Man Broke Into My Backyard

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3 年 前

Hey everyone hope you enjoy this Story....literally happened 2 days ago :|
Also....Bronkle tits nugget dicks
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Damian Fisher
Damian Fisher 3 時間 前
I’m four year after this was posted
Marvel Fan
Marvel Fan 3 日 前
SomeThingElseYT: Rick and Morty is probably the best show created. Game Of Thrones Fans: NANI! What did you just say.
Olivia Alcindor
Olivia Alcindor 3 日 前
Stupid is what stupid does. -Forest Gump
Geofriendly 7 日 前
Drapace Official
Drapace Official 8 日 前
Frick'n chickens | | \/
Jon Fish
Jon Fish 8 日 前
Rick and morty yessss
Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice 9 日 前
When I wake up, I'm honestly the same way I'm already in attack mode and ppl tell me I can also be a dick.. Edit: I am *definitely not* a morning person
Four 14 日 前
Ah theres a man in my backward.
Irma Linda Ovalle
Irma Linda Ovalle 14 日 前
Hi can you please make a new song please
Eric Leblanc
Eric Leblanc 16 日 前
**Adam glares into my house and I'm watching this vid**
Incredispeakable_Jake _???*
Incredispeakable_Jake _???* 17 日 前
look at Adam’s character in 2016 now look at his character at 2010/2019. It improved so much!
Adawg Lawson
Adawg Lawson 17 日 前
Yeah Rick and Morty is a good show buuuut here's the thing I am 10
Smug Pink
Smug Pink 19 日 前
Man outside:can I get sugar?!? Something else:AHHHH MOM THERES A MAN
Chad Adams
Chad Adams 21 日 前
Hi 2016 adam
ItsLemon Juice
ItsLemon Juice 22 日 前
I see real Slenderman at the forest at 3:00 :P
John Sullivan
John Sullivan 22 日 前
Where’s the goddamn game?
Sophiapia 0000
Sophiapia 0000 22 日 前
I cant believe this is his art style back then😂😂😂
Keegan Martin
Keegan Martin 24 日 前
Pickle rick
GamerCactus _
GamerCactus _ 25 日 前
Who misses Big Mouth Adam
Edgar I.L.
Edgar I.L. 25 日 前
He just vibin
Now I'm scared of sleeping in my couch :V
Mister Lipman
Mister Lipman 28 日 前
James: So my pet moth died and the education system made me play instruments I guess Adam: I almost got killed by a shotgun, got arrested because racism, a pedophile enrolled in my elementary school, and a man broke into my house
Billy the beast
Billy the beast 29 日 前
I had a exact experience but he was in my home and I saw his eyes looking at me. But I just looked at him and I just fell asleep
Daniel17 studio
Daniel17 studio 29 日 前
Randoms fandoms
Randoms fandoms ヶ月 前
Today a random guy and girl walked into my house and started looking around and I was like who are you and he introduced himself and I asked why he was there and he was just like oh I’m at the wrong house and now I think I’m gonna get robbed
Abukar Happy
Abukar Happy ヶ月 前
Who else thought their device died when the screen went black
Luna Verhoeven
Luna Verhoeven ヶ月 前
Yonghong Liang
Yonghong Liang ヶ月 前
lomika 1234
lomika 1234 ヶ月 前
1:31 he says "when I wake up " like that kid singing I play Pokemon go every day
Wafflecop123455 ヶ月 前
Its really scary how we can sense presences and i hate dreams also when they just abruptly end im just like 😐”what do i do” and then i hear my alarm
Adrienne Kaio
Adrienne Kaio ヶ月 前
Rules to being an animator: Live in Arizona. That is all.
Raulzin :3
Raulzin :3 ヶ月 前
i hate furries but i like egg dog
Can I get 1000 subscribers- UIT7
Can I get 1000 subscribers- UIT7 ヶ月 前
Stop saying 2019 anyone it’s annoying
Jameson O'Doherty
Jameson O'Doherty ヶ月 前
2020 rip the office 😭
Juanita Salas
Juanita Salas ヶ月 前
Pickel rick
bree nichols
bree nichols ヶ月 前
TicTacToe3 _total drama is cool_
TicTacToe3 _total drama is cool_ ヶ月 前
I'm in 2019 lol
Baker Tribe
Baker Tribe ヶ月 前
We really like your videos you’re the best JPchat or
The copy and Paste life
The copy and Paste life ヶ月 前
When you come 4 years after this was posted.........
Puppy Person
Puppy Person ヶ月 前
Okay but can we talk about how he literally woke himself up from his dream because he knew someone was watching him?
Digs! CS:GO
Digs! CS:GO ヶ月 前
Idk how but this video with the mix of Shrek made a nightmare for me :v
Maria Kennedy
Maria Kennedy ヶ月 前
Its Friday the 13th tommorow boi
-LüñarMiśt- ヶ月 前
This isn’t a hate comment but I don’t like how shaky his lines are 😂
Icyyy _
Icyyy _ ヶ月 前
-LüñarMiśt- this is a old video
Animedemon Yt
Animedemon Yt ヶ月 前
The guy that’s stareing at u he’s a pervert
debs1331 ヶ月 前
I hate creepy dolls especially when they are haunted
Jennifer Cardenas
Jennifer Cardenas ヶ月 前
He’s probably your angel watching over you
2025-Taylor Zube
2025-Taylor Zube ヶ月 前
He probably hopped the fence
GCA Productions
GCA Productions ヶ月 前
It was me Genesis
Arionna Roberts
Arionna Roberts ヶ月 前
4:36 that's Jacksepticeye! Yay. I'm bored
Tru Loki
Tru Loki ヶ月 前
Plot twist: It was the guy who put white paint on your car
Max2016 ヶ月 前
random person stares at guy Guy:O_O creep:.................
The Gecko Kid
The Gecko Kid ヶ月 前
were you sick when this happened?
Who’s watching in 2019 like and reply if you are I
Noah Kunkle
Noah Kunkle ヶ月 前
Maria Kennedy
Maria Kennedy ヶ月 前
Nearly 2020 and its Friday the 13th tomorrow
ColtonBroblood ヶ月 前
gamer 1
gamer 1 ヶ月 前
Logan Hester
Logan Hester ヶ月 前
2019! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!
Ajdin Alikadic
Ajdin Alikadic ヶ月 前
I made you in gacha life
Noah Fluegel
Noah Fluegel ヶ月 前
Lol that animation tho😂
Xxsavige GirlxX
Xxsavige GirlxX ヶ月 前
Somethingelseyt: dolls are creepy me: throwing every doll out window* DIEEEE
console ヶ月 前
Hispanic markiplier, im sorry
Aisa Krishna
Aisa Krishna ヶ月 前
Did the guy have a beard and a golden ring on top of his head?
Sam Reiter
Sam Reiter ヶ月 前
Your skills have improved greatly
Kim TaeTae
Kim TaeTae ヶ月 前
lol thats creepy
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