Korean Street Toast (길거리토스트) Gilgeori-toast

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Korean street toast is steamy hot, sweet, sour, juicy, and crispy with buttery toasted bread. Full recipe: www.maangchi.com/recipe/street-toast
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Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis 日 前
I just made this right now! It was so good and so easy! It's gonna become a staple in my house 🥰
Maangchi 日 前
thu trang đặng
thu trang đặng 2 日 前
From Vietnam with love, can i ask : who is the translator for vietnameses subtitles 😂😂🤣🤣lol . ‘ ồ hố ‘ for real
suya madzo
suya madzo 2 日 前
i love your blue accessory maangchi! and this street toast looks like something fun and easy and tasty to make. thank u!
Hokkien Mee
Hokkien Mee 2 日 前
Maangchi lights up our lives with her bubbliness Thank u Maangchi. Greetings from Malaysia
D Park
D Park 2 日 前
OMG...the ratio of egg to shredded veggies is waaaaaaay off! There's barely enough egg to keep the veggies together. Also as far as I can remember, street toast uses yellow mustard. I miss street toast (from a food cart), and unfortunately due to the laws, it's pretty impossible to find now days. The "toast" joints like Isaac just isn't the same. I'm definitely going to try this recipe though. I like the idea of eating more veggies.
superflatjelliephish 4 日 前
My favourite thing about new york is the ott deli sandwiches. I love the way you've brought the Korean version to life 🤤 the process reminds me of okonomi yaki abit - recipe pleeease~ my newfound lockdown culinary hobby relies soley on you maam xx
Paul O
Paul O 4 日 前
I made this sandwich for breakfast on a toasted Roll-ppang bun (from your recipe) , and I added finely sliced ham, garlic and sesame seeds to the mixture. It was delicious ! Thank you Maangchi for another great recipe. I love watching your videos , you're so sweet and lovely .
Mina R
Mina R 5 日 前
take care 😘 maangchi .your in N Y right now. love all your recipes.
Mina R
Mina R 5 日 前
i like the way you cook.
Mina R
Mina R 5 日 前
Love it maangcchi .
Jamilly Queiroz
Jamilly Queiroz 5 日 前
I wrote it, it's not perfect, but that will do! Sorry about my english! Maangchi Gilgeori Toast (Korean Street Snack) Cabbage 6 ounce Green Onions 2 units Onion 1 ounce Carrots a little bit Salt 1/4 teaspoon Egg 1 Large size bread (white milk or brown) 2 slices Butter or cooking oil or olive oil Sugar 1 tablespoon Ketchup Mustard 1. Slice the cabbage with a peeler ou knife 2. Slice the green onions, onion and carrot 3. Mix all vegetables, and then give then a little massage to make them soft and easier to cook 4. Add the salt and the egg and mix all together 5. Put the butter on the frying pan and add the mixture, at medium heat 6. Bring the mixture together and shape with a spatula it in the size of the bread, but a little bigger 7. Fry both sides of the mixture for about 2 minutes , and the bread too 8. After that, place 1 slice of the bread and add the well cooked mixture above 9. Put the sugar, ketchup and mustard on the top of the mixture 10. At last, place the other slice of the bread on the top Enjoy!
Ajooni Sethi
Ajooni Sethi 5 日 前
these are insane! they taste like grandma's version of burger king, and i mean that in the BEST way. on our fourth one, we decided to experiment and add (dairy free) jalapeno cheese and this was a VERY good decision lol. they are great without cheese too, but i think it'll be hard to go back. also, the filling refrigerates really well! i ended up shredding the whole cabbage so we had plenty left for the next day (which is great because i woke up wanting one). we'll probably get 6 toasties total (our bread slices are smaller). thank you, maangchi!!! i had forgotten how great ketchup is lol
Ajooni Sethi
Ajooni Sethi 2 日 前
@Maangchi still craving them, Maangchi! Thank you for all your work and love!
Maangchi 5 日 前
Great! Cheers!
Deepa Muthukrishnan
Deepa Muthukrishnan 5 日 前
I am Indian, vegetarian and never thought Korean cuisine had so many vegetarian options until I saw your videos recently! I love how simple and humble you are, and so authentic and friendly. I watch even some of your meat/fish-based recipes as I am fascinated with your knife skills !! Continue to inspire cooks all over the world Maangchi! You bring cheer and positivity. God bless you.
Maangchi 5 日 前
Thank you so much for your nice words! Happy cooking!
Abdihakin Adan
Abdihakin Adan 5 日 前
who else think she sound like cardi b?
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung 6 日 前
Your recipes never disappoints me! Lots of love from INDIA💜
Katashi Yuki
Katashi Yuki 6 日 前
you make me so happy. i will try ur kimchi receipe tomr. it is a great season to make kimchi
Gh A
Gh A 6 日 前
I can’t use egg because I’m vegan how can I make the mixture attaches together 😔
Tintin Carreon
Tintin Carreon 7 日 前
Could I make a request that you make more vegetarian recipes on your channel.Thank you! Stay safe and stay healthy.Cheers!😊
Kelly T
Kelly T 7 日 前
I just made this for my family for lunch and they LOVED it! (Me too!) Your instructions and videos are so easy to follow. Thank you so much for sharing your cooking with us! xx
Ala A
Ala A 8 日 前
This would be a great sandwich for lunch at work
Emerald Pham
Emerald Pham 8 日 前
Ai sub tiếng ziệt zạy. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nyliram Somar
Nyliram Somar 8 日 前
,i'm really amazed with your opening intro...watching from philippines
Prosecutor 8 日 前
Looks simple to make! I am going to try this!
Heba D
Heba D 9 日 前
I guess this one isn't for me 😖
Tony Kim
Tony Kim 10 日 前
So cute!! Oh and your recipes are awesome!
SmellyCat 10 日 前
Freaking adorable 😉
Keaton Fox
Keaton Fox 10 日 前
I just tried this recipe and it was amazing! Definitely recommend to try it out for your selves :D
Sun Mase
Sun Mase 11 日 前
Just made it for breakfast. My toast was homemade, so the sandwich was falling apart. But still so good and filling. I will make this again.
О Еде
О Еде 11 日 前
Super!!! Amazing! I like this!!!!
the_italianbombshell 12 日 前
Whenever I'm feeling down I binge watch her videos! I was SO HAPPY to see this new (ish) one!! Thank goodness! Please take care, Maangchi, these are difficult times. I hope you're isolating with friends or family. We all wish you well. And we are here if you need us 👩‍🍳🤍😷
Maangchi 12 日 前
sunni james
sunni james 12 日 前
Thank you sister I just can't stop eating this street toast it's sooo delicious 😋 We love you for sharing ❤ now I'm off to cook some I have a big bowl waiting.🤸🤸
Maangchi 12 日 前
Great! : )
shiny xin
shiny xin 13 日 前
i made it twice already, my mom really like it!
Poppus 13 日 前
Hi Maangchi!! My mum and I love watching your videos they always look so yummy! :)💓
Maangchi 13 日 前
Chinese caption is up now thanks to one of my volunteer translator viewers! jpchat.info_video?bl=watch&v=qzZY7oDpdwU&nv=1
Saquiyinray :3
Saquiyinray :3 14 日 前
Wow, es muy fácil de hacer, lo voy a intentar💕 saludos desde argentina jajajajajaj
محمد مبروك
محمد مبروك 14 日 前
Always Korea knows my taste I don't like fast food sandwiches plus I'm vegetarian and now we're in Ramadan (Muslims fasting month) so this is typical for eating at night before fasting Thanks maangchi
한국정력공사 15 日 前
알았어 모짜렐라 치즈 하나 넣어주마!
Dreamie dips
Dreamie dips 16 日 前
I made this omelette and it was so delicious and easy to make. Thank you so much for the recipe. Stay blessed 🥪✔️✨
Maangchi 16 日 前
Glad you liked it!!
luchi 16 日 前
Maybe we can put honey too substitute to sugar?
BennGusto ASMR
BennGusto ASMR 16 日 前
🤩🤩 I made this toast at home, really yummy! 😋😋
Ti potto
Ti potto 14 日 前
I also! Wow!!!! I also put kimchi instead od sugar...:)))
Maangchi 16 日 前
Great 👍
Ellie Bla
Ellie Bla 17 日 前
Do you think this works without the egg?
제정은 11 日 前
Yes, I think a binding agent like chickpea batter would work for this!
Zainab A
Zainab A 17 日 前
I love your cooking!!
토농토 Torongto
토농토 Torongto 17 日 前
한국길거리 레시피 보다 더 한국스러움 ㅎ
Targus Macintosh
Targus Macintosh 18 日 前
Sugar on cabbage???...Never mind, coleslaw is sweet as candy at times. I'll keep an open mind.
hagit33 18 日 前
Sugar on egg with cabagge?
hagit33 17 日 前
@제정은 I'll try
제정은 18 日 前
Yes, it's how they first served these sandwiches as a late night snack in the 70s/80s.
7Jasmine8 18 日 前
I made this but mine did not stick together as a square :(
Cynthia McCullough
Cynthia McCullough 18 日 前
This is so delicious. I have made it several times now, and I LOVE IT. Hope you are well, Maangchi!
Maangchi 18 日 前
Malay caption was submitted by one of my viewers! Thank you so much! jpchat.info_video?bl=watch&v=qzZY7oDpdwU&nv=1
먹는행복happy to eat
먹는행복happy to eat 18 日 前
It looks sooo delicious ~ !!!
kevin loo
kevin loo 18 日 前
why did she have to add the sugar T_T
제정은 18 日 前
That's how these sandwiches were served as a late night snack in the 70s/80s! It's more old school. Modern sandwich shops don't necessarily sprinkle sugar, but pairing savory ingredients with strawberry jam or a slightly sweet & sour dressing is still pretty popular. Not my personal favorite, though, but my mom and my brother love it!
Gypsy najara
Gypsy najara 18 日 前
Wow, this looks amazing!
Isa 19 日 前
What a lovely face you have...🌹
mitzirella 19 日 前
Ive made this about 13 times now for the past 3 weeks! Its just soooo good 😭
Maangchi 19 日 前
KJ 19 日 前
I love it when they use ketchup generously😂❣️❣️❣️
Phone Mv
Phone Mv 19 日 前
She occupies the same tier of my heart as baby animals and rainbows. The cute ain't no joke.
Remas ٠٠٠٠٠
Remas ٠٠٠٠٠ 20 日 前
Thank u for this video, sometimes the recipes don't work for me 🌚but it worked 💞 It's delicious, it's a good cooking time for quarantine.
Leeside Jess
Leeside Jess 20 日 前
Aaah amazing! I was wondering whether there was any way to recreate Isaacs toast. Now I’ll just have to veganize the recipe
Kat Rat
Kat Rat 20 日 前
Thank you! I made this the other day. It was fun to make and delicious 😋
Maangchi 19 日 前
Marguerite Piercy
Marguerite Piercy 21 日 前
We made Korean street toast it was wonderful it tasted so good in the room the kitchen smells so good my son and I made it and we love it we even made it the next day for my mom and my sister and the first when they took the bite all they said was mmmmm so thank you we truely enjoyed this dish😋❤😄 success we will make that one of our favorites dishes bye
Marguerite Piercy
Marguerite Piercy 20 日 前
@Maangchi we just love you and your cooking❤😋😀😘❤👍
Marguerite Piercy
Marguerite Piercy 20 日 前
Thank you so much for replaying to my comment you are so amazing my zun and i love you we will be making another one of your recipes the one with ribs spicy and mozzarella on top of it I forgot the name I'll have to look it up again but that's our next meow on the menu love you so much have a wonderful day❤👍😁😀😘👌👌
Maangchi 21 日 前
That is awesome!
Lonelyeco 21 日 前
I'm making this TODAY!
kripika Chhabra
kripika Chhabra 21 日 前
If not egg, then what should I use. I m vegetarian
제정은 20 日 前
Chickpea flour and water, maybe?
JAY ARE 22 日 前
Looks tasty. Gonna figure out an egg substitute to make vegan friendly...😊
HunnyBun88 22 日 前
My boyfriend will d word when he sees this. We've been watching a Korean street food channel & wondering what everything is.
Silver Vind
Silver Vind 22 日 前
Maangchi!!! ❤️🥰 Please!!! How to make Korean bread with garlic cheese?
Erni Susanto
Erni Susanto 22 日 前
Hi Maangchi..thank you such simple but very tasty Korea street food. My husband love it. Out of 5 star he gave me 5.5 🤭. The taste exceeding his expectation..
Maangchi 22 日 前
Great 👍
Meri Mari
Meri Mari 23 日 前
Maangchi I try this today, delicious even without meat and I use banana ketchup instead tomato. Wow I'm your new subscriber. Thank you for sharing this recipe 😊😊
갸르릉갸르르르릉 23 日 前
I recommend y'all to use jam(any kind of jam) instead of sugar. Way more taste good.
Brent Byars
Brent Byars 23 日 前
Maangchi, I only had red cabbage but it was still very good. I just spanked it a bit more since it starts out stiffer than green cabbage.
Maangchi 23 日 前
smartypantswastaken 23 日 前
So, basically, this is okonomiyaki on toast.
SchizoKira 23 日 前
Indonesian call that roti bala2 telor (minus the flours). Japanese will call that okonomiyaki sandwich (minus the flours, octopus, ham, etc).
emhee 24 日 前
I always cook this time of the year because of the quarntine and always tried your dishes. My kids live this sandwhich, thank you Maangchi🇵🇭💖
Liza Hermosa
Liza Hermosa 24 日 前
I will try to cook this one Maangchi. Thank you for this recipe!Yum yum yum!!!
Ayhab33 Khan
Ayhab33 Khan 24 日 前
Love from pakistan
Kris Lee
Kris Lee 25 日 前
Just made it today and it was DELICIOUS! I usually dislike mustard but it actually made this taste a million times better! Also added some Japanese mayo to it. :) Thanks Maangchi
El Bandito
El Bandito 25 日 前
Use butter whenever you can, cause margarine is not good for yer health.
Tarika Nishadi Ganege
Tarika Nishadi Ganege 25 日 前
She said just a little bit and cut half a carrot 😂
Estrellasvous Ann
Estrellasvous Ann 26 日 前
Hi Maangchi, can you make a recipe of Inkigayo sandwiches? I saw many of the youtubers make a delicious mukbang of Inkigayo sandwiches.
mansour Mansour
mansour Mansour 26 日 前
I love your accents. My favorite food is kimchi i am die for it i should go to korea get marrit korean just becaouse kimchi ..😀😀 .any way i make kimchi since i was in japan in 1990 to 1992 ..live with few korean and i learn it from mama chan she was my buss mother .every 2 week she ask me to help her thats way i learned. Any way thanks ..
Tang Kah Yee
Tang Kah Yee 26 日 前
oh my god, Maangchi! i have been wanting to try this recipe and i finally bought some bread today. at first i was skeptical of putting sugar in it so i put less, BUT AS I EAT I CRAVE TO TASTE THE CRUNCHY SUGAR OHMYGOD IT IS SO GOOD SWEET AND SALTY, THICK AND JUICY I WILL MAKE IT AGAIN TOMORROW BUT WITH MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SUGAR p/s: my boyfriend who doesnt really like vegetable ate it and said it was very very good although mine only had cabbage and onion inside (what was available in the refrigerator) hahaha thank you MAANGCHI I LOVE YOUUUUUU (from Malaysia)
dAfoodie101 27 日 前
there’s a cabbage in my fridge and i have the rest of ingredients!!! my passion for cooking has been low lately but i can’t wait to wake up and make this tomorrow!!
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