Kylie Jenner on Stormi's 'Perfect Mixture' of Her and Travis Scott

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9 日 前

In her first sit-down interview since becoming a mom, Kylie opened up to Ellen about her daughter Stormi, who is the "perfect mixture" of her and her partner, Travis Scott. The 22-year-old also talked about never imagining the huge success of her makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, and how becoming a billionaire has affected her life.

Tizita Fikadu
Tizita Fikadu 7 時間 前
Kylie boss ♥️♥️♥️
Nicole Crescentia
Nicole Crescentia 9 時間 前
I need that jump rope
Ďđ Ś
Ďđ Ś 11 時間 前
Kylie voice is sooo good sweet
ladybug12627 11 時間 前
Idc that baby look like her former bodyguard 🤷🏽‍♀️
Ally Murphy
Ally Murphy 15 時間 前
kylie seems so coked out lol
Katlego Segaecho
Katlego Segaecho 16 時間 前
The sniffing just shows that she's human and gets colds and flu like everyone else. I also like that she is not pretending to be perfect as not to sniff just because she is on TV. Give her a break
King Thanos
King Thanos 16 時間 前
After reading comment section, I am surprised how many people care about Kylie 😂
Yajna Bhirugnath
Yajna Bhirugnath 17 時間 前
4.30 i love that guy who just lmaoed so hard we could here it from the back of the audience
Nicole Nuval
Nicole Nuval 17 時間 前
I wish I could say what I feel about my mom and how much I love her like Kylie did . But I'm shy
cheeseschrist 19 時間 前
Whoa, these 3 women's wealth is larger than my country's GDP. They could probably finance the realization of a few UN SDGs, but nah 😅 like, I think they are admirable for sure, but whoa, inequality 🙃
Moody Bloom
Moody Bloom 21 時間 前
Omg What’s wrong with her face?
Amber L
Amber L 22 時間 前
Katherine Grimes
Katherine Grimes 日 前
Ellen trying to get someone robbed 😂😂😂 best part is her swinging Kylie's hair
Meredith T
Meredith T 日 前
money money money i feel that they could’ve at least just talked about something else that a great deal of people that are watching this can relate to.
jonathan martinez
jonathan martinez 日 前
Ellen's great, she can make these dregs ok. They are gross
zoeige 日 前
Kardashians are so "look at me. We are the gift to the world..Maybe you can come to our trip!" in exchange "Show us more on your show to continue our need for attention"
Jamaicaangyaal 日 前
Ellen’s tryna get these people robbed😂😂😂
Liam Paredes
Liam Paredes 日 前
Ellen trying to get trav stuck up smh
Sha Su
Sha Su 日 前
Lots of sniffing in that clip...
Milen Parvanov
Milen Parvanov 日 前
But, they were born rich. Lol, trying to sound as if they got there with hard work and not handed to them.
rocky 日 前
Milen Parvanov definitely had their careers handed to them BUT being a business person is difficult and all of them have managed to make multimillion dollar businesses.
panda vlogs
panda vlogs 日 前
You can tell Ellen got offended about the hole punch card so the rest of the interview she tried to make them uncomfortable by talking just about money... it was hard tow watch.
Joey Cardier
Joey Cardier 日 前
Wow! Kylie became a billionaire based on women‘s insecurities.
Watch Memail
Watch Memail 日 前
freedom !!
Geo 日 前
This world is so twisted 🤦🏽‍♂️
Kristina Kutulyte
Kristina Kutulyte 日 前
Is it just me or is it obvious Kylie is dependant on white sniffing powder?...
Queenie Alcantara
Queenie Alcantara 日 前
She keep sniffing 🤣
britnyrocks1 日 前
Ellen throwing subtle shade
Alina Arshad
Alina Arshad 日 前
Doesn't Ellen seem like mocking?
musiczoneful 日 前
Something is wrong with this girl. She doesn't behave normal.
Joemar & Nicole
Joemar & Nicole 日 前
Take a shot every time Kylie sniff.
Erica Brown
Erica Brown 日 前
It's like no one believed she could give a good interview on her own.
Danielle Speedy Jazziest
Danielle Speedy Jazziest 日 前
I like how kylies face looks chubby even tho her bk body is so perfect !!!
rachely voloch
rachely voloch 日 前
Rich people talking...
aleggett85 日 前
*points at the audience “all of you guys” 😩😭
Channy P
Channy P 日 前
Nose surgery and sniffing coke doesn’t go together Kylie! Also how obnoxious talking about money so much for so long 🤢
lranieri1 2 日 前
I'll never understand Ellens fascination with this family!
Leandro RR Silva
Leandro RR Silva 2 日 前
Bharat Kumar
Bharat Kumar 2 日 前
is that girl whom many people donated to her to become the youngest bilinear girl?
Sarahh Xo
Sarahh Xo 2 日 前
Get the girl a tissue 🙄🙄🙄
JessiieT 2 日 前
Kylie actually looks good in this video!
mymidgetbae 2 日 前
It's nice to see Kylie having more personality now than her previous interviews
Josh L
Josh L 2 日 前
Ellen: I think we should all just respect everyone’s space and make this world a happier place Also Ellen: HoW mUcH mOnEy DoEs TrAvIs CaRrY oN hIm At AlL tImEs?!?!
Teame love
Teame love 2 日 前
baby looks she just like her dad and catelyn
Lou Lou Love
Lou Lou Love 2 日 前
Hi Kris Jenner!! You are great!!!
Lou Lou Love
Lou Lou Love 2 日 前
Congratulations Kylie Jenner!! You are rocking it! 🔥🔥🔥
Lou Lou Love
Lou Lou Love 2 日 前
Who is Kylie Jenner? 😂😂😂I love you Ellen. You are the funniest person on Earth, its LouLou Love here your fellow youtuber and Entertainer. ❤😍😍🤘🦄
Kaitlynn Kelleher
Kaitlynn Kelleher 2 日 前
Kris Jenner talking to Kylie after this “Wasn’t Ellen asking a little too many questions? Too personal”😂😂😂😂
Farhia Mo
Farhia Mo 2 日 前
Someone please give her a tissue 🤧🙄
Teeonce Beauty
Teeonce Beauty 2 日 前
Adopt me kris
Me Me
Me Me 2 日 前
Yeah!!! It must be nice not to worry about 💰....thank you Ellen, for reminding me that i am behing on my car payments! 👀 roll and my struggles is real.
estefaniacanabal 2 日 前
A tissue please!!!
nnxjjsjx bdjjddnnx
nnxjjsjx bdjjddnnx 2 日 前
Love Ellen
Alice Wonderland
Alice Wonderland 2 日 前
Kylie looks like a 40 something divorcee trying to look young.
Bunchos L
Bunchos L 日 前
Oh my goodness thanks I was saying how much people are phonies because no one notice that. Her mom proudly expressed this is her baby, but is hard to tell even though we know Kris had plastic surgery
Shahzad Kalim
Shahzad Kalim 2 日 前
so much plastic bet Greenpeace are fuming
Rohanie Sahadeo
Rohanie Sahadeo 2 日 前
I don't care what anyone says but I love these people whether they are plastic or not.. can u girls remember when y'all used to feed plastic Barbie dolls and comb their fake hair ????? Lolllllllllll
Tajinder Kaur
Tajinder Kaur 2 日 前
Ellen playing with Kylie's braid exactly as my mom plays with mine..
Anton .m
Anton .m 2 日 前
Am I the only one who finds it so cute how Kylie scrunches her nose 😂😂😂
Precious Bee
Precious Bee 2 日 前
“I’m here, here I am.” 😂😂😂
watch1975 LearN
watch1975 LearN 2 日 前
it would be nice if kylie pulled her hair out of me😄✋
Vancien Villafarra
Vancien Villafarra 2 日 前
Buy some essential oils for those sniffles ❤️
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