MacBook Pro 16-inch: The ANTI-Apple Computer?!

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27 日 前

On Pocketnow Daily, we have some deals for Google Home products and AirPods. Snapchat just released the very expensive and confusing Spectacles 3. Motorola just confirmed the Moto RAZR's design with their new header. We got some new leaks of the Sony Xperia 3. A new report gives us more hints of what to expect for the next iPad Pros. We end today's show with Apple announcing the 16-in MacBook Pro silently.
All this and more after the break.
00:40 - Today's Deals:
- Google Home Mini
- Google Home
- AirPods Pro
01:19 - Snapchat has just released the new and more expensive Spectacles 3
02:00 - Motorola confirmed that leaked images of the Moto Razr are the real deal
02:43 - Sony Xperia 3 leaked with possibly curved back
03:17 - We could get a new iPad Pro with Dual camera in 2020
04:04 - The new 16-inch MacBook Pro is now available on the Apple Store
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Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez 22 日 前
The anti Johny Ive computer
Brandon Tseng
Brandon Tseng 23 日 前
Spectacle 3 glasses looks like shit for $380. Rather buy Microsoft Hololens 2 even though it has garbage specs than that piece of shit Spectacle 3 glasses even though I want 4k 120fps or 8k 60fps for each eye and 180 degrees to 360 degrees field of view. Spectacles 3 kiss my ass lol. Garbage glasses shown in this video is just a joke to the public including myself for $380
Jack0 Trades
Jack0 Trades 23 日 前
more like the first really useful Apple MacBook pro after Jony Ive's departure where thinness is not the most important thing anymore but productivity for hard core users !
Soo What
Soo What 24 日 前
No SD Card reader :( Front Camera still 720p 30fps :( No Touch screen or OLED display :( NO Wi-Fi 6 :( T2 with the same multiple crashes in the past :(, where is the T3? So in Conclusion let's wait for the 2020 Model. just saying...
AG Coarseman
AG Coarseman 25 日 前
Apple finally succumbed to the Body Positivity "movement" and admitted that thicker and heavier is not necessarily bad, lol...
DOGE™ 25 日 前
I like silent launches, it demonstrates the fact that Apple isn't desperate to hype every product they release.
QuietStormX 26 日 前
Apple is a iPhone company....
Tigerex966 26 日 前
One type of port, no fast charging, magsafe, no color accurate 4K, OLED< or multitouch display. No sd card slot, no HDMI port, no ethernet port. No usba ports, no battery indicator, or status light. no Infra red receiver, Soldered ram, soldered ssd x1. No it is not an anti apple macbook pro. Same high prices, same "optional" should be standard top graphics. High but slightly lower ram and ssd upgrade prices. No it is not an anti apple macbook pro. It is just a larger version of it. The value will be on the discontinued 15.4" at close out prices.
Guess Who
Guess Who 26 日 前
We want a 9 nich ipad mini pro..
선병돈 26 日 前
sinply dont make the video if you dont have the 16" mbp in your hand.
MightiestArm 26 日 前
Why won't they just include the SD card slot
Tafhim Tanjil
Tafhim Tanjil 26 日 前
The nipples are hard
Arthur Tully
Arthur Tully 26 日 前
turn on the heating mate
Chileshe Mulenga
Chileshe Mulenga 27 日 前
New logo: Pocketdeal daily
Badr AL-Nasser
Badr AL-Nasser 27 日 前
This is what I was waiting for.. this is my next computer .. and I hoped they announced it in an event😓
Micca Koster
Micca Koster 27 日 前
Who would pay $6000 for a laptop seriously
Mr Jayden
Mr Jayden 24 日 前
Its 2300$ in the us. Also, the base model is already enough for ordinary people unlike the last macbook pro
Tasos Veroukis
Tasos Veroukis 25 日 前
iSheep!! Whom else??!!
DrDLL99 27 日 前
The processor isn't "Intel's latest". It's the last gen Coffee Lake.
dolan_trump 23 日 前
It is the latest. There is no Ice Lake H series out yet until June next year.
Mohammed Islam
Mohammed Islam 27 日 前
I love the silent launches, save move on the launch and then charge more, great for profits.
Radu Arsenie
Radu Arsenie 27 日 前
I don't particularly like the way they're launching it, but I DO like what I'm seeing recently. I don't really need a new event every time they launch something, but THIS? This was definitely something they could have easily bragged about. Especially because of the way they're going with it, which is totally unlike Apple, but definitely cool! And yeah, a 14" variant would be amazing!
King Wiwuz IV
King Wiwuz IV 27 日 前
Why it doesn't have FaceID? That would be so much better than Touch ID on Laptops
Suyash Dayal
Suyash Dayal 26 日 前
The display is too thin for it to hold the FaceID module...
TechMishMosh Adeel
TechMishMosh Adeel 27 日 前
MacBook Pro is amazing. Its fine if they are making silent products drops
Alex Booyse
Alex Booyse 27 日 前
Snapchat “google” glasses
King T
King T 27 日 前
Does anyone still use Snapchat?😂😂 All I use is snap and insta
Dave M
Dave M 27 日 前
I should have waited for the airpods pro. Now, I’ll be waiting (prolly in vain) for that 14in macbook pro. Haha 😂
Supahfly Spidey
Supahfly Spidey 27 日 前
Snapchat? That is so unbearable
Brah 27 日 前
The baseline MacBook Pro 16 inch is more than enough for the average user.
Suradem Sardio
Suradem Sardio 27 日 前
His nipples like 🌲🌲
Sanjay Sanju
Sanjay Sanju 27 日 前
what is snapchat...
Peizxcv 27 日 前
Giant battery, better everything, same price, Apple quality and support.
Mark Tristan R. Ocampo
Mark Tristan R. Ocampo 27 日 前
*_I'm actually thinking of... exactly what Jaime Rivera thought of._*
cb2000a 27 日 前
Forget all the other broadcast the Moto Razor event.
Tamir Orbach
Tamir Orbach 27 日 前
They finally fixed the keyboard only to make it way too heavy.
Suyash Dayal
Suyash Dayal 26 日 前
It is just 0.4 pounds heavier than the previous generation of the MacBook Pro... And, with the thicker chassis, they have also increased the battery size and have re-engineered the thermal solution...
yambored 27 日 前
8tb of solid state? How?
Syed Alam
Syed Alam 27 日 前
where can i watch the moto event?
KineV 27 日 前
The new MacBook Pro looks good but touch screen would be nice
MintArcade 27 日 前
Welcome to Apple 2019 where innovation is rolling back to trialed and tested old features
Greg Savel
Greg Savel 27 日 前
really? they STILL can't give us a 4K screen? don't they have computers costing 1.3K which have a better screen silent launches? sure..... because they're embarrassed by what they are offering..... at even 60% of this price....
Greg Savel
Greg Savel 27 日 前
@Devara FT I appreciate the clarification in your eyes, but you do remember public pressure forced them to finally improve iPhone screens have to decade after everyone else already had. We can talk about iMac screens all day, but essentially those computers are now created for professionals only as the general public is going to spend $7000 on those particular units. Also coming up with an idea what they can offer 8 TB of storage in a computer costing more than $6000 before worrying about giving the screen that computers costing thousands of dollars less already have seems like an unusual situation. I understand their desire to give performance without power, but that's something that every other manufacturer has solved and Apple has the capability of doing it as well, but chooses not to a 4K panel is the minimum one would expect in this situation. We both know that. Not only that, but offering only one panel in the computer that can cost between $2,400.00 and $6,300.00 seems a bit unusual, and no other manufacturer has ever done that. Again, there is a reason that nobody on earth. New this computer was going to be introduced yesterday because it was really nothing new to say. I am waiting for the new iPad professional, which I hope will have more than 8 GB of RAM (hopefully, 12 GB) and perhaps 5G connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 and the A13 Bionic chipset And all of the camera techno-wizardry from even the upcoming iPhone 11 and I'll be happy to pay north of $2500 for a unit with 1 TB of storage... So I guess we're all willing to pay a lot of money for something we want personally. I pray that that particular item is announced soon and can be in my hands long before April. Time will tell. Again, thanks for the clarification and your thoughts on this matter. I still use my MacBook Pro 13 inch and 15 inch and now almost 10-year-old 17 inch on a regular basis... Plenty of new stuff from the company is well so I am an Apple fan and not the opposite... so everyone here who is reading what I have written knows
Devara FT
Devara FT 27 日 前
@Greg Savel doubt that, they already do partnership with LG on the monitor, they also already use AMOLED screen from Samsung for iPhone, the iMac and iMac Pro are also has been using 4k/5k panel (not all and idk from where but it's a high resolution panel). There is no reason for them to be "arrogant" to switch panel if they already do that in their any other products. Power consumption is what limit them, what Apple pride's themselves in is in power consumption, on how to achieve certain performance without much power. It has always been the case
Greg Savel
Greg Savel 27 日 前
@Devara FT Apple was too arrogant to find a better manufacturer for their iPhone screens for a decade and the same thing is coming true with their laptops. They refused to go to Samsung, and other companies who make infinitely better panels for laptop and therefore offer a screen from 5 years ago... Everyone offers a 4K panel. Can you imagine you can spat out this laptop to be more than $6000 as if somebody really needs that many terabytes of memory who wants a substandard panel? Their arrogance once again causes them to make bad decisions, which is why there was no fanfare whatsoever with this release. This is coming from someone who is been a fan of the brand since 1983 when I had my first Macintosh
Devara FT
Devara FT 27 日 前
it's probably something to do with power consumption
Jamie Jmz
Jamie Jmz 27 日 前
I like the fact you do Priced deals for tech and services.
steve kno
steve kno 27 日 前
Finally apple is listening. It possibly just might be the absence of Jony Ives. The many years apple wasted building products where form(design) was far more important than function feels like is almost over. Yes, design is very important but when you start to sacrifice too much (trash butterfly keyboard, removal of many ports, etc) just to make the MacBook pro slightly thinner made no sense. And, we can say this about many other apple products within the past few years. The trash can Mac pro, the past iPhones with small batteries, etc
Utkarsh Anand
Utkarsh Anand 27 日 前
If they had done what I asked them to do, these people would have still bought the MacBook. Apart from that, a lot of other people would have bought it. However, now that they’ve forced me to criticise them publicly and they know that there’s going to be a change in specifications, these customers are going to say, “Seriously Bro, you give us a better laptop for the same price? Seriously? That’s certainly not worth my attention.” To make things worse, a recession and continuously missing out on holiday seasons is going further drop the sales of the next lineup. Some people in there truly deserve a nobel prize for disobedience. As far as I know, a company isn’t supposed to work this way. The only thing you get paid for, is following orders properly.
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