some reason along with Joe Biden gave china a 3.7 million dollar grant to do research on viruses at their level four Bio Lab in WuHan. Both Obama and Biden were aware of this. Meanwhile the Virus now resided both at the University of North Carolina and a sample went to the newly constructed Winnipeg Bio Science Lab in Canada for analysis and study. The lab employed exchange Chinese scientists. In 2015 The Chinese hired a Harvard Professor named Charles Labor to head their level four lab in WuHan. This man ran the lab and is a pronounced staunch Globalist. Between 2015 and today a Vaccine was developed in parallel to combat the new Virus should it ever be used in war. After all what good is a weaponized virus if you don't have a vaccine to go with it. Now the plot thickens when you ask to who's advantage is it to release the Covid -19 virus from the WuHan lab on the world. Unless this was either a communist experiment after key party members were vaccinated against it, or it was released by a Globalist Saboteur out of insane revenge against humanity or perhaps the virus simply escaped due to simple stupidity at the level four lab itself or one of the workers took it home by accident with him. Now what happened is disgusting. The American made Virus that China was paid by America to experiment on escaped or was purposely released by a nut case. The Chinese government immediately got vaccinated, and the virus spread around the world like wildfire. China could not tell the world the truth about any of this so they tried to cover it up on the hope they could stop it locally. Unfortunately it was too late so China went into high gear along with the world health organization and the U.N. to cover up the escape of the Virus. CONCLUSION: President Trump knew nothing about this until after the fact. But he did react as best he could as information was made aware to him. The W.H.O. assisted China with the cover up which is why Trump is so pissed at the W.H.O.. Now the virus is running rampant but there is already a vaccine, since it was originally made in the USA. But nothing is going to happen until a lot of people make a lot of money including the Banks and Globalists etc. Since they already have the Genetic code from SARS and a vaccine already exists what is the hurray. The Globalists have a great opportunity to observe test and make a fortune on this pandemic before it comes under control.So whom do we blame the bell tolls for thee. The USA, Obama, Biden Clinton and Gates all had if not directly involved were indirectly through funding and manipulation add to that the MSM. These are some of the people responsible along with many more and maybe a Globalist paid sabateur whom we have already identified. The Chinese are the real criminals in the end for first even playing with such a deadly virus, and when it escaped covered it up which allowed an unprepared world to literally lose the lives of millions of people. A little warning as of December 1st when China knew the virus was lose could have saved many lives and prevented a world pandemic. as for the vaccine after everyone makes a lot of money and the new financial reset is established a vaccine will be made available to the public. Yes an investigation should be conducted, and nothing will come of it because we already know what happened. China will be made the enemy and hopefully the level four lab will be dismantled. Due to the horrific damage caused by this virus the vaccine will be released relatively quickly once the key people that know what happened have made a lot of money off this mess along with their friends. China should never have been fooling around with this virus in the first place and should be held responsible for not being honest with the world after the virus escaped. For that they should pay and they will by having as much as 10% of products now part of the international supply chain brought back to America and other countries so this can never happen again to the supply chain. A valuable lesson learned. BUt when a country loses 10% of it's GDP a Country like china is likely to declare a war in order to survive. Trump may be able to postpone this conflict but now it looks inevitable and likely to happen within the next five years or should Biden become President sooner. The list of criminals is long, and easy to find. Both America and China were playing with fire and we all got burnt. But the fact there already is a vaccine available and china covered up the entire incident and blamed it on a bat. Well that is evil personified and explains why so many people have been telling of a recent dream all over the world where they saw Christ only he was pictured to b e mad at the world, for being so stupid. The mad Christ is rare much like the day he lost his temper with the money changers in the temple. These strange prophetic dreams all around the world wide among christians is unusual and frightening.. The behaviour of the world, China and the USA playing with the genes of life and hatred for ones fellow man disgusts me.Christ rarely gets mad but like the Holocaust visions of the Jewish people and children drawings, at the time Christ has good reason to be mad. We did it to ourselves and we may see a world war come out of it if we are not careful because real blame lies directly to China but the USA is not innocent. Trump has tried to save the situation but even he was too late. However so far he has saved millions of American Lives and he is doing all he can.
wave surfa
wave surfa ヶ月 前
already outdated info:(
gary p
gary p ヶ月 前
Yah tracking for your health, you don't need a tracking devices, when you feel sick see your Doctor, its for social scoring that's what its about. Just like China.
DeadShred999 ヶ月 前
As a 54 year old man with no Health issues I think a Quality Vitamin regimen can help just about everyone who comes in contact with the Virus !! A good diet and exercise as well should keep us all healthy ..
tommy ballz
tommy ballz ヶ月 前
In a way I actually love you conservative talking heads that convince yourself that everything is fine. The numbers continue to go up and you and your kind will likely get sick and die and make the world a better place. It is the capitalist ideology that is addicted to continued consumption that will not sustain itself, or can not prepare for trying times. Therefore, it will consume itself when there is nothing more to consume.
inocenta ewart
inocenta ewart ヶ月 前
Dr Bhattacharya, thank you for sharing your experience, thoughts and plans to help with Covi 19. You are sending people a message of hope. I pray that you will be listen to and will get your studies done. Bendiciones for you and your family. inocenta
siobhan dolan
siobhan dolan ヶ月 前
Taken by surprise doesn't cut it, really!!! To know something is going on coming in from so many sources, and you wait?? Time lost means lives lost. In Public Health, you prepare for the potential worst, and hope for the best.
Rigon Sierra
Rigon Sierra ヶ月 前
Maybe Dr. Fauci isn't guessing, unless he knew something before it became public. You guys are being too nice to Fauci, The RAT!
Vince Paul
Vince Paul ヶ月 前
there we go, surveillance, systematic fuck you with your surveillance
Vince Paul
Vince Paul ヶ月 前
took everyone by surprise????? event 201
strange times
strange times ヶ月 前
There is NO WAY to determine WHAT the death rate is unless they tested EVERYONE. Fauci is a LIAR.
eric thefathead
eric thefathead ヶ月 前
no, it is NATURE vs. human lives. basic ecology. If a population reaches a condition where it is exceeding the ability of the natural ecosystem to sustain it, the population will be reduced eventually. Nature doesn't care about the human population and economy, about our emotions and our egos. It doesn't care that we need to believe our existence on this planet is important. The lifespan of an insect is maybe a couple of weeks or months. We as humans are fortunate that our expected lifespan is six to seven decades. Our lives are simply an expectation, not a necessity.
Ingolf Stern
Ingolf Stern ヶ月 前
if you just did a textual/narrative analysis of this whole virus thing it would become clear. Add the pieces: invisible virus comes out of nowhere. All the usual suspects pop up: racism, fascism, capitalism. They are destroying the money (to make way for CBDC's). The petro-dollar is dead. They prepped us with the installation of divisive/incompetent "leadership" that also divided the country in half. Same for the Brits. Brexit. Boris. They prepped us with a propaganda machine never seen before (Facebook/Twitter). They prepped us with tracking devices (cellphones). They prepped us with economic fragility (gig economy) and generational division (old vs young). They prepped us with debt-loading (student loans). Hegelian Dialectic. Look at the social pressure being deployed. Look at the media hype machine. The fear is the primary symptom. The economic damage is the primary effect. The effect is the motive! What happens is what is intended to happen. Read "Last and First Men" by Olaf Stapledon. We are entering the Sino-Russian Era. This is an OP. That image of the virus is the official logo of the OP. The mandatory face-masks are the inescapable overt signal for us to be afraid. The face is the identity. The explanation for the masks makes no sense. It is fear programming to make us comply and to accept the control measures that are coming. Google and Apple have admitted to deploying tracking apps. They are working on it NOW. Personalized, numbered tracking apps you cant turn off. Combine that with "programmed" money, money with "rules", (the CBDC's) and you get something Beastly.
partytill10 ヶ月 前
To find out confidently what is mortality, we can't use "official" numbers of death due to covid-19, due to suspicions that many non-covid deaths are being labelled as covid, and also due to many past examples of similar falsifications of other disease mortality.
partytill10 ヶ月 前
PCR test is a method of finding tiny amounts of a specific protein (in this case claimed to be unique to covid-19 but that is also what they say about PCR for HIV which is not unique to HIV at all), and amplifying it enormaously so that it can then be detected. So you could have an absolutely tiny amount of a protein which supposedly indicates a tiny amount fo virus, far too little to cause disease, and still test positive as if you have an active infection.
Marah March
Marah March ヶ月 前
Anyone who got a flu vaccine is going to test positive. The covid in is the vaccine. Look it up. (Hence, those who have no symptoms). They got us good.
Galenus66 ヶ月 前
Professor Bhattacharya, I stopped watching you at your statement about globalization. If anything globalization should be stopped and the entire force behind that drives it. At least in its present form. As a global human community, we should aim towards local diversity, sustainability in synch with nature, less prone to centralized control as we know by now where that leads us. The root of this entire plandemic lies with the paradigm of power, greed, and control that ravages the world presently. If anything the modern technological exponential growth should be slowed down and reassessed through a different lens, more akin to natural cycles and spirituality than financial profitability and seemingly eternal economic growth. I hope you see the links between the present global crisis and medicine. Both systems need to change. Profoundly.
partytill10 ヶ月 前
IT depends if the common test detects actual virus, or is an antibody test. I thought I heard that it is an antibody test, in which case if you had it and recovered, you should test positive for antibodies (immune bodies which destroy the virus).
Thomas H Greco Jr
Thomas H Greco Jr ヶ月 前
Too rambling and verbose; could have been condensed into about 5 minutes.
Marah March
Marah March ヶ月 前
Watch Dana Ashley's expose. Connecting dots. More medical professionals are speaking up.
Gary Chandler
Gary Chandler ヶ月 前
I keep asking who is doing the counting? Why are there so many massive fluctuations? Whose numbers do we trust and why doesn't the government? Rats in the porridge.
eric thefathead
eric thefathead ヶ月 前
What is Dr. Fauci up to? He is promoting a government agenda.
Melissa Watson
Melissa Watson ヶ月 前
The good doctor says to make no mistake, this is a deadly virus. But he's presenting the argument that no one knows the numbers. So how can he make that statement? Is it "pandemic" deadly, or "seasonal flu" deadly?
Sima A
Sima A ヶ月 前
You dont know so why risk so many lives until you know. So far it is known its highly contagious
Sima A
Sima A ヶ月 前
And in Canada its exploded in long term care We cant treat our elderly this way We must do better
sasapienza ヶ月 前
Fought in WWII, fought in Korea, Fought Evil monarchs, fought in Vietnam, Fought in Middle East, many serviceman suicides, are we ready to fight here? And stop the Communists Boot.
GFSTaylor ヶ月 前
You can't kill a virus with a gun.
Matt Eloht
Matt Eloht ヶ月 前
Only if it's in the interests of the shareholder...
Kevin Speich
Kevin Speich ヶ月 前
Thank You guy, my oldboy was in the Army's 5th Armored Division in WWII, and was awarded a purple heart . R.I.P. dad. The good veteran old timers get what's going on here !!
Michele Prince
Michele Prince ヶ月 前
The fact that the denominator is unknown drives the public reaction into panic. Therefore it is irresponsible for govt over reaction, conversely we have the the doctor fauci's saying "BUT what if we are wrong?" However I ask for all of our learning, which is immense, are we unable to isolate the nature of covid 19. This defies common sense which means it IS A plandemic.
Shelbymaldita ヶ月 前
I have an aunt working in ICU in CA the hospital is not busy so as a hospital close to me one of the employees told me. The MSM spreading lies and fear, some nurses in another hospital were furloughed.
Dr Cutler
Dr Cutler ヶ月 前
Why aren't we talking about air purifiers? Coved-19 is after all an airborne disease, so why are we not talking about the benefits of air purifiers? I recall about 20 years ago air purifiers were extremely popular and people were buying them like crazy and we did not have a pandemic going on at the time.
Chiropratica Sassari Centro Salute
Chiropratica Sassari Centro Salute ヶ月 前
I appreciate the truth nobody knows. The problem arises with media. The politicians use this. The populace is at risk and it can only breed radical responses! Truly tragic.
Granma Sue
Granma Sue ヶ月 前
Thank you for understanding medicine and statistics. Thank you for putting this online. Anyone who knows how statistics and marketing and now politics are manipulating the mindset of people. Like Andrew Yang,, democratic presidential candidate,. MATH. Make Americans think harder. We can Do it, especially with truth on our side and elevating ourselves to our highest and best good. This time is showing us what humans really are and not such limited beings they are trying to convince us we are via marketing and FAKE NEWS communication that is becoming a new normal. We need truth and education that facilitates movement for each of us out of fear and into our life to thrive together as community. Always in Love Light and Truth. Thank You again for the truth and logic you present.
Chris Wagner
Chris Wagner ヶ月 前
Thank you, finally, the unalienable truth!!
Erica Rae Hinton McKelvey
Erica Rae Hinton McKelvey ヶ月 前
I am standing in the middle of my back yard crying with relief. I'd about driven my brain off a cliff and pushed my family to the homicidal brink chewing on all the things that make me go"Hmmmm?!?" about this whole thing. Common sense is a bad ass if we would but listen. Thank you gentlemen, profoundly and sincerely. Courage can be found...
T. A.B.
T. A.B. ヶ月 前
Thanks so much for this information.
Mike B
Mike B ヶ月 前
This was a refreshing discussion amidst all of the uncertainty and mudslinging. Thank you.
James Corletta
James Corletta ヶ月 前
Thanks to Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Peter Robinson! Honest open information! Please keep up your excellent work! Stay healthy and safe!
Michael Austin
Michael Austin ヶ月 前
This is a very well done, very honest interview. Thank you.
Suzanne Norton
Suzanne Norton ヶ月 前
On April 15 showing 29,000 deaths. Less than a month from time of the interview when numbers were in the 400s. Crazy! But yes we need to test people to see who has had it. Many who didn't even know it. We do not have accurate data. Thank you for the interview. I would really love a follow up. I'm trying to look at this from all different angles.
papa salted
papa salted ヶ月 前
300 000 did from tuberculosis during the last 3 month..This pandemic is hype only periot
Love Of inquiry
Love Of inquiry ヶ月 前
Very important information, hopefully people will take it seriously and start getting people back to work.
Susan Pascal
Susan Pascal ヶ月 前
But the test will test positive if you have allergies, asthma, sinus infection, etc... I was around people with CoVid-19 back in December I was non-symtomatic. My son was sick as the regular flu for a little over a month. Most people will not have bad negative effects. Our bodies are made to fix ourselves if we let it. This lockdown for people inside the country is just tyranny.
JL JL ヶ月 前
pathas ヶ月 前
By far, the most important exchange in this interview takes place at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="298">4:58</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="390">6:30</a>. The Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious diseases states that the corona virus mortality rate is ten times higher than the flu mortality rate of 0.1%. (i.e. that the corona mortality rate is 1%). The doctor interviewed refers to this rate as the "Measured Case Fatality Rate" He then states that the rate cannot be known with specificity because the denominator is unknown. The denominator is unknown because it does not include people who have recovered which is determined by testing for antibodies - and that still has not been done. Therefore, the Director states AS A FACT that which is clearly unknown according to the doctor. The doctor suggests that the corona mortality rate could be ten times LESS than the flu. Therefore, it can be said that the economic shut down was based on projections based on speculative assumptions as opposed to forecasts based on assumptions with reasonable foundation in fact. As an expert witness the Director's testimony would be inadmissable as evidence in a court of law.
* ヶ月 前
phenomenal video, thank you Dr. Jay Bhattacharya . You keep it real !!
Tim McLaughlin
Tim McLaughlin ヶ月 前
This was worth watching, thank you.
Ashlyn Dvorak
Ashlyn Dvorak ヶ月 前
THANK YOU to all the Doctors who are committed to the INTEGRITY of their profession! It takes inconceivable courage to tell the TRUTH instead of simply what you are TOLD TO DO and say. I greatly appreciate your service, honoring the Hippocratic Oath. I will repost on FB and discuss it with my counterparts! HUMANITY HAS A CHANCE WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!
Timothy Atkins
Timothy Atkins ヶ月 前
This is the video to watch about Coronavirus information
Richard White
Richard White ヶ月 前
Thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge. Keep fighting the good fight.
bk50productions ヶ月 前
World has banded together to bankrupt the boomers. It’s all about the economy. Without a global bankruptcy, real growth is mathematically impossible. We’re about to witness the greatest deflationary event in history!
Luke Neethling
Luke Neethling ヶ月 前
great interview, it does open a few questions like is it possible there are many people which have it that are immune to it and we can get antibodies from their blood.
David M
David M ヶ月 前
disaster capitalism. Look it up. The economy was destroyed on purpose.
Craig Reynolds
Craig Reynolds ヶ月 前
Thank you so much for making this video. I know you will take a lot of crap for it but more people need to talk about this. Don't ever think you did or said something wrong. Those people that are attacking these guys and saying things like "lives are being lost every day how can you suggest we don't lock everyone up for two months. If it saves just a few lives its worth it!!! How dare you suggest otherwise."....I've got this to say to you. In 2018 80,000 people died of the flu in the United States. 80,000 of your fellow Americans DIED of the flu two years ago and what did you do or say? I bet you didn't even notice it happened. What kind of person does that make you? Interesting how 80,000 people died two years ago of the flu and most of us never noticed. As of yesterday we've had 22,116 deaths from the Covid-19 virus. So if you let 80,000 people die one year and not do anything or even notice it you don't get to attack a Doctor that's working hard to protect all of us by saying or implying he's reckless or doesn't value life. He was not only right about how many deaths would result from economic hell some people want to unleash. Millions of people without jobs for a couple more months. Actually deaths and long term suffering that would result is way more than what that virus can do. Suicide...domestic violence deaths/violence...death from crime...depression that turns into death because people just don't care...Go to the next level. The kids of the people that commit suicide or have to live with domestic violence. Some will suicide or will be violent. That type of death and suffering just keeps growing. Millions and millions of people are unemployed now. They are going to be very angry and rightly so. The government doesn't care about them. They gave people $1200 which is basically gone when they get it. In that same stimulus package they put in a $1.7 million dollar give away to 43,000 taxpayers that make more than a million dollars. Trillions to the big corporations and banks. Average of $1.7 million to every millionaire in the country. $1200 for the rest of us. Lots of guns...millions that had a life one day and the next it's gone...and a government full of people that are busy with their next round of multi Trillion dollar extraction of wealth from this country. Maybe instead of attacking a Doctor who is trying to help us all you should wake up and look at the people who are stealing your future and more importantly your childrens future right now right in front of you. They did it in 2008. They are doing it right now. They have screwed this country so much I don't think it will handle anybodies 2-3 more month lock down. Your social security and medicare will be gone soon. They've been trying for years. Now they will insist we can't afford it anymore. Some how they always have Trillions for Corporations and Wars that make them rich but we can never afford anything for us peasants.
william wolfe
william wolfe ヶ月 前
Yeah, first the government takes your money, now it wants your blood.
william wolfe
william wolfe ヶ月 前
Better to call it monitoring, not surveillance -- but no matter what you call it, it conflicts with basic freedoms, so, Houston, we have a problem.
william wolfe
william wolfe ヶ月 前
Yes, honesty would be very helpful. Too bad we have a society driven by lie after lie. The more creative the lie, the more energic the societal response.
K Dub
K Dub ヶ月 前
You should thank the liar in chief in the White House for that.
Solgato Blogopogo
Solgato Blogopogo ヶ月 前
You can thank the hammer of Bernays for that.
Damselfly MoldaVite
Damselfly MoldaVite ヶ月 前
it's been 15 days - follow-up?
Hache 007
Hache 007 ヶ月 前
Very intelligent discussion. Thank you
Cheryl King
Cheryl King ヶ月 前
Thank you for all of your honesty. For putting yourself out there.. An updated follow-up would be a great thing. I look forward to hearing more from you guys.
Fionnuala Murphy
Fionnuala Murphy ヶ月 前
Thanks very much for the interview. Stop eating animal parts and secretions. It's time. Our plants is crying out for change. Animal farming is destroyi g our planet and us. Please consider embracing a vegan life based on wholefoods. We'll be healthy with great immune systems. These coronas come from being to close to animals. Let's leave animals to their own lives. Please, it's time
Jason Hampson
Jason Hampson ヶ月 前
Isn’t the infection rate a lot higher with covid19? I’m just interested in the truth too. Thankyou for questioning the orthodoxy.
pattyann321 ヶ月 前
Excellent report and inquiry - thank you. Please update with new info after you have had a chance to test and study more.
ishoot bvi
ishoot bvi ヶ月 前
Any update from Dr. Jay Bhattacharya. This is an excellent piece by the way. Thank you
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