Maroon 5 - This Love (Official Music Video)

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10 年 前

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Music video by Maroon 5 performing This Love. (C) 2003 OctoScope Music, LLC

Kaitlyn Nguyen
Kaitlyn Nguyen 6 時間 前
Thank you for bringing this beauty back, Mikan
fl00d 10 時間 前
julius freecque
julius freecque 13 時間 前
flash back
Cyberian Knight • 19 years ago
Cyberian Knight • 19 years ago 14 時間 前
Can anyone explain to me wtf is Mikan and what is the problem?
maritza _H_
maritza _H_ 15 時間 前
Esta canción solo me hace recordar a donde estan las rubias cuando estan en la playa 😂
Mariarita Borrello
Mariarita Borrello 20 時間 前
This love (for Mikan)has taken its toll on me
Oce 日 前
Who tf is this mikan dude everyone talking about
Tyler ll Dun //
Tyler ll Dun // 日 前
Damg this things sounds better thn our new songs today.
[GD] gamer phosphate
[GD] gamer phosphate 日 前
Am I the only one wondering why this isn't age restricted?
Lil Lilium
Lil Lilium 日 前
Mikan made me come, this song it's stuck in my head
myrto top
myrto top 日 前
I swear Mikan I’m going through the same thing right now you really influenced my sleep
JLD LdR 2 日 前
Mikan has taken a toll on all of us.
Broken, Beat and Scarred
Broken, Beat and Scarred 2 日 前
Wow , Phil Anselmo has really changed
Jate Catalunya
Jate Catalunya 2 日 前
I miss old school maroon 5
Gee M.
Gee M. 2 日 前
thanks mikan for corrupting my mind with this song
Moonlight Bunny
Moonlight Bunny 2 日 前
finally gave in to Mikannnnn
Julienne Yen
Julienne Yen 2 日 前
Im also here because of Mikan
Melody Tongia
Melody Tongia 2 日 前
I'm here because of mikan , love u♥️
Chrysanthemum 2 日 前
Here comes another maroon 5 phase. Thanks a lot Mikan. 👀👄👀
Chevie Firman
Chevie Firman 2 日 前
Thin body
nithan nishri
nithan nishri 2 日 前
If this was released in 2013 instead of 2003, this would easily get a billion views.
Selena forever
Selena forever 2 日 前
Mikan made me listen to this song😂 I'm not mad, this song is sick🤘😂
Barry 45 from kent
Barry 45 from kent 2 日 前
Cheers mikan
Imlizen La Monique
Imlizen La Monique 2 日 前
Mikan, this is your fault ಥ╭╮ಥ
Love that song
Faiq Amsyar
Faiq Amsyar 2 日 前
I just type "she say goo"
Annqualise 2 日 前
the fact that so many people are here from mikan lmaooo :’) i didn’t know she had _that_ much impact
Southern Gothic
Southern Gothic 2 日 前
Damn it Mikan you've succeeded in getting this stuck in everyone's heads
이크마 2 日 前
10 Years gone still Wonderful!
moonitessu 2 日 前
Sandro Alcántara
Sandro Alcántara 2 日 前
Vina I'm here for u ¡¡¡
Alina B.
Alina B. 2 日 前
can‘t get this song out of my head 😔 thanks mikan!
Julia Cylke
Julia Cylke 2 日 前
Tbh Mikan has a great music taste, but gorl pls go to sleep
Thegamer109087 5
Thegamer109087 5 2 日 前
Thanks Mikan! I feel like I haven’t listen to this song for like 20 years 😂😂😭😭❤️
Anneta Minadaki
Anneta Minadaki 3 日 前
im here bc of mikan mandarin
Ruhus 3 日 前
mikan magic
Ava Parent
Ava Parent 3 日 前
I love how we're all here cause the mandarin sent us lol
Estrellis Contreras
Estrellis Contreras 3 日 前
Mikan... get out of here.
huge gander
huge gander 3 日 前
スクルメンskrmen 3 日 前
Mikan get some sleep please ily
huge gander
huge gander 3 日 前
Alex G. Lu
Alex G. Lu 3 日 前
Who else is here because of Mikan?😂
huge gander
huge gander 3 日 前
meh meh i am back xD
milcceu vx
milcceu vx 3 日 前
Eyyy mikan 🍊🌸 you sent me here thank you you made me not forget abt this glourious song
Katie Bug
Katie Bug 3 日 前
Hi Mikan!🍊 Time to go to sleep✨
Anahyas Lopes
Anahyas Lopes 3 日 前
gracious 3 日 前
Mikan 🍊🍊🍊
Kara Wult
Kara Wult 3 日 前
Yes thxs
DÆMON 3 日 前
Ehi you like this song yes?
Xiomara Serrano
Xiomara Serrano 3 日 前
Thanks Mikan😂
ryaw 0001
ryaw 0001 3 日 前
Mikan sent me
Toto Roemermann
Toto Roemermann 3 日 前
Mikan Squad UwU❤️
Lust_for_art 3 日 前
Mikan why did you decide to remind us of this bop. 50th replay by now
huge gander
huge gander 3 日 前
xD 🐦
K 3 日 前
Mizuki美月 3 日 前
Mikan if you reading this, it’s your fault
@Mizuki美月 Thanks!
Mizuki美月 21 時間 前
@STONEMATT here you go
Mizuki美月 21 時間 前
@AnnaDoesStuff she didn't use the song in a vid, its an inside joke with her followers on insta
@Mizuki美月 Can you send the link to her channel? I'm kinda curious now
AnnaDoesStuff 日 前
Which video did she use this song in?
Turi B
Turi B 3 日 前
Mikan got this song stuck in my head for 3 days skfskdjsk
Zer 7 時間 前
May I obtain the knowledge of which Mikan you are speaking of?
huge gander
huge gander 3 日 前
Keeley Wheelz
Keeley Wheelz 3 日 前
God! Mikan got this in my head!
huge gander
huge gander 3 日 前
Molly Sill
Molly Sill 3 日 前
Sent here by our lord and savior, Mikan. 💕
Jhope Is the only hope I have left in my future
Jhope Is the only hope I have left in my future 3 日 前
Mikan created another breakthrough for this song.
huge gander
huge gander 14 時間 前
@Jhope Is the only hope I have left in my future xD
촉촉한 촉나라
촉촉한 촉나라 14 時間 前
@Jhope Is the only hope I have left in my future aha.. thx
Jhope Is the only hope I have left in my future
Jhope Is the only hope I have left in my future 23 時間 前
촉촉한 촉나라 she created a revolution for maroon 5
촉촉한 촉나라
촉촉한 촉나라 日 前
who is Mikan?
huge gander
huge gander 3 日 前
Yupp xD 🐦
Asude Sarıçam
Asude Sarıçam 3 日 前
Vina you bring me here and this song is stuck in my mind thanks to you~
Lala 3 日 前
Mikan/Vina is single handedly reviving this
Annie 3 日 前
No more this love for mikan
Haruka Harrilka
Haruka Harrilka 3 日 前
Lol when so many people come bc of Mikan well I guess this love has taken a toll. 😂😂 Mikan you got this stuck in my head haha
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