It's Time To Move On...

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7 日 前

Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.
Thank you so much Shane -
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Emily Syrems
Emily Syrems 11 時間 前
me, a 19 yr old, lying in bed eating a burger. dont know what to do with life
Grandma Kermit
Grandma Kermit 11 時間 前
I wish Shane was my therapist
Jill 12 時間 前
Dear Grayson, You cannot compare your pain to others'. Pain is immeasurable when it's felt because in that moment it feels like the worst pain on earth. I thought the same way you are/were thinking when my uncle and grandma both died but i kept thinking that i am not the only one losing someone and i should suck it up, i wish i didn't think that way because in the end i broke. I talked to my family and I got sooo much love and support, I know you will too! Not only from family but also your fanbase I hope you and Ethan make time to breath and step back. Be gentle with yourself, forgive yourself, even on your darkest days. Just don't forget to love yourself too Lots of love, Just some girl :)
Tiffany Nene
Tiffany Nene 12 時間 前
Literally so excited for the future raw and real Dolan twins!!! 😍👍🏽❤️
Sleepless Wanderer
Sleepless Wanderer 12 時間 前
I appreciate the work ethics and all, but young JPchatrs should know that it is alright and cool to be real and authentic. What is tiring is the face/mask that they feel obliged to put up when they are about to record a video for their audience! Be authetic you'll see how people appreciate you even more.
317 days
317 days 12 時間 前
THIS is the best video you guys have put out yet. so excited.
Sarah Kim
Sarah Kim 13 時間 前
such a good video !!
JF Koren
JF Koren 13 時間 前
I wanted to cry during the whole video
enviousmagenta 13 時間 前
Boys u have the right to take a break as long as you want, ur well-being comes first and don't let anyone tell u otherwise
Yareli Ojeda
Yareli Ojeda 13 時間 前
i love you 😭💛
Mikayla Becerra
Mikayla Becerra 14 時間 前
It’s weird because I can relate so much to this. Yeah I’m not a youtuber but I definitely lost myself at some point. I was never good enough for anyone.. not even my family.. so I suppressed a lot. I wasn’t fully myself and I always hid my emotions because I would get yelled at if I didn’t. I wasn’t fully myself. I had to take a step back from pretty much everyone except for a few friends who helped me be myself again. I’m more myself than I’ve ever been now and I’m so much happier.. so much happier. I hated myself before. Hated who I was. I was struggling with depression and anxiety, trust issues. I grew up a lot faster than most people and it all just took a tole but when I decided to make that change (as terrifying as it was) I grew so much. My confidence sky rocketed (Im not cocky or anything but I don’t think I’m the worst anymore 😂) I’ve never had good examples in my life and I didn’t really have parents in all honesty. My dad was always at work and my mom never left her room and when she did it wasn’t great. My uncle literally told me one time that crying was weak.. But I’ve realized a that I need to do that more. I need to talk about my shit. I don’t watch your videos typically and like you said it was just kinda like yeah they just seem like annoying douche bags but you can clearly see your hearts in this video. What Shane said is the way to go. Grow as people and show your true selves. It really changes your life. You will be so much happier when you do. It’s gonna be hard. It’s going to be something that challenges you and it’s not easy but keep pushing. It gets better and it won’t just make your videos better but your lives too. Let yourselves be fully yourselves. Find yourselves. You need to help yourself before you can help other people. You have good hearts and seeing that you can be honest like this is good. You’re realizing that you need a change and that’s the first step. Be brave and keep going. You are going to make a huge difference in peoples lives. Take your time and find yourselves. I’ll be looking forward to see what you do next. I’ll be waiting. You gained a subscriber today.
tammy jones
tammy jones 14 時間 前
Shane: do you have panic attacks at the same time? Twins: yeah we feel each other’s emotions Shane: aweh😂
Sasuke Uchia
Sasuke Uchia 14 時間 前
Guy's take as much time as you need to post dont push yourselves like shane said if you post 3 times a week or even a month were going to be more excited to wach
Megan currie
Megan currie 14 時間 前
You can totally tell the age group of their followers just by the majority of your pathetic immature comments!!!🤦🏻‍♀️
Clarissa Nitihardjo
Clarissa Nitihardjo 14 時間 前
This week's videos that I watch: Jenna marbles taking a nap for 20M Dolan twins having burnout Ryan higa having writer's block AND I STILL GENUINELY LOVE THEM AND I WILL ALWAYS WATCH THEM LIKE SERIOUSLY
Megan currie
Megan currie 14 時間 前
There’s NOTHING better then influencers that are fucking totally raw and real with their fans!!!!! ❤️
Michelle Buntjer
Michelle Buntjer 14 時間 前
Boys; do what you wanna do. Your fans will support you, even if you post once a month etc. Be happy, JPchat shouldnt be your life.
Kaitlyn Adams
Kaitlyn Adams 14 時間 前
I’m so excited omg
carmen brunskill
carmen brunskill 14 時間 前
when he said “my family is like the most important thing to me” ... I FELT THAT 🤧🤧😭😢❤️
Cj s
Cj s 15 時間 前
I lost my mom at 13 and it took me 2 years to even process it
Brandon Flores
Brandon Flores 15 時間 前
I'm so worried for shane, he too needs to focus on himself!!
Catherine B.
Catherine B. 15 時間 前
"The sales can rise. Doesn't mean much though when your health declines. See we've all got somethin' that we've trapped inside, that we try to suffocate you know hoping it dies. Try to hold it under water but it always survives. Then it comes up out of nowhere like an evil surprise. Then it hovers over you to tell you millions of lies. You don't relate to that? Must not be as crazy I am." -NF
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia 15 時間 前
I feel for you guys, I lost my dad this summer and I still haven’t had time to fully process . Stay strong ❤️
Sophia Barnes
Sophia Barnes 15 時間 前
i don’t know why but shane really is not it
Mute 15 時間 前
Queen Z
Queen Z 15 時間 前
I love Gray’s laugh! 😄
Sophie Xx
Sophie Xx 15 時間 前
the first Tuesday in years without a Dolan Twins video😭15/10/19
Chicky 16 時間 前
is it just more or is everyone like anxious bc they just want a new video out cause they feel bad for them and idk like dont rush to get a video out ofc bc thats pretty much what the video is about but like just me? ok
Dazja Kubas
Dazja Kubas 16 時間 前
I’m so sorry that you guys lost your dad. I lost my mom this year and it’s been hella hard!
Mary Alexa
Mary Alexa 16 時間 前
Tuesday ♥️😔
Agustina Silva
Agustina Silva 16 時間 前
I love you guys ❤
Alexis Pirgaru
Alexis Pirgaru 16 時間 前
did yall come out as gay? someone lmk so i dont have to watch this whole video pls & thanks 🤣
Breanna Melton
Breanna Melton 16 時間 前
I lost my dad at 19, I was in LA and he was in Alabama. Still 3 years later I haven't fully processed it and honestly dont think I ever will.
the3spirit 16 時間 前
Point of their video: they want to post less videos because they feel overwhelmed. This could have literally been a 2 minute video. Bye boys. And yes, get a life. Good for you. XOXO ;)
Katie Jesse
Katie Jesse 17 時間 前
I lost my dad 4 years ago when I was 19. I put off processing his death for 2 years. Losing a parent is extremely hard. You're not a horrible person for grieving the way you do. Everything you feel is valid. It takes time to heal. Things don't necessarily get better, things get different and that feels better.
Chase McGinnis
Chase McGinnis 17 時間 前
Someone tell me why I thought they uploaded every Wednesday.
Ken Adams
Ken Adams 17 時間 前
Their issues are very common in young men. Huge props to them for discussing this and posting it for people to see. Most men don’t want to seem weak or ask for help. I hope some people see this and see it’s best to ask for help. Talking about something out loud with someone is the best way to process and put things behind you and grow as a person
Christina Anahi
Christina Anahi 17 時間 前
I miss you gays already
LeineahCx 17 時間 前
I'm so happy you guys decided to do this, you both deserve some time off to really enjoy life!
Running Bear
Running Bear 17 時間 前
Damn you guys are actually really ugly.
izzyXclusive 17 時間 前
Somewhere around the 16 minute mark you guys mention how you think you should put the happiness of someone else before yours here's the argument I have to detour this way of thinking; I am a 26 year old adult, I've had so many spirals thrown at me in this life yet I felt I had to lead my life in exactly the way you've described. The world is full of tests and trials, if you don't learn to deal with those they will compound and the pressure will continue to build. Here's the thing though guys, nothing built on a crumbling foundation stands a chance of lasting the test of time. If you're broken and you continue to let those cracks in your own foundation grow, everyone standing above it will fall as well. To take it out of an analogy and back to a reference in my own life, I did the same thing until eventually i became very jagged and angry and misdirected that anger towards the the ones I loved and cared for the most. Anyone who truly cares about you, (which I know to be true of majority of your following, reading these comments) will support the need to self care. You're very blessed to have such an incredible support system, use that. It's also incredibly grown of you two to have this realization so early in your life, which is why it's important to remember that hurt people, hurt people. Never take someone's painful remarks against you personally, they likely never noticed their turning point and are likely good people who've never given themselves the time to spackle the cracks. Hope this helps!
MeMyselfAndI 17 時間 前
Angelica Oles Chanel is mocking the twins As she seems to think your cold T and she don’t care about what twins have gone through this year!
Caylee Ellis
Caylee Ellis 17 時間 前
They quit JPchat.....NOO
audrey and avery
audrey and avery 17 時間 前
WAIT WHAT i know this is such a sensitive topic to take accountnt of and i understand yall haveade my life so amazing i stay up all night watching your videos laughing my head off till my dad yells at me for doing so this is such a big impact on us as subscribers but we understand it is so emontional for yall yo make such a huge decsion i am so proud that yall are so brave about this decision and i do think yall should take a break but not for to ling we still love yall sooo much i hooe you get no hate what so ever from this if so please talk to me we all are here for you - subscribers
Samanthavaldespino samano
Samanthavaldespino samano 17 時間 前
i will miss you guys allot you always made me laugh and made me happy when i was sad thanks for your amazing and crazy videos
Juciy Janeth
Juciy Janeth 18 時間 前
If you guys stop doing videos for a few weeks people will understand and if they don’t then there heartless because what you guys been going through is very hard and it’s something that you won’t forget and I’m very sorry for what y’all are going through it breaks my heart to hear what you guys are going through your guys are so brave ❤️
Lisa Shaver
Lisa Shaver 18 時間 前
So happy for you guys in your new adventure. You deserve the best life & I hope you get to enjoy it. Don’t worry about us, we will be along with you on this wild ride hyping you up. Also, 1:06:14 me telling myself I will hug them one day.
Fateha Begum
Fateha Begum 18 時間 前
Thank you for making this video. This year I lost my aunt to pancreatic cancer. Kept thinking she would make it, things would change. When she passed away, we were all with her. It’s like it only felt real until after we buried her. Even when we were at her house, it felt like she was going to show up at any moment. But my cousins, they’re around your age. I want to be there for them more. But I know it’s something that’ll take time. I feel so restless like what do I do. How can I take this pain away ? But honestly all we did was cry & remember the tough times she would have. But she is more than her cancer. She should be remembered for who she is. There were so many good times. I feel like if we keep remembering the sad times, that’s not how they would wish u would remember them or see them as. I hope you can get through this & know u aren’t alone in facing this. You will be in my prayers. Much love! P.S please put your Mental health first & try to upload whenever you actually are up to it. The people who see real value in yourselves will continue watching/supporting you okay :) I’ve been watching u guys for such a long time & always felt like u were so genuine. (Lol can u believe I wasn’t subscribed tho sorry 😬)
Minibike_bros 18 時間 前
Dolantwins uploads once a week: it’s too much any other JPchatr:one upload everyday
Juciy Janeth
Juciy Janeth 18 時間 前
Maybe you guys should take a break and go make time for your friends and family. Sometimes you need to be around your love ones and forget about your JPchat job for a few weeks and just enjoy your time with your love ones or maybe just give your self some time you don’t always need to be around people to you can just watch Netflix and eat and just enjoy life all by your self sometimes you need your alone time
Allie Johnson
Allie Johnson 18 時間 前
Quite honestly you two need to take care of yourselves, take time. If you two don't post constantly people will still be watching. Your fans will still love you. Quite honestly I never thought of watching you two until I seen the video with Jeffree. You two were so caring with him and this video is amazing. Be real, be you. You've gained a subscriber ❤
B M 18 時間 前
I’m glad Shane is in this, but it’s NOT really the main topic of discussion. I can tell how hard this was for gray and Ethan to talk about, I hope you all see that...I can see the struggle in them to navigate these emotions and to even talk about it. They are humans like us, I hope they have as much time as they need to heal and grieve. You guys are so special and kind humans I hope you guys heal and grow however you want to and should. Stop worrying about irrelevancy when at the end of the day our time will come to an end. You guys are so special 💗 take time
Esmeralda Vasquez
Esmeralda Vasquez 18 時間 前
This is so sad they were literally my day makers I would have to wait till Tuesday just to see them post but I just [unsubscribed]
Karen Cortes
Karen Cortes 18 時間 前
Ight ima head out.
Anysia Baylis
Anysia Baylis 18 時間 前
February 22nd, 2022 is on a Tuesday, does this make it literally a two’s day? 🤔
Reese Roan
Reese Roan 18 時間 前
Grayson: “kinda makes me feel like a bad Person” Me: nooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I love u
Reese Roan
Reese Roan 18 時間 前
Nobody: Me this whole video: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Zes 18 時間 前
wrg, any s ok, happyx, genex doesnt matter
Katy Kim
Katy Kim 19 時間 前
I lost my dad when i was 9 and if there was something i could watch or read to relate to, id have coped so much better than i did. 19 years on and its still raw. You guys deserve to heal.
Alana Deckov
Alana Deckov 19 時間 前
I love you. Find your happy place.❤️
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