Joe Rogan Experience #1477 - Tony Hawk

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12 日 前

Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder, actor, stuntman, and the owner of the skateboard company Birdhouse.

Cathal King
Cathal King 11 時間 前
Can anyone tell me where in this podcast does Joe talk about the magnetic healing therapy for depression in San Diego?
Milwaukee dale
Milwaukee dale 13 時間 前
I said how many podcasts ago to get a skater on here instead of all of the same guests over and over . Now look . 4.1 m views . Your welcome
S Griffin
S Griffin 14 時間 前
I live in TX, God bless the Bob and Doug flight. Rock!!
gonzales287 18 時間 前
time for Joe to bring back Nick Di Paolo and eat some
MrNuts70 18 時間 前
People that cry/get angry about wearing masks would never last living in Japan. Its NORMAL here!
This guy is inspirational
Pratheek Burkhard
Pratheek Burkhard 20 時間 前
He now looks like the younger brother of bill gates
skatetolive45 21 時間 前
Hes proved himself to be a skater's skater for decades on end now- whether or not he's "your thing" doesn't apply- trust that. And this Pappas shit is pathetic- the Pappas fans are the worst. The Pappas were era skaters, epoch skaters in a small window of time that they helped define- thats it. They were better athletes than they were skaters- period. "all this mayhem" should have been named all this whining and bitching. Try the 80s dirt poor inner city living- we all lived thru it nobody cares- if I never hear the name Pappas again id be thrilled- theyve really sullied their own name as skaters in my opinion, and their equally skulky fans are the nail in the coffin on the whole 900 thing
Treign Rex
Treign Rex 22 時間 前
Hot DAMN! This is the podcast my 43 yr old ass needed. Bones Brigade, Vision Streetwear, Vans holy shit, the time machine is real. Love you Tony. You are the Babe Ruth / Mike Jordan of skating. FUCKING LEGEND!
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 23 時間 前
I asked my 11 & 12 year olds if they knew Tony Hawk. When they said no I called them nerds.
MrNuts70 17 時間 前
Good Job! They are nerds to not know him hahahaha
micksss engyzzz
micksss engyzzz 日 前
Joe rogan better be a secret skater on thps Remake special moves like 'have you ever tried dmt?'
Andrew Belcher
Andrew Belcher 日 前
Btw the guy Joe is talking about with the weird skateboard at the beginning is Matt Tomasello, I don't know about it being a social media thing but it is a big featured of the Fancy Lad videos which are amazing. Everyone should check them out they are great and very underrated!
Maze Gang
Maze Gang 日 前
I like how joe Rohan compares Ethiopia to Atlanta 😤😤😤🙇🏾‍♂️
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 23 時間 前
I'd love to see Geoff Rowley, Koston, Gonz, Danny Way or Tyshawn Jones
Joseph Oliver
Joseph Oliver 日 前
Joe "do you ever read the comments" Rogan
Maze Gang
Maze Gang 日 前
Is it me or are they goin back n forth with each other? , throwin shots and shit.
olderloverxx 日 前
Tony - ''When my video game came out in 1999'' That totally freaked me out. The Playstation 1 came out in 1994. Tony Hawks first game really DID come out in 1999. Fuck man.
Sean Coakley
Sean Coakley 日 前
I'm 30 and Tony Hawk has looked exactly the same my entire life
StoicSwordsman 日 前
Lords of Dogtown is a great movie. You all should check it out
Charlie Martin
Charlie Martin 日 前
It's crazy how humble Tony still is. The man has "f@ck you" money
Jay Umble
Jay Umble 日 前
Yes, Tony is cool, still young and still the man! He's been there through it all.
KygoDragon4 日 前
Wonder if he ever collected the *S* *K* *A* *T* *E*
Kaydem Bennett
Kaydem Bennett 日 前
If you look to 1.14 you will see a world class breakdancing event. Can see Tom Hanks smiling
Def_not_Eric_Dubay 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1330">22:10</a> Angela Mangana Magnetic Therapy for Brain Injury
heliot rodriguez
heliot rodriguez 日 前
Why didn’t he confront him about how he stole the 900
skatetolive45 20 時間 前
I see youve watched "all this whining and bitching- the pappas story"...pfffffft
Lauren Moseng
Lauren Moseng 日 前
Nobody: Tony: and that’s when things started to REALLY explode
bbyflip1 日 前
Tony Hawk doing the 900 couple yrs back in the Xgames was dope !! idk why tony didn’t say what the best trick name was that he landed ?? Dave Mirra was badass also in BMX ! his flares on the ramp was siiiccckkk !! 🔥🔥🤙🏽 gone way too early
Bobby Daoust
Bobby Daoust 日 前
I was a pro BMX freestyler in canada sponsored by Hutch in the 80s and did a few shows across Canada with him and his crew. Best time of my life.
Niall Nine2
Niall Nine2 日 前
I'd love to see Geoff Rowley, Koston, Gonz, Danny Way or Tyshawn Jones
dominic flores
dominic flores 日 前
Joe Rogan needs to interview rob dyrdek
Corey Ordway
Corey Ordway 日 前
Joe: Yo man do you ever exercise, or have any diet tips, or opinions on brain injuries? Tony: No man.... I just skate. (Tony Hawk is one of my childhood heroes)
BL 日 前
I'm shocked at how poorly rogan was prepared for this interview, it's extremely embarrassing to watch. Even if this is his hobby, and not a job, it's astonishing how ill prepared he was, unbelievable. ZERO preparation beyond knowing Tony's name. How has rogan gotten this popular with such a horrendous performance ?
Ryan Forsythe
Ryan Forsythe 日 前
this is my favourite thing ever
Daniel Francis
Daniel Francis 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="332">5:32</a> "Matt Hoffman disliked this video"
Christien 日 前
This guy couldn't be more chill if he tried. A true inspiration and for sure a childhood hero of mine. The new ps4 release will be fire 🤩
JT 日 前
Next guest: Travis Pastrana
Silas Van Iris
Silas Van Iris 日 前
Is it just me or is Tony Hawk the lighter twin of Ralph Macchio?
A G 日 前
Pre-Ordered your new game for my son! I know he will love it like I did growing up. Can’t wait to surprise him with that sick board too!!!
Ben Molyneux-Chan
Ben Molyneux-Chan 日 前
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 日 前
Tony Hawk might be one of the coolest dudes ever. He’s nice, down to earth, and a complete bad ass on a skateboard. A real legend.
Kevin Magana
Kevin Magana 日 前
Tony had a podcast and the only two people he mentions aren't skateboarders.
AychTown 日 前
It's good to see Tony Hawks doing okay. He's a Goat 🐐 that doesn't get enough credit for his impact in culture.
AychTown 日 前
The level of credit you have to give joe for his ability to maintain a conversation especially when the guest is all about something really out of his comfort zone.
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 日 前
Tony is just another goofy weirdo kid just like Mullen and the rest he just had some lucky timing… He would be the first to say that is true
John Degnan
John Degnan 日 前
Joe "I have one here, you should try it" Rogan
Josh Wack
Josh Wack 日 前
Casually name drops Stacy peralta as his coach and joe dosent even recognize the name that’s like a BJJ guy saying my coach is Royce Gracie lol
Ulyy Sanchez
Ulyy Sanchez 日 前
Aidon White
Aidon White 日 前
i met tony hawk once, he signed a bag
Edek Layski
Edek Layski 日 前
Great bloke, great game, but also have to appreciate all the great music the game plugged
Taylor Stanton
Taylor Stanton 日 前
Bro is my favorite athlete minus Cristiano. Funny how we all know who I’m chatting about.
Carter Moreno
Carter Moreno 日 前
Get Buttery Films on there??
Alec Wolf
Alec Wolf 日 前
joe needs to have nyjah huston next
Mark Hill
Mark Hill 日 前
Does anybody know the skateboard that he’s talking about I’m trying to find it on JPchat but I can’t find it
toooop9 日 前
Wish they talked more about skatin and less about the deppressing world of corona
Domzdream 日 前
Tony Hawk - perfect brand name.
Captcha paptcha
Captcha paptcha 日 前
Can anyone please give me a time stamp on where he talks about the VIDEO GAME
Domzdream 日 前
I laugh how everyone thinks they’ve had the virus.
Harrison Ford will kill someone with his plane
Harrison Ford will kill someone with his plane 日 前
The spinning face intro looks like it was designed by 14 year old boys.
Truth Or consequences
Truth Or consequences 日 前
Tony is just another goofy weirdo kid just like Mullen and the rest he just had some lucky timing… He would be the first to say that is true
Robert Curtin
Robert Curtin 日 前
I don't know if he's right though, he a conservative fella.😂😂😂
elkrice 日 前
Can you bring John Ruskin Nardwuar the human serviette on to interview
MK Ultra PUMP 日 前
Who's pumped for T Hawk revamp game? What a seLLouT!! Kidding lol 😂 Love you Hawkster!
chris bishop
chris bishop 2 日 前
Animal Chin!
Rabb05 2 日 前
Skate history for newbies with the king !!!
wes olsen
wes olsen 2 日 前
joe talks about all this strength and conditioning but he has no idea how much of a work out skating for just a few hours is
Dan Wilkins
Dan Wilkins 2 日 前
Didnt even get to plug his new games...
olderbut wiser
olderbut wiser 2 日 前
Tony contracted his entire clothing line with China. Nothing is made in the U.S.. #sellout
Chase Farrell
Chase Farrell 2 日 前
Joe needs to have Johnny Kim on here. Navy SEAL, doctor, and astronaut
its Finn96
its Finn96 2 日 前
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Tony Hawk is America’s Sweetheart
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 2 日 前
Talking about Duane there Tony? Still humble.. no names called...
Chris Lloyd
Chris Lloyd 2 日 前
I really wish Rodney Mullen would have gotten a mention and Jamie pulled something up. Would have blown Joe's mind!
Michael Dew
Michael Dew 2 日 前
Fat kid here. Skate parks were the only place I was able to keep the weight off... now the knee damage hurts 30 years later but hey, maybe it staved off some cancer. Go Tony!
Dax_Megathor 2 日 前
Tony Hawk really avoided ever taking about his money and I think that’s respectable
Michael Dew
Michael Dew 2 日 前
It's so cal, we have the sand and general services departments. If everyone was to be shut in, gotta not have city property open to use. And Tony is right, give the ok, skaters will clean it out. Stay safe kidz!
Giraffe Punx
Giraffe Punx 2 日 前
I'd sell my soul to see DP on here! 🤣 Duane probably wouldn't do it, but if he could get DP to do a JRE, it would be EPIC! I wanna see a Lucero, and Lance Mountain episode!!! But seriously! GET DUANE PETERS ON JRE! 🤣
Jonathan Menjivar
Jonathan Menjivar 2 日 前
When the race war is happening and I gotta kill tony hawk
Dax_Megathor 2 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="79">1:19</a>:50 wholesome compliment from joe to his producer
Dax_Megathor 2 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a>:04 “that could be Atlanta” 😂😂😂
Dax_Megathor 2 日 前
Total side note, but Joe should have Jamie on as a guest sometime. I’d like to hear more about his backstory
Super-Kami Guru
Super-Kami Guru 2 日 前
Tony Hawk really has no idea how loved he actually is.
Max Sheridan
Max Sheridan 2 日 前
Wonder if Joe saw the Documentary- All this Mayhem (2014) before this interview---food for thought..Well worth a watch.
skatetolive45 20 時間 前
"All this bitching and moaning" sucked if you ask me
Brent Miller
Brent Miller 2 日 前
Been skating for 15 years now... At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="85">1:25</a>:00 -ish Tony talks about how skaters get bothered by competition/Olympics. I get what he is saying, but he doesn't mention the corporate interest taking over the skateboarding market. Most all of the smaller skate shoe companies that helped create skating's rich history have been fucked over hard by Nike, Adidas, Converse (and even New Balance). They plaster their marketing all over these competitions, leading mass amounts of new kids to enter thinking these are core skate brands. Skate shops then have to make (often unfavorable) deals with these bigger companies because the growing demand. These companies often suck for skate shops and make skater owned shoe companies impossible to succeed. Vans is a rare exception, where skating embraced them, rather than them trying to find their way into the culture/market once they see there is money to be made (like the mentioned corporations).
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