iPadOS 13: EVERYTHING You Need To Know

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Christopher Lawley

ヶ月 前

Let's take a look at iPadOS 13, the newest OS release for the iPad. I’m very excited about the changes to iPadOS, and did this deep dive into all of them.
Reminders Video: jpchat.info/show/bideo/k3SbZpu8q9mogaQ.html
Shortcuts Video: jpchat.info/show/bideo/r5qlqtjLkpZ-m6Q.html
Matthew Cassinelli’s JPchat Channel: jpchat.info
External Storage Video: jpchat.info/show/bideo/sXipbNS1ga-Jmno.html
Mouse Support for iPad Video: jpchat.info/show/bideo/faqEo6q5ptObkKA.html
Logitech MX Master 3 Review: jpchat.info/show/bideo/rKSoeZu3mNKqn4Y.html
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Christopher Lawley
Christopher Lawley ヶ月 前
iPadOS will be released on Sept 24th now. What is the feature you’re looking forward to the most?
Godzilla Sonne
Godzilla Sonne ヶ月 前
Christopher Lawley wow thank you for that Video. Did not now all of this stuff before.
Mitesh Makwana
Mitesh Makwana ヶ月 前
From where u have purchased keyboard and its from which company?
inTenz Media
inTenz Media ヶ月 前
Can i install final cut pro? Or edit videos using ipadOS?
Ian Meldrum
Ian Meldrum ヶ月 前
Definitely the full-web pages in Safari and the mouse support; however, I still don't understand why Apple has us using long press. Honestly, it takes so much longer. Why not have one-click open an app and a double-tap open the menu (like long press)?
José Javier Rivera Benítez
José Javier Rivera Benítez ヶ月 前
@Gerald Freeman check on the page
Joe Heller
Joe Heller 日 前
is yours the 12.9 one?
Ali Alshakhoori
Ali Alshakhoori 3 日 前
Very useful review
SamedioisPro Zeneli
SamedioisPro Zeneli 9 日 前
why is notability not supporting the multi tasking thing. it would help me so much
Michael Queen
Michael Queen 11 日 前
Showing 666 comments so this is the reason for a random comment cuz I don’t like that number lol
Michael Queen
Michael Queen 11 日 前
Its Elmer
Its Elmer 11 日 前
is that ipad the 11 inch or 12 inch??
Allen Schneider
Allen Schneider 17 日 前
Are you using the 12.9 or the 11" ipad?
TATU R 15 日 前
Allen Schneider 12.9
KeepitMelo 41
KeepitMelo 41 21 日 前
anyone had power button on and off not working after ipad os update?
Riky Song Su
Riky Song Su 21 日 前
Damn, this tutorial single handedly puts any other ipad video to shame.
CasualYoutuber 23 日 前
Should I buy ipad pro or wait for new release?
Christina Schultz
Christina Schultz 23 日 前
Reminders was one of the worst updates. 99.9% unusable with all the malfunctions it has had since update. Has only been just slightly more usable since last iOS 13 sub update. Still not 100% yet.
Janne Wolterbeek
Janne Wolterbeek 24 日 前
"can't save to dropbox" - 2 secs later: shows Dropbox in list
Clint Zara
Clint Zara 24 日 前
Why is your keyboard different. I’m talking about the word shift caps locks and everything.
Ed 24 日 前
Outstanding video! You are on your way!
Filip G
Filip G 26 日 前
Excellent video, in-depth and informative!
Maryj 27 日 前
I need to take a class to learn the new iOS on my iPad....this version has frustrated me especially when surfing...I will need to watch your video again...and again..and maybe again.
Mathieu L
Mathieu L 28 日 前
By the length, I can sense it's a really detailed review. Finally.
Snaizen Effect
Snaizen Effect ヶ月 前
That's an impressive tutorial. You covered basically everything that is need to know! Great work!
tired tea
tired tea ヶ月 前
I thought it was a hack ;-:
ashraf adrutdin
ashraf adrutdin ヶ月 前
Can we use two microsoft words side by side in this new ipad os?
Ajarn Spencer
Ajarn Spencer ヶ月 前
screw widgets never use them
Wes _246
Wes _246 ヶ月 前
honestly this video is overwhelming
Diana S
Diana S ヶ月 前
The most complete tutorial so far! Thank you 😊
Corey Dorsey
Corey Dorsey ヶ月 前
Should I download it or wait?
David Leon
David Leon ヶ月 前
gum tree
gum tree ヶ月 前
Thanks Chris. Do all 2019 iPads do split screen view 2 apps? And I would love you to do a video on keeping and maintaining iPad speed that might include information like emails over time and huge files and doing too many iOS updates. So how to manage and find sweet spot to always keep optimal new speed on a iPad even a decade down the track. Might be don’t upgrade past 2 major iOS downloads. Maybe Apple tech might let that secret out of the back to you. For you to share to us all. Cheers
Leen_is_Keen 28 日 前
IOS 13 is available for alot of the newer regular iPads. Is it not the Same?
xXx zZz
xXx zZz ヶ月 前
António Júlio Sousa
António Júlio Sousa ヶ月 前
Ok! Now! Has anyone already noticed that the Files app is clearly inferior to the app Documents? For instance, still there is no way to add multiple Google Drives to the available sources, without having to re-login between Google accounts.
George Merriken
George Merriken ヶ月 前
Here I am just using my IPad to browse the internet, watch JPchat, and check my email.
Darshan ヶ月 前
Do I get the iPad pro 12.9 inch or the soon to be released Surface Pro X? I will mainly be making notes and making flashcards online on quizlet.
EggyRepublic ヶ月 前
The OS seems to be improving significantly, I just wish they'll improve the apple Pencil a bit so the back is an eraser/button like the Surface pen so the side button can serve as a left click or additional toolbar instead of erasing.
Alan Goldberg
Alan Goldberg ヶ月 前
Excellent job. Well done!
Gerarde Schreiner
Gerarde Schreiner ヶ月 前
WhatsApp the Name of the pencil logo App at 00:59?
AK Online App
AK Online App ヶ月 前
What is the maximum capacity of hard disk it can support via usb-c ? Can it support 24TB RAID hard disk via usb-c?
reddysekhar M
reddysekhar M ヶ月 前
I want I pad please suggest me with model I pad is good
Yin Chen
Yin Chen ヶ月 前
soon, iPad will turn into a touchscreen Macbook without a keyboard.
bernieburnalot ヶ月 前
Man, I got to 4 minutes of this, and then I had to move on. Why? Your voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. The more you condense/edit your speech without pauses, the more it causes me physical pain. Silence, my friend, Silence. Let the audience “ catch up” to what you just said. Low Attention Span Theatre is for Generation Z, and THAT’S IT. Let and allow yourself to Pause and Think, because it gives your audience the same luxury.
I StM I ヶ月 前
The AppStore is glitchy in split view
I StM I ヶ月 前
I'd love to have a search button in the dock so you can open any app without leaving what you're doing
TheProgrammingJedi ヶ月 前
thank you! 🙂
I StM I ヶ月 前
I lost hope in all Apple products but the iPad. Honestly Apple's currently most interesting product
balletbabe1 ヶ月 前
Don’t video please! 🤞🏼
popat jawale
popat jawale ヶ月 前
Price in india
Riot Johnson
Riot Johnson ヶ月 前
Lots of info but very confusing especially when you use terms like “multiple instances”
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson ヶ月 前
I just
Andy - Earthly Habits
Andy - Earthly Habits ヶ月 前
Awesome Video. Thank you :-)
Andy - Earthly Habits
Andy - Earthly Habits ヶ月 前
Awesome Video. Thank you :-)
Artie Guerrero Photography
Artie Guerrero Photography ヶ月 前
Good God, man! The amount of info in this video is outstanding. This video makes me want to pick up my iPad Pro and just do something-anything. Your videos actually get me excited about doing work.
Yannis Kyriazidis
Yannis Kyriazidis ヶ月 前
Now that official release is out, what about the fonts?
Jay Smith
Jay Smith ヶ月 前
You just exposed me to a new world...wow
Hager Hay
Hager Hay ヶ月 前
I so hope they enabled a button that you could press and do a screen capture, rather pressing the power button and the home button, if your timing isn’t perfect you wind up shutting the iPad down.
Anish Airi
Anish Airi ヶ月 前
Excellent video. Thank you making and posting!
Max1492 ヶ月 前
what a great review. thank you
Ysmay Walsh
Ysmay Walsh ヶ月 前
How are you doing your podcast on the iPad? I’m looking to switching to using my iPad Pro for everything, but I’ve gotten stuck with podcasting.
Alejandro Ilukewitsch
Alejandro Ilukewitsch ヶ月 前
Nice! Starts to look like android awesome functionality with apple's hardware.
cameron papineau
cameron papineau ヶ月 前
This video has so much content! Great work!
Zacharie Chiron
Zacharie Chiron ヶ月 前
Thanks, great video as always! I usually wait before updating to new OS, but I was just too excited with iPadOS, so the day after its release, I backed up my iPad Pro and updated. I was strangely a bit confused with the multitasking which doesn't have the exact same 'feel' as before. Your video helped. I'm still disappointed that the Google Docs app doesn't support being opened twice side by side… hopefully it will soon. I definitely think this is the biggest iOS update for iPad, followed by iOS 9 which had introduced split screen. I am sharing your video as it is really helpful especially to people who don't follow much Apple news.
Lordyne Elizer
Lordyne Elizer ヶ月 前
This is a great video!
ackry1 ヶ月 前
Fantastic review of the features on the new iPadOS! Thank you!!!
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